irises-change-maggie-knauerIrises change as a result of depth purification and regeneration. Maggie’s iris photos show proof with changes evident from her 2010 – 2014 Self-Healing. Farida Sharan’s Iridology training at the School of Natural Medicine includes Natural Medicine therapeutics to achieve personal transformation during the Self -Healing Module. Maggie reports:

“I personally saw direct evident of the efficacy of the total Self-Healing program I embarked on over 4 years that included” herbs, flower essences, naturopathy treatments, reflexology and healing diets.

Iris photos of my irises from four years ago (pre-Self-Healing program) versus my irises now, show distinct improvements in clearing color through detoxification, and in essence a more vibrant health. These changes were confirmed with direct looking with iris magnifier and light!

Iridology synchs body systems, emotions, personality, health pathways – all in one one beautiful organ – the iris.

irises-change-maggie-knauer-analysis copyI learned the relationship between constitution and personality traits, the strengths and weakness of each constitution, and especially the gifts.

So wonderful to discover there are infinitesimal variations of only a few constitutions, which reflect each individual’s experiences of life.”

Maggie Welch Knauer, graduating this month as Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Healing Diets Counselor & Master Iridologist. Maggie lives in Steamboat, Colorado, works in an herbal shop as she begins to develop her practice and teaching. Her own studies and embodiment of the teachings radiate as an inspiration and living example to inspire others toward health and wellness.




iridology-lynne-benedict“Iridology is a developing science that fascinated me with more similarities that differences in iris interpretation, and the differences between a living iris and an iris photo.

Farida Sharan present an amazing amount of Iridology history, vocabulary and interpretation and I loved the case history stories she shared.

Our small class offered a lot of personal attention and individual help.

We split up and drew each other’s eyes, learning how to differentiate the important patterns and iris colors, textures, and signs from the background of blue, brown or mixed colored irises.

I am fascinated and know there is still so much more to learn. I am returning for Iridology II in November.” Lynne Benedict, Denver, new Iridology student. Reiki Master.

At the School of Natural Medicine Iridology is taught through ‘noticing’, allowing each iris to present information that a student can access by developing receptivity.

As each iris is unique, it is important to select the important information of the body systems that make up their constitutional type, and markings in major organs and glands.

iridology-irises-lynne-benedictIridology is a vocabulary that assists practitioners to learn from the ‘control panel’ of the body, the iris, the only original brain tissue that meets the outside world and offers information through its relationship with the hypothalamus, the discriminating brain center that receives information from all over the bod matrix. Once the skill of ‘noticing’ is developed, the skills of analysis are integrated.

Natural therapeutics, client education, health building program creation are  included in the training. Iris drawing and iris photography are used as learning tools as well as developed for skills for practice.


iridology-nichola-roche“Iridology illuminates as a sensory experience that touched and opened me to a new understanding of how we are connected to the universe, nature & mankind.

Farida Sharan teaches Iridology in a way that instills knowingness & understanding that feels second nature, as if you have always know it as it resonates deeply within me.

Now that I understand the Faridian Iridology Constitutions and the inherited strengths & weaknesses of each one, I am coming away more patient, understanding & compassionate with everyone in general – whether strangers, family or friends. This understanding has made me more tolerant.

It is a powerful understanding that we can be masters of our own destiny with health and wellness by learning about our inherited Iridology Constitutions & for me, moving forward knowing I am able now to help others discover their strengths & weaknesses & become masters of their own destiny & health also.”

iridology-irises-nichol-rocheNikki Nichola Roche, Corintha Hotel Espa Spa Director, London, England, graduates as a Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist & Healing Diets Counselor after 10 years of study integrated with her world career in the spa world.  Her career initiated at her Boulder School of Natural Medicine Summer School in 2004 when she met Yui Busarakamwongs, another Naturopathy student from Thailand, and began her spa career as Manager of the fabulous detox center with a raw food restaurant, the Rasayana Retreat in central Bangkok, Thailand. After developing several spas for the Hyatt chain, Nikki returned to the United Kingdom & her position at the beautiful Corintha Hotel London that created the largest spa in Europe. I have visited and it is fantastic.

Note the changes in the colors of the iris. The paler irises with white fibers is 2004 and the bluer ones with increased clarity of fibers and diminishment of yellow pigments is 2014 – 10 years later. Nikki continued her Self Healing module through the years with cleanses and detox and taking good care of herself within the spa world. Congratulations Nikki, on graduation and your personal evolution as a living example of the teachings. Farida


iridology-brian-sholetteIridology Level I was informative, inspirational and motivating, leaving me with a thirst for knowledge & experience in this realm of natural medicine.

I feel like I have just finished eating a wonderful dinner that was filling and nourishing as ever since hearing about Iridology 15 + years ago, I have wanted to know & learn about it and how it is used. I am beginning to understand and also starting to see how it can complement & synergize other disciplines like naturopathy, herbal medicine, healing diets, reflexology, flower essences, energy medicine & more.Iridology would help all these modalities be more powerful working in concert for the benefit of an individual, rather than in isolation.

I appreciate Faridian Iris Constitutions and need to develop further the art of educating and presenting a person’s constitutional type to them to reach the depth and the roots of issues they may have. This will help me be more effective with helping others.

This weekend with Farida Sharan at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado leaves me with a thirst for knowledge & experience in this realm of natural medicine.

iridology-irises-brian-sholetteI am excited to dive deeper into Farida Sharan’s Iridology book, ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide’ , take Iridology Level II in November and reach the place where I can begin doing case studies.”

Brian Sholette, science teacher, Aurora, California: Naturopathy student, a dedicated Self Healing Module student who has already attended Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Reflexology classes in his search for a way to help youth in his dedicated teaching vocation.


healing-diets-amy-juicingVegan choice creates health, emotional balance, respect for  environment, facing food production harm & caring kindness for animals who share our earth. I so enjoy watching students’ lives change when they attend a Healing Diets class. face the truth of habits, cravings, choices & addictions and move forward with positive choices without harm to others, animals & the planet. We make the Vegan choice for others and ourselves, and for those who share the planet with us, the unfortunate animals treated with complete disrespect in food production and for the well being of this planet. Every choice – do no harm!

Sharing a class with a student graduate from many years ago was a harvest exchange, a wealth of witnessing their teachings into practice, life & work,  & watching their life grow in compassion, wisdom, kindness and health. Amy was my apprentice and ran the School of Natural Medicine office as well as the herbal pharmacy & dispensary. Those were wonderful years knowing so many details & relationships were in kind and loving hands and an overflowing heart. I had the pleaasure of visiting Amy & her family end of May 2014, and sharing Healing Diets. Even though Amy is a Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist & landscaper, garden expert, she was excited to learn more. She had already enrolled in the Online Haling Diets course and was well on her way to experiencing the interactive lessons and profound information. Amy shares:

healing-diets-amy-mind-map“As a graduate of the school for nearly 15 years, and having experienced the beautiful teachings of Farida Sharan, always so full of love & light, I am surprised at how my own evolutionary process unfolded in the Healing Diets Level I class. I approached the class without expectations, however if I had any, they were exceeded.

Day One: I was filled with excitement, mixed with anxiousness & quick motions, but I made a choice to slow down, be present & listen with my heart. As I did this I could feel each ingredient of every dish was used with a purpose or intention for each meal. I was aware I could apply that approach in my everyday life, especially since I have the tendency to move so fast I often can’t remember what I have done. My body enjoyed every bit and absorbed all that love that was part of the food. I want to share these teachings with others.

Day Two: I felt more at ease. The pumpkin seed milks was absolutely fabulous. As I remembered my own healing from addictions, my process taught to me by the grandmothers in the tradition I am part of how the acceptance or non-acceptance of life is detrimental. How quickly dis-ease manifests. How can I help others? How can I communicate better? I wish everyone could feel as good as I feel when eating this beautiful food and experiencing how it radiates out to all aspects of our lives.

healing-diets-amy-mind-mapDay Three: We watched Earthlings and that turned my world upside down. I cried, covered my eyes, left the room, was kindly escorted back and faced the truth, the reality, even though it was disgusting & graphic to say the least. Not since I was 16 years old have I been able to watch this level of truth, and I am 41 now. I watched it, I faced it. I was told by Farida that I needed to face this reality, that it would touch the depth of my soul and it did. Even thought it is all fresh at this moment & not fully integrated into my being, I am glad I was encouraged to continue watching. The truth has touched me on a personal level and given me the courage to be a warrior for animals and the Earth in a whole new ay. I feel empowered and actually a little hungry for our next meal, and that is a really good feeling, as I know it is vegan, fresh, organic, and made with love and respect for all.

Thank you, Farida, for this tremendous opportunity. I can’t wait for the next class, love,” Amy Spadafora-Thompson, South Carolina, Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Horticulturist, mom of a beautiful 2 year old boy, Liam, and wife to husband Troy, now eating this food and already having lost 30 pounds. Amy grows her Natrupathy, Iridology & Herbal Medicine practice, creates herbal teas & herbal products, has a booth at markets, designs & creates gardens, and  teaches Healing Diets to those seeking truth to create health & wellness in their lives.





healing-diets-nikki-mind-mapHealing Diets gave me the clarity & understanding to fully live, breathe, eat, share, evolve to another level of being & open my eyes to my self!

The training at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan created the space not only around me but within me to see the path forward that I have to seek to live a better life and be a living example.

Day One gave me the space to be open & truthful to myself, to dig deep within myself to address changes that need to be made. I was able to be truthful, open, honest, for the first time in a long time.This gave me a sense of freedom, clarity & peace I had not experienced for many years.

healing-diets-mind-map-nicholaDay Two showed me how fun, great, energizing, nutritious & satisfying Healing foods can be. I felt nourished on many levels – soul, mental, emotional, physical.

Day Three brought me to a space of wanting & knowing the permanent change I want to make within myself. Loving myself first is something I learned & will take with me long after my Healing Diets training is over. In order to love myself first I have to feed myself with nourishing, vital, energizing food that causes the least harm & whenever possible non-harm to any living being.

healing-diets-nikki-jorgI come away from Healing Diets a wiser, more informed, educated, stronger, rounded in a holistic sense, center human being who wants to move forward to make positive change for good to all & to show those, who are willing to listen & want to make positive change, how they can accomplish that change.

As a student at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, I was encouraged and showed me the tools & skills to embody the true meaning of health & what it means to be a living example of health & wellness: to find the true essence of myself,  to clear away the veils of conditioning that have been layered on by peers, corporate environments, society & family.

By showing me the truth & the way to find myself back to me, I discover the real essence of who I am, & by this discovery alone, I want to nurture this process & continue to make the right choices for health, not only for me, but for the planet.

My experience is transformative, as this class gave me the tools, ability & knowledge to make the right choices, decisions & the understanding to grow as a human being & a practitioner, in order to be a living example of health, healing & vitality.” Nikki Nichola Roche, Director of Corintha Hotel with Espa in London, England. Nikki’s spa career took off when attending her Naturopathy training at the School of Natural Medicine in 2004 in Boulder, Colorado. Yui, owner of Rasayana Spas in Bangkok, Thailand, invited her to join her team and Nikki was eventually head hunted to the Hyatt Hotel chain. She returns 10 years later to graduate as a Naturopath.


healing-diets-jorg-kale-saladhealing-diets-kale-jorg“Healing Diets opened my eyes, raised my awareness, & I looked deep in myself as to why  food production causes pain, suffering, & harm to animals & nature. Healing Diets is about discovering ourselves and finding new ways of being – it is a spiritual journey!

Where else can the best place be but within yourself! I know deep inside that this is the way to heal ourselves so that we can help others to heal themselves. 

As I watched ‘Earthlings’ DVD, I was silent watching the ‘pain’, shocked, sick in my soul. I closed my eyes sometimes and I guess that is a main escape strategy for humans to make our inhumanity bearable – denial!

For me the main purpose of these three days of Healing Diets with Farida Sharan at the School of Natural Medicine, in Boulder, Colorado, is to question the why I was able to live the way I have lived, ignoring the deep truth that we are all connected and must treat all Earthlings as equal, with natural respect, being and seeking harmony and peace with myself, ourselves, with nature.

I learned so much in three days: how nutritious, delicious, and tasteful vegan vegetarian food can be; how it is connecting and feels peaceful to take these colorful salads, nuts, herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices into your mouth, chew them slowly, taste them, swallow them, leave them in you to do their good. I know now I can come away from old habits.

healing-diets-class-lakeI am on the route of true discovery. I had such a hard time losing myself. When I attended a meditation retreat at Hollyhock, on Cortes Island, British Columbia, a voice spoke to me, “Forget the stories, see the light.” I closed my eyes in the lecture. I felt myself flying in a tunnel of light, which is ever winding through space and time. Sometimes it would be all brightness leading to a black hole, the unknown, the mystery, but then it turns and I see the light inside it, the light on the other side of the tunnel. I feel this is my true self searching for the Truth, which sometimes lies in the unknown, sometimes looks far away, and then can be so close in the blink of an eye. This is what I drew in the Healing Diets Mind Map…this search for Truth.

Here at Healing Diets, I know this is THE way to go. I am on it and I am looking forward to the next class in October, Healing Diets Level II.” Dr. Jorg Michels MD Oncologist, Victoria, Canada





reflexology-dance-maggie“Reflexology dance! Giving Reflexology is an Intuitive Dance. Giving is a receiving gift! Finally I am acting from my heart.

Moving slow allows me to get into my sense of being and come from my true nature, flowing what what feels right & going for it, sending out love.

It is a divine connection of going with your instinct & feeling the person’s energy and rhythmically moving energy through space.

Allow the energy from the other being to flow through me and sending it out into the divine. Also learning how to use my hands and wrists and fingers in my practice.
reflexology-dance-maggie-mind-mapOPENNESS . Letting my self truly go. Being open to receiving this universal experience. Grounding deep into my true self. Surrendering. Allowing this divine light to fill my being.

Being humble & gentle with myself. Letting energy come and pass through like the ocean. Releasing & loving myself – Self-Love!

Opening all the chakra channels & letting myself drift away. This cleansing nectar washes over me…..” Maggie Billing, North Carolina, a new Reflexology student who traveled all the way from NC to attend the class. She had a most natural experience into the ease and beauty of the work, in both giving and receiving. Maggie shares her beautiful Mind Map of her experience of giving and receiving the infinity dance of Reflexology.

reflexology-dance-hayleyIn a class of eight students, with an advanced Reflexology graduate as an assistant teacher, Hayley Porter, each student received the guidance and support to gain confidence in their natural touch and instincts. It is so important to create a foundation with natural touch so that confidence is the ground that all skills enhance. There is never a wrong way of touch that is kind, caring and compassionate.

reflexology-dance-hayley-anointingEnjoy the photos of Hayley, assisting during the three day class. She will be on hand at the Reflexology Level II class in November. Very happy to be training Hayley to be a fine teacher, but with her it is just giving her the opportunity for experience as through her Naturopathy studies and evolved Self Healing, she offers all the ingredients of loving sharing and living example to inspire others. Hayley is also a licensed massage therapist.


reflexology-alive-lindsay2Reflexology alive! I am truly alive! To Give! Such sweet satisfaction from the essence of my being: the one thing I live to do – to give!

This Reflexology class showed me to give – whatever you can, however you can – is perfection! There is no right or wrong when I give with the purity of my heart.

If I look upon someones face when I offer them what I have to give, I am paid back in full when a smile graces their face.

Giving charges me with life, with love, with energy.  Everything I sow, I reap 1000 times over.

The universe is endless with abundance and generosity. I am a part of this cycle, this abundance, this endless experience of radiating –  I am truly alive!

reflexology-alive-lindsayReceiving for me has always been difficult. I am such a giver, and I am so blessed to give. I feel selfish when I am taking, always feeling I was ‘putting out’ the one who had to give to me, or causing an inconvenience to them.

After Reflexology Level I class, I see so much more of how necessary it is to let go and receive the beautiful gifts that another divine being I share this earth with has to offer. We both advance as we receive and give.

The energy that is exchanged has no price value or shelf-life. It is an endless stream that pours out from one person to the other and magic happens. To be able to see this, feel this, experience this, to know this, that nothing but light fills the exchange.” Lindsay Peters, mother, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado



reflexology-energy-lauren2“Reflexology energy! Each experience of giving a Reflexology session gives me a feeling of ultimate happiness. I feel warmth, vibration, pulsation, sadness, serenity, electric shock…riding a wave of complete emptiness, energy, focus.

To be able to connect with someone on such a level is a true honor.

Thank you student partners (Brian, Necia, Maddison) for giving me the opportunity to share with you.

reflexology-energy-laurenThank you, Farida & Hayley, for the guidance given in this class. Thank you. Thank you.” Lauren Rybarz, Boulder, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

Lauren has already taken the Healing Diets classes, attended the Herbal Medicine Immersion, and dipped into Essential oils trainings.

Young Living essential oils are an important component of Reflexology. After students share where they are each day, physically, emotionally, mentally, we create a blend for the group, which is used abundantly during the Reflexology sessions and with anointing of both givers and receivers by the teachers during the sessions.

reflexology-energy-mind-map-laurenMind Maps are explored creativity each day as a way of expressing and integrating their experiences while giving and receiving Reflexology sessions.

Reflexology is as ancient as a living person or even an animal reaching out to touch, calm and express caring. From ancient times in many civilizations there are strong traditions of foot massage. In India grandchildren always massaged the feet and legs of their grandparents.