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Naturopathy Profound Integration

Naturopathy Profound IntegrationNaturopathy Profound IntegrationNaturopathy Profound Integration experience with the Chakras, Elements & Emotions movement processes created by Farida Sharan to give us personal experience and understanding of the mystery of life in the body!

This class module moves mountains.

I feel as if I shifted.

Sound is altering every fiber and cell within me.

My body not my own, yet it is, now new & deeper with higher frequencies dialed in.

I feel in tune and embodied within myself and my energy centers,

even though I had familiarity with the chakras from yoga.

This knowledge & integration is life altering!

I am awakening, levels and doors are opening, waves are washing, and fires are burning.

I am beholding my truth. The truth of my spirit, my essences and the truth of my creation.

The universal sound that drums through me is connected to all. OM.” Necia Betts, Utah

Naturopathy Profound IntegrationNaturopathy Profound Integration gives students the opportunity to explore the Elements of Life through movement, music, sound and depth information and instructions. 

As students experience the energy of the Chakras, Elements & Emotions, they begin to have an aware relationship with each Element, and their corresponding emotions, chakras, body organs and senses associated with the elements in daily life.

Through the skills gained with the Naturopathy Elemental Self Healing processes, students have the opportunity to shift any obstacles associated with Elemental Energetic emotions and access their Elemental gifts. 

Every world healing system of medicine from the beginning of time, including Ayurveda, Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Chinese and Persian, included respectful organisational structure based on the Elements of Life. We honor these ancient teachings at the foundation of all systems of Natural Medicine in conscious, respectful awareness in both inner and outer worlds.

Naturopathy Profound IntegrationMind Maps are an integral part of integrating and completing all Self Healing processes during the trainings. So many people believe they cannot draw so awakening this skill to honor and share inner experiences with a creative process is part of evolutionary education to attain our highest potential. While most Mind Mapping is about structure and business, we find our approach to using the skills for integrating levels of understanding and comprehension embraces the life experience of each student with a completion of satisfaction. The surprises of creation and what comes forth is deeply and profoundly healing.

Naturopathy training at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan ND incorporates all that the school offers in both Diploma & Certification classes, as well as the Self Healing Module, OnLine courses in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Healing Diets & a Retreat.

Naturopathy Profound Integration

Our next Naturopathy Training will be held in the spring/summer yearly Immersion sessions. Check the School Calendar.

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