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Master Herbalist Diploma Training at the Denver Botanical Gardens

HM II-BotGrdnGrp“The Herbal Medicine Immersion gifted me with the beauty of the plants and their growing process, the beauty of connecting with the spirit and voice of medicinal plants and the amazing beauty of realizing again all of the precious gifts that we have been given on this earth.” Suzanne Brasington, Fort Collins, Colorado

“I have been craving the pace of a plant and have felt wonderful slowing to meet them.” Janel Ferrin, Boulder, Colorado

“Working with plant energies has been connecting, grounding, swirling, colorful – a code of secrets – listen, feel and they reveal knowledge and ancient healing wisdom.” Lauren Rybarz, Boulder, Colorado

Jaden-BotanicGrdn4-14“I got into geometry at the Denver Botanical Gardens and took almost 200 photos, seeing myself slowing down often and wandering, communicating and meditating with plants.” Jaden Dittmar, Fort Collins

“The aura of each plant was magnificent. When I asked to connect with the Deva of the plant, I found myself easily and peacefully welcomed into their world. The essence of each plant came with warm wishes that I feel safe and patient and quiet in my mind to feel their wisdom and absorb their message. I will forever be grateful to hear and feel the love of the plant world as their messages are clear and wise.” April Jones, Boulder, Colorado

Heidi Jarvis, SNM graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, organic farmer, Herbal Medicine teacher at the School of Natural Medicine and Director of the school pharmacy/dispensary at her gardens and greenhouses in Aurora. Heidi will be teaching our next Herbal Immersions in July and August. Enrollments already coming in so contact the School of Natural Medicine 720-746-9961 or email Farida Sharan to discuss enrollment or set a time to visit in person. Welcome !!!

Botanical Gardens Herbal Training

Heidi Jarvis teaches Herbal Medicine Students at the Botanical Gardens in Denver

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