Lindsay Peters Iris Photos

Iridology Iris Photos

“Iridology Education at the School of Natural Medicine unlocks the mysteries of life. As you move closer to observe the irises, you see the person in a completely different light, as if you share the eyes of God and see what truly is!

My world is forever changed and I know it will expand with the profound insight and revelation from what I have learned and discovered from the timeless and intricate teachings and guidance Farida Sharan has so graciously and generously shared during our Iridology Training.

I have gained a greater understanding of what is going on within the human body, the mental / emotional influences and where to focus within to allow health and positive change.

Now that I am aware of what the irises reveal, I am able to see myself for who I am and where I am at. Open your eyes and see!!!” Lindsay Peters, Naturopathy student, Niwot, Colorado

Iridology Level One Education at the School of Natural Medicine comprises the following: Iris vocabulary of signs, colors, textures and markings; Iridology drawing, Iridology photography, Faridian Iridology Constitutions; analysis of each student’s irises in relation to their life history, symptoms, and treatment program creation.

Iridology Level Two Education weaves Iridology with life processes, psychological models, Time Risk Iridology, Rayid and more into a unique Iris Mandela art project created by Farida that unites a person’s irises with their life experience.




Iris Photographs, Necia

Iridology Training

“Our Iridology Training revealed that the Iris represents a world or universe, so unknown and mystical, with such hidden, profound depth for each person on this planet. I was on a journey to the cosmos, in awe of the visual splendor and unique beauty of other irises, and my own.

When we began with a slideshow of many irises of many different people, I experienced complex emotions simultaneously that left a feeling of complete profoundness as if being able to look at and witness a tiny universe of each person. My heart is joyful for the experience.

Iridology is shifting my perception of the human condition, and I know my relationships will be far deeper with this added dimension of understanding of constitutional life processes developed by Farida Sharan.

As the charts scientifically outlined the structure, and our powerpoints, the markings, colors and textures, I realized Iridology education with Farida Sharan at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, is an even more profound education of our bodies, this world and our universe

Thank you also, Farida, for creating such a complex system into your beautiful revised book, ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide’ that is so simple to understand. I pour and pour over the words, tasting for the first time a hidden, wondrous nectar of life.” Necia, Naturopathy student, Utah.


AmyC-Squash“The study of flower essences and Bach Remedies heightened my sensitivities to the wondrous, glorious gifts of nature, my own nature, and the nature that surrounds me. Parts of myself came into view as I discovered certain remedies that felt like gentle acquaintances whom I am certainly glad to have met. Processing my personal work further when I return home will be something I am now able to do with ease and a smile and my own personal remedy! The essence, spirit and transformative capabilities of my inner being were draw in vivid hues during the Colorado State Board of Education Certification Flower Essence Training class of the Bach Remedies  at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. I am grateful for the opportunity to study and work with Farida Sharan to embrace, integrate and play with Dr. Edward Bach’s discoveries.” Amy Carter, new student, Denver Colorado

BETH-FE-I-5-4“Fear! Fear! Fear! Yes, fear in all its layers, ugliness and the weakness I define as its outcome. I discovered that fear makes me physically ill on the first day in the Flower Essence Training class when the discussion of the roots of fear sent my stomach and heart fluttering and my lower abdomen cramping. I faced my fears without judgement or sympathy, armed only with compassion. I processed so much over the three days, I can honestly say it was not peaceful – resistance sprung forth and the restlessness that follows. I questioned. I uncovered. I went deeper. I asked again, gently probing, seeking only knowledge of myself. I cried, I even screamed on the way home in the car, and stomped when I got home, allowing the hurt child within myself the freedom to feel and express herself. Then, at last, peace followed. As with everything I learned with Farida Sharan over two years of taking classes and graduating with Certifications in Healing Diets, Reflexology and Essential Oils, the answer is always within. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Bach’s gifts of the remedies to enhance our lives and balance our emotions and selves.” Beth Dorsey, Clarity and Purpose LLC, Longmont, Colorado, Naturopathy student, certification graduate, Healing Diets assistant teacher.


CandiceFEI-5-14“I feel the spirit of the flower essences touching my soul, urging me to explore the gifts they share with us. I feel places in my body popping releases as I integrate the gestures of the plants into my being with the Dr. Edward Bach Flower Essences and Flower Remedies.

Intuitively my body already feels the truth and knows the depths and subtle nature of these flower essence healers. There is great excitement brewing inside me as I feel the essences pointing to the deep locked-up places I am still holding in deep pain where they can be dissolved into the light.

I now have an embodied understanding of how I turned off my inner knowing and repeatedly created situations where I could play ‘victim’ over and over and then blame myself. Now I have an expanded awareness to create my life from a place of neutrality, peace and joy.

I already feel the flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach affecting all dimensions of my being. Studying the essences in the School of Natural Medicine Flower Essence Consultant Training has helped me recognize their reflection in myself and those around me.”  Candice Raab, Naturopathy student,Boulder, Colorado


LindsayFE I-5-4What stood out for me in the Flower Essence Training with the Bach Flower Remedy system, was learning that almost all forms of disease begins with emotional discord, and as we allow that negative vibration to manifest within us, our separation from our true harmonious self is no longer truth.

I always knew that everything has a vibration, that everything is connected, even though I never understood how.

Now I know that not only do flowers offer their beauty, dazzling sights, a vast array of colors and tantalizing scents that connect us to the beginning of time and an ever-unfolding future; but the greatest gift flowers offer to every human jewel that walks this earth is their essence allowing us to be still and know that I AM.” Lindsay Peters, Naturopathy student, Niwot, Colorado, recently moved with her family to be near the School of Natural Medicine.


Necia, Flower Essences

Flower Essences

“Bach Flower Essences processes awakened my heart! I felt profoundness, a deep understanding within my being at the insights offered by this study. My heart burned as the feeling of being alone and misunderstood for so long, and of being seen outwardly for my physical appearances, but always knowing of the inner me, the real me waiting to be shared, came to the surface in a screaming silence.

I had never considered before that everything has an essence. How often have I longed to be noticed for what is inside my heart and mind? How I desire to express my heart and give!

Flower Essences training in the Dr. Edward Bach flower remedy system at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado was a study of life, of humans and of nature on a very delicate level. Seeing the flower remedies through new eyes was like seeing myself for the first time. I feel joy and amazement. I feel like a part of my heart has been set free, set free on the wind to dance with the petals, surrendering to nothingness, surrendering to bliss, surrendering to freedom. I am free.” Necia, Utah Naturopathy student.


“During the Flower Essence class, I came to see plants as more than nature but as parts of myself. I felt that within me there are many flower essences, if not a little of all of them.Miranda-FE I-5-4

Learning to see what Dr. Bach saw allowed me to open up my heart and let things flow through me while still feeling every emotion deeply.

This class taught me to look within and without as we are all connected through divine energy, as I learned to open my eyes and notice the characteristics between plants and human beings.

I faced many emotions, especially fear, and talking about fear was very healing and cleansing because it is not an emotion that is spoken of often.

I am so grateful for the amazing women that shared this experience. Learning through their experiences with Farida Sharan was empowering and beautiful.” Miranda, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado





Healing Diets Nutrition combines the truth of Max Gerson MD Cancer therapies, Ann Wigmore protocols, Gabriel Cousens MD vegan teachings with renowned worldwide nature cure and naturopathic systems, together with delicious organic transitional foods to inspire and satisfy any client on a healing diet.

Congratulations to Lindsay Peters, our enthusiastic Naturopathy student, who achieved her dream job at Julia’s Kitchen, a vegan restaurant near Lucky’s Market in North Boulder, Colorado.

Lindsay recently moved to Boulder with her family from Michigan to be near the School of Natural Medicine during her studies and took her first class in Healing Diets Nutrition Level I two weeks ago, and attends her second class, the Bach Flower Remedy system – this Friday, followed by Healing Diets Level II transitional foods and then Iridology Level I.

Lindsay has been a passionate student of the healing arts for many years as she raised her children and now it is her time to study and achieve a professional career doing what she loves.

After Naturopathy I at the end of June, Lindsay will attend the Herbal Medicine Immersion in August, and continue her studies in the autumn session with Essential Oils and Reflexology as well as other advanced classes. Welcome to Boulder, Colorado, dear Lindsay.


Iridology_Diploma_Studies“Dear Farida Sharan, At first I searched all the Iridology Online courses in the world, and I wanted to buy other courses, from Dorothy Hall, Tony Miller, or Georgina Cyr course, but I just went over and over your website, and felt a big feeling in my heart, so instinctively and naturally I choose your course.

I only have 30 min – 1 hour per day free time for learning Iridology, (my life is very full with my veterinarian clinic) but getting into it makes me want to leave everything else I am doing and learn this course. I am very enthusiastic as your course reveals perhaps the greatest knowledge about how a human being works. Reading Farida Sharan’s Herbs of Grace book is revealing truth that I seem to know. I agree with everything.

I watched the Faridian Constitutions DVD, and while you are talking I was so amazed as I felt like I already knew this information as it is getting revealed. I have started to classify the people around me, my family specially, with their constitutional type, and everything you say is true. Somehow, I knew what they are like, but now is clear, and I will know better in the future how to approach to people around me in every aspect. And then that night after watching your Iridology Faridian Constitution DVD, I dreamed that I was in the class there with you and the students, and you were showing us examples of irises, and explaining us about their psychology.

Perhaps my soul is traveling fast the big distance between us and is taking the finest information that is needed to settle Iridology in my being.” Cristian Baldeneci, Bucharest, Romania

The Iridology Online Course is available through the School of Natural Medicine in the USA and the School of Natural Medicine in the UK, both international schools. Use our Contact US page to connect directly to receive information on our world class cutting edge Iridology Online course, backed up by superb classes in Boulder, Colorado and Cambridge, England, and mentored by Master Iridologists, Farida Sharan ND MIr and Bonny Casel Melendy ND MIr