iridology-training-lynne-benedcit-iris-mandalaIridology Training allows each student to explore & connect the markings, colors, textures & patterns of living irises to their own unique life!

Lynne is a Reiki Master who shares her enthusiasm for learning Iridology in her own way in a supportive field of dynamic interaction and creativity.

“I am attending the School of Natural Medicine to learn how to help people by methods not utilized by the mainstream.

Farida shared personal case histories where life events connected to Iris markers were released & eased by Self-Healing and Natural Medicine.

I love hearing of unusual methods of easing trauma and healing people. That is why I am studying here.

Iridology Training Level II expanded and built on the foundation laid in Iridology I.

We explored psychological patterns, energy & connections with Farida.

We also explored alternative methodologies of analyzing and charting the Iris like the Rayid Model and Time Risk.

In the Rayid Model I learned I am Introverted (obvious), Kinesthetic (intuition, hands-on, mediating, balance), Stream (flowing – described pretty much how I live my life!

Time Risk integrates a person’s life time-line onto the Iris, revealing at times, traumatic or strong life events connected to Iris markings.

Alternating with exploring new ideas , Iris Photography and looking at our irises during our Iridology Traiining, we created an Iris Mandala, a symbolic representation of our Irises through what we have learned about Iridology so far.

It was fun and relaxing to be creative. Every’s Mandala was different and all were beautiful Even (so I was told…) mine! Lynne Benedict, Denver, Colorado.



iris-print-empowerment-jaden-lehane-iris-mandalaIris Print Empowerment illuminates consciousness as it opens portals of profound understanding of the mystery of life, destiny, health & purpose.

The study of Iridology, the markings, colors, textures, patterns & constitutions teaches us about our unique being, our life processes and our pathways to disease & aging.

Students share their experience however the reality of what takes place as star bright burst awakenings occur again and again in the depth Immersion class cannot be described. The mind opens to connections and glimpses worlds of influence and information of value.

Iridology Level II advanced class helped me feel more comfortable and free when looking at the iris. I gained a deeper understanding of the relationships between different areas and overall patterns. This helped me move beyond seeing each individual marking on its own to a more holistic and creative way of seeing things.

Creating our Iris Mandalas was an interesting and freeing process. I started without plans, expectations or materials except a pencil. I allowed mach marking to show itself to me with symbols and not worry about interpretation. This allowed me to flow in harmony with my subconscious versus feeling conflicted by it.

The atmosphere of the class and the students and Farida, made me feel safe and open to sharing any thoughts or feelings, which is a rare and valuable treat. I now feel empowered and ready to take my exploration of Iridology to the next level.

I also discovered I enjoy Iris Photography and I am anticipating doing this in the near future.” Jaden Ditmar Lehane, Naturopathy student, Fort Collins, Colorado.



colorado-iridology-jessica-gremley“I now see the common thread between all the courses and how they work together.  I feel ultimately inspired!

The shift to feeling less intimidated and more excited to explore Irises enabled me to move beyond my comfort level and get closer to others.

I feel sharing feelings & asking questions about emotions is easier – a process that developed after I took the Flower Essence class.

I am fascinated by Time Risk analysis. I am still processing the markings that showed up and the areas of the Irises past my current age.

colorado-iridology-jessica-gremley-iris-mandalaI feel empowered to deal with what comes my way, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I feel a deeper trust in The Plan of Life and a knowing this life is not just a random occurrence.

Creating the Iris Mandala in the recent Colorado Iridology Training brought my last few months of spiritual discoveries and goals full circle.

I have been working on opening my heart and womb and breathing to relax. In the Iris photo on my left eye there is a marking that runs from my heart to my uterus (age 35-45 in Time Risk! Wow!

I know now this is my ‘work’ to be done and true to my fashion I am a bit early to start this work at age 34!

With my profession of skin care for acne, in my Natural Skin Care Clinic, in Golden, Colorado, I feel a deep connection to Iridology and how it provides insight to healing for my clients.

I now see the common thread between all the Iridology & Natural Medicine courses, the diplomas and the certifications, and how they work together.

I feel ultimately inspired!” Jessica Gremley, Naturopath student, Evergreen, Colorado.

Colorado Iridology approved Colorado Board of Higher Education Diploma Classes prepare students to analyze & educate clients about their unique Irises & guide wellness programs.

The Iris is the only original brain tissue that still interacts with the outside world & transmits information to & from the hypothalamus discriminating brain center.

The next Colorado Iridology Training at the School of Natural Medicine, in Boulder, Colorado is on April 24 & 25 2015. Accepting advance enrollment now!


colorado-iridology-lindsay-peters-iris-mandalaColorado Iridology Training develops students’ integrated brain function awareness of the connection between the Irises & the multi-dimensional life of the person.

Lindsay shares:

“I received the gift of simplicity of understanding something quite complex. Once again, Farida’s powerful teachings, fascinating case history stories. visual examples and explanations allowed for the auric field of the classroom to expand to all of us as we received timeless wisdom and understanding.

Learning about the spirals of time unfolding showed clearly prominent places on the Iris and the ability to quickly see what is happening throughout the body.

Time Risk evaluations, developed by Daniele Lo Rito in Italy, were an eye opener in understanding the connection and influence of our past and the prophetic time clock of the future.

The Rayid Model developed by Denny Johnson opened new portals of understanding.

colorado-iridology-lindsay-petersEverything is connected. Our bodies are their own map. We can find the map on our feet our eyes, our ears and in our hearts. We can learn what is really going on.

Beyond everything, the greatest gift is this experience of learning. In my first class, just a short time ago, I felt completely perplexed as to how I could ever come into a place of understanding this completely new galaxy of the iris. The panic is over. I know how to move forward.” Lindsay Peters, Niwot, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

In the advanced Iridology Level II class, students explore relationships between the Irises & psychological behaviors, elemental energies, body systems, significant life events and life processes.

Students pulse between information and the Iris Mandala, an evolutionary learning project created by Farida Sharan ND, to access all learning modalities to better understand how the irises of the eye mirror both the inner and the outer world of a person.

This understanding inspires uniquely personal education to empower students and clients to their highest potential.

Expansion & contraction, introversion & extroversion, light & dark – all the dualities merge in understanding and support empowerment through education.

Correlation of emotions with body organs illuminates the connection between emotions and the body.

The next Colorado Iridology Training Level I Intro class in Boulder, Colorado – April 24-25 2015 – 20 hour Immersion experience to learn the vocabulary of Iris markings, textures & colors, constitutions, iris photography, iris drawing, and have your iris analyzed in class! And much more!!!

S Carolina Naturopath

s-carolina-naturopath-amy-spadafora-thompsonS Carolina Naturopath, Amy Spadafora-Thompson, Graduate of School of Natural Medicine, launches Harmonic Infusions, a consulting practice of Herbal Medicine, Iridology & Healing Diets.

Her Herbal Teas include tea blends Mindfulness Tea, Lively Up Yourself Tea, Mellow Mood Tea, & Harmony Tea. Amy loves to share her teas at markets, fairs, and with her clients. Her label advises tea drinkers to Steep – Sip &  Thrive!!

“My healing journey began in 1994, when at 20 years of age I was diagnosed with severe colitis and depression. The solutions offered by modern medicine, were a colostomy bag and anti-depressants, which were totally unacceptable to my entire being. This pain put me on a path that would forever change my life and lead me to the discovery of the healing power of herbs, food, and meditation. Within five months, my colitis was completely healed, and positive thoughts were on the rise.

s-carolina-naturopath-harmonic-infusionsThe desire to learn more about Natural Medicine and help others to heal, motivated me to seek a teacher. I was led to the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado where I studied and served as an apprentice. I then assisted Farida Sharan for two years as office manager & Herbs of Grace herbal dispensary director.

I graduated as a Naturopath in 1997 and was awarded Iridology & Herbal Medicine Diplomas as well. During my Self-Healing transformation, I recovered from drug and alcohol addiction, and an eating disorder. As I was a dedicated landscape gardener and designer, and was raising a young child, I took my time developing a practice and  teaching. The interest grew naturally and now I welcome new clients each week.

My vision as a S Carolina Naturopath, is to share my experience and knowledge of the healing power of nature and support those interested in restoring harmony in body, mind and spirit.

I am dedicated to dynamically improve quality of life by educating and empowering clients about how their body responds to life.

s-carolina-naturopath-harmonic-infusions-teasWhile some allow the stresses of life to blow through them, others may contract and manifest dis-ease. Most physical discomforts are a result of emotional imbalance.

Discomfort is a message telling us that something needs attention and an opportunity to take personal ownership of body, mind and spirit.

Iridology interprets the map of your unique inner ecology, through the iris, which reveals how the body functions. The irises display constitution type, strengths & weaknesses, toxic accumulation, nutritional imbalances, inflammation, over and under activity of glands, organs, & body system and tissue degeneration & rejuvenation.

Herbal Nutrition stimulates and supports our body’s natural process of purification, regeneration, and transformation, by providing superior nutrition for the entire body to achieve harmonious health function.

Flower Essences restore harmony to our emotions by helping us to recognize and rid ourselves of limiting and destructive patterns of thought and behavior. Flower Essences also provide a language of mental, emotional and spiritual realities that help us understand our inner world. This knowledge helps us with the ways we respond to life.

Healing Diets are vital to restore digestive health and balance. Eating fresh, organic, pure foods in simple meal plans provide essential nutrients on a daily basis to support optimal healing.” Amy Spadafora Thompson, Naturopath, near Hilton Head, South Carolina


australia-graduate-gary-jacksonAustralia Graduate ND, Gary Jackson, Naturopath, soared into his creative niche, developed BloodScan to international markets since attendance at the School of Natural Medicine, Boulder, Colorado in 2003 and Naturopath Graduation in 2004.

Gary had already graduated from an Australian Naturopathy school, but his comment was, “I never knew what true Naturopathy was until I came to the School of Natural Medicine.

His remarkable recovery from cancer during Self-Healing (see the photo of the healing ceremony we gave him during his training in Boulder, Colorado) advancement of his private practice in Perth Australia, and his creation of BloodScan guarantees abundant success with his worldwide company. Nothing like good health and energy to fuel creative dreams!

australia-graduate-ND-gary-jacksonGary is the perfect example of a dynamic man being willing to go within and heal his cancer cause and condition and then emerge into a whole new life of boundless energy to fulfill his vision. During the 90’s all Naturopathy students experienced the healing energies of the Elements of Life – the Chakras, Elements & Emotions – in Kelly’s Barn in Boulder. Gary’s class was a large one and every student present supported his healing ceremony. In the school today, the tradition of elemental experience as the foundation of Naturopathy is presented in Naturopathy Level I class.

Gary’s personal vision is to make a difference in the lives of people through the development of healthcare products that are based on proven, credible, established scientific and medical principles, healthcare products that offer real benefits.

In order to achieve Gary’s vision, Gary. has invested extensively and continues to invest resources in the development of products and intellectual property, consisting of:

  • australia-graduate-ND-gary-jacksonPractitioner and Consumer Web Based Resource Faculties
  • BloodScan proprietary software systems
  • MyWeightGuru proprietary software systems
  • Internet portals
  • Practitioner support materials
  • Branding
  • Training facilities and materials

BloodScan is a sophisticated Nutritional and Metabolic assessment tool that practitioners use to identify the presence or absence of oxidative stress and nutritional and metabolic imbalances in the human body.

Oxidative stress also known as Free Radical Damage together with metabolic imbalances are responsible for the premature aging of your bodies cells. This premature aging of your cells is what causes the onset of the various degenerative diseases.

BloodScan is the brand name for the Jackson Metabolic Profile. BloodScan uses hi-resolution biological laboratory microscopes and specialized software together with established, proven and credible scientific principles as the basis of its profiling system.



colorado-reflexology-brian-sholette-anointingColorado Reflexology Training benefits body, emotions, health & spirit when giving and receiving dynamic, focused, connected sessions unique to each person.

Brian Shares:

“As a part of my Colorado Reflexology Training, recently, after Reflexology II, I feel like I am moving forward, even though I felt awkward & goofy on the first day.

The class helped me overcome my phobia of pushing too hard, imagining I was causing pain or hurting someone. Now I can probe deeper and find and experience crystals and knots and disperse them, without anyone feeling pain.

I need to improve my posture and keep myself more comfortable and not cramped up.

colorado-reflexology-brian-sholette-foot-bathingI appreciated experiencing and learning about anointing (this is a great link with all the bible quotes on anointing oils) with Young Living Essential Oils and foot bathing as well as receiving them.

I really appreciated being a receiver twice this weekend. I feel my body, health and spirit benefited greatly from the sessions.

The sessions were a great learning tool of other students’ expertise, when I was conscious, as I tended to bliss out!

During the Colorado Reflexology Training, I learned and absorbed ideas, techniques and philosophies from Farida Sharan, our teacher, and everyone in our advanced group.

Thank you.” Brian Sholette, Science Teacher, Aurora, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

colorado-reflexology-brian-lindsayThe University of Minnestota remarkably has a great information post on Reflexology! A kind of a ‘taking charge’ of your health and life. Very pleased Reflexology is growing worldwide.

When I go to Thailand, there are one or two Reflexology salons on almost every block. Thai people find this an excellent way to relax as well as adding in the full Thai massage whenever you can fit it in. It is so important to have a relationship with your feet as they do inform many messages about the health of your body. If feet swell, pay attention to where it swells and take care of that part of the body. These are simple rules that make a difference in life.

I have always found place on my feet that correspond to any health or body problems, and always considered working on my own feet a valuable contribution to my health.

When I was healing breast cancer in the early 1970’s in California, I worked on my spleen point on my left food (felt like a huge piece of class) for two years until it eventually dissolved along with the healing. I find tiny crystals in toes when I have headaches as well as places on my head that completely relieve the cause and discomfort.

Reflexology is a daily part of my life. Every morning I massage my feet as I know my body weaknesses and the work I do on my feet keeps all the energy and life moving through me so I can enjoy my life and work.

I encourage all students to develop a therapeutic relationship with their own feet, to keep them flexible and soft, remove any callouses and pumice them as they work on major organs and glands as well as the spine and head areas.



colorado-reflexology-miranda-lindsayColorado Reflexology touches hearts, emotions, mind and spirit through sacred connected touch with attention focused on divine presence – sole to soul!

Learning processes varied from sharing a session, each person with one foot, as they expand awareness to include the other person. Combining the most subtle touch with deep pressure to create awareness of energy.

Miranda Shares:

“Level II Reflexology took me to another level of awareness. My hands led the way for beautiful, magical exploration. Giving is a beautiful true gift.

colorado-reflexology-miranda-lauren-foot-bathingI connected to feet in a powerful way when I learned to spiral in gently, deeply.

Foot bathing is a favorite – so perfect and divine. I loved offering my healing touch with amazing Young Living Essential Oils and hot water. Receiving foot bathing was complete bliss!

My feet feel alive and pulsating with love and appreciation. Each time I received a Reflexology session my mind shut off, my 3rd eye opened and I fell into oblivion.

The feet are true warriors and deserve to be acknowledged. By giving them absolute attention with Self-Reflexology, they show amazing things about yourself, and to others when you give a session.

colorado-reflexology-lindsay-peters-foot-bathingI am grateful for these beautiful tools of touch and intention. Thank you.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Jamestown, Colorado

Lindsay Shares:

“Until this advanced class, I did not understand the depth of what Reflexology was about.

I experience an entire conscious shift from Reflexology Level I to Level II. Now I know the feet are a glorious treasure map of the entire body.

colorado-reflexology-lindsay-peters-anointingThe power and benefit with Reflexology is the ability to feel your way through the body on the sole of the foot, and sense, find, and alter ‘clusters’ of blocked energy that show what needs tending in the body.

Reflexology is the most basic, natural and incredibly effective x-ray scanner of hands, heart and open mind that can travel within and find what is hiding and disturbing a person, and together let it go.

I have the power over my own body to take my feet in my own hands, any moment, at any time, and learn what is happening within me, feel it out, process it and move forward toward sound health, wisdom and power.

I come closer to realizing how potent we are to attain the capability to shift worlds with this knowledge and gift.” Lindsay Peters, Niwot, Colorado, Naturopathy student


colorado-reflexology-maggie-billingsColorado Reflexology Training creates the opportunity to explore consciousness, deepen Self-Healing & transform professional skills into life skills!

Approaching touch from connection communion presence allows experience of subtle energy fields.

With attention to this process, learning is integrated and absorbed gently and deeply, accessing natural wisdom.

Maggie Shares:

“Reflexology Level II deepened my practice with heart felt experience! It is such a gift to be able to tune in and flow with my intuition.

Each session is sacred and different. I am feeling grounded and open through the practice. I give thanks to this divine energy that is being channeled and shared.

This class is truly a blessing as I gain more experience and skill in a compassionate space.

The sacred experiences increases the energy being held in the space. I am able to fully let go and see this energy fluttering through ma. This is transformative.

I feel cleansed through these practices. I have gained love and light. I give thanks for each and everyone in this class!” Maggie Billing, North Carolina

colorado-reflexology-lauren-rybarzLauren Shares:

“Level II Reflexology enable me to explore deeper within. I learned to let go, feel in depth what it is to receive.

Something inside has been asleep for far too long. I feel it beginning to awaken.

I embrace this interior webbing that opens and closes, this indescribable color opening into another world that feels so familiar.

The hands, the Young Living Essential Oils, the company of the kindest of souls, giving their love to provide this amazing journey of receiving.

Excitement floods warmly through my body of have hands touch my feet, my soul. I am grateful for this gift.” Lauren Rybarz, Boulder, Colorado, Naturopathy student

Evolutionary education processes open the field for deeper human experience of touch and connection.

The focus of attention on touch awakens inherent natural skills to sense information and experience sacred humanity of compassion, caring and kindness.



colorado-reflexology-melina-anointing-radhaColorado Reflexology Training includes anointing with Young Living essential oils, sacred foot bathing & a unique personal honoring with respectful connection reverence.

The Bible speaks of anointing and foot bathing as an honoring welcome for guests who have travelled far. Christ was anointed and his feet were bathed by loving disciples. Ayurveda & ancient Hindu & Buddhist scriptures speak of ‘Holy Feet‘ as a metaphor for humbling oneself before divine presence. Healing experiences manifest when a practitioner approaches a Reflexology session with reverence. The person receiving the session opens into a sacred space in an optimum field of deep relaxation.

Melina and Radha, both advanced Reflexology students, shared an amazing connection giving and receiving anointing, foot bathing and a Reflexology session that was supremely healing for both of them.

colorado-reflexology-melina-footbathing-radhaMelina Shares:

“I experience a deep dive with the anointing, foot bathing and Reflexology by allowing another to honor me. Loving, honoring, continuous touch filled me with gratitude and appreciation for being able to receive when so much of my life is about giving.

Radha’s touch brought a knowing and a permission to release during my receiving of anointing. I cried. Fluid, soft tears streamed down my face as a mantra of loving intention permeated my mind and being.

I am in a state of reverent respect for the others in the class for their willingness to create a healing, deep, connected space to allow experience to flow.

I feel encouraged for humanity by those who have chosen to arrive in this school. I return as an advanced student and receive a valuable gift.

With love, respect and gratitude, I feel honored to be a student once more among those in the class.” Melina Fritzler, Boulder, Colorado, advanced Naturopathy student.

colorado-reflexology-radha-shivagiriRadha Shares:

“It was an honor to receive a session from Melina. I felt a profound effect, a Holy Shift, as we call it in this school. She is so gifted she helped me transform the angry energy I have been feeling.

I came to this class with a lot of emotions I had been suppressing. I realized they were taxing my body. I am infinitely grateful I was able to release in class. It is a blessing to have classmates willing to listen to me and allow me to feel and release real anger I had been feeling about communication and relationships.

I learned a lot from everyone to change how I think about things. After releasing the anger I am ready to take ownership of my thought patterns.

colorado-reflexology-radha-melina-anointingNow I have so much more vocabulary and I feel okay with letting go of expectations in relationships, while still being clear about what I want. This is HUGE for me. It is a lesson I feel in the depths of my heart.

When I was giving the session I felt energy but was totally in my body. I did not want any of my personal stuff to effect the treatment space so i let myself go.

I now feel social for the first time in a month. I am going out to have fun with my friends and express my light that has been hiding in my shadow for way too long.” Radha Shivagiri, Denver, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

Colorado Reflexology Training at the School of Natural Medicine is an Approved Colorado State Board of Higher Education Private Occupational Training. This certification may be taken separately or as a part of the Naturopath Diploma Training. Our next Reflexology Level I class takes place January 30 & 31 2015.