Healing Diets Coach Training

Healing Diets CoachHealing Diets Coach Training connected me with the life-force of food. I now experience food as energy – alive, pulsating with life that wants to generously give to all who would receive!

Healing Diets Coach Traiining with Integrative Nutrition helped me experience the power, the potency, the revitalizing effects and the amazing incredible flavors of each individual vegetable, herbs, fruit, seed, grain or nut that combines to become radiantly delicious when prepared with reverence, respect, love and knowledge as an offering at the School of Natural Medicine Healing Diets Training with Farida Sharan.

Just as we nurture our relationships with people, an incredible new light has been exposed on my relationship with food. It is alive, it is energy, it is vitality, it is a healer of its own accord.

Real_Food_Diploma_TrainingFood is now my ally, my friend, my confidant, but not just any food – food that is raw, vegan, organic, pulsing with the energy of light.

I have been shown and experienced that there is a new way to live, to thrive, to fill my mind, my body and overflowing into the energies of my spirit, and that food – good, clean food grown and made with love, light and care – has the power and unconditional willingness to revolutionize humanity and life as we know it – all life!” Lindsay, Naturopathy student, recently moved with her family to Boulder to be near the school.

Next class for Lindsay, Beth and Miranda is Flower Essences Practitioner Training, Level I, featuring the Bach Remedies, the Bach Flower Remedy Flower Essence System, a deep and profound dive into their self-healing process through the lens of flower essences.  Still a space for some lucky student on May 9 at the Purehealth School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan in Boulder, Colorado

Healing Diets Teacher Training

Healing Diets Teacher Training School of Natural Medicine Cambridge EnglandHealing Diets Teacher Diploma Level I class opened my eyes to so much beauty! I learned to take my love of food and shift it into divine energy.

At the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, with Farida Sharan as our teacher, combined with the presence of fantastic advanced student teachings assistants, Hayley, Beth, and Jessica, I learned to balance a mixture of yin and yang flavors of herbs, spices, oils and organic foods, and combine them to create wonderful, nutritious meals with play, instinct and experiments in the kitchen.

Healing Diets Teacher Training School of Natural Medicine Cambridge EnglandFor Instance, I now know that raw grated root vegetables are amazing and delicious, and create an incredible salad when marinated in herbs and lemon juice and spices and oils.

As I went deep into my emotional water element during the classes and discussions and personal healing processes on food production realities, habits and addictions, I realized my food habits more clearly and Farida guided me to the light.

Even though I was already vegetarian and mostly vegan, I now understand cause and effect of food choices with clarity.

I now see food as a living, breathing part of me and I want to consume plants that bring me closer to my divine self. I am not afraid to jump into the unknown. This is beautiful!” Miranda, Boulder, Naturopathy student; moved from California.

Healing Diets Teacher Diploma Training Level II class on transitional foods, combining cooked and raw foods, and exploring healing processes with world food production dangers and learning how to educate clients with facts and powerful information to guide cultural food choices toward health for people and this planet. May 16, 17, 18 – Call 720-746-9961 for enrollment.

Join the class and enjoy three days of meals of incredible seed and nut milks, cultured foods, seed and nut cheeses and yoghurts, sauerkraut preparation, dehydrated foods, and combining hot and cold foods – discover amazing new ways of preparing food, and then enjoy tasting them.

Master Herbalist Diploma Training

Master Herbalist Diploma TrainingMaster Herbalist Diploma Training Immersion gifted me with the beauty of the plants and their growing process, the beauty of connecting with the spirit and voice of medicinal plants and the amazing beauty of realizing again all of the precious gifts that we have been given on this earth.” Suzanne Brasington, Fort Collins, Colorado

“I have been craving the pace of a plant and have felt wonderful slowing to meet them. Master Herbalist Diploma Training Immersion provided the full experience and opportunity for plant consciousness communion on profound levels.”

“Working with plant energies has been connecting, grounding, swirling, colorful – a code of secrets – listen, feel and they reveal knowledge and ancient healing wisdom.” Lauren Rybarz, Boulder, Colorado

Master Herbalist Diploma Training“I got into geometry at the Denver Botanical Gardens and took almost 200 photos, seeing myself slowing down often and wandering, communicating and meditating with plants.” Jaden Dittmar, Fort Collins

“The aura of each plant was magnificent. When I asked to connect with the Deva of the plant, I found myself easily and peacefully welcomed into their world. The essence of each plant came with warm wishes that I feel safe and patient and quiet in my mind to feel their wisdom and absorb their message. I will forever be grateful to hear and feel the love of the plant world as their messages are clear and wise.” April Jones, Boulder, Colorado

Heidi Jarvis, SNM graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, organic farmer, Herbal Medicine teacher at the School of Natural Medicine and Director of the school pharmacy/dispensary at her gardens and greenhouses in Aurora, Colorado near Denver.

Heidi will be teaching our next Master Herbalist Diploma Training Immersion is June 2017 in. Enrollments already coming in so contact the School of Natural Medicine on the Contact Page on this website and email Farida Sharan to discuss enrolment or set a time to talk in person. Welcome !!!

Master Herbalist Diploma

Heidi Jarvis teaches Herbal Medicine Students at the Botanical Gardens in Denver

Herbal Medicine Diploma Training

Herbal Medicine Diploma Training

Herbal Medicine Diploma Training was an intense class – a lot of information! Learning about the body systems and how interrelated everything is prepared us for learning about supplements and products and how and when to use them really gave me confidence to move forward.” Jaden

Herbal Medicine Diploma Training was my final herbal class, and an excellent one to support my learning about the chemistry of the body in my online diploma study toward my Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine Diplomas.” Radha

“When you live with herbs, you learn from herbs. When you learn to listen, you heal physically and mentally and this opens the heart and shows you the light.” April

“In Herbal Medicine Diploma Training I learned to let go of control. My partner had to take over the care of my son and this has been a positive experience for us all as it helped me to let go!! I now have a good grasp of supplements and loved the trip to Vitamin Cottage where Heidi worked for many years.” Lauren

“This class needs digesting and more research and then to organise all this new and wonderful information.” Janel

“Thank you Heidi for pointing out all the not so noticeable differences in the brands, sources and processes of the herbs, supplements and vitamins.” Suzanne

June 2017 Herbal Medicine Immersion coming up in Aurora, Colorado with Heidi Jarvis MH ND  – Contact Us for information and to enroll!

Herbal Medicine Training


Herbal Medicine TrainingHerbal Medicine Training opened me emotionally when I felt a great releasing of fear with an opening to the love that I need. The support I feel from the school helps me tap into my inner strength and connect to the strength and gifts this world has to offer. Heidi’s teaching were tremendously powerful and inspiring.

I learned an amazing amount of practical information and thanks to the small class I have a chance to learn hands-on and am able to ask many questions. I now feel confident in my instincts and abilities with herbal medicine.

I found such a broad and deep level of introspection during the Herbal Medicine Training. The school encourages a profound level of healing and acceptance of our pain and challenges. Thank you.” Suzanne, Fort Collins, Colorado; a new herbal student. Suzanne is front row to the right of Heidi in the photo.

Herbal Self Healing

Herbal Self Healing-poulticesHerbal Self Healing during the Herbal Medicine Diploma Training allowed space for emotional releases to heal my mind, body and spirit in every class I attend in the School of Natural Medicine. Before each class, I undergo some form of tension. This time it presented in my solar plexus on Day One. The Self Healing was profound on a physical and emotional level with the Castor Oil Pack. We learn by experience as each class is based on our Self Healing personal evolution!

Herbal Self Healing Castor Oil PackThen the journey with the plants – how they speak to me, the colors, the vibrations, the purity of the old, new and all-knowing wisdom of the earth and nature. I am grateful for looking into plants on a whole new plane and learning what they have to offer and how they make me feel.

Thank you, Heidi, for showing the way. I am grateful to have such an amazing teacher who has opened a new door for me to slowly walk into.” Lauren, Boulder, Colorado; mother, Naturopathy student who has attended Healing Diets and Essential oils classes with Farida Sharan.

Our next Herbal Medicine Diploma Immersion begins in June 2017 with Heidi Jarvis in Aurora, Colorado. This is a class you don’t want to miss, whether it is for personal and family Self Healing and becoming Independently Healthy or whether you wish to build a career or business in the herbal healing arts.

Farida Sharan

New Zealand Graduate

New Zealand Graduate Shanti Smith Golden Lotus Spa_Golden BayNew Zealand Graduate, Shanti, Naturopathy, Master Iridologist & Master Herbalist graduate in Golden Bay shares great news about helping to create the Golden Lotus Spa where she lives and practices. Her dynamic career continues to unfold in the most creative and positive light! Shanti writes:

Golden Lotus Health Retreat Spa will soon be built near Golden Bay at Ligar Bay…near the beach we swam when you visited. I am heavily involved in the creation of this centre from the ground up with my Dutch friend, Berdina. I will have a custom built hydrotherapy room and all my needs and desires met…and then some. It will be a top notch place of health, healing, relaxation and beauty…so patience does pay off! It should be operational by October or November of this year. Hence, a desire to visit and explore other health related retreats worldwide before it opens.

I will certainly keep you posted and we will have to have you come and be a guest / teacher / visitor! I enjoy your updates and newsletters very much and I am so happy to hear of the school’s thriving.

Here is my new brochure with business name etc….I am excited to embark on this next chapter in my life’s work…riding the waves of opportunity as they present themselves….just as you advised me to do many years ago ….way back in 2001!  As you see, I still use the valuable teaching you inspired upon me.

With my new found gratitude, love and strength…so many doors are opening up…and when Golden Lotus is ready…so will I be! All my love, Shanti

Flower Essences FES

Flower Essences FES System – Facing Oneself!

Flower Essences FES

Flower Essences FES combined with conversation and questioning unveils and opens the multi-layered history of a person, allowing great self realisations to occur during Self Healing clearing with a journey of discovery, of facing oneself, and becoming and knowing oneself.

 Jessica Gremley, an aesthetician, acne clinic entrepreneur in Lakewood, Colorado, and Naturopathy student of the School of Natural Medicine shares:

Flower Essences FES training class with Farida Sharan at the School of Natural Medicine allowed me the space to dive deep into my emotional/pain body. As luck would have it or divine intervention, I was blessed with a small group so I could dive deep into what my soul lessons are and how they have repeated themselves in my life.

When exploring my teenage years, it felt like another lifetime or past life. One part of me was able to realise the significant amount of growth I have made since then.

Exploring emotions as part of the healing process was a beautiful process for me. While it felt sad going through certain experiences, now as I take my Flower Essences daily, it feels wonderful to have a tool to help me release and let go slowly but surely of this pain body I carry

I am excited to start using more of an emotional vocabulary in my personal life and with clients.

Making myFlower Essence blend for my healing felt like a sacred ritual. There is just something about being part of your own Self Healing that feels yummy.” Jessica Gremley, Healing Diets Graduate, Naturopathy student.

Jessica’s emotional Self Healing during Essential Oils, Healing Diets, Reflexology, Iridology, Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine Immersion trainings at the School of Natural Medicine assisted her emergence as a graduate able to create a practice and website of great value to those seeking cure from acne.

Jessica combines the outer treatments with inner cleansing and herbal products she has created with her herbal teacher, Heidi Jarvis, SNM Graduate Master Herbalist, to provide personal or distance consultations and successful acne treatment.

Ellen Tart Jensen

Ellen Tart Jensen IIPAEllen Tart Jensen gave me a copy of her new book at the IIPA Conference I was invited to speak at in Orlando Florida.

I had also given her a copy of my new book IRIDOLOGY – A COMPLETE GUIDE) andEllen Tart Jensen responded with this lovely email.

“Thank you so much Farida. It was so very wonderful to see you again! Thank you very much for the beautiful book. I shall cherish it always.

You are my sister of the iridology light. I love you, Ellen”

Ellen Tart Jensen – Protege of Dr. Bernard Jensen, Education/Director of Jensen International with her husband Art Jensen

The IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Association) Conference in Orlando Florida, this February 2014, was filled with warmth and connections reignited from friendships of shared discoveries over 40 years.

It was wonderful to see Betty O’Brian, our SNM Naturopath, Master Iridologist and Master Herbalist as the new President of IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Association)!!

A very special connection was also felt with Ellen Tart Jensen, her husband, Art Jensen, and Denny Johnson, who I brought to England to teach a Rayid training as a part of our Iridology Diploma study in Boulder, Colorado in 1987. Denny was my neighbour in Colorado for several years and a teacher at the School of Natural Medicine Summer School.

There were also two students of the School of Natural Medicine attending, the lovely Amy Spadafora ND MH Mir Graduate from South Carolina and Keely Verett, an Ophalmologist and recent new student from Miami. I met old and new friends and listened to excellent presentations.

Iridology Integrated Immersions are offered twice yearly. Look at the School Calendar on the website and use the Contact form to request up to date information and explore enrolment in small dynamic trainings and with Iridology online courses. Learn the language of the Iris, Iris photography, Iris drawing, Iridology constitutions enhances by Iris Analysis and health building program creation for each student’s irises displayed together with case history and program creation. School of Natural Medicine, Cambridge, England.

Herbal Healing Space

Herbal Healing Space Herbal_Dispensary_SchoolHerbal Healing Space Immersion with our herbal teacher, Heidi Jarvis, a Naturopath, Master Herbalist & Master Iridologist graduate of the School of Natural Medicine, has reinforced how much I would love to create a healing space of plants, herbs, products, gardens and peace!

Herbal Healing Space Herbal_Dispensary_School Master_Herbalist_Diploma_TraiiningHerbal Healing Space brought me closer to really feeling connected to and drawn even closer to plants. I have loved the opportunity to sit with the herbs and feel them. My entire being felt ‘at home’ with the plants and I was delighted to be in their company. I am now feeling inspired to slow to the pace of the plants. Janel, Herbal Medicine student, Ayurveda practitioner, mother; Boulder, Colorado

This photo shows Heidi with her daughter, Kalina, already a skilled herbalist and gardener who loves to demonstrate her expertise whenever she can.

Herbal Medicine Immersion begins June 2017 in Aurora, Colorado. Reserve your place in the Master Herbalist Immersion with a deposit of $1000 or 2 payments of $500. See School Calendar for full details. Use the Contact page on this website to email us about your good self, goals and interests.