Healing Diets Power restores & maintains health for persons, society and the planet with connected relationship to food, body, emotions & positive choice!

“Healing Diets Power! I am realizing how powerful Healing Diets can be to any healing process.

Healing Diets Power is about how you chew food, digest it, absorb it, eliminate it. Make positive changes to remove colon mucoid plaque with herbal nutrients, cleanses, colonics and enemas.

Numerous & diverse health benefits of cultured foods are: sauerkraut & kimchi : detoxify, produce B vitamins, lower fat levels in the blood, lower blood pressure, relieve chronic constipation, stimulate pancreas, balance stomach acid / alkaline, prevent fermentation in the stomach & bowels, help breakdown food and provide rich Vitamin C & enzymes. That is Healing Diets Power!

Self Healing is more than just the food that goes in our bodies. I learned how Self-Healing needs to be adjusted to the individual.

Healing Diets Power foods or maintenance foods need to be nourishing, taste good, attractive, easy to prepare. This synergy  helps future clients to accept & adapt to a Healing Diet.


I enjoyed working with ingredients to create wonderful tasty food without following a recipe. Instead – blend the 5 flavors: sweet, salty, spicy, sour & bitter to your liking.

Healing Diets Power helped me gain respect and admiration for cultured foods that are tasty and nutritious.

Numerous & diverse health benefits of cultured foods are: sauerkraut & kimchi : detoxify, produce B vitamins, lower fat levels in the blood, lower blood pressure, relieve chronic constipation, stimulate pancreas, balance stomach acid / alkaline, prevent fermentation in the stomach & bowels, help breakdown food and provide rich Vitamin C & enzymes. That is Healing Diets Power!

The Vegan cheese was tasty & satisfying. The chocolate coconut vegan raw seed nut yoghurt alone can help people overcome cravings.” Brian Sholette, Science Teacher, Aurora, Colorado. Naturopathy student.

Anyone wishing to explore and experience Healing Diets Online contact Bonny Casel Melendy at the PureHealth School of Natural Medicine Online for Master Teacher Mentoring.

The Online Healing Diets Course is certified by SNM UK, and is also an essential requirement for the Healing Diets Diploma Course in the USA.





teaching-assistants-hayley-porterTeaching Assistants participate in advanced training after their progress has achieved a level suitable for supporting, contributing and inspiring new students.

Teaching Assistants also evolve into a ApprenticeshipTeacher Training Program. The trainings are personally mentored by Farida Sharan, Founder and Director of the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.

There is no tuition or lab fees for the Teaching Assistant Program. Participants contribute a flow of contribution toward SNM during trainings and School Breaks. They also offer support for classes, media sharing, inspiring and connecting with students by sharing their own personal Self-Healing evolution. In turn, they receive opportunities to advance as practitioners and teachers.

teaching-assistants-reflexology-hayley-porterTeaching Assistants participants are advanced students. Students may apply or be invited to join the Program. Teaching Assistants receive the opportunity to balance numbers in partner classes in Reflexology and Essential Oils. They attend for one day, give and receive sessions, at no cost for advanced training.

Hayley Porter, Naturopathy student, has graduated already as Certified Reflexologist, Essential Oils Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner & Healing Diets Counsellor. She has a gift and a longing to develop as a teacher of the Healing Arts. Presently she is being mentored as a Teaching Assistant in Master Touch Reflexology trainings and Healing Diets trainings. Hayley shares:

As a Teaching Assistant at the recent Healing Diets II training, I feel humbly reassured of my path and my purpose.

In my community, I can easily get swept up and sway and float in directions not in alignment with my highest self.

teaching-assistant-hayley-porterBeing here at the School of Natural Medicine as a Teaching Assistant, nourishes me in so many ways that feels like a gentle breeze that ignites my flame, refills my lotus cup and sends me on my way.

I choose to share and be open with community and I feel strengthened on another deeper level to continue my work.

I know myself. To share in service is my purpose. I must be strong. I am strong. My intuition guides me as I carry the wisdom assimilated in the class. Gratitude.” Hayley Porter LMT, Yoga Teacher, Naturopathy student, Firestone, Colorado


healing-diets-mary-jo-nichols“Healing Diets II enabled me to slow down & focus on food and nutrition as an adventure and a symphony of simple wholesome ingredients in layered flavors from spices, herbs & finely cut ingredients.

Creating and sharing the meals together gave the process of learning added benefit. Everyone is different, and each of us experienced different things from each meal but the constant was amazement over how good it all tasted.


I feel lighter, inside and out. I feel more grounded and centered. This comes from the food but also from the wonderful atmosphere and the wisdom of Farida Sharan and Beth Dorsey, and the teaching assistants, Hayley & Miranda. They made us feel like old friends had come to visit.

The Healing Diets class has not been an overload of information but just enough inspiration to motivate me to venture out, study, read and learn what will work for me and my future classes!

Each meal motivated me to envision what ‘my’ own Healing Diets class would be like for my clients!


healing-diets-raw-vegan-puddingSo much delicious food, layers upon layers of flavors, sensations. The raw vegan chocolate yoghurt coconut pudding was amazing!

The cashew nut cheese was the biggest surprise to discover how nuts can create a cheese that tastes better than cheese!

Healing Diets has been a great experience learning how wonderful healthy, raw, vegan, vegetarian meals can be so filling and satisfying. It is easy to envision how my patients will be excited to learn this program. I have a good base and great tools to begin this journey. Thank you.

I am looking forward to the rest of this journey and the changes these experiences will bring!” Mary Jo Nichols, LMT. Manitou and Colorado Springs, Naturopathy student.


nutritional-wisdom-tanya-antlNutritional wisdom creates profound effects on students who experience it for the first time. Nutritional wisdom enhances your lifestyle toward healing, calming, nurturing, peace making health.

“I feel extreme gratitude for the wisdom I have experienced at my first class, Healing Diets Level II.

I feel at peace with the new doors opening during the beautiful teachings that give me new strength to close doors on old ways that no longer serve me or the greater good of this world.

To be at peace with myself and where I have been and seeing where I am going is a blessed gift. I am now able to look at my life experience as a gift to help me help others. I have the knowledge and wisdom to help others understand their life journeys and move forward with the wisdom I learned in this class.

nutritional-wisdom-healing-diets-herb-mixFood classes were eye openers. Wonderful seed and nut cheeses and flax crackers inspired me to feel even more positive about being able to offer my friends, family and patients healthy options to help them be able to make the changes I feel I am able to make.

I am grateful for this beautiful nutritional medicine and very grateful for all the teachers, Farida, Hayley Miranda and Beth. All the food was wonderful and it helped me through the detox from last week. I was able to learn much about how food heals.

I am thankful for your beautiful natural medicine you share with us, Farida, and my new and beautiful journey.” Tanya, Antl, LMT, pain & trauma massage therapist, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Photo of students picking leaves off thyme, marjoram, oregano, tarragon to add to finely chopped rosemary for a blend of highly nutritious culinary herbs to flavor salads, marinades, tossed lightly cooked vegetables, soups, raw pasta and more – never cooked, the fresh herbs are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and much more. Enjoy the book Healing Spices by Bharat B. Aggarwal PhD . Fresh herbs add nutritional wisdom and creates divine layered flavors. Try it!



vegan-nutrition-samantha-martinVegan Nutrition is a life transforming journey that opens awareness, compassion, kindness & consciousness of the power of choice.

“Being here, in this moment, in this present as part of PureHealth School of Natural Medicine, I found my voice & it is piercing in my soul to create light and manifest it into this world. My eyes are open and aware.

This Healing Diets Level II class (a year after my Healing Diets Level I class, and a year of vegan living in a yurt working on a vegetable & flower garden in Paonia, Colorado) helped me accept the truth of the horrors of this world and what is going on.

vegan-nutrition-mind-map-samWhat I learned helped me to know what it means to be truly human. With the love, light & knowledge here at the School, we can use this energy and give it back to the world. If the bad can exist so can the good. If the bad can run this world then so can the good. It is up to us. I know what side I am on.

I know my journey is to return to my roots and become a true human being and be a part of the earth and contribute.

I know my journey is to learn and teach Healing Diets and help cure the virus of destruction humanity has created.

I love the culture of cultured foods with Beth & Miranda – simply amazing: the soup, vegan yogurt and cheese, dehydrated cracker, sauerkraut, and the ginger blast and gorilla milk! The food and beautiful energy with all of us in the kitchen was uplifting and rejuvenating.

vegan-nutrition-mind-map-samI can’t wait to return to Paonia, and practice everything I learned and start a healing diets class at our community food hub. How truly blessed I am to be surrounded by vegan nutrition and angels all weekend.

Farida said, “There are amazing people in the world doing great things with truth.” I vow to be one of them.” Samantha Martin AKA, a fellow Earthling, Paonia, Colorado


healing-diets-jorg-michels“Healing Diets Level II took me one step closer to me and one step further into the understanding of this world. I am in a special place, surrounded by great people and guided through by wisdom emanating from a great teacher, Farida Sharan.

What is life about? Where do we stand in this world? What am I? Where am I? Where does healing, I mean true healing, come from? What does disease tell us?

For me, disease means disconnect / separation from myself, from my true place within myself.

Collectively, we have come away from the truth by generating a substitution for truth. The Truth is that we are all the same: plants, insects, animals and us so called humans. We all breathe the same air, drink the same water, roam the same planet. Somehow, however, the disconnect or separation happened: humans started to see ourselves as superior, a kind of I do not see you or need you down there attitude and we started to rob, exploit, destroy, poison, burn, beat our fellow terrestrials, not recognizing that we all enact & participate in unspeakable crimes.

Now I know, disease is speaking the true, as nature never lies. No science, no amount of money can make up for truth. Humanity does not understand. Science needs to be spiritual. We need HEALTH!!!

healing-diets-cultured-salad2Health is a coming back to yourself, and then becoming a true part of everything. Food is the voice of nature speaking to us and echoing back illness & disease via the choices we make.

Healing Diets was about the enjoyment of making really tasty, vegan, vegetarian healthy foods. The classes begin and end in great harmony, all the ingredients blending so well, tasting so good, and making me feel in a balanced state where the body and mind ays in perfect harmony. And all this goodness without any meat or animal products – unbelievable as that was me not so long ago when I could not imagine enjoying food without meat. Now I know the alternative, tasty healthy nutritious foods, so I continue on that path!

I will keep exploring ad I know now the one who searches is the one who finds!

Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food! This is starting to make such sense, written thousands of years ago by Hippocrates – the father of medicine – how could we forget” Jorg Michels, MD, Oncologist, British Columbia, Canada


naturopath-graduate-maggie-knauer-lotus Naturopath Graduate, September 2014, Maggie Knauer, shares her experience of Self-Healing transformation during her Naturopathy studies. Originally from Vermont, Maggie now resides in Steamboat Springs, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where she is presently working in an herb store as she builds her practice, teaching and professional vision.

“I entered the School of Natural Medicine with the intention of studying, and have come out four years later with a whole new life!

After Flower Essences, my first class, I was hooked when I learned that the root of disease starts with the emotions. Flower Essences helped me find and resolve old wounds, blocks and ingrained misinformation that was stored in my cells. This paved the way to a more truthful and authentic outlook and much-improved health.

Healing Diets was the basis for my Self-Healing program. You ARE what you eat! If you want to feel alive, eat live food. It is as simple as that!

Iridology not only showed me the body is the iris, but also the soul. As a born skeptic (“Prove it!”), I was happily surprised to discover Iridology is in fact a true science, with factors regarding health and disease pathways, information about acute and chronic illnesses, and even understanding of predisposition to personality traits clearly shown in specific parts of the irises. Even so, I get lost in people’s irises, silently being told the stories of their lives.

In Herbal Medicine classes, I learned to connect deeply with plants and their energies, essences and healing properties. I learned to quiet and truly listen to a plant, hearing what it had to teach. This deepened my love and understanding of the plant world, which has always been a huge part of my life. Herbal nutrients also provided strong healing in my inner ecology, assisting my Self-Healing process.

naturopath-graduate-maggie-knauer-lupinsSchool of Natural Medicine is unique. Not only did I learn the information I needed to practice Natural Medicine in a Colorado State of Higher Education approved training, but I also delved deeply into my own self. Facilitated by small classes, individual attention and experiential learning, together with the emotional work and learning how to share, dialogue, question, Farida taught us by example of how to get to the crux of an issue by continuing to ask questions until the truth is revealed.

I have faced my fears, I overcame my resistance to opening up and trusting, and have been rewarded an infinitum. I developed the courage and found clarity to end a relationship that was no longer seving me. This resulted in freeing myself to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

The future is mine to create. With much gratitude, ” Maggie Knauer, ND MH MIr HDD, Steamboat Springs, Colorado – Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Healing Diets Counselor, Essential Oils Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Master Touch Reflexologist Graduate September 2014



Mentoring is a unique relationship that every student creates with their teachers as a part of their Self-Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Mentoring is different than teaching. Mentoring exchange requires honesty, deep listening, and opening a feeling receptivity in a safe supportive environment. Whether in class or in one-on-one discussions, mentoring develops communication capabilities essential for success in practice or teaching.

Mentoring is a relationship of mutual respect that develops over time, a therapeutic relationship and a supportive professional friendship that endures long past graduation and completion of studies.

Mentoring creates a network of evolved conscious graduates that make a difference in this world. They know they are not alone and that their work contributes to the great unfolding of healing, health and wellness in the world at a time of great need.

Mentoring creates connection in a culture of disconnection. Students are instructed and encouraged to develop language skills, extend vocabulary and learn to describe a world of interior process to inspire others toward their highest potential.

Mentoring is a part of all the classes in the School of Natural Medicine, every certification and every diploma, and all online courses. Small classes of eight or less offer a healing field that focuses on each student’s personal unfolding toward a professional career based on becoming a living example of the teachings and an inspiration for others. Small classes offer dynamic interaction with discussion, questioning, sharing & processing. Each subject is taught through each student’s personal journey of experience, training, culture, age and approach to learning.

Mentoring mirrors the priority of quality that embraces personal relationship skills that extend professional capabilities in all relationships.

Sharing a photo of a visit from a student, Johanna, from Colorado Springs. Students visit, email and telephone years after graduation to discuss, ask questions and share good news.



Essential Oils Healing opens portals that allow depth Self-Healing processes to occur uniquely through our advanced Evolutionary Embodiment Education in small classes. Each student learns on their own personal path, unfolding on multi-levels of physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual realities as they embody teachings in their own life and body.

“Essential Oils Healing created an amazing movement through my body that forced fluids that have been stagnant for weeks (after suffering from mild sinus, respiratory difficulties, sluggishness and waves of nerve, muscular, lymphatic body sensations)out of my body. Although my head still felt foggy after the release, I had a feeling of calmness and a genuinely deep sense of peace and comfort.

The second experience of receiving a Raindrop Technique session was deep into what it feels like to have the muscles and nerves worked on in ways that flowed on a more energetic level, as well as the general feeling of connecting with the synergy of what the body deploys.

As always, I enjoy giving greatly, when when I felt a loss of connection, a remembrance of what we talked about in the Death,Dying, Release and Transformation process about cells dying and renewing every moment, I was able to let go, come into the presence, confidence was regained and I continued the treatment with joy.”

Lauren Rybarz, advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado – Essential Oils Certification Training approved by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools.


essential-oils-portal-lindsayEssential Oils Portal opens deep and profound Self Healing realizations during Evolutionary Education training. Lindsay, advanced Naturopathy student, shares her experience in Essential Oils Level I Raindrop Therapy class based on Death, Dying, Release & Transformation explorations.

“Farida opened my eyes and introduced me into a whole new feeling world, so deep and profound, words no longer are in play. Although I have used oils for simple conditions and fragrance for years, until this class Essential Oils remained a mystery as to the depths of their thousands of years existence and the profound power of their true purpose for their use in our world.

Essential oils are a transition portal into an existence of new life for me, like a cord from the external world of good that rests between each drop and allows the power of letting go of everything I have fought to hold onto which no longer serves purpose for me and knowing it is okay.

Essential Oils have made me more conscious of allowing their strength to release my weaknesses and take on their Light.

essential-oils-portal-lindsayEssential Oils want me to succeed, to feel joy, to take on their embrace and let every good deed of what the source of life, existence has declared each and every individual plant, flower, bark, resin, needle and leaf to perform its perfect work, and allow the nature of love to envelope me completely.

I feel satisfied, complete, so full of hope and energy magical, simple and good. I feel gratitude for the honor to be introduced to all these glorious energies called Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Marjoram, Wintergreen, Cypress and more, my new friends, my new companions, my armor of fragrance.” Lindsay Peters, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado