Graduate News - Wong Ang PengGraduate News of the remarkable Mr. Wong, who studied at the School of Natural Medicine trainings in Kuala Lumpur in 1991 with Farida Sharan ND. Today we honor his continuing great work in South East Asia as a practitioner, educator, seminar leader and retreat owner and facilitator in the mountains near Kuala Lumpur.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1991, to teach the first Iridology & Natural Medicine seminar. Dr. Wong met me at the airport and his enthusiasm was so great I invited him to be my assistant and attend the dozens of Iridology & Natural Medicine consultations with dozens of clients during each of my several visits there. I was welcomed by his family on several occasions. Of all the students in several seminars, Dr. Wong was the one who felt the passion to share this work on a grand scale. His mission has extended far and wide, and I congratulate him on his life work.

This is a video clip from the Movement of Life Conference in Europe, showing Dr. Mattias Rath honoring Dr. Wong Ang Peng for his contributions to their world health cause.Graduate News - Wong Ang Peng & Farida Sharan

His participation in advanced studies at our SNM Naturopathy Retreat at the Institute of Naturopathic and Yogic Sciences in Bangalore, India, with Farida Sharan ND created a deep foundation for health truth. His journey from the first training at the School of Natural Medicine at Natural Harmony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1991 was the beginning of a journey that led him into great service in Malaysia and beyond.

He has carried the torch far into his country and SE Asia, and I am proud to list Dr. Wong amongst the accomplished graduates of the School of Natural Medicine His team includes two other SNM graduates, Saroja Theavy & his son, Michael Wong. Congratulations!

Graduate News - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia students


Healing Diets - Miranda PalmerHealing Diets Hado Water Experiment of Masuru Emoto: Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student shares her Healing Diets Online Course assignment.

“First, I put the same amount of brown rice in clear plastic cups and then added ½ a cup of fresh spring water to the rice in each cup.  As I filled each cup I spoke or wrote with different thought intentions. On 1 cup I wrote ‘Hate’ and on another I wrote ‘Love’. On 3 other cups I spoke out loud ‘Love’ to one and ‘Hate’ to another, then ignored one signifying ‘Neglect’. On the last cup I used my prayer. Then I let the rice sit for 3 days, then studied my results.

What I found was pretty wild. I thought my spoken word would show the biggest difference, but it was my written word (and intent) of ‘Hate’ that showed the most change, compared to everything else. The rice I spoke loving words to and prayed over didn’t change much, but the rice I wrote ‘Hate’ on and the one I ‘Neglected’ had changed. The rice developed  a funky, thick film over the top and turned a brown color as if it was starting to rot and mold.

I liked this experiment because it shows, it’s not just what you eat that you become, it’s what you drink!! It’s also what you put out into the world that matters most. If you are constantly sending out hateful thoughts and neglecting others, you are truly hurting them. It opens your eyes to the divine message of love and how putting good energy out into the world can heal and nourish. It takes your thoughts on water to a whole other level.

I have started writing ‘Love Water’ on all our jugs now. Along with gratitude, as I am so thankful for the nourishment water brings to me! Since this experiment I also make sure to but good intention into my water before I drink it.”

Miranda says: “I really loved the water experiments~ I read through ‘The Hidden Messages in Water‘ while I was doing all the water assignments which helped understand a lot more.”

Enroll in Healing Diets Online Courses with Bonny Casel of School of Natural Medicine UK.

Healing Diets classes are available in the SNM Boulder, Colorado, USA every season or with SNM UK during Summer Immersions.


Appreciations for Healing DietsAppreciations are often received from students and graduates of the School of Natural Medicine, and inquirers who have read books by Farida Sharan ND. These appreciations share positive feelings about their experience and relationship with the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.

“Dear Farida, I am very much enjoying my time at your school. You have a vibrant lovely energy that surrounds you. Having you as a teacher is more than a learning experience, it’s also a spiritual journey. Thank you.” Necia, Utah

“I am giving myself time to really delve into my studies and enjoy them. I’ve been enjoying some of the recommended reading as well. I am loving everything, especially pondering what I am learning. I am just finishing ‘A New Earth‘ and it’s great. I think I need to read it again and again because it is so deep and I want to understand EVERYTHING! Blessings, Erica Ochs, Paonia, Reflexology Graduate, Naturopathy student

“Beautiful, Farida. Thank you for a very special, communal time of growing for me in a unique healing environment that is your creation and I thank you, most deeply, for this experience. With respect and gratitude.” Amy Carter, Denver, Colorado Appreciations for Ginger Poultice

“I want to express how I am enjoying this program, I love doing the work and learning how to apply these methods you have given me in my program. I tried the ginger poultice last night. I can tell my body likes the simple and pure methods you recommend.” Christie Sharon

“I am now a receptionist at Peace of Mind Massage in Denver. It is a gorgeous, zen-ed out space where 9 massage therapists offer a plethora of massage modalities including reflexology. It’s really inspiring to witness the owner as her healing practice grows! and I a representing them at a conference!!” Laura Tietz, Naturopathy student

“Farida, I think of you often with ample gratitude and appreciation for having met you and being in my life. They pretty much broke the mold after making you and I feel enriched in many ways by our association. My Very Best To You, Jim Ryder”, Self Healing Naturopathy student, Rejuvenation Retreat in Puerto Rico

“Hi Farida! I now practice all the wonderful things I learned with you. I am the “living example” of healthful living to all my clients whom I share my experience. When they ask, I share my knowledge of natural medicine and have given a few who requested your number for herbal and school info for workshop information. I smile when I hear myself saying to a client something reminiscent of the way you might have said it yourself. Your work with me is much appreciated and goes a long way in helping all of us heal the planet in our own ways. Lovingly, Bonnie Kais, SNM ND graduate

“Farida. Thank you very much. It is a pleasure to communicate with you. I will do my best to read your books in English. The Iridology book is very interesting. Lilida Vidal, MD, Paraguay.


Herbal Medicine Immersion

School of Natural Medicine Herbal Summer Immersion give students the opportunity to attend all Herbal Medicine Levels I, II, and II during a 10 day.
From days in the herbal Pharmacy & dispensary, to plains and mountain wildcrafting and plant communion, to the Botanical Gardens, to Vitamin Cottage supplement shelves, to experiencing herbal naturopathy treatments and the school gardens and greenhouses, students receive a full spectrum practical education to create a strong and informed foundation for the practice, research and business creation of herbal medicine products.

Our April 2014 Herbal Medicine Immersion students share:

“The beauty of the plants and their growing process, the beauty of connecting with the spirit and voice of medicinal plants and the amazing beauty of realizing again all of the precious gifts that we have been given on this earth are some of the things I take away from the Herbal Medicine Immersion.” Suzanne Brasington, Fort Collins, Colorado
“I have been craving the pace of a plant and have felt wonderful slowing to meet them.” Janel Ferrin, Boulder, Colorado

“Working with plant energies has been connecting, grounding, swirling, colorful – a code of secrets – listen, feel and they reveal knowledge and ancient healing wisdom.” Lauren Rubartz, Boulder, Colorado

“I got into plant sacred geometry at the Denver Botanical Gardens and took almost 200 photos. I now see myself slowing down often and wandering, communicating and meditating with plants.” Jaden Dittmar, Fort Collins, Colorado

“The aura of each plant was magnificent. As I asked to connect with the Deva of the plant, I found myself easily and peacefully welcomed into their world. The essence of each plant came with warm wishes that I feel safe and patient and quiet in my mind to feel their wisdom and absorb their message. I will forever be grateful to hear and feel the love of the plant world as their messages are clear and wise.”April Jones, Boulder, Colorado

The last Herbal Medicine Immersion will be held August 15 – 25 in Aurora, Colorado at the School of Natural Medicine Herbs of Grace Pharmacy/Dispensary and gardens in Aurora, Colorado, with Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIr, graduate of the School of Natural Medicine, creator and owner of Earth Pharmaceuticals and Natur LLC. At this time, at two months ahead, we have two spaces left. Is this your time to discover the world of herbal medicine and learn life and business skills? Contact School of Natural Medicine to enroll.

Cambridge UK Naturopathy

Cambridge UK Naturopathy - Lisa Mansur - St. John's WortCambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician student, Lisa Manser, directs a Six Star Spa, Soneva Fushi, in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. Currently at the Cambridge UK Natural Physician Summer Immersion, she began her Natural Physician  studies with the School of Natural Medicine, UK three years ago with the Natural Physican Online Studies. Lisa continues her studies in Boulder, Colorado for the Herbal Medicine Immersion.

Bonny Casel Melendy ND MH MIr and SNM Graduate and Director of the School of Natural Medicine UK reports: The Natural Physician Immersion includes an exercise in plant communion. Lisa was drawn to her plant from the moment she saw it and felt right away that her plant had important information to give to her. She took it home and for the next few days she was caware of the presence of her plant and its importance to her life journey. When carrying her plant, she had the sensation that it was hugging her and nurturing her. Unable to resist, she searched for her plant and found out that it is St John’s Wort; an herbal anti-depressant that supports the nervous system and is helpful for obsessive compulsive disorder. She experienced a rush of feelings as she resisted her need for a plant with these properties yet, when she did our first exercise in direct perception, she felt overwhelming love for her plant and an acceptance of the gift that it offered. As she thought about experiences in her life, she felt renewed appreciation and kinship with her plant.

Lisa shares her experience: “On so many levels this felt quite normal, natural and just how life is meant to be. If I had to ‘think,’ actually think and rationalize this, it could be seen as rather an odd thing to do. Life, on many levels, could see this as being ‘wierd,’ ‘kooky,’ and possibly not ‘normal’ but then again, what is normal? I thoroughly loved having such an open and receptive communication with my herb. I have to admit, I did have to manage my rationalizing human monkey mind.  I felt my herb talking to me, whispering what it needs as in water, where it wanted to sit but more so, what I needed. At first I kept questioning myself, but each time I would come back to the same points that was been whispered into my soul – well, this is what it felt like. Invariably I chose my herb as I needed my’ space to be held’, to heal on a deeper level, a level that I wasn’t too thrilled to experience. I had the most amazing experience in that I felt my herb loved me, ME, nuts, bolts and warts. I continue to feel my herb loving me, whispering to my soul in which I respond as best I can but most importantly, just to listen.”

We look forward to welcoming Lisa Manser to Boulder, Colorado for the School of Natural Medicine Immersion with Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIr, master teacher, graduate of the School of Natural Medicine.


Caroloy Declue & Aconitum CAMBRIDGE UK NATUROPATHY IMMERSION “Cambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician student, Carolyn DeClue, began her studies with Online Naturopathy training mentored with Bonny Casel Melendy and is now attending the  Natural Physician Summer Intensive I June 2014 in Cambridge, England. Carolyn discovered the School of Natural Medicine, UK while living in Colorado. She was thrilled to enroll before moving with her family to Cambridge and glad she would be close to the Summer Immersion trainings in Cambridge.

The Intensive includes a plant care communion experience to awaken qualities of resonance, and Carolyn was felt an immediate connection with her plant from the first moment. In her first experience with plant communication, Carolyn learned that her plant carried both poisonous and medicinal qualities for the healing of stress, shock and trauma.

CAROLYN SHARES HER EXPERIENCE WITH PLANT COMMUNION – “I was truly amazed during the exercise in which we connected with our plants. At first, I had a very hard time trusting my feelings that I was communicating with my plant. Many of the feelings and thoughts I received mirrored those of my own whether they were present or past and that made it hard to sort through them. As more of a connection was established between us the feelings became stronger and I became more sure of the connection. I feel that we have really bonded and that “Cicero” will continue to guide me in his care. To experience a whole group connecting with speaking with their plants was awe inspiring. I have absolutely no doubt of the limitless power of plants now and I will continue to respect and treat them as equals. They are fascinating beings! I believe my plant chose me. After our initial conversation. I realized that we have a lot in common. Medicinally, my plant helps to release shock, trauma and stress. Considering that I have experienced much of this in the past and my plant was experiencing this when we met, I feel that we are a good fit. Cicero seems much happier now and I am sure that he will continue to grow healthier and blossom beautifully. It is truly a blessing to be the one to nurture such an intelligent being.”

NATUROPATHY & NATURAL PHYSICIAN GRADUATION – The Cambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician Course focuses on Self-Healing small class sizes and personal connection. The school offers a combination of mentored Online Study and uniquely integrated Natural Physician Summer Immersions in Cambridge, over a two to three year study program. To complete the Cambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician Course, Students also attend an Herbal Immersion Program in Boulder, Colorado in the Herbs of Grace Pharmacy/Dispensary with master teacher, Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIr. GRADUATIOStudents complete their studies with Clinical Training and a Retreat with our founder, Farida Sharan ND.  The School of Natural Medicine, UK offers the opportunity to embody and practice an authentic integrated system of Natural Medicine that incorporates Naturopathy, Healing DietsHerbal Medicine, Iridology, Flower Essences, Essential Oils and healing processes  to create inspired, highly effective, cleansing and rejuvenation programs for clients and students seeking health and wellness.  

The School of Natural Medicine was founded in 1977 by Farida Sharan ND in Cambridge, England. Now under the direction of Farida’s daughter, Bonny Casel Melendy, the School of Natural Medicine UK continues it’s tradition of training authentic, highly skilled practitioners of natural medicine. Receive details from Bonny Casel Melendy at the School of Natural Medicine UK


Young Living Essential Oils - Raindrop Technique - Jessi Fanning Young Living Essential Oils class was a perfect and divine time as I realized earlier I do not feel or emotionally process in my life and I prayed to begin feeling – the good and not so good – everything! I now truly believe that to feel is to heal!

When I received my first Raindrop Therapy session, I felt my energetic field expand as I connected to the external world in a new way. I  feel blessed to receive such a beautiful service and gift from a fellow student. The morning after my first session, I felt happy, joyful and light! I honestly have not woken up feeling this great in months! Te profound healing I received from the essential oils on a cellular level is refreshing and life changing. I feel so lucky to be here with Farida Sharan and the other students, in the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, learning about alternatives to the typical American way so that I can expand this knowledge to others in need.

Young Living Essential Oils - Raindrop Technique - Jessi FanningI now know from personal experience that offering the Raindrop Technique with Young Living essential oils to my clients seeking aesthetician natural skin care and dietary therapies from my Healing Diets training in the School of Natural Medicine, will be of great benefit to their healing process.

Learning about trauma during our Essential Oils class opened my eyes to the amount of trauma that we as human beings go through during our lives. This opened new levels of sensitivity and compassion for others . I feel an obligation, professionally, to dig deep with clients in a caring manner to help them heal their traumas.

I am eager and dedicated to continuing my own self healing and using the essential oils on myself.” Jessica Fanning Gremley, Evergreen, Colorado; Aesthitician in Golden, Colorado; Naturopathy student.

Young Living essential oils that we use in the Raindrop Technique (Thyme, Oregano, Wintergreen, Basil, Marjoram, Cypress, Peppermint and the Aroma Siez and the Ortho Ease blends) are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, relaxing, pain reducing, analgesic and much more. Their influence during the therapeutic spinal anointing is felt through the central nervous system and in the spine, tissues, fascia, gland and organs, producing a most relaxed state of being as well as a reduction of discomfort for those with muscular pain or chronic conditions.


Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop Technique Young Living Essential Oils are an experience into presence! Exploring, wafting, inhaling each blend or oil fragrance and following the noticing of how each one felt different: perhaps a calming, an opening, an uplifting or a grounding, each one brought my attention deeper into my body! The Gentle Baby Young Living blend brought tears to the surface and a release of emotion I did not know was there.

With the layering of essential oils in the Raindrop Technique, I sunk deeper and deeper into myself, both as giver and receiver. The slow, relaxing, methodical movements ground me deep in my core while receiving the benefits of inhaling the oils and absorbing them with my hands. When receiving, my vigilant center relaxed and I felt the care, attention and ceremony being given in my honor – a sacred journey. Young Living Essential Oils are an experience into presence utilizing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial relaxing oils that assist healing.The photo of Melina reveals the blissful state after receiving her Raindrop session. Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop Technique

During the conversational instruction and healing processes with our teacher, Farida Sharan, we explored the many facets of trauma. I was deeply impacted at the apparent ‘magic’ of the oils’ enhancement in comment, presence and intention. I felt relaxed within myself due to my past classes with the oils at the School of Natural Medicine, and trust their support to help release trauma. I now feel recharged, relaxed and in reverie at this potent and approachable art of healing with essential oil.

I am grateful for the knowledge and wisdom in experience I was able to sink into and receive benefit from over this two day depth Immersion into Essential Oils with Farida Sharan at the School of Natural Medicine, my last class in my Naturopathy training. Only Clinical Training and the Retreat left to go, as well as case histories and assignments, to graduate as a Naturopath.” Melina Fritzler, Boulder, Colorado; Naturopathy student, bodyworker, pregnancy and birthing consultant.

SNM next Essential Oils Trainings in Boulder, Colorado. Visit our Contact US page for further information.


October17-18Essential OilsLevel IClearing trauma with healing processes as we learn oils skills, followed by giving and receiving a Young Living therapeutic anointing Raindrop Technique each day.$302 days 11am-9pm


November21-22Essential OilsLevel IIClearing family emotional history with healing processes as we learn oils skills before giving and receiving daily Vagus Nerve & Neuro Auricular sessions.$302 days11am-9pm


FES Flower Essences - Melina Fritzler“FES Flower Essences Level II class was truly a getting down to the essence, to what lies beneath, under it all, to the root of the deeper motivation for outward expression and action. I feel gratitude arise for the space created by all of us to explore these zones of vulnerability as we share ourselves with each other with Farida’s guidance.

During my healing process on the last day, my mood was a vacillation of yes’s and no’s with a willingness to explore many angles, dancing with the inner child that is me. I honor her expression and am reminded to move from a place of joyful playfulness and remembrance, appreciation and awareness as I realize more deeply that our life task is as much physical as spiritual. My body is a sacred shrine, the temple of my spirit.

I am reminded of the strength of the Bach Flower Remedies and the FES Flower Essences and of the importance of supporting people, women, in our lives. As I experience this opportunity to connect with self, I wish to share the personal connection we all experienced with each other.

I am impacted by the progression I have been through in the 1 1/2 years I have been coming to the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, with Farida Sharan ND, working toward my Naturopathy Diploma, attending all classes. I experience a greater sense of calm and peace within and I have a larger capacity with a more vast set of tools and aids to ride the waves of life with greater grace and awareness.

FES Flower Essence training began with the new shift to a two day depth immersion. Melina shares: “The welcome shift from three day classes to two day immersions allowed me to deeply drop into the space and field of the teaching and it feels even more relaxed than our previous three day classes. The initial belief of a 10 hour day being a long time was quickly dissolved on the first day as we were all engaged and connected in a such a relaxed manner that time evaporated. The extended day allowed for an unfolding that allowed us to connect deeply with each other and the material, and I am grateful for a day to integrate before the week begins.” With gratitude, Melina. Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado


FES Flower Essences Necia“FES Flower Essences class was an in-depth integration of self awareness and nature, as nature speaks in so many beautiful, perceptual, collective ways – from tiny stems and petals to mature trees of grand stature. I am continually amazed at all the different expressions of color, texture and form.

This class helped me to slow enough to notice details and learn to communicate my experience intellectually and spiritually. Colors seem brighter, values seem sharper and a whole new dimension is born.

‘The Black Whole’ DVD of Nassim Haramein captivated every cell in my body. I was literally on the edge of my seat as I absorbed every word, and then I wanted to watch it all over again immediately as it was especially valuable for visualizing the invisible space and sacred geometry of the cosmic vibrational reality that weaves our life in this world. As my mind reeled, I had to breathe deeply to process the magnitude of the information Nassim Haramein was giving. I have a new perception.

The walks in the grasses nearby with breezes creating waves of beauty and the birth of a fawn in the lush grasses of the School of Natural Medicine back garden was a deepening of all that we were learning and integrating in the FES certification training. The negative space we inhabit is wondrous.

I experienced pleasure in processing the remedies with Farida for myself and Melina and Hillary as I realized the profound depths of my fellow students and this universe. It is infinite and yet simple all at once.

Participating in a two-day Immersion is relaxing, intense, uncomfortable at times and completely fulfilling. Shifts, realizations and transformation take shape, grab hold and knock you off your seat as I or my other students process the physical, family, emotional, social, mental and spiritual realities of our inner landscapes. I am a new person every time I depart from a class with Farida at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.

I feel honored to be in the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan and my fellow colleagues and grateful for all I have learned here and all that is yet to come.

In this FES Flower Essences training, I am born again. Each time I am closer to being the person I am meant to be. I am closer to my authentic self.” Necia, Utah; Naturopathy student

We at the School of Natural Medicine are excited to explore Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Project.