Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy Presence


Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy

Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy Sacred Submerging into Presence

Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy presence training allowed me to submerge into the sacredness of Young Living Essential Oils & experience sacred touch potential.

Love, love, love how the class attained this ability to ‘submerge’ as Farida Sharan teaches in such a beautiful way that my entire being integrates the learning. The teaching goes so much further than the Young Living approach to teaching Raindrop Therapy.

The techniques we learned and the space to feel and connect with understanding from my energy body. allowed me to ‘submerge’ into the sacredness of the Young Living Essential Oils, both in giving and receiving Raindrop Therapy.

Even so the greatest gift I received from the class was clarity around time as I often feel urgency around time as I had to completely slow down on every level to do this class. This experience enabled me to come to the root cause and realisation that I am not expected to save the world or others, so I can give myself permission to slow down and be completely present, even more than I ever thought I could.

I also realised how beautiful a treatment is when there is a rhythm…like a heartbeat! Thank you Farida Sharan for awakening me to a new and profound level of touch potential.”

Nataline, Lakewood, Colorado, Shamanic teacher and practitioner.

Essential Oils Joy & Gladness

Essential Oils Joy & Gladness Raindrop Therapy Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils Joy & Gladness Raindrop Therapy

Essential Oils Joy & Gladness during the Raindrop Therapy training brightened my heart after a year of taking classes. Even with this being as advanced class for me, I felt like a brand new student, fragile and vulnerable, and to be honest, I think this is a good place for me to be.

Farida acknowledged the transformation in my fire energy – less grumpiness and irritability –and I am able to receive the feedback and be truly grateful.

At the beginning of the class I was aware of a layer of unhealthy fire that still needs to be worked through, as it is an obstacle to developing healthy relationships, being a good healer, and a loving teacher. I definitely feel I have worked through another layer of this during the class and I feel much better.

All I had to do was be myself and express my truth, and Farida and my classmates received me.

Last class I worked through fears surrounding my parents after avoiding them, and now I feel ready to talk to them and listen and communicate, instead of reacting to surface assumptions.

Giving and receiving the Raindrop Therapy sessions with the Young Living Essential Oils of joy and gladness (cherished in biblical references as sacred and holy assistance to spiritual blessings) helped push some of the fire out of me and helped me to realize I am ready to do this work.” Radha, Denver, Naturopathy student

Essential Oils Raindrop Honoring

Essential Oils Raindrop Honoring raindrop therapy

Essential Oils Raindrop Honoring was received fully by me during my gifting as a teaching assistant for the Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy class.

I love the journey I am on during my studies and feel blessed to be sharing with such amazing and creative students, graduates and teachers.

First I sunk in to receiving a session with the Young Living Essential Oils blend we created after a group Self Healing process.

After the oil was feathered across my back during the first layering of oil, this brought forth and immediate and deeper yet very present relaxation which continued to deepen during the session.

When giving a session, the reminders to slow down so slow, pouring body weight with attention assisted me to drop even more deeply into sacred presence and honoring of self, others and this profound teaching shared by Farida Sharan in the School of Natural Medicine.

It is wonderful to meet the new students and know that the circle of healers continues to grow. With gratitude,” Melina, Naturopathy student.

Essential Oils Change DNA

Essential Oils Change DNA!

Essential Oils Change DNA young living essential oils Raindrop trainingThe reality that medicinal grade Young Living Essential Oils change DNA is amazing for me to accept let alone experience.

Experiencing Raindrop Therapy with Farida Sharan’s profound teaching was an awakening into how much more my nervous system has to clear. Her methods of communion touch go far beyond the regular Young Living approach to Raindrop Therapy.

I feel grateful for depth healings I have received as they support my inner journey and give me insight into how to share this treatment with others, which is paramount to my confidence in working with Essential Oils.

The strength and potency of the Young Living Essential Oils is humbling.

The slowing down of my hands into deep connected communion presence when giving taught me the speed at which the energy body is moving. When my hands moved faster, it feels more about the Essential Oils and the skin surface and much more of a superficial treatment.

I feel inspired to read and study about the specific properties of the Essential Oils.”

Janene Jade, Naturopathy student, Colorado

Raindrop Therapy Therapeutic Anointing

Raindrop Therapy Therapeutic Anointing Essential Oils Certification Traiining

Raindrop Therapy Therapeutic Anointing

Raindrop Therapy Therapeutic Anointing with Farida Sharan’s teachings of slowness and loving connection is unlike anything I have ever experience in bodywork previously.

This profound deep touch is a beautiful reminder to slow down, feel with your whole body and let the loving connection deliver the healing.

I enjoyed the opportunity to join the Raindrop class for a day, especially as it had been a while since I had been in class. Giving and receiving Raindrop Therapy was a heavenly experience.

This world moves quickly, but these treatments prove that anyone can feel a sense of timelessness when they slow into presence in the moment.

I am leaving this class with increased confidence in this system of Raindrop Therapy Farida Sharan calls Therapeutic Anointing with medicinal grade Young Living Essential Oils I have learned at the School of Natural Medicine.”

Dani lives in Denver, works in a holistic clinic and is building a private practice. A Reflexology Graduate, she is a most honored Naturopathy student advancing toward graduation who has accomplished outstanding progress with the Self-Healing module.

Flower Essences True Understanding

Flower Essences True Understanding Training Farida Sharan School of Natural Medicine

Flower Essences True Understanding Training

Flower Essences True Understanding helped me solve parental issues as well as improve communication with clients about their basic essence and emotional issues.

In this advanced class, I focused on how to be a good mentor and to learn how to communicate about emotions. It’s useful to read Irises in Iridology or ask about bowels or symptoms but behind all body function issues are and emotional field.

I am presently giving Reflexology treatments in my home and increasingly clients look to me as a source of healing knowledge. I speak from my heart but know I need to develop better communication skills.

FES Flower Essences, with the process we explore to discover the right essence has been uniquely evolved by our teacher, Farida Sharan.

I chose a word I feel a connection with and that word and other words I choose are the beginning of a journey to find deeper meaning within my heart, mind and spirit. We dive into the past and make connections that a client wouldn’t be able to achieve on their own. This process is a blueprint to understand emotions and how to talk to our clients about emotions. I’m grateful and feel inspired to learn how to understand each person’s Flower Essence.

With my own essence seeking process, I realised I have struggled with nourishment all my life. My apprehensions in life come from fears I won’t be nourished…that I will go hungry, homeless, and cold. Much of my anger towards my parents comes from not feeling nourished. They put food on the table and provided me with shelter, but I always felt I wasn’t given emotional and physical attention. I felt like they didn’t like me from a young age but I couldn’t figure out why. Now I know they tried and loved the best way they knew how.

With this training, I realisaed  I can’t understand my parents or why people act the way they do, whether  because of their past life, future life, unknown secrets, and other realms and things that I cannot comprehend nor I am in a position to understand.

I now seek a place within me that loves unconditionally to stop perpetuating a strained relationship with my parents. It is a harsh truth to face and I’m allowing myself time to let it sink in.

Knowing that true understanding evolves out of a lack of understanding is liberating and makes living a lot easier.” Radha, Naturopathy student, Self Healing Module.