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Naturopathy Elements of Life“Naturopathy Elements of Life gifted me with the conscious significance of balance, harmony, respect and awareness for all that surrounds me at all times.

EARTH – Understanding that the earth is my sacred ground on which I stand and its offering me with eternal support, foundation and structure for my ideas, hopes, and dreams. Here I can gather my good intentions and know the roots of life will always nourish my every decision.

Naturopathy Elements of Life - Lindsay PetersWATER – Water, the carrier of my contracts, experiences and explorations in endless waves, ebb and flow, forever offers me choices and options to accept or let go. When I choose what serves me, the endless sea brings more with the tide and washes away what I care for no more. Here I find my groove, my flow, my fluid dance of desire, pleasure and also pain to move though and learn from.

FIRE – Rising on the all consuming flames of fire, I meet my spark of life and the energy to infuse my decisions with gentle determination, respecting and honoring those around me. I call forth the perfect balance of the fire element and the exact amount of energy need to rise and claim to what assists me.

AIR – Air brushes me with the gentle touch of love and communion with everything around me, cooling and softening body, mind and spirit. Just as my awareness of mankind and all forms of life travels like the wind and reaches every far off corner of the earth, my love, compassion and harmony has no end as it had no beginning – it always was and always will be.

ETHER  – Listening and sounding, my vibration receives the gifts of earth, water, fire and air and then gives earth, water, fire and air into my universe and the universe around me, completing all in the cosmic vibration of life.” Lindsay Peter, Boulder, Colorado Naturopathy student

Naturopathy Elements of Life - Mind MapSchool of Natural Medicine Naturopathy Level I class is offered September 5th & 7th (no class on the 6th due to our Herbal Medicine Teacher, Graduate Heidi Jarvis’s wedding!! On Friday the 5th September we will explore the deep realities of the Elements of Life and on the Sunday 7th, explore the movements, music, and sound that connects the energetic experience of clearing elemental energies and giving an experience of balance, harmony and peace.

The Elements of Life are the foundation of all systems of Natural Medicine from the beginning of time: Chinese, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Persian, Indian and all indigenous cultures. We learn to understand the energy, the senses, emotions, organs and glands and more associated with each element within our bodies, in the nature that surrounds us and in Natural Medicine healing modalities.

The foundation of Pure Naturopathy experience of connecting with the Elements of Life creates a conscious respectful relationship for life and assists students in becoming a living example of Naturopathy teachings and an authentic guide for others seeking health, healing and wellness.  Farida Sharan

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