Heart Palpitations Healing

Heart Palpitations Healing Essential Oils School of Natural Medicine Farida SharanHeart Palpitations Healing was received during the Vagus Nerve treatment with the Young Living Essential Oils in the PureHealth School of Natural Medicine, during the Boulder, Colorado Essential Oils class with Farida Sharan.

First there was a moment when I felt a deep surge of my physical heart contracting in a very powerful way…like when you throw a rock into a lake and you see the ripples flowing outwards, then subsiding.

This was very cooling, yet, warming and healing in a very powerful way.

For days I had been experiencing heart  palpitations and now they have disappeared!

I am grateful to have this new and very useful tool to help my family, friends and one day my future clients!

Thank you Farida, for a very informative, fun and purely healing class.” Lauren, Boulder, Colorado

Essential Oils Heart Healing

Essential Oils Heart Healing vagus nerve young living essential oils Cambridge EnglandEssential Oils Heart Healing with the Vagus Nerve session – wow!

What a beautiful unfolding of entering the heart! Learning about the physical heart and the fantastical movement of blood within the body – the spiralling of receptivity of love and health, and balancing of fluid pressures reacting to organ resistance, emotions and environment opened the path to receive this profound teaching. Oh, if only all massage therapists knew skills at this depth.

Essential Oils Heart Healing was an epic access point to the deepest essence of my deepest pain. I felt my heart and the deepest receptors of my being were being touched by the Essential Oils and cleared with the gracious pressure of my fellow student practitioners.

The Vagus Nerve feels like the literal connection from my heart to brain, to body, so that memory and trauma can be cleared by the  gentle healing touch of an aware person using the sacred Young Living Essential Oils, in the method we learn with Farida Sharan.

I was able to receive this divine and sacred work with my true heart, emotions, and love while the physical presence of my heart was truly healed at a profound level.

It is  important to acknowledge the unconditional love and non-judgemental attitudes at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan as my teacher are a gift to my soul. When combined with the treatment, it is true alchemical wonder and  beauty!” Janene Jade, Superior, Colorado