Reflexology Releases Pain

Reflexology Releases Pain

Reflexology releases pain with Essential Oils.

Reflexology releases pain gently, providing the opportunity in a moment of truest surrender to release the deepest pain of my life. At the final awakening, it was a point of consciousness that had endured the deepest pain of a past trauma. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel.

I learned the true power of Young Living Essential Oils with the deep Reflexology session my advanced partner gave most kindly and gently that released this level of healing.

As my Reflexology partner’s hands move into my feet, a world opens. Slowly I see and feel my body’s layers open and fan like a flower opening further to reveal the fine detail of arteries, muscle, bones, intestines, brain, emotions, then pain, pain and more pain, and bliss, bliss and more bliss depending on which way I choose to experience this sensation of profound release and healing.

When giving, I love the experience of touching into spiraling energy, the infinity touch of pressing in deep, then deeper and finally letting go slowly without letting go of the actual touch so that my partner can receive the profound healing.

I love the oceanic rhythm of ebb and flow that is so natural to experience in nature. Bringing this truth into the heart and nature of the practice of reflexology is a gem of wisdom that unites healing and nature, of course.” Jade, Colorado. Naturopathy student

Reflexology Profound Shifts

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Reflexology Profound Shifts of depth attention communion presence.

Reflexology profound shifts blossomed in my advanced class allowing me to step through profound shifts in my being.

After preparing with case studies in my own practice, I dove deeper into the work and observed how far I had come since my first class.

I now feel confident and through the classes I have built trust. When I show up and am present with the work, I can truly assist people through their process.

I explored my levels of touch and feel I have developed awareness so that I am comfortable with a very light and a very deep touch.

The biggest shift is that I feel aware of what the person I am working on is going through. I am sensing energy and recognising what needs focused attention.

I entered deep into feeling and moved completely out of my thoughts, and became aware of being completely in the present moment. I was so present that when my partner’s body twitched, it was not a surprise like before and I did not react.

I also taught our new student, demonstrating all the touches under Farida Sharan’s guidance, and it was wonderful to share the techniques and my knowledge and experience of Reflexology and Essential Oils in the School of Natural Medicine.” Jesse, Boulder, Naturopathy student – Jesse graduates as a Master Reflexologist