iridology-student-in-romania-cristianIridology Student in Romania reports on Online Course Progress, Self Healing diet, Naturopathy treatments & positive changes in his life & work.
“Hello Farida, I wish you Happy holydays and a Happy New Year.
From May to December I read all the lessons, learning well the first 7 lessons. I made notices and charts and tables, and arranged the course so that it would be easy for me to search answers when I have a case. I also made some assignments that I want to complete them and send to you in January. I read Iridology – A Complete Guide Revised Edition Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy and started to apply the treatments on myself, my close friends and family. I bought the books about nutrition and herb plants, and am reading them all together as I begin to apply treatments and lifestyle, making connections between all of them.
I talk to people every day about health and I look in their eyes. I feel strong when I am talking to them because I now know what I am saying.
I started on my own the Self Healing program. Watching my eyes and reading the course I found some aspects about me, physical and psychological as I realized that I am not so strong and have some predispositions to disease:
     – colon irritation – on my left eye the sigmoid colon is very clear and prominent and with small white inflammation.
     – fear and worry all day, about the work and responsibilities, I have little dark clouds on brain area 11-12 o clock
     – prolapse of transverse colon
     – weak muscle heart, I have a small but stuck in the ANW Lacuna in heart area in left iris. I have palpitations and tacicardia sometimes, when I am too excited or too nervous,
     – Radii Soleris in spleen area
     – I am not able to say no to some people.
     – I am not able to relax complete or to stay and do nothing, only when I am sleeping. I chew my nails.
I shortened my working time and I eat better in the morning with a shake of seeds, soy milk, spirulina and banana that I invented, and better at lunch. We want to buy a dehydrator. I have done Castor Oil packs and started to drink teas that are better for me. I am more consistent about my body and life, about how much to work or relax or stay with the family. I give myself more, and I feel a little better.
I will write to you more about the treatment that I took and about what I felt, and I will send the assignments until Lesson 7  to you in January. I advance in Iridology slowly but consistently.  I also work a lot in the animal clinic. I am doing all and happy with all as it is.
I have a purpose in Iridology, but I am going slow with it. I brought a Nikon D520 camera, but I need the macro lens. I am working on iridology. I hope I can finish the lessons by March.
Now my wife and I are going to the mountains to ski and have fun. Happy New Year,”  Cristi Baldacini, Bucharest, Romania




Naturopathy Principles Do No Harm

Let Food be thy Medicine & Let Medicine be thy Food

Naturopathy Principles Do no Harm, Treat the Cause of Symptoms, Treat the Whole Person & Do Not Suppress, are core directives for practice.

Any treatment that lowers the body’s natural capacity to heal is avoided.

Naturopathy focuses on increasing wellness, vitality & health.

Clients or students are referred for any care that requires harm to the body.

Study Naturopathy at the School of Natural Medicine USA in Boulder, Colorado

Prevention is Better Than Cure:
Naturopathy encourages a preventative wellness lifestyle of health & increased vitality. Naturopaths focus their expertise in preventive & rejuvenating care. They advise students & clients to live a wellness lifestyle. Clients seek a Naturopath to be educated about health and wellness prior to developing chronic disease, as well as to recover from illness. Consultation is encouraged when symptoms appear as the more advanced a disease process is, the greater the challenge to achieve the vital life force necessary for healing. Clients are encouraged to be involved in their healing process and take responsibility for their health.

Treat the Whole Person – Body, Emotions, Mind & Spirit:
Naturopaths recognize that daily habits together with mental & emotional states influence physical health. A Naturopathic Program considers all facets of life & adjustments are made as required.

Cooperate with the Healing Powers of Nature: Naturopaths believe that Laws of Living need to be respected to achieve physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health. These Laws include the Law of Cause & Effect, Law of Attraction & Repulsion, Law of Inertia, Law of Periodicity (cycles, seasons), Law of Crisis, & the Law of Resonance. The principles need to be applied therapeutically in all realms & phases of life, including psychological family, social, work, personal hygiene, nutritional habits, quality of home, leisure, relationship with nature, spiritual practices & relationships with others & the world. When we live in harmony with these principles, we become conscious participants in life who recognize sensations that lead to disease before they crystalize into chronic disease.

Treat the Cause of Symptoms:
Identifying & treating the cause of illness is a primary goal of Naturopathy. If symptom are treated and the underlying cause remains,symptoms progress to more chronic degrees of disease. Programs focus on clearing underlying causes of symptoms. Understanding cause requires in-depth exploration of the client’s life history, diet, lifestyle, inherent strengths & weaknesses, daily stresses & degree of vitality or life force. Naturopaths utilize holistic anatomy & physiology to consider the inter-relationship function of organs & body systems. A symptom or disease condition in a localized area or organ must be considered in relationship to the inner ecology.

Do not Suppress Elimination or Symptoms:
Naturopaths recognize symptoms as  the body’s alarm system vocalizing the need to adjust dietary & lifestyle influences and a path to eliminate harmful substances. Suppressing symptoms avoids the cause & leads to continuing health issues. A Naturopathy approach supports elimination of harmful substances, rather than suppressing the symptom. Clients improve when vitality is restored.

Natural Treatments Do No Harm:
Naturopaths utilize Nutrient Rich Diets, Herbal Medicine botanical remediesnatural treatments the human body has accepted for millennium. The body is viewed as a dynamic eco-system to be supported with treatments that contain organic life force. Synthesized plant materials and isolated active ingredients are not accepted. Naturopaths consider the whole plant or food is necessary for healing. Naturopaths do not prescribe pharmaceutical medications. They focus on natural and holistic alternatives for addressing symptoms & increasing life force. Naturopaths adopt the philosophy that the same innate intelligence that animates the universe works with equal dynamic intelligence in the human body. If obstacles to health are removed, life force increases and the healing power of nature is harnessed within the individual. Rather than treating a disease, the Naturopath treats the whole person and activates the intrinsic ability to heal.

Doctor as Teacher:
A Naturopath is an educator, a living example and an inspiration for others to create wellness & a healthy lifestyle. Naturopaths educate their clients about diet, exercise, supportive therapies, ways to alleviate symptoms naturally, lifestyle, stress relief & more. A client becomes a student of their own body & their own life and takes responsibility for choices & their consequences. Naturopaths live by the same principles that they teach, inspiring others as a living examples of respecting the Laws of Living.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals

online-courses-quantum-botanicals-brainOnline Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course offers a loving and mind expanding exploration of the plant world, the nature of consciousness and Quantum Physics.

Step into the future of medicine and discover the world of Plant Consciousness, Quantum and Fractal Potential. Explore Vibrational Medicine through a comprehensive study of the nature of matter and energy.

Learn the fundamental science that underpins Vibrational Medicine and engage the power of Quantum and Fractal Potential through Plant Consciousness Healing.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course begins with a deep study of consciousness and a strong foundation in the science of Quantum Healing.

online-courses-quantum-botanicals-irisProgress through exploring left and right brain hemisphere attention and processing.

Learn the unconscious and collective unconscious Vibrational Archetypes.

Master mind-body healing utilizing Vibrational Medicine.

Discover how consciousness communicates with matter.

Understand the relationship between thoughts, emotions and cellular function.

online-courses-quantum-botanicals-leafSuggestion: Enroll in the Flower Essences Certification Course.  Attend dynamic interactive classes that process the learning through exploring each student’s emotional history and basic beliefs. Learn the art and skills of Flower Essence creation and consultation skills.

Receive hands-on experiential training in Plant Communion, connection, communication in Herbal Medicine Immersions.

Experiential learning opens your heart and mind in profound ways. Transform perception of healing, the relationship between nature and consciousness, and the patient-practitioner relationship.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course explores Flower Essence therapy in depth. Learn direct perception plant communication and gain skills in Flower Essences and Vibrational Modalities to support the healing process.

All Plant Medicine is Vibrational medicine. Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Homeopathic remedies offer healing resonance from the vibrational field of plants..

Experience a profound opportunity to explore healing of thoughts and emotions that hinder progress toward wholeness, peace and conscious experience of life.

js-chakrasEnjoy an introduction to the Ayurvedic chakra system, subtle energetic bodies, Polarity Therapy, sound and color healing, nature healing, and much more.

Online Courses Quantum Botanicals Diploma Course, created by Bonny Casel Melendy, includes personal mentoring with her.

Flower Essence Certification in Boulder, Colorado or Cambridge, England.

Anatomy & Physiology (30+ hours) is required for the United Kingdom BFVEA membership. Take the complete Natural Physician training or an approved Anatomy & Physiology Certification Course.


evolutionary-education-radhaEVOLUTIONARY EDUCATION


Evolutionary Education in Immersion Classes creates learning acceleration naturally with timeless portals to enhance transformation, self-healing, professional skills and embodiment of the teachings in life, heart, mind and body.

Every current student taking classes at this time– yes every single one –appreciates the change because the quality of being present is weighted in a sense of endless time.

Two 10 hour days, from 11 am through 9 pm, do not seem longer. They seem shorter, as there is this luxurious sense of expanded time to completely relax and be present in the experience.

Do you experience bliss in your studies? Do you experience relaxation in classes. Do you experience communion connection with nature when you are learning?

evolutionary-education-wise-owlIf not – School of Natural Medicine is the school for those seeking a unique study experience and enjoying learning and connecting and growing and healing. Be the wise owl. Choose a school that not only trains you for a creative career in the healing arts, but creates an atmosphere to enjoy the journey.

“Immersions Classes are a much appreciated shift within the School of Natural Medicine. With longer days, we dive deeply into detail and focus longer on the subjects. Time flows faster and the greatest benefit is that as we are so relaxed in class, information is retained and imbedded thoroughly. It is a wise choice and I am grateful, and now we have Sunday’s free!!”  — Miranda Palmer, Boulder, Colorado

“I love taking Immersion Classes as there is more time to process and learn within the two day span. Everything slows down into a divine rhythm. There is no need to break up 20 hours of education over a weekend when classes are offered beautifully and completely over 2 days. This is especially important in hands-on classes like Essential Oils, Reflexology & Healing Diets as the longer days allows opportunity to process more deeply over time. Sunday is a time to reflect and process all we learned, with time to prepare for the coming week.”  — Lindsay Peters, Boulder, Colorado.


vagus-nerve-power-miranda-auricularVagus Nerve Power brings clarity into my mind & body, connecting everything into the beautiful spiral in my heart with communion touch & essential oils. It is a necessary life skill.

I am in awe of this one powerful nerve, and feel the currents of Vagus Nerve Power running through my body.

Farida helped me process and see more clearly into my mind, heart and body. My communication skills are becoming strong and clear.

If I am clear about what I want, I believe the more the universe will help me to achieve it.

We prepared by exploring our personal family history, relationship emotions, tendencies to codependence and trauma and this enabled me to receive healing understanding!

I have learned and accepted I cannot change what has happened. I can learn to change how I react to and handle what is.

I feel empowered and more in control. With the knowledge of how to connect with the Vagus Nerve Power, I experience awareness of my body and being.

vagus-nerve-power-miranda1It is beautiful that the Vagus Nerve connects to so many important parts of our being – heart, gut, intuition, voice, facial expressions and more.

My voice is now working with this inner Vagus Power. I feel limitless. I have everything I need in the palm of my hand.

With the touch of one finger I can change my thoughts, break away from the stresses of daily life and take back control of my body and mind.

I am grateful for this divine weekend with Farida and Lindsay.We enjoyed so  much laughter and received so much guidance. It was just what I needed in this time in my life. Thank you.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Jamestown, Colorado.

Reference Stephen Porges & The PolyVagal Theory to understand: Autonomic nervous system, Heart rate variability, Respiratory sinus arrhythmia, Vagus, Polyvagal theory, Parasympathetic, Respiration, Vagal tone, Evolution, Phyylogeny. The theory is valuable to understand physiological functions.

However the actual personal experience of the energy currents with a therapeutic process is essential.
To utilize the Vagus Nerve Power information through touch and selected specific Young Living Essential oils with the skill to create a shift is invaluable. It is a skill for life.

See School Calendar for upcoming Essential Oils Classes with Farida Sharan in Boulder, Colorado at the School of Natural Medicine.




“Reclaim the domain of the quest of wisdom and knowledge – the crucible of divine being.”

Vagus Nerve Connection is the study and experiential focus of the Essential Oils Level II class.

Personal processing and work with Trauma, Co-Dependence, family history, emotional healing are combined with an exploration of the Vagus Nerve and the connected resonance study of heart, lung, voice, social facial expressions and digestive functions.

This prepares students to deeply explore exchanging Vagus Nerve & Auricular Therapy sessions using Young Living Essential Oils directly chosen to correlate with each student’s present life experience.

The visualization of the Vagus Nerve Connection and the communion connection exercises with Essential Oils awakens conscious experience of the Vagus Nerve and the role it plays in social relationships (The PolyVagalTheory by Porges), heart connection receptivity to experience and the ability to receive the gifts of the relaxing, rejuvenating gifts of the ParaSympathetic Nervous System.

vagus-nerve-connection-head“As I continue to learn with Farida Sharan and the Purehealth School of Natural Medicine, I discover our bodies reveal a clear map of what is happening throughout the body and life of a person. Very simple points and parameters I work with alter my psychological and physiological ecology of harmony and balance, and of others I am working with.

I believe it is essential for the wellbeing, peace of mind, balance, prosperity, vitality and power of a true human being to surge forth and reclaim the domain of their quest of wisdom and knowledge – the crucible of divine being.

Vagus-nerve-connection-backThis knowledge, this teaching of what is truly within myself, within all living beings, is the scepter of light. and I will do all I can to pour this forth to humanity.

There was a time in my life where I existed in a black put of hell, completely helpless and a servant, a prisoner of my nervous system.

I lived a life dedicated for fear and worry, all stemming from a  lack of knowledge of who I am, an ignorance of the complete and full perfection of all that I am, that we all have with the gifting knowledge of the Vagus Nerve.

The power of visualizing and knowing this higher intelligent system of connection with our heart, mind and our soul through the Vagus Nerve Connection encompasses and completes my-your wholeness, allowing me to heal and grow beyond limitations.

With the greatest humility and humbleness, I know my confidence and experience in this realm of thought and action will alter and shift what is before me throughout time.” Lindsay Peters, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado


iridology-training-lynne-benedcit-iris-mandalaIridology Training allows each student to explore & connect the markings, colors, textures & patterns of living irises to their own unique life!

Lynne is a Reiki Master who shares her enthusiasm for learning Iridology in her own way in a supportive field of dynamic interaction and creativity.

“I am attending the School of Natural Medicine to learn how to help people by methods not utilized by the mainstream.

Farida shared personal case histories where life events connected to Iris markers were released & eased by Self-Healing and Natural Medicine.

I love hearing of unusual methods of easing trauma and healing people. That is why I am studying here.

Iridology Training Level II expanded and built on the foundation laid in Iridology I.

We explored psychological patterns, energy & connections with Farida.

We also explored alternative methodologies of analyzing and charting the Iris like the Rayid Model and Time Risk.

In the Rayid Model I learned I am Introverted (obvious), Kinesthetic (intuition, hands-on, mediating, balance), Stream (flowing – described pretty much how I live my life!

Time Risk integrates a person’s life time-line onto the Iris, revealing at times, traumatic or strong life events connected to Iris markings.

Alternating with exploring new ideas , Iris Photography and looking at our irises during our Iridology Traiining, we created an Iris Mandala, a symbolic representation of our Irises through what we have learned about Iridology so far.

It was fun and relaxing to be creative. Every’s Mandala was different and all were beautiful Even (so I was told…) mine! Lynne Benedict, Denver, Colorado.



iris-print-empowerment-jaden-lehane-iris-mandalaIris Print Empowerment illuminates consciousness as it opens portals of profound understanding of the mystery of life, destiny, health & purpose.

The study of Iridology, the markings, colors, textures, patterns & constitutions teaches us about our unique being, our life processes and our pathways to disease & aging.

Students share their experience however the reality of what takes place as star bright burst awakenings occur again and again in the depth Immersion class cannot be described. The mind opens to connections and glimpses worlds of influence and information of value.

Iridology Level II advanced class helped me feel more comfortable and free when looking at the iris. I gained a deeper understanding of the relationships between different areas and overall patterns. This helped me move beyond seeing each individual marking on its own to a more holistic and creative way of seeing things.

Creating our Iris Mandalas was an interesting and freeing process. I started without plans, expectations or materials except a pencil. I allowed mach marking to show itself to me with symbols and not worry about interpretation. This allowed me to flow in harmony with my subconscious versus feeling conflicted by it.

The atmosphere of the class and the students and Farida, made me feel safe and open to sharing any thoughts or feelings, which is a rare and valuable treat. I now feel empowered and ready to take my exploration of Iridology to the next level.

I also discovered I enjoy Iris Photography and I am anticipating doing this in the near future.” Jaden Ditmar Lehane, Naturopathy student, Fort Collins, Colorado.



colorado-iridology-jessica-gremley“I now see the common thread between all the courses and how they work together.  I feel ultimately inspired!

The shift to feeling less intimidated and more excited to explore Irises enabled me to move beyond my comfort level and get closer to others.

I feel sharing feelings & asking questions about emotions is easier – a process that developed after I took the Flower Essence class.

I am fascinated by Time Risk analysis. I am still processing the markings that showed up and the areas of the Irises past my current age.

colorado-iridology-jessica-gremley-iris-mandalaI feel empowered to deal with what comes my way, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I feel a deeper trust in The Plan of Life and a knowing this life is not just a random occurrence.

Creating the Iris Mandala in the recent Colorado Iridology Training brought my last few months of spiritual discoveries and goals full circle.

I have been working on opening my heart and womb and breathing to relax. In the Iris photo on my left eye there is a marking that runs from my heart to my uterus (age 35-45 in Time Risk! Wow!

I know now this is my ‘work’ to be done and true to my fashion I am a bit early to start this work at age 34!

With my profession of skin care for acne, in my Natural Skin Care Clinic, in Golden, Colorado, I feel a deep connection to Iridology and how it provides insight to healing for my clients.

I now see the common thread between all the Iridology & Natural Medicine courses, the diplomas and the certifications, and how they work together.

I feel ultimately inspired!” Jessica Gremley, Naturopath student, Evergreen, Colorado.

Colorado Iridology approved Colorado Board of Higher Education Diploma Classes prepare students to analyze & educate clients about their unique Irises & guide wellness programs.

The Iris is the only original brain tissue that still interacts with the outside world & transmits information to & from the hypothalamus discriminating brain center.

The next Colorado Iridology Training at the School of Natural Medicine, in Boulder, Colorado is on April 24 & 25 2015. Accepting advance enrollment now!


colorado-iridology-lindsay-peters-iris-mandalaColorado Iridology Training develops students’ integrated brain function awareness of the connection between the Irises & the multi-dimensional life of the person.

Lindsay shares:

“I received the gift of simplicity of understanding something quite complex. Once again, Farida’s powerful teachings, fascinating case history stories. visual examples and explanations allowed for the auric field of the classroom to expand to all of us as we received timeless wisdom and understanding.

Learning about the spirals of time unfolding showed clearly prominent places on the Iris and the ability to quickly see what is happening throughout the body.

Time Risk evaluations, developed by Daniele Lo Rito in Italy, were an eye opener in understanding the connection and influence of our past and the prophetic time clock of the future.

The Rayid Model developed by Denny Johnson opened new portals of understanding.

colorado-iridology-lindsay-petersEverything is connected. Our bodies are their own map. We can find the map on our feet our eyes, our ears and in our hearts. We can learn what is really going on.

Beyond everything, the greatest gift is this experience of learning. In my first class, just a short time ago, I felt completely perplexed as to how I could ever come into a place of understanding this completely new galaxy of the iris. The panic is over. I know how to move forward.” Lindsay Peters, Niwot, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

In the advanced Iridology Level II class, students explore relationships between the Irises & psychological behaviors, elemental energies, body systems, significant life events and life processes.

Students pulse between information and the Iris Mandala, an evolutionary learning project created by Farida Sharan ND, to access all learning modalities to better understand how the irises of the eye mirror both the inner and the outer world of a person.

This understanding inspires uniquely personal education to empower students and clients to their highest potential.

Expansion & contraction, introversion & extroversion, light & dark – all the dualities merge in understanding and support empowerment through education.

Correlation of emotions with body organs illuminates the connection between emotions and the body.

The next Colorado Iridology Training Level I Intro class in Boulder, Colorado – April 24-25 2015 – 20 hour Immersion experience to learn the vocabulary of Iris markings, textures & colors, constitutions, iris photography, iris drawing, and have your iris analyzed in class! And much more!!!