Graduate Reflexologist Lamia MudarresGraduate, Lamia Mudarres from Saudi Arabia shares: “I rediscovered and developed a more sensitive touch to cranial energy and anointing, and was reminded of the importance of being comfortable in order to have the client comfortable, making sure to slow life down by ‘slowering’ the touch. I gained more confidence, having practiced Reflexology for a year outside of the school, and now that I have graduated as a Master Reflexologist, I hopefully will continue to grow in practice.

Graduate, Lamia, attended an advanced Reflexology class after working with autistic children in a clinic in Saudi Arabia, to graduate as a Master Reflexologist in School of Natural Medicine approved Colorado State Board of Higher Education Private Occupational School Certification training. Repeating classes for the opportunity to fine tune skills is always an option for advanced students.

After a year away from classes since the Naturopathy Retreat last summer, beginning this year study visit with Herbal Medicine II was delightful. Before I knew only the names and healing properties of plants and now I know what each plant looks, feels, tastes and smells like.

In Clinical training we are taught how to realistically view our business plans and organize a method of communicating with our clients using a case history sheet, but letting the questions unfold naturally. Entrepreneur your own self-productivity of offering passion to the worldI I learned, YOU are your own business and what you have to offer is good enough! Even it is helping one person.

I noticed that even though the case history sheet contains main questions, just by listening and being present with a client, their story will answer most of the questions without them having to be directly asked. Not feeling any pressure to give immediate advice or remedies instantly and learning to be ok with giving yourself time to think about creating a program and even meeting with your again, makes it a very enjoyable process.”

Lamia attended the Naturopathy Retreat, Clinical Training and the Self-Healing Module with profound personal results as she nears Naturopathy graduation.

The grace and blessing of her study and healing journey in the School of Natural Medicine is reflected in the job she holds in a clinic in Saudi working with young ADHD children with Reflexology, Essential Oils, Healing Diets and more, as well as teaching classes to those seeking health and wellness – even though Lamia is only 20 years old! The clinic wanted her contribution so much, they built a room for her on to their clinic.

Lamia Mudarres, Saudi Arabia; Lamia, Saudi Arabia, Reflexology Graduate working in a autistic clinic, Naturopathy student.– photos of her clinic in Saudi follow below, a room that was built especially for her work and decorated by Lamia, for her work with young children.

Graduate-Saudi-Arabia-Lamia Mudarres



Pulmonary Polythycemia-Kristina Ignacio-Kadence

Kristina & Kadence

Pulmonary Polythycemia cured!!! Congratulations Kristina & Kadence – a mother daughter team proving Natural Medicine Self-Healing!!

The mother of Kadence, Kristina, enrolled in the School of Natural Medicine late spring, 2009. At that time her concern for her daughter’s medical prognosis was intense.

After 3 months of diet change and naturopathy treatments, Kadence’s ‘healing achievement’ arrived as a gum inflammation and after her mother Kristina brought her through to full healing with natural treatments, with the result including a full healing of a supposedly incurable condition!!

Kadence is a three year old who kisses my books and says, “Mama’s teacher’s books,” and already dances to the Elements of Life DVD’s, so we honor her as our youngest student and an accomplished Self-Healer.

Pulmonary Polycythemia - Kristina Ignacio

Kristina Ignacio

Teaching true concepts of cause and effect, constitution, inner ecology nourishment and balancing to Kristina and then mentoring both of them through their Self-Healng was fascinating and enjoyable as Kristina is filled with love. She is a delight even when she is worried!! Kristina attended Healing Diets & Reflexology classes as she deepened her Self-Healing. Although her first daughter was conceived with medical assistance after years of infertility, after experiencing deep parasympathetic relaxation and purification and rejuvenation with her Self-Healing Module, Kristina achieved a natural pregnancy and birthed a healthy child. She is now very busy and happily mothering as she continues her studies.

Enjoy Kristina’s email, CAPS and all, full of excitement and gratitude – just as life should be when we achieve our dreams!






Kristina follows up later after the excitement calmed down.

“This is such amazing news that it takes so much weight off my shoulders. I can now feel relaxed to follow through, committing fully to my own Self-Healing now that my daughter is looking to the future with great health and if there is anything that comes up, I understand the steps it takes to get her back to the blissful good health

THANK YOU SO MUCH…Farida please understand the appreciation that I feel to have you in my life and my daughter’s life that I can not find the words to express how very much I treasure you and so grateful that you are willing to share your work.” Loving blessings, Kristina



Iridology Chart by Farida Sharan

Iridology Chart by Farida Sharan

The Iridology Chart created by Farida Sharan in 1988 enhances the Faridian Constitutional types being presented in a series on this blog, and also in the books, Iridology – A Complete Guide & Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy by Farida Sharan. Both books are available on in the UK & USA.

Because the Faridian Consitutions are based on dominant organs, systems and glands, the chart unifies the main organ plexuses and the chakras, and integrates them with the elements of life – earth, water, fire, air & ether – and their corresponding emotions of fear, desire, anger, greed and grief or longing.

Ancient yoga traditions relate the right side of the body and the liver to the male energy of outward manifesting, providing and support and the left to the spleen and the receptive, bonding and nurturing energies so connected to bearing and caring for children..

The potential for the male journey of interacting with primal emotions and challenges of acceptance or repression of masculine energies, repression usually resulting in acting our negative archetypes of aggression that can lead of harm related to the firey energy of the liver.

The feminine primal emotions of bonding and nurturing also are affected by wounding, acceptance or repression, and repression activates negative behaviors related to the hidden fire of the spleen.

The Sacrum Root Body Center or Earth Chakra is related to the adrenals, the earth element and the emotions of fear, survival responses of fight flight, freeze or the courage and creativity to be truly yourself.

The Reproductive Gland Body Center or Water Chakra is related to the reproductive glands and the water element where curiosity leads to desire and as long as it does not lead to lust and the harm lust creates, social structures support procreation, family and society.

The Digestive Organs Body Center of Fire Chakra is related to the digestive organs and glands in the solar plexus where the challenges of the many manifestations of anger can lead to aggression, destruction, jealousy and materialism or the joy and laughter of warmth, wisdom and longevity.

The Heart Organ Body Center of the Air Chakra is related to the heart and the thymus gland in the chest where the battle between greed and speed dissolves before unconditional love and compassion.

The Throat Body Center of the Ether Chakra is related to the throat glands and functions and the lungs, where consciousness is drawn into grief for loss of relationships and possessions or lifted into longing for the spiritual life and enlightened understanding.

If the Chakras Elements & Emotions chart is overlaid over the regular Iridology chart, it gives deeper understanding of life dynamics and the effect of emotions on physical functioning.


Graduate News - Natalia Gonzalez

Natalia Gonzalez and Iridology student friends

Graduate News is special when it is time to congratulate a new Graduate. Today we honor Natalia Gonzalez who has completed her studies and received the approved Colorado State Board of Higher Education Master Iridologist & Natural Medicine Diploma at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.

Graduate News - Natalia Gonzalez

Natalia Gonzalez Iris Mandala

Graduate News - Natalia Gonzalez

Natalia Gonzalez Iris Drawing

When Natalia enrolled in her first class, Iridology Level I, she encouraged three other friends to enroll with her (see the photo) who were also passionate dedicated to the vision of co-creating a healing center. Two of them completed the Iridology Level II class, where we integrate psychological and physical life realities into an Iris Mandala, so that students deeply understand how the multi-level aspects of their own life relates to the iris of the eye. This enables them optimum consciousness in analyzing and educating clients and students in the future.

As Natalia attended the other required classes for the Master Iridologist & Natural Medicine Diploma: Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy I, Flower Essences & Essential Oils, she proved an inspiration to all the students in her classes.  With 7 children and a husband to take care of, Natalia radiated health and passion like a young woman, and proved that a student can manifest a vision no matter what responsibilities and duties they have. All this, and attending other trainings like Acutonics & Constellation work while creating healthy, nutritious healing foods for herself and her family.
Natalia may be a dedicated wife and mother, but her focus made it possible for her to complete faster than our younger students as she was so keen to begin her healing work.
Graduate News - Natalia Gonzalez & family

Natalia Gonzalez and family.

“I live on a small ranch in the middle of the Chihuahua Mountains in Mexico and my goal is to create a practice with my sister, Jennifer. We are offering Iridology Analysis, Herbal Medicine Formulas, Coaching on Healing Diets, Bach Flower Remedies, Acutonics and Massage to help anyone that is ready to make change in their life, and take control of their health.
Natalia Gonzalez – Healing Diets

Natalia Gonzalez – Healing Diets

Natalia Gonzalez - Mind Map

Natalia Gonzalez – Mind Map

Our goal is to help educate those ready to learn how they can live a better quality life. Natural medicine has always been one of my passions.  It has made such a difference in my life as I am raising my children. It has been a rare occasion that I’ve had to take my children to the medical doctors.

Thank you Farida for the Opportunity to study at your school. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with you.  With lots of love and gratitude,” Natalia Gonzalez



Boulder Herbalists - Brigitte Mars

Brigitte Mars – Herbalist

Boulder Herbalists - Catherine Hunziker

Catherine Hunziker

Boulder Herbalists - Farida Sharan - Mauna Kea Mullein

Farida Sharan – Mauna Kea Mullein

Boulder Herbalists who have known each other for 25 years and even much longer celebrated a get-together Brigitte Mars home in Boulder, Colorado recently.  Meet the elite of Herbalists nurtured by the remarkable energy of Boulder who use their talents, gifts, energy and caring to nurture others in the healing arts.

Boulder Herbalists - BethyLoveLight


Boulder Herbalists who have known each other for 25 years and even much longer celebrated a get-together Brigitte Mars home in Boulder, Colorado recently.  Meet the elite of Herbalists nurtured by the remarkable energy of Boulder who use their talents, gifts, energy and caring to nurture others in the healing arts. Here is how I became part of the Boulder Herbalists scene!

The first Boulder Herbalist I met was Brigitte Mars. I was living in Cambridge England at the time, and as Liz Green, renowned astrologer predicted I would live in Colorado, I was exploring the idea. I had been invited to present a lecture on Iridology and an Elemental Movement Experience at the Essene Conference in 1987 at the Breitenbush Hot Springs in California.

Boulder Herbalists - Jefree Kaufman

Jefree Kaufman

When I arrived I found myself roommates with Brigitte Mars and her husband who owned UniTea Herbal Company. As I was visiting Boulder after the Conference, I was glad to hear their take on a creative, alternative, healing arts city – and the home of Naropa.

Of course when I arrived at Denny Johnson‘s home in Gold Hill, high above Boulder, for the Rayid Iridology Training, I fell in love with Colorado, golden aspen trees, sunshine and friendly folks. I walked down the road, saw a dome for sale, met the owners, and gave them a down payment. I was moving to Colorado.

Before I returned to England for three months I set the renovations and decorating in progress, thenn wound things up in England by selling my school, herb company and lease to the school building, and moved in February 1988. With the first Summer School of the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder was coming up, I enlisted Brigitte as a teacher, discovered Herbalists Feather Jones and Debra St. Claire (who eventually created St Claires Organics and other companies) were Gold Hill neighbors and began exploring the rich and diverse Boulder Herbalist scene.

Boulder Herbalists - Lisa Ganaora

Lisa Ganora

Soon I met Catherine Hunziker who created Wishgarden HerbsMindy Green was in the Boulder scene and she rose to renown with the Center for Integrative Botanical  Studies, as was Rob McCaleb who created the Herb Research Foundation. Jefree Kaufman was a Boulder healer with his Body Therapy Clinic, and an herbalist who now offers his great Zing Trace Minerals product to all seeking health and wellness.

Boulder Herbalists - Rob McCaleb

Rob McCaleb

Boulder was stirring with friendly, creative, energetic Herbalists and healers, and among them was the renowned Hanna Kroeger who owned a restaurant/herbal shop on Pearl Street. Hanna’s Herb Shop was started as New Age Foods by the legendary Hanna Kroeger in 1957 in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  Hanna Kroeger, master herbalist, created over 350 products, wrote more than 20 books, lectured extensively, helped thousands of people and has a great following. She was dynamic, powerful and a strong voice for all things natural. After her passing, her teachings and products are still offered in their location east of Boulder.
As the years went by, Brigitte Mars continued to offer herbal classes in my Summer Schools, as did Feather Jones, Catherine Hunziker, Debra St. Claire and Rob McCaleb. Debra also made the Iridology drawings for the first HarperCollins addition of my hardback book ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide’, published in 1986.


Boulder Herbalists - Mindy Green & Feather Jones

Mindy Green & Feather Jones

Summer 2014, fast advance to Brigitte’s home. I arrive and say hello to Mindy, Feather arrives then Catherine, followed by Rob McCaleb and Jefree with his friends, Byron and Dot close behind. Lisa Ganora was introduced to me, and I discover this tall friendly woman is the head of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Arriving late because of traffic are Rachel Lord, Herbalist and owner of Just For Health School of Reflexology & Healing Arts, and her Herbal Teacher, Joan Zinn.

Fantastic, beautiful raw food vegetarian dishes gathered on the counter. Rob & Lisa brought herbal drinks to share. The guest of honor, Feather, who now lives in Sedona, gave a blessing. Then it was delicious food and beverages, and fun conversations, as memories and nostalgia surfaced with great exchanges. Brigitte gathered a circle and shared how she knew each of us. Then the lovely BethyLoveLight shared her conscious musical poetry and music, and soon Lisa and I were dancing with her. A wonderful gathering and a wonderful evening. Makes me glad Boulder is my home.


Boulder Herbalists - Joan Zinn

Joan Zinn

Boulder Herbalists - Rachel Lord

Rachel Lord

I wanted to take photos of Brigitte, Feather, Catherine and Rob who taught School of Natural Medicine classes in the early years together for a group photo with me, but with all the fun, it never happened. So to keep the photo gallery complete, I am adding a photo of myself with a Divine Mother Mullein plant on Mauna Kea Volcano on Big Island, Hawaii, taken some years ago. At a certain altitude, there is a gathering of Mullein plants, several yards deep and running far in every direction, as though Mullein knows its place and enjoys the strength. There must be something to Lava as I have never seen such large and powerful Mullein anywhere, not even in Gold Hill, Colorado where they surrounded my dome every summer for seven glorious high altitude years.


Boulder Herbalists - Farida step in Ganges IndiaNATURAL TRAVEL AIDS FOR HEALTHY ADVENTURE JOURNEYS

Natural Travel Aids - Farida- Iceland Hot Springs


Plan your adventure, pack well, but never forget those natural travel aids for healthy adventure journeys. They make all the difference. You have been dreaming about your journey, so don’t waste days feeling under the weather, or not be able to go far from a bathroom. Be prepared. Be careful what you eat. Take finger wipes and citrus oils to cleanse hands – no finger foods and no street foods! Travel well.

Natural Travel Aids - Cinnamon 1. Cinnamon Powder –  digestive distress – Strong tea makes all digestive complaints go away OR sprinkle tsps on apple sauce – from train diarrhea in India, to street food in Thailand, as soon as you feel that yucky tummy drink lots of Cinnamon tea!! All my best friends never travel without a bag of Cinnamon.

2. Turmeric – preventive and pain relieving – Turmeric is a natural antibiotic and pain-reliever. Apply a paste of honey or water and Turmeric directly on cuts and scrapes to quickly clot blood, disinfect wounds, relieve itching or ease bruises.

3. Aloe Vera Gel – to relieve skin exposure – Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates dry, itchy, or sun burnt skin, or use it before, during and after exposure to the sun as it supports healthy tanning without burning as long as you don’t overdo it.

4. Young Living Essential Oils travel mix: Purchase a 2 oz dropper bottle, fill it 1/3 with organic cold pressed veggie oil, then equal amounts of Thieves, Oregano & Longevity to fill. Bring empty veggie caps to fill with the mix, take 1 or 2 a day in 3rd world countries, and more as needed!

Natural Travel Aids - Ginger 5. Ginger capsules – for motion sickness – Ginger helps to relieve nausea, improves digestion from unusual foods and no side-effects. Take 1 to 2 ginger capsules every few hours while on rough roads and seas.

6. Fennel seeds – Fennel aids digestion. Sprinkle on your foods or chew and swallow 1 1/2 teaspoons of fennel seeds after lunch and dinner (and oily breakfasts) after the meal to relieve acidity, cramping, gas, and strange stomach pains.

7. Thieves & Pan Away & other Young Living Oils – If you feel a cold, flu or sore throat developing, immediately spray throat with Thieves Young Living spray or rub their Thieves oil oil on upper back throat after gargling with Thieves, then massage the throat glands deeply and thoroughly with Pan Away, Frankincense Palo Santo + a little veggie oil.

8. Teas: Drink Tulsi holy basil tea to relieve symptoms of cough, cold and flu. Drink Saffron Tea for special uplift before visiting temples and sacred sites.

8. Pan Away Young Living Oil & Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is useful for bug, mosquito or flea bites, fungus or skin breakouts, cold sores and minor cuts and abrasions because of its anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. For external use only.

9. Sesame oil + Sai Maa Liquid Light + FES Benediction Blend with flower essences – Ayurveda vata dosha  gets activated during travel movement. Keep in balance on the road with warming, soothing sesame oil. Massage temples, hands, and the soles of your feet with a little sesame oil morning and evening and an allover rubdown after showering or bathing. Other oils are a bonus.

13. Probiotic Supplements – augment cinnamon, turmeric, ginger & fennel – Choose a brand that does not need to be refrigerated with at least 10 billion CFU and multiple strains including saccharomyces boulardii to prevent diarrhea and strengthen the GI tract’s natural defenses. Take 2 – 3 doses per day of 10 – 30 billion CFU per day, depending on the country.

14. Sleep can be encouraged with: Vervain YLO essential oils – rub on chest, neck pillow and inhale; melatonin; sesame oil rubdown after bath; meditation; dreaming of the next day’s adventure!


Saffron Tea - Cup of gold


Saffron Tea was a gift presented to me by the esteemed Hakim Salim Khan, graduate of the School of Natural Medicine in England and renowned herbalist. It was 1988. I was moving to Boulder, Colorado, and the last time I saw him before the move, he graciously presented me with two gifts: a small box of Saffron and a vial of Rose Oil. As he presented them he said they were a gift from his own teacher, a Hakim in Afghanistan who he had just visited.  His teacher picked the glorious red and gold Saffron threads or stigmas of the blue saffron crocus with his own hands, and prepared the Rose Oil from the roses in his garden, and told Salim to present them to me. For the past two years I had been living in Saffron Walden, historical location of past Saffron collecting. Clearly I had a destiny with Saffron.

The beauty of the gift touched my heart deeply and I carried them carefully to my new home in Gold Hill, above Boulder, in Colorado. The gifts seemed so precious I did not want to use them but eventually I inhaled the exquisite Rose Oil and put a drop on from time to time. Each time the fragrance lifted my heart and spirit and made the transition from England lighter and brighter.

When Salim gave me the Saffron, he said that when Hakims in his ancestral home wanted to create formulas or solve difficult problems, they went on a fast of Saffron Tea. Somehow I forgot his instruction until the moment I needed assistance.

My book, ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide’ was in the final stages of publishing with HarperCollins in England, when the formulas I wanted to use in the book, gifted from Dr. Raymond Christopher when I studied with him, could not be used. His son, David Christopher would not give permission. As I had never used any other formulas for 14 years, I did not know what to do. I had told the publishers I had formulas. I had to fulfill my contract with HarperCollins. Then I remembered what Salim had said to me about the Saffron. Perhaps that was my answer.

I prepared for the Saffron Tea fast, organized my home, gave fresh foods to neighbor, brought out all my books on herbal medicine and healing, and paper, pens and pencils, then cleared my schedule. Even though I had experienced various cleanses and fasts, Saffron Tea would be a new experience.

Saffron Tea - Cup of GoldI was at 6300 feet high in the Rocky Mountain. My dome had glorious views and I was surrounded by quiet, beautiful and nourishing nature, so for the first two days, I enjoyed my retreat drinking ‘Cups of Gold’. The tea is pleasant, mild and uplifting. I felt very well as time went on, unusually happy. I danced, explored yoga poses, took walks, meditated, listened to music and gazed at the beautiful skies.

On the morning of the third day I can only describe a mind expansion that saw and knew and understood what I already knew fully from my years of work, that for all the hours of the day, I created formulas until I had all I needed for the Iridology book.

In the late afternoon, thrilled by clarity of mind and deep understanding, my conscious knowing created my unique Iridology Chart unifying the ‘Elements, Chakras & Emotions’ in the Irises of the Eyes.

Saffron Tea - Healing Spices Bookby AggarwalBharat A. Aggarwal PhD with Debora Yost, authors of ‘Healing Spices’ say: “In Persian traditional medicine, Saffron is used for depression. Tehran University Medicinal Center psychiatrists revealed in their ‘Journal of Ethopharmacology‘. This effect is due to the presence of  “…crocin and safranal protect levels of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine brain chemicals that boost and stabilize moods.”

‘Healing Spices’ also reveals other conditions relieved by the use of Saffron: atherosclerosis heart disease, alzheimers, menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), infertility in males, erectile dysfunction, cancer, anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, aging degeneration, Parkinsons, and multiple sclerosis.

Even if it takes 80,000 crocus flowers and a quarter million dried stigmas to produce one pound of saffron for a cost of $5,000, much less than a small part of an ounce is all you need to make Saffron Tea made from a few stigmas. Try it and see how you feel.


Iridology Constitutions - Nervous Sensitive Type

Iridology Constitutions Nervous Sensitive Type



Transformational Iridology , the lifework of Iridologist, Farida Sharan ND, is the union of Iridology with individually attuned primal cosmic  expansion and contraction rhythms that profoundly influence our Genetic Constitution and Inner Ecology. Cosmic rhythms form the Karmic Iris Print, the individual microcosm reflecting the macrocosmic universe. This enables the Iridologist to compassionately and kinesthetically experience the client’s way of processing life, educate, offer practical suggestions to move beyond limitation in conscious wholeness, and inspire the client to strengthen weaknesses and make the most of their strengths – profound support for Self Healing and personal evolution.

A  teaching based on purification, regeneration requires transformational changes in body, emotions, mind and spirit – a felt sense of inhabiting one’s being in a uniquely more conscious and respectful way. A transformation that is real includes being able to feel, listen, sense, know, understand and develop a relationship with one’s inner being. Participation in experiments in the laboratory of our own body creates an invaluable opportunity to enter embodiment, enhancing the horizon of knowing wisdom to advance evolutionary human potential, quality of life and creativity.

Nervous Sensitive

Iris Color: Blue.

Fiber Structure: Linen with fine, wiry fibers like vibrating antenna.

Description: Strong to average structure with a white ANW.

Aging/Disease Pathways: Nervous System.

Systems: Nervous, Endocrine, Muscular.

Other Possible Signs: Glandular weakness, white Reflexive Fibers, skin toxicity, hyperactive brain areas; inflammatory processes that are the result of nerve sensitivity and depletion; Nerve Rings or other Nervous System signs or markings in Iris Nervous System Sense Organs or Brain Zones displayed over this background indicate stronger sensitivity.

Tissue Weakness: Nerves, skin, muscles, brain tissues.

Gland Weakness: Adrenals, thyroid.

Organ Weakness: None unless depicted by other signs.

Activity: Inflammation, thyroid-related calcium imbalances, nerve irritation and sensitivity.

Symptoms: Arthritis, calcium deficiency or excess, headaches, hypersensitivity, migraines, nerve afflictions such as shingles and multiple sclerosis, skin eruptions, ulcers, vascular spasms.

Emotions: Shy, introverted, retiring nature unable to express emotions or a seemingly strong dominating person out of touch with their feelings. Connecting with deep feelings anchored by presence assists their evolution into healthy relationship with emotions.

Eliminate: Stimulants, stress, overwork.

Diet: Alkaline, calming foods; avoid overeating or eating late at night.

Lifestyle: Moderation and balance; learn relaxation; take regular breaks and adequate sleep to restore the nervous system.

Herbs: Adrenal, Calcium, Nerve, Thyroid, Sweet Sleep formulas.

Treatment: Castor Oil packs on the solar plexus, energy balancing bodywork, grounding exercises; acupuncture; massage.


The success-oriented hyperactive version of this type shuts out sensitivity due to a limited goal vision. They can sacrifice too much to achieve their goals. Overdrive results in burnout, exhaustion, collapse, strokes or chronic disease. Adjustment to a restricted lifestyle is very difficult. Their structural strength gives them the energy to achieve goals and work hard, but when the use of stimulants and stressful lifestyles put them in hyper-drive, they deplete their adrenals and nervous system. Their air element imbalance creates speed and greed which further stresses the limited vision of goal pressures.

When this type is aware of their sensitivity and do not override it, they are sensitive, feeling oriented individuals who seek extended family, or community support, and enjoy living in nature or quiet environments. Often they walk into a room and sense the best place for them to sit or stand so that they feel safe and protected. These types often know things without knowing how they know it, and feel and are aware of deeper levels of sensing when they are talking to someone. They can feel beyond the words into a deeper knowing of intent.


When on overdrive, these types need to learn ‘to be’ instead of always ‘to do,’ to become human beings instead of human doings, as slowing down gives them the opportunity to develop the higher qualities of this type. Vision must open to include all of life, not just goals. Because of their sensitivity, t is important for this type to learn tolerance for others . When they are open and receptive with their sensitivity, and take care of themselves, compassion increases naturally.


Graduate News – Ian White Yoga


Graduate News at its best! Ian Phillip White ND graduated from the School Of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado in 2000 as Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Master Iridologist, .

Ian ‘s personal journey called him to work with the healing arts in 1991. Initially on a fast track as a Marketing and Business Strategy Consultant in London, England, he began searching for more. His travels took him across the globe, to places such as the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual and ecologically sustainable community in Scotland, where he practiced as a part of the Holistic Health Department.

Ian White’s  passion to employ multiple modalities has led him to certifications in Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama through the Sivanada lineage of teachings, and as a Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. He has received continuous education in Anusara, Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Kripalu, Kundalini and Viniyoga styles as well as evolving his own fluid styles of yoga. He has trained in Aromatic Chi Gong, and Edgu. 

Ian received extensive training in macrobiotics, and is a Reiki Master Teacher who has developed his own system of energy work. He is a certified Rapid Eye Technician and has trained in Psychosynthesis, a form of spiritually evolved psychotherapy.

Today he teaches and practices at the Red Mountain Resort & Spa in St George, Utah, and is available for private training and teaching. He leads workshops and provides personal sessions in Europe, Peru, Egypt, Japan and throughout the US when he is invited to lead workshops or join tourist groups, making their traveling more enjoyable for adventurers with yoga and meditation and other health teachings.

Ian White’s DVD’s ‘ are available on      Simple Guide to Successful Meditation by Ian Phillip White (Nov 25, 2008)

Because School of Natural Medicine is based on Self-Healing, students enter with a passion for healing but they can never imagine the opportunities that will occur the inspiration, synchronicity or destiny that awaits them, as life unfolds during their studies and after graduation. Students are preparing for a lifework in the healing arts and the Self-Healing process awakens creativity, confidence and compassion – ideal gifts for creating work you love.


Iridology Constitutions Immune Reactive Iris

Iridology Constitutions Immune Reactive Iris


Iridology Constitutions – ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide’ – Book  by Farida Sharan ND 2013 – #1 Immune Reactive Type  – Transformational Iridology Series

Transformational Iridology , the lifework of Iridologist, Farida Sharan ND, is the union of Iridology with individually attuned primal cosmic  expansion and contraction rhythms that profoundly influence our Genetic Constitution and Inner Ecology. Cosmic rhythms form the Karmic Iris Print, the individual microcosm reflecting the macrocosmic universe. This enables the Iridologist to compassionately and kinesthetically experience the client’s way of processing life, educate, offer practical suggestions to move beyond limitation in conscious wholeness, and inspire the client to strengthen weaknesses and make the most of their strengths – profound support for Self Healing and personal evolution.

A  teaching based on purification, regeneration requires transformational changes in body, emotions, mind and spirit – a felt sense of inhabiting one’s being in a uniquely more conscious and respectful way. A transformation that is real includes being able to feel, listen, sense, know, understand and develop a relationship with one’s inner being. Participation in experiments in the laboratory of our own body creates an invaluable opportunity to enter embodiment, enhancing the horizon of knowing wisdom to advance evolutionary human potential, quality of life and creativity.

Iris Color: Blue with whitening

Fiber Structure: Average

Description: Raised, thick, often swollen ANW or Autonomic Nerve Wreath (ANW)

Aging/Disease Pathways: Lymphatic system reactivity affected by the fright / flight sympathetic response to exhaustion and stress overload and overwhelm or trauma

Systems: Lymphatic immune together with the sympathetic reactivity of the autonomic nervous system

Other Possible Signs: White White Autonomic Nerve Wreath; white lymph zones where the ear, nose, eyes, vagina or rectum open to the outside world; white fiber strands moving out from the digestive areas into the iris

Tissue Weakness: Mucus membranes, lymph glands, eliminative discharges through nasal and gastrointestinal tract, sense organs, reproductive organs

Iridology Constitutions - Iridology – A Complete Guide – Farida SharanGland Weakness: Lymph glands

Organ Weakness: None unless other iris signs denote them

Activity: Acute discharges, hyperactive and chronic inflammation, constant internal energetic aggression against the environment and invaders

Symptoms: Acne, aching muscles, adenoids, allergies, arthritis, coughs, dandruff, dry skin, eczema, eye irritations,discharges, congestion, water retention

Emotions: Reactive excesses accompanied by unreasonable impatient emotional outbursts when stress, exhaustion, and overactivity overload the system

Eliminate: Dairy, acid or mucus forming foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine

Diet: Mucusless alkaline diet, sufficient fluids, calming nourishing healthy foods

Lifestyle: Regular exercise, reduced contact with environmental and dietary pollutants, avoid stress and overactivity, develop moderation and discrimination

Personality: The hyperactive response of this type is created by continued stress, over enthusiasm or reactivity so that their boundary is reached and they are thrown into an almost life and death protection resistance mode. Constant stimulation creates restlessness which causes further reactivity and chemistry imbalances. This results in discharges and acute symptoms that are a source of low-grade infection and stress. This further weakens the body.

When this type learns strength and stillness in their inner world so that the outer world does not overstimulate them, together with appropriate diet and living habits, their sensitivity can be utilized without it being a constant source of stress and irritation. Over time they develop a sense of ease in relationship to the world. Their membrane of reaction between the inner and outer worlds is strong until the boundary is reached and reactivity sets in, so care needs to be taken in the maturing process to work with this sensitivity, develop language to set boundaries, remove oneself from situations when they become overwhelming and take charge of reactivity limits.

Challenge: Avoid suppression of symptoms and development of chronic disease by calming and neutralizing reactivity. It is essential the body and life are not always in a state of defense, insecurity, hyperactivity and reactivity. Keep the immune system clean and clear, and support it during reactivity and acute conditions.

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