healing-diets-teachers-bethHealing Diets Teachers evolve naturally out of School of Natural Medicine Colorado State Board of Higher Education Healing Diets Diploma Training. Advanced students are offered opportunities to assist in classes and then a certain few evolve as teachers on their own, or with the school. Becoming a Healing Diets Coach means that a student wants to share the good news and help others to transform their relationship with food to enjoy a healthy life with respect for animals and our planet, and to assist in the healing of health concerns, aging and chronic disease.

BETH DORSEY is one of our passionate teachers, who took Healing Diets information and skills into her home where she and her husband are raising three adopted children. Although at the beginning the youngsters were resistant, it seems they all want to share the food she makes and wait in line for it, asking her what she is making next, as all the cultured, dehydrated and fresh vegan foods Beth is dedicated to are absolutely delicious. Beth teaches the third day of Healing Diets II, offering laughter filled fun creations of cultured foods, seed and nut cheeses and yoghurts, dehydrated crackers and unusual and tasty cleanse drinks. Beth is also a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and a Reflexologist, Healing Diets & Essential Oils graduate from the School of Natural Medicine.

“It all begins with a thought…”  I work with people that want to transform their personal or professional life by identifying and changing their thought patterns, overcoming blocks, and reprogramming belief systems to create the life they desire.  I use life coaching, hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to assist clients in achieving their dreams. Very powerful tools for very powerful results.  I also see clients that are suffering from chronic conditions, including addictions, and need to heal their body and their mind.  The body is a whiteboard that the mind writes on.  If you have been thinking negative thoughts and feelings the effects of those thoughts, it WILL manifest into disease.  I incorporate Essential Oils, Reflexology, Meditation, Spirituality and Healing Diets into my practice.  If we can work on supporting the body and nurturing the soul while we work on changing the thought patterns, we get positive results very quickly. ” Beth Dorsey, Longmont, Colorado.

healing-diets-teacher-jessicaJESSICA FANNING-GREMLEY took off with Healing Diets training to complement her Natural Acne Clinic aesthetician practice in Golden, Colorado – beauty from the inside out! Very soon after attending classes,  with years of professional confidence, Jessica began teaching her own Healing Diets classes in Denver and c0-hosted a Women’s Wellness Weekend with another student. It was a joy to co-create her day of teaching which focused on family foods, from pre-conception, pregnancy, post birth, infancy, children and teenagers. Creating healthy family foods is a challenge for many mothers and our students reported it was a fantastic day, the last day of the August Healing Diets Immersion.

healing-diets-teachers-brigitte-marsBRIGITTE MARS has been an Herbal Medicine and Healing Diets teacher at the School of Natural Medicine since the first Summer School in 1988. Her contribution to the Wild Foods and Cleanse Raw Food days in the Healing Diets Immersion took students into nature, identifying and collecting foods to create delicious Vegan, raw and lightly cooked meals. Brigitte’s healing history began in the sixties, much like mine when I healed breast cancer naturally, and we both wrote books about those days, (mine was Flower Child in the Summer of Love, and Brigitte’s  Hippie Chick Seeks Revelation.

Brigitte Mars is an herbalist from Boulder, Colorado, with over 40 years’ experience in natural lifestyles. She lived for two and a half years, on wild edible plants while living in a tipi in the Ozarks, in the early seventies. She is the author of  The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine, Country Almanac of Home Remedies, Addiction Free Naturally, The Sexual Herbal, The HempNut Cookbook, Rawsome!, and Healing Herbal Teas.

Brigitte teaches at Naropa UniversityBauman College of Holistic Health  and Natural Chef, The School of Natural Medicine, Just for the Health of It School of Reflexology and Healing Arts, Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Esalen Institute,Kripalu, and at an Icelandic healing arts school called Heilsumeistraskolinn. She has a  private practice, helps out at Pharmaca,  and has a local weekly radio show on KGNU called Naturally. She is the mother of Sunflower Sparkle Mars, a dancer now teacher,  and Rainbeau Harmony Mars,  actress, international model and yogini. (www.rainbeaumars.com). Brigitte lives in Boulder, Colorado.


Teaching-Assistants-Healing-Diets-RadhaTeaching Assistants opportunities are integral to Natural Medicine studies for the benefit of new students and advanced students and graduates. New students are inspired by the example of the advanced students and learn from their sharing of their personal Self Healing progress, developments in their studies and creative work in practice and teaching. Often they make friends, exchange treatments and meet socially, enriching the network of students and graduates.

Recently in the Healing Diets Immersion, several advanced students participated as assistants and two taught a full day of classes. The evolution of students and graduates into teachers is an important aspect of developing confidence, abundance and success.

Melina assisted on the first day of the Immersion, Radha on the second, Beth taught on the 3rd day with Hayley assisting, Lindsay assisted on the fourth day, Miranda on the fifth, Radha assisted Brigitte on the sixth day, Hayley on the seventh, and on the 8th day Brigitte taught, and on the 9th Radha assisted with Jessi teaching. A full schedule of Teaching Assistants offered an adventurous and complementary contribution to our food preparation and Self-Healing processes. Thank you assistants and teachers for your progress in your studies and growing ability to inspire and educate others. Both Radha & Hayley assisted on two days. Radha’s radiant photo is also included above.

teaching-assistant-healing-diets-hayley-Hayley Porter shares:  FULFILLED & SATIATED

“It is such an honor to witness the teachings from a new perspective as an assistant. I was able to embody the teacher archetype within me and I know this is an atmosphere that I thrive in. To be able to work with a group of dedicated students who are hungry for knowledge has fueled my passion and personal study of Natural Medicine. As aways, in Farida’s Healing Diets classes, the food was divine. I feel fulfilled and satiated.

I noticed my ability to handle ‘stressful’ situations with ease and grounded energies. I feel confident now in my teaching and organizing abilities and I will continue to fine tune and harness my skills.” Hayley Porter, advanced Naturopathy student. Massage Therapist. Colorado.

Melina and Miranda were abundant with enthusiasm during the day, and supported the teaching, demonstrated and worked with the students preparing the food with joy, laughter and harmony.
healing-diets-lindsay-peters copyLindsay Peters shares as she also attended Level III the last three days of the Immersion: PRICELESS EMPOWERMENT

“I am starting to understand and see the proper process that is needed in order to clean up my body to allow the optimum amount of energy and healthy cells to power my body.

I am one who wants results to manifest quickly and efficiently, but I am learning through proper knowledge and invaluable wisdom associated and taught in Healing Diets that it is not about ‘getting it done’, it is about taking the time to take astep back, take a breath, and allow myself to asses my body, emotions and what they are teaching me, what they are speaking on behalf of the others surrounding me who are needing guidance as well.

What fascinates me the most is the connection I have with every part of the whole: the air I breathe, the water I drink, the foodI eat, the sun that shines on me, the seed I plant, the love I give, the thoughts I allow, the inner knowing I have, that we all have, which constantly speaks so beautifully if we but listen.

I am gaining a deep appreciation for the ability my body has to heal itself. I have the ability to make the choice about how I choose to help my healing along and extend this knowledge to family, friends, strangers, and future clients. It is a priceless empowerment which gives me a great joy and a deep satisfaction.” Lindsay Peters, Naturopathy student, Niwot, Colorado






Cruelty-Free-Healing-Diets-Jaden“Healing Diets took me to a deeper level as a catalyst to make the vow, here and now to no longer make excuses and eat a cruelty-free diet and live a cruelty-free lifestyle.

It is important for me to be around like-minded people with similar goals from time to time to stay inspired and remember I am not alone, even if I feel like one of the few. The knowledge we learned in the Healing Diets Immersion is so important for society, humanity, the planet, and I feel honored to play a part in bringing that awareness to light.

I learned great ideas and resources for transitional diets in Level Two, as we tossed lightly cooked vegetables into flavor full marinades and learned about flavoring, balancing tastes, using spices and herbs, plus cultured and dehydrated foods, and absolutely yummy seed and nut milk fermented cheeses with Beth Dorsey who is a SNM Healing Diets graduate and one of our teachers.

Cruelty-Free-Healing-Diets-Jaden2Our day with Brigitte Mars was a wonderful, fun, new energy to mix with the other classes. I never realized so much edible food grows all around us all the time. I have already noticed I am more perceptive on my walks, always looking for things I could include in meals.

I am grateful for a second view of Healing Cancer Inside and Out as it is a great summary of information on how mainstream medicine has been corrupted and suppresses other alternatives, and how it benefits from doing so.

I am finding a nice balance in keeping food simple. I picked up new tools to improve my food preparation, especially with balancing flavors, bringing variety, looking for color, as well as playing more deeply and making more complex combinations and presentations to help attract and encourage others, especially resistant people, to try healthier alternatives. I feel I have a better foundation and confidence to recommend meal plans for those with chronic illness.

I learned a lot by sharing and observing how the other students reacted to healing diets foods: some got headaches, some got congested, some digestive reactions, some got light-headed or dizzy for a while, and most got tired and slept more, but we all felt better as we cleared. Now I can share this experience with future clients and help them move through reactions.” Jaden Lehane Dittmar, Fort Collins, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

Cruelty-Free-Mind-Map-Jaden.Jaden has already taken Iridology & Herbal Medicine classes, is committed to the Self Healing Module and the home study on line courses that are a requisite of Diploma level trainings.

Next Healing Diets classes are in September and October 2014 – check out our School Calendar. Mind Maps are an integrating creative experience that support personal evolution and embodiment of the teachings. I share Jaden’s Mind Map of clarity. Our student Mind Maps tend to me more creative and visual, and often surprising students who believe they don’t know what to do or can’t draw. All part of developing great skills for life and work. Jaden has already taken Iridology & Herbal Medicine classes, is committed to the Self Healing Module and the home study on line courses that are a requisite of Diploma level trainings.




Healing-Diets-Stacey-Kaufman-HeartsHealing Diets training reminded me of the power of choice, the beauty of food and true healing nourishment. I felt joy in such sweet foods and I praised the Creator even more as He is my provider.

The class dynamic of all ages, from 17 years old to grandmothers, and a couple of guys, gave me a whole different view of how food and life affects different people on all levels. I learned how the choices we make DAILY affect everything in our lives, even into the distant future.

Just as we put many spices + herbs + veggies and more into our meals to create explosions of flavor and nourishment to our bodies, we as a community of Healing Diets Students come together with many more ‘natural health’ lovers come together to create a beautiful, healthy, flavorful array of life energy and truth than can bring nourishment to this dying world. It is a beautiful thing that is growing daily as we make the right choices.

Farida’s stories of helping people heal through changing diets, reflexology points, powerful herbs and polarity therapy and more encourages me. I realize I too am capable of these things as I learn and progress through life. Sharing each person’s life stories and situations is something that will stay with me. I have learned each person is a fractal in this world, both similar and different, and how important it is to work individually with each unique person.

Watching the Healing Cancer From the Inside Out DVD awoke me to the depth of deception of our food companies and our government. It breaks my heart that so many poor lives have been lost due to this deception and that so many people are taken advantage of. I will, from this point on, try my best to make others aware of this reality.

The herb walk with Brigitte Mars made me stand in awe of the beautiful wild foods we have been missing out on for so long, as they are loaded with disease fighting agents. Learning some of the Latin Names is a phenomenal thing as they point to deeper realities and meanings for each plan or family of plants.

I am becoming aware of how my body responds to foods, healthy or not, and situations, and how to move them through instead of waiting for them to pass. Healing Diets has been powerful for me, moving me through different stages of healing and detox.I will forever use the knowledge I have gained here.” Stacey Kaufman, Kansas, Healing Diets Diploma student



Buckwheat-Cereal-Healing-DietsBuckwheat-Cereal-Healing-Diets-LaurenBuckwheat Cereal groats + ginger, currants, cinnamon, grated apple, lemon, coconut oil, honey & salt replaces the traditional Oatmeal for a hearty breakfast! Some of us also added soaked pecans for the crunch. One of the big challenges in shifting dietary habits is to replace the all American sweet buns, toast, eggs, bacon, coffee habits with tasty options that satisfy. It is time to get creative and try new experiences to guide family, friends and clients to healthy eating habits.

In Healing Diets classes, students participate in creative hands-on food creation, not so much from menus, but from instinctive skills gained from exploring and tasting as they learn how to balance rich, deep multi-layered flavors.

In Healing Diets classes, I love using my mini Cuisinart Rice Cooker with the Red Hill organic buckwheat groats, but the secret of a fine dining experience are the extras that take it to a new level or taste and healthy eating.

Lauren Rybarz, a Boulder, Colorado Naturopathy student, reports her experience of tasting Buckwheat Cereal at a Healing Diets Level III class.

“I am feeling emotional clarity, calmness, purification, grounding effects of healing foods.

I enjoy the creative way to add all the 5 taste senses (sweet, salty, spicy or pungent, sour, bitter) into one amazing and delicious breakfast cereal.

I experience how it awakens the taste buds and opens my mind and heart.

The warming comfort of Buckwheat, crisp fresh apple awakens, lemon enlivens, honey soothes, salt adds minerals, coconut oil coat the vulnerable nervous feelings within – all have their place in a harmonious resonance of delight! Cinnamon makes me feel stronger, as do the chewy currants.

Buckwheat Cereal as we make it in class is a sweet, chewy, fun little prize of a breakfast. I feel 5 years old, sitting at my grandmother’s table with a bowl sitting in front of me and the honey bear waiting for a squeeze.

This bowl of Buckwheat Cereal is a therapeutic journey I wish to explore more often.” Lauren Rybarz, Boulder, Colorado; mother, Naturopathy student.


Appreciations gathered every from emails and letters are shared to assist seekers of truth find the optimum school for self-healing educational evolution.

Appreciation-Wong-Michael-Saroja“Farida is a legend to us here in the East. Her teaching influences us a lot to do a better living and teach others the same!” Michael Wong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Naturopathy, Iridology & Herbal Medicine SNM Graduate; son of Mr. Wong Ang Peng, Naturopathy, Iridology & Herbal Medicine Graduate.


Appreciation-Healing-Diets-Faith“I am so honored to work with Farida Sharan in such a deep way. She is an incredible teacher and one of the world’s top Naturopaths! Thank you for sharing your immense wisdom! “ Hayley Porter: Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essence SNM Graduate, Naturopathy student
appreciation-hayley-porter-seed-cheeseHi Farida! “I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and the others in the class about not only food but also life! I learned so much in just 3 days, so thank you so much. Hopefully one day I can come back and learn even more! Thank you so much for having me!” Faith Rankin, Boulder, Colorado; 17 year old high school student in love with Healing Diets.


Appreciation-Shanti-Smith-New-ZealandDear Farida, I love your new website design and programs you have on offer through the school…things are evolving so beautifully there!  I so admire what you do and how you do it…you have always been such an inspiration for me!

Our Golden Lotus Spa/Healing Center has just found a home near Pohara beach, Golden Bay, New Zealand so we should begin to start building/renovating on that in the coming months and hopefully it will be operational by early 2015. It looks as though we will have a juice/smoothie bar, saunas, spa, yoga studio and practitioner rooms, so you will definitely have to come back and visit once we are up and running!

I will have my place to practice Iridology, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Colon Hydrotherapy from…better and more in tune with my long term visions than I ever could have dreamed of. I will also be a manager!  Amazing opportunities are abounding all around me and I am FULL of love and gratitude for the gifts that are unfolding.  You were right, of course, enjoy the unfolding. Don’t rush things…patience has certainly paid off.

My freedom is taking me to new heights within myself. Sometimes I am surprised at my good fortune but it’s all divine timing and just right!

I am working on my website for Thrive Therapies. I am putting in many clickable links to the School of Natural Medicine as I describe my training and evolution. I so love how you have worded your website and I absolutely practice by those principles. LOVE, Shanti Smith, Golden Bay, New Zealand, SNM Graduate ND MH Mir


Appreciation-Megan-Kelly“I am looking into renting a new office space in a wellness center.  I am hosting lots of classes and workshops and I have my sights set on opening a Healing Foods retreat center here in the Philadelphia area. I continue to educate myself in every way possible and feel clear about my path and my offerings to this life as time passes.

I am sincerely grateful to you, Farida, for leading me down this path and for your strong, inspiring, and loving heart. I have, over the years, lived my truth and healed greatly in the time I have allowed for myself. I am eternally grateful for everything in my life and everything I have ever learned. I hold the intention and find it to be my life’s mission to pass on the wisdom of health and healing that has so generously been passed on to me. I continue this life work as it is my passion.

A million thank you’s, Farida! I am so happy that the school is doing well and the school in the UK looks fantastic! I have hope to visit Colorado sometime soon. I will be sure to let you know of my travel plans as I would love to see you and reconnect in person. Much Love and Many, Many Blessings to you! In love and grace, Megan Kelly, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Healing Diets SNM Graduate; Naturopathy student


Vegan-Diets-Healing-Diets-Karla- Vegan Diets in the Healing Diets classes are delicious, creative, organic, raw fruits, vegetables, grains nuts and seeds, living probiotics, lightly cooked transitional meals to satisfy any palette, aswell as bountiful in enzymes, plus energy and truth! When foods contain the multi flavors of herbs, spices and balanced combinations, the experience of creating food and enjoying eating the creations is a joy of life as well as contributing to health, healing and well being.

“Learning about food and Healing Diets marks the beginning of a new phase in life! I am gaining tools and knowledge to soar to amazing heights and still maintain solid footing. I am so thankful!

My expectations are constantly exceeded as I attend classes at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, with Farida Sharan. I came hoping to learn ways to make myself and others in my life healthier. As I progress and attain more information about Healing Diets and truths of the benefits I know I can also be an incredible source of help and encouragement to my brother who has cancer. This in itself makes all my studies and time in the program worth millions to me!” Karla Lakey, former firefighter, Naturopathy student, Golden, Colorado


Vegan-Diets-Healing-Diets-Brian“Healing Diets Level One was an incredible experience in many different respects as it solidified my desire to follow this pathway and work toward becoming  Naturopath and learning as much as I can in that realm.

The class also gave me invaluable skills on preparing and experiencing the foods, not just learning isolated facts about them.

The desire has always been there to eat more raw and living foods because in my gut I know how good they are for you. This class helped me understand how to put together good looking and good tasting dishes instead of me just throwing stuff in a blender and pressing the button.

Veg-Diets-Seed-Milk-BrianAnother great aspect of the class was learning from the other students. One particular inspiring and sacred moment for me was when a fellow student suffering from a debilitating migraine was relieved of her pain fairly quickly with Farida and Radha working with her with cranial and Reflexology and Essential Oils.

I am both anxious and excited to wander further down this path.” Brian Sholette, Biology teacher, naturalist, Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado

Brian and Karla continued their studies this summer by attending the Herbal Medicine Immersion, and enrolled in Naturopathy I, Iridology I, and other classes this autumn, as they continue their unique paths toward the Naturopathy Diploma. Moving toward a career change is a big step so we appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication of our quality students determined to make positive changes in their lives.

Brian is shown making a pumpkin seed milk that will be the base of a breakfast smoothie, once we add organic coconut water, Inner Eco Probiotic, soaked dates, raspberries, touches of Cinnamon and Turmeric, a dash of salt, and a drop or two of organic almond flavor for a drink that a student described as ‘divine nectar’ – a gorgeous rose color as well.






Vegan-Youth-Healing-Diets-FaithVegan youth receive truth during Healing Diets classes at School of Natural Medicine in Boulder Colorado. Two 17 year old passionate new students, one still in high school, share their experience.

“Healing Diets class was a physical, emotional, and spiritual experience. I came to Healing Diets thinking I would learn a few things about food, and indeed I have, but I have also learned so much more.

After drinking my first Liver Cleanse Drink (grapefruit & lemon juice blended with garlic, ginger and olive oil based on Dr. Randolph Stone‘s original recipe) my body tensed up before a burst of heat flooded through me. Before the drink I was full of many different emotions: anger, sadness, anxiety, insecurity, but the drink soothed me into a state of relaxation.

The class was also therapeutic because I had never been in an environment where I felt I could be so open and honest about my feelings with others. I have never before felt comfortable to just be myself and the school environment was a welcome change.

I am thankful for my experience and all I have learned. I am excited to see what lies ahead!” Faith Rankin, Boulder, Colorado.

School of Natural Medicine next Healing Diets classes: September 19 & October 24 – each a 3 day class – 20 hours interactive hands-on self-healing evolutionary learning in small classes of 8 or less students. Students may attend a class and learn skills for personal and family use, or complete the qualifications for the full Healing Diets Approved Colorado State Board of Higher Education Diploma. At this time in world history there has never been a greater need to learn healthy eating and gain skills for living a life where you can enjoy being Independently Healthy. Farida Sharan


Vegan-Youth-Healing-Diets-Callie“It is wonderful to be part of truth! Being part of Healing Diets is so special to me. I have seen how we are all so different, yet the same. I feel how special each of our lives are and that life is a gift to be valued and nourished. It is crucial to take our own life, health and body seriously so we can be happy enough with ourselves to offer that life and energy to others. Planting seeds of love into others is what life is all about.

Some of the classes were an adventure in both joy and frustration. I found great joy on the wild foods and herb walk with Brigitte Mars as I learned about the uses and benefits of the plants. The frustration – a healthy frustration – came while watching the Healing Cancer From Inside Out DVD where I experienced anger and grief. I felt deeply disturbed to know of the lies lurking around our world and of all the people who have become receptive to these lies. On the flipside, I found happiness and gratitude to be a part of Truth. I am thankful to become aware and hopefully to be a light to help others learn as well.

Thank you so much for the wonderful time in Healing Diets class. I had such a great time being a part of the class and getting to know everyone. I got the chance to meet some great friends during my visit there. They are all so supportive and encouraging! 

Our class with Jessica Fanning, an advanced Naturopathy student, was such a fun experience! Jessi is such a sweet lady and all of the food was scrumptious! 🙂 Highly enjoyed it!! I had a great time playing around with the kid/family foods and I made some of the recipes from our classes, for my family! 🙂 I also made a big salad, ‘Farida style’, and my family really liked it! 🙂 Yum!

I love the atmosphere and energy of the school. I did not want to leave. I look forward to spreading my wings to fly there this spring and call Colorado my home. So grateful for the opportunities I had in Healing Diets and can’t wait to further my studying at your school! I can’t wait to see where this journey will lead. Callie Longnecker, Missouri


Healing-Diets-Necia-Betts-KaleMigraine healed by energetic touch enhanced by Young Living Essential Oils was experienced by a student and shared by the group in a Healing Diets Level I class. With Liver Cleanse drinks every morning and an emphasis on clearing the system, occasionally there are reactions that can be cleared in various natural ways such as enemas, colonics, body work, energy work, Reflexology, Cranial, acupuncture and so on. It is very empowering to learn that a migraine can be cleared before it takes deep hold of the system. All part of the Sel;f-Healing processes that are a part of every class in the School of Natural Medicine USA in Boulder, Colorado.

“Day 2 of Healing Diets Level I had me detoxing heavily. I woke with a terrific headache that kept getting more intense to the point where I laid down in my room in cool, dark quiet. I called Farida to tell her I may not make class. She said I needed to come and that the headache was a liver reaction, and that she would work on me. On arrival I received my liver cleanse drink and it went down smoothly, my body receptive to receiving it with relief. As we watched Dr. Gabriel Cousens documentary on Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, I felt as if my head would explode. It had been some time since I had felt such immense pain. I literally wanted to cut off the part that was causing me so much grief. I wanted to disassociate. I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.

Farida asked me to lie down on the floor and placed her hands on my head – Peppermint! Radha, the advanced student teaching assistant, held my feet. As Farida’s hands pressed deeply on a spot on the middle of my head, she explained about the meridian blockage. She helped me breathe through the pain that brought emotions and tears to the surface. I felt anger at feeling pain. My body turned hot. I was frustrated at my incapacitation and helplessness. As Farida worked on my head meridian points with cranial touch, and then on the vagus nerve point at the top of my spine and several shoulder points, I felt myself going into an abyss. I turned cold. My body received goose bumps. As energy circulated through my body, swirling up and down and around my core and limbs. I felt enveloped in peace and bliss.

Healing-Diets-Mind-Map-Necia-BettsThen more stages of intense pain and then release took place. Tears streamed down my face. This time they were tears of joy and gratitude. The pain of a million heartaches left me. All this was experienced in about twenty minutes with everyone in the group quietly supporting me. As the class progressed through the day, I continued to process the experience.

We made a scrumptious salad never before seen by my eyes – beautiful grated golden and red beets, carrots, green apples, ginger, fennel, daikon radish combined with red peppers, green onions, red and green basil. After anointing with olive oil and lemon everything tossed in a menagerie of greens and yummy herbs. Tastes were heavenly – delicate morsels of flavors blended with radicchio, mache, arugula, romaine, and a mixture of green herbs and salad greens, topped off with flowers!! My senses felt alive and free as they danced among the wonderful flavors.

Then the heart-breaking documentary with Alec Baldwin “Meet Your Meat” presented a grotesque display of animal cruelty. My stomach tied in knots. My heart center ached. I wanted to rescue the animals. It was difficult to watch but afterward we made a Mind Map (image to the right) to integrate our experience and shared with the group. Classes with Farida are fun, delightful and yet always a challenging, ever-developing experience.

Never before have I had a migraine healed by touch. Never before have I tasted food that is so simple and free yet harmoniously tossed into an enigma of flavors. I feel happy. I feel content. I am where I am supposed to be in my journey.” Necia Betts, Utah – Naturopathy student.


online-courses-australiaOnline Courses receive praise from seekers of Naturopathy #PureHealthTruth in UK, remote Moldova & as far away New Zealand. India, Brazil & Thailand. Enjoy heartfelt comments and appreciations the students spontaneously email when they experience the quality and depth of the Online Courses in Naturopathy, Iridology, Herbal Medicine & Healing Diets. When a student graduates as a Naturopath in the USA they also receive the Natural Physician Diploma from School of Natural Medicine UK.

Because we do not advertise, we do not run the school like a business where bigger is more and better. We trust true seekers will find what we offer and recognize the value of the offerings, and year after year for 40 years SNM has attracted the finest students. Our graduates do great work around the world because they receive personal attention, mentoring, support, dialogue, conversation, and the opportunity for questions and discussions as they choose their path of study in our flexible program.

Online-Courses-Indonesia-TanyaStudents begin their studies with classes and choose Online Diploma Courses later, with a combination of classes and online, or begin Online Diploma Courses  and select classes when it is the right time.

“It is so wonderful to get personable and detailed feedback directly from you.  I think it is awesome that your teaching is so hands on and it is such a blessing for a student.  There are not many schools or professors like this. It is very enjoyable to hear your thoughts and to be able to be corrected in a way that is explained.”  Brittany L. (USA)

“Such an overwhelming but informative lesson. I have spent a long time researching GMO foods and biodynamic farming. I have been inspired even to take my household gardening to another level next year by employing biodynamic techniques. The movies I watched for the lesson were fascinating and eye opening! Thank you for creating such in-depth lessons which really cause us to THINK!” – Kristen S. (USA)

Online-Courses-Netherlands-Hans“I love  your course and I am so happy I signed up and am able to learn from you.” – Birgit L. (USA)

“My eyes have been opened to the true understanding of what my path is now and I am looking forward to the future.” – Christina D. (USA)

“Once again, I’m loving the experiential nature of this course and how much more aware of my own body I am becoming. It is hard to imagine that I have lived so long without knowing anything really about my digestive anatomy, and I have so much more to learn.” – Claire H. (UK)

“I was thrilled when I read your letter/feedback. Just completely impressed that you read every word I wrote and you gave great feedback; thank you for that.  I appreciate you sharing about your students’ experiences in other parts of the world; we all need to be more educated on a global level.”  Amy G. (USA)

“Thank you so much!!  I am enjoying my studies immensely!  I didn’t know there was so much to learn about WATER!!!!!” – Annie J. (USA)

“Thanks so much for creating this course.  I am so in love with this work.” – John D. (Trinidad)

Online-Courses-Africa-Robert“This may sound redundant but I am loving this course sooooooooooooooo much.  Lots of healing happening on such a deep level around my eating disorder, which you will read about when I email my latest assignments.” – Amy S. (Brazil)

“I am loving the course, it is more than I expected, and its beautifully written. Having a good time studying the topics.” – Lacy C (Chile)

“These assignments don’t really reflect the enormous teachings that I am getting out of just being part of this course. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to transform and challenge old habits. I’m also noticing a pattern, when I am really resistant to something I usually end up ‘taking the plunge anyway’ or ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ and end up loving it. That is what happened with the water fast. So thank-you!– Clare H. (Switzerland)

Online-Courses-Portugal-Vonetta“The more that I learn, the more I know that this is for me and I spend time on trying to create subtle ways of introducing some aspects into the daily routine of some of our patients. It does bring me into conflict at times due to the nature of the work that I currently do. I find myself having to bite my lip a lot. Something of a reconciliation needed I think.” –  Geoff R. (UK)

“I am already gaining a good understanding of how the combination of all four subject matter, ie. iridology, healing diets, naturopathy and herbology, give a really good 360 degree perspective on health and healing, which is sorely needed in this day and time.” – Geoff R. (UK)

“Thanks for detailed and encouraging and wise feedback. It is enlightening in many ways and I enjoy your sharing of personal experience. You learn so much more and so much easier from stories of people you are interested in.“ – Elena B. (Moldova)

Online-Courses-Gloria-Australia“I am truly privileged to have access to one new magnificent lesson every month.” – Dev R. (India)

“Doing all the reading and reflection on this lesson was as fascinating and as useful, as the one for lesson 1.  I retain a lot of things without any effort and also am feeling a gradual improvement of health in spite of some failures and setbacks. I am truly and genuinely grateful to you for doing all this work on preparing the materials and putting them in the right language and spirit and coaching me through all the numerous valuable topics.” – Jason B. (Thailand)

“I just leafed through the first lesson and am terribly excited about reading and learning it all. I have already read a lot about water, but your material is deeper and thorough and very well structured. Very precise and clear language too.” – Rachel W. (Australia)

“The course is even better than I expected, although my expectations were high.” – Michael K. (Australia)

“Thanks for the tremendous gift of Lesson 2.  Am re-reading and re-reading and re-reading it.  Am very very impressed with your very thorough approach” – Janice B. (New Zealand)