Natural Physician

natural-physician-school-of-natural-medicine-elisa-badiiNatural Physician student, Elisa Badii, from Tuscany, enrolled in the Natural Physician Diploma course with the School of Natural Medicine UK in January, 2015. She was raised in the nature of Tuscany and has always had a deep respect for plant medicine.

Elisa is enrolled in the School of Natural Medicine UK Summer Intensive II in Devon in July. She joins students attending the Summer Intensive where classes focus on Healing Diets, Essential Oils Training & Reflexology.

Elisa shares her history and what drew her to study the Natural Physician Diploma Course:

“My family always had a really close connection to nature. My grandparents lived in the countryside in Tuscany, Italy, for most of their lives. They used local natural resources to treat family and friends, as it was (and still is) common practice in the countryside.

I learned from my grandmother how to draw upon natural remedies for health since childhood and that approach stayed with me ever since. I’m inspired by nature and its ability to heal the body and the mind, and I’d like to gain in-depth knowledge on the medicinal qualities of herbs and plants and their practical application.

In 2012 I attended an Ayurveda nutrition course with Dott. Sonal Bhatt during a yoga retreat in Canada. I learned a lot about the uniqueness of an individual, and how food can be a very effective medicine.

I would like to combine natural medicine with other practices and approaches that I have been exploring such as yoga, Ayurveda, psychology, and nutritional therapy. I would like to set up my own clinic, and guide & support my clients through their journey to re-gain their balance and health.”

Quantum Botanicals Online

quantum-botanicals-kaylee-rutherfordQuantum Botanicals Online student, Kaylee Rutherford, enrolled as a student at the School of Natural Medicine in January, 2015. Already the quality of her work shows a depth of understanding that shows that she has been on healing path for some time. Kaylee has a pure passion for nature and the plant world, and a heart open to learning and sharing with others. We are delighted to welcome such a passionate and inspired student to the Quantum Botanicals Online Course. Here are a few words from Kaylee about how she found our school, and what has inspired her to study Quantum Healing with Plant Medicine:

“My love and passion for nature is so vast! When I saw the email from your school I felt the need to click on it. My appreciation for nature and animals and living with them in harmony runs so deep in my heart! I have read many articles concerning off grid, natural living, and I aspire above all else to be an organic, off grid farmer, working with plants and giving back. So when I found out that you are offering a course that could help me learn all the things I have been longing to learn, I was extremely joyful! ” Kaylee

Essential Oils Transitions

essential-oils-transitions-lindsay-peters“Essential Oils transitions learning happens naturally, teaching the art, reality, acceptance of transition. Everything in life is constantly shifting. There is a death from one experience giving birth to life for the next.

At this time there is a tremendous amount of transition taking place in my life in almost every aspect: family, school, work, career, new life path, responsibility and more.

What I need most in my life, with the incessant chaos of change and decisions around me, is to let go of expectation from any hope, intention, dream, wish or action of anything becoming what I think it should be, and let what is true, what is perfect, what is right in the moment to flow into position and be present as life happens around me, into me and through me. It is not up to me to control life.

essential-oils-transitions-lindsay-peters2I learned the art of integrating everything that is within me, whatever thoughts I think or actions I have done, or label I give myself of who I think I am, and know the only way to truly see in this world is to close my eyes, take a breath and feel my way through what is before me, what is present in my hands to work with and what flows through my hands from my heart. I have to feel in this life!

My favorite part of Raindrop Therapy is becoming one with the world as I drop into stillness and empty the endless chattering of my mind, and let the oils of choice have their way within, through and out of my body. Working with my parasympathetic nervous system brings to surface thoughts, emotions and visuals necessary for me to be aware of and play with, as I examine new awareness and move into the flow.

Essential Oils transitions learning is about how fluid I can transition without hesitation into the pulse around me from the intentions I have set. I feel all this as I give a Raindrop Therapy session. I discover the beauty, art and dance of allowing my body to slow down, relax, connect with my environment and allow my body to move with rhythmic motion as I worked on my partner, allowing the energy of motion to assist in strength stability, power and knowing.

I discover the learning in class with discussions with Farida and classmates, and share in the questions around death, dying, release, change, transitions and transformation, and in the emotional healing processes with Young Living Essential Oils. In every class I attend, I learn exactly what I need to know for that time in my transitions.” Lindsay Peters, Naturopathy student, Niwot, Colorado

Essential Oils Power

essential-oils-power-miranda-palmer“Essential Oils power awakened, reassured, guided, supported & accepted me in Essential Oils Level III as an advanced student of Raindrop Therapy. Experiencing Raindrop Therapy on a totally different level, awakened a strong woman within me, one who knows the divine truth is within and I just have to call out to it. If I need help in the future all I have to do is get out of my head and into my body.

Exploring death, dying, release, transitions and transformation before learning the Raindrop skills, was helpful on so many levels. The discussions brings so much to light and helps me to see talking about death and change does not have to be so scary. We know we all have to leave these human bodies one day, and it could be a beautiful un-feared thing if we face it instead of denying it.

essential-oils-power-2-miranda-palmer copyThis class also helped me learn how important it is to speak my truth. How I feel matters and I should not hold my feelings back due to fear. No more fear – only love and kindness. I have realized as long as what I say comes from my heart, it is right for me and right for others.

Returning to the Raindrop Technique found me up in my head more than usual at first. After relaxing into the Young Living Essential Oils on our last day, I began to let my body guide me like it longed to do. Once I let myself fall into the flow, everything came together beautifully. I felt a huge shift within and knew something clicked! It is magical to slow down and let your hands and the oils guide you to where they need to be. I am now more confident in giving Essential Oils treatments.

During the class I faced fears, acknowledged them and let them run their course. It is my time to take control and use the divine energy within to go forward and heal with the everlasting tools I have gained from this school.

The oils are powerful. They have the power to go within your mind and bring out your soul hiding inside. They kiss you sweetly and send you on a divine ride. For this I am forever grateful.

I have so much gratitude toward the School of Natural Medicine, Farida and the students I share my classes with. Each class is a sacred space and during our Immersions, I feel the learning will never end. By surrounding myself with beautiful like-minded people, I will never grow older, only wiser.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Jamestown, Colorado

Essential Oils Bliss

essential-oils-bliss-amanda-mcnabb-feather“Essential Oils bliss with Raindrop Therapy dropped me in so deeply, it took a while to return. I had only a basic understanding of Essential Oils and was new to the Raindrop Technique, so it was an amazing experience to participate in and learn about.

On the first day, after receiving an Essential Oils bliss experience, I felt graceless and overwhelmed when giving a session, and questioned whether I would be able to find a rhythm and remember all the movements.

On the second day, I gave the session first, after participating in a healing process with a series of Young Living Essential Oils around death, dying, release, transitions and transformation, and found my movement and my flow. I felt confident in my abilities and connected with my partner as I was giving her the session. Her soft radiant face glowed after the session and her feedback confirmed for me that I am well on my way to knowing what I am doing.

I am amazed how quickly I learn in the School of Natural Medicine.” Amanda McNabb, Naturopathy student, Denver, Colorado

Our two day Immersion classes provide a relaxed deep container for exploring each student’s unique approach to learning. Resistances, inabilities, fears and other emotions rise during the healing processes and touch skills practices as we learn about Essential Oils and Raindrop Therapy. With only 8 students or less, each student is guided toward transforming learning difficulties into natural gifts. The progress during the class is extraordinary as students are awakened to their own process of personal evolution.

Essential Oils

essential-oils-kerry-derrick-2Essential Oils Self Healing processes of Death, Dying, Release, Transition, Transformation enhanced by Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy awakens true knowledge.

“In Essential Oils Level I Raindrop Therapy class I received education based on what true knowledge is and how to embrace the knowledge as it is received.

As I came from a ‘formal’ ‘institutionalized’ educational background, with an expectation I must ‘test’ well and need to ‘pass’ to show I am worthy, this new learning experience helped me face fears I have buried within myself.

I realized my fears come out of how I present myself. For instance, my fear of transitions, of death, translates into my uncomfortableness with transitions while giving Raindrop Therapy ( uncertainly that became apparent in movements although at times I experienced a flow that showed me what was possible). Another example would be my reaction pattern to transitions as avoidance where I became stuck in the ‘contraction’ of change, instead of moving through, or flowing. Living with a fear of transitions never allowed me to grow.

I discovered in class that this reaction pattern creates anxiety, feeling out of control and feeling lost. I learned through this knowledge and experience that to heal and grow I need to slow down, breathe and be at peace with transitions. I also learned that knowledge does not end with a ‘test’ nor is it solidified through one.

I now know true knowledge is not about the love of learning, but about the love of life.” Kerry Derrick, Marriage & Family Counsellor, Arvada, Colorado – Naturopathy student

Essential Oils Level II – February 28 & 28 – 20 hours Immersion Class – Emotional, Family & Co-dependent Relationship Self-Healing Processing with Vagus Nerve & Auricular Therapy Sessions. School of Natural Medicine teaches unique advanced communion touch Raindrop & Vagal work, not the Young Living protocols.

Healer Heal Thyself

healer-heal-thyself-carolyn-de-clue‘Healer Heal Thyself’ is the foundation of School of Natural Medicine trainings.  Carolyn is a Natural Physician Diploma student deeply committed to her Self Healing. Since early 2014, she has participated in cleansing and rejuvenation diets, herbs and emotional work. Carolyn is a living example of the teachings offered at the School of Natural Medicine UK and USA. Carolyn shares a recent healing experience:

I am looking forward to the 2015 UK Summer Immersion and learning beautiful lessons with you as well as just giving you a big hug 🙂 Over the last few weeks I experienced a healing crisis and would like to share with you, as other student’s testimonials have truly helped and inspired me.

Over the last few weeks I have had severe tension in my body and loss of most of my physical flexibility, as well as tightening of my emotional flexibility. Old negativity and habits that I thought to be in the past were resurfacing with a feeling of depression creeping up.

While sleeping one night, I received horrible nightmares and upon waking realized they were actually memories of things I had gone through as a child and suppressed. Within a few days they had bubbled to the surface like a toxic swamp and I felt as if I was drowning in them. The old images began to take over my life and a strong need to withdraw and hide crept over my mind, body and soul. Something deep inside of me was screaming to be heard and expressed and I was truly fearful of this, along with not understanding why these certain things had occurred.

While reading a few healing stories from students that Farida had posted on Facebook, I had the inspiration to implement the healing tools provided by the School of Natural Medicine’s wonderful teachings. It was funny at first, because it seemed common sense that it would have been my first thought instead of letting the negativity take over although by then, but it was fear leading the way.

I started meditating frequently throughout the day and consciously visualizing the release of each old memory and feeling. True understanding of why this may have occurred, as well as gratitude for everything in my life, both the good and bad, began to take control. I felt ready to begin the love letter practice we learned in the Summer Immersion in Cambridge, and truly release these past suppressions for good.

Three days ago after a miserable few weeks, I finally broke down and cried uncontrollably, not out of fear, hate, or anger, but out of love and gratitude. Something in me had truly changed and I was bathed in true love. Love for the Earth and Universe as well as everything in it, love for my schooling and the knowledge it had provided me and the direction it had guided me to in life, love for you and Farida for sharing such knowledge with the world.

A true feeling of connection had occurred and I could feel all emotions at once, and instead of being overwhelming, it was amazing! All of the tension released from my body and that night I slept like a baby while dreaming of negative energies flowing from me like a babbling brook and being replaced with bright ideas and inspiration. The smile has not left my face since 🙂 

The teachings have truly helped me heal for once and all and although I am still on a journey and plan to make it life long, I know that this will now be a wonderful journey. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul. You have my greatest appreciation for not only sharing this knowledge with me, but teaching myself and others to pass it on :)” Carolyn de Clue, Natural Physician student, United Kingdom – Healer Heal Thyself is a truth School of Natural Medicine students discover.

Quantum Botanicals


Quantum Botanicals Online Course welcomes new student,Michelle Wong. A mother of two, Michelle has been studying ‘Way of the Heart’ energy work, Jungian based therapy and life coaching. She was drawn to study vibrational botanical medicine as a gentler approach than homeopathy and because of her love for the plant world.

For me, I am hoping to support others with flower essences at the end of the course  for family and at a practitioner level combined with some other energy work. I remember what my teachers quote from Rumi, ‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.’ I have always loved nature and flowers so after I started using the Bach Flower remedies and seen how effective they have been for me, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to be able to support people with flower essences? Just the other day, I was in my mom’s garden and there was a beautiful pink wildflower, I am not sure what they are but when I put my hand over them I could feel some vibrations in my palm and I thought these flowers seem to be quite high vibrational, I wonder what they do? I guess for me, my love for nature and sensitivity to the essences has sparked my interest in learning more about them. Also they are so gentle unlike homeopathic remedies which often times are too strong for me.”

Michelle is a marketing and social media expert, who creates marketing campaigns for health and wellness businesses in Vancouver, British Columbia. She also has a beautiful blog website, where she shares the stories of people that are living their life purpose with passion.

Welcome to the School of Natural Medicine & Quantum Botanicals Online Course, Michelle <3


Appreciation notes, cards and emails inspire teachers and staff to continue to give their best to offer students Self-Healing evolutionary education!

Iridology Diploma student reports: “I have learned so much about myself and Natural Medicine since I started studying at the school. When I look back, I realize I was in the perfect place to learn. I have been applying everything I have learned to my own life and analyzed hundreds of irises and noticed the most amazing patterns. Always, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual manifestations of a constitutional type match the life and being of the person. I am beyond fascinated. I deeply believe in the Faridian Constitutions and I cannot wait to learn more. Please also let me know if there is anything I can do to serve the school. I am focused on completing the Iridology Diploma requirements. Lot of love and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!” Dani Espinosa, Denver, Colorado *******

Online student reports: These studies are not just informative, but life altering & transforming. I would love to attend a class. In the meantime the online course lights my fire and motivates me to pursue this further.  Hope all finds you and Bonny well. Thank you,” Brittany Lupori, Denver, Colorado *******

Saudi Arabia graduate reports: “Your e-mail gave me positive reinforcement and confidence, as I tend to keep my growth and thoughts to my self most of the time. I miss that the most from being at the School of Natural Medicine. After I received your e-mail I began to think of how I can share Healing Diets with others. I thought something fun and not so intimidating could be teaching a cooking class. I have been hiking recently because the weather is so nice, and the group I go with is planning to have an outdoor desert cook-off & I thought it would be hilariously fun to have a healthy vegetarian BBQ. I might just impress the judges.

I know I always have you as my other mother 🙂 A *Fairy God-Mother* with lots of silver fairy dust that sprinkles with love.

I love you so much and realize when I am away from you and the school how much it has shaped me to be the person I am today, I am so fortunate that I started at a young age where I was able to mold and reform myself into this sculpture of example. God has made all these opportunities for me possible and chose you to be in my path and my one wish is to lead by example… being a good person and a good naturopath.  With Love Lamia XoXoXoXo Saudi Arabia *******

Inquirer reports after personal interviews, “Farida, You definitely care about your students and their journey’s path to fulfilling their purpose. but the Universe always lets me know so I take notice. My plans are to attend much more than 1 class. I cannot wait to feel the energy of the class and meet up with like-minded people on a similar journey. Your passion and teaching methods make my soul smile and gives me the feeling that I am at the right place.” Carmen, Las Vegas, Nevada, moving to Boulder *******

New Healing Diets Online Student reports: “THANK YOU!!! School of Natural Medicine is my school now, yay! I do feel so blessed. I love reading your School News Blog posts online on the website, really inspiring!” Xo Christina De Luna, Canada en route to live in New Zealand *******

“Feeling inspired!   I’ve been using Clematis flower essence on my body. I have been reading about the Bach Flower Body Maps & am so excited to try out flower essences in this way to support my getting out of my personal fantasy land and facing some negative thought patterns. Also doing Self Care on this final stretch of the year to end it with a bang… a whole other side to my Self Healing. I keep pulling the sun in my tarots readings. The light surrounds me! Safe travels and many and many smiles. Much Love,” Radha Shivagiri, Naturopathy student, Denver, Colorado *******

Review: The Old Man & His Soul – by Farida Sharan – “As soon as I got home I dove into The Old Man and His Soul. You write superbly and your deep wisdom shines through all the pages. I was on the phone this morning with my best friend raving about the book. I sent a review to Amazon too. The Old Man and His Soul is fascinating in that it shows us spiritual India from an Indian’s point of view. Your book shows how much we all need to release in preparation for death and beyond. I love this quote, “The babies looked at him with concentration, with a knowing light that connected the old man to a greater soul love. He contemplated the unknown place of soul crossings, where the newborn enter into this world as the dying depart….” Later, as he walks through a forest with wild beasts, he prays to God to lift his fears. “If I am to journey in life, I must accept that death may come at any moment.” The book is absolutely stunning. We need more writing like this.” Jane Humphries, Joshua Tree, California *******

Naturopathy student reports, “Dear Teacher…I am safely home, many reflections to share later….wow, thank you again for a lovely and transforming weekend, I so appreciate your being. I will sign up soon other classes. Love, love, love and have a good night!” Eva Sabet Ramsey, Minnesota *******

Colleague shares: “Know that your work is profound and you are training beautiful young people to help the world heal many unique ways! Sending you healing energy, love and light – as always, your devoted friend,” Madeline Angelis, School of Natural Medicine Colon Care teacher, Boulder, Colorado *******

Graduate shares: “Dear Farida, You are an ongoing inspiration to everyone you meet! Best wishes.” Marjike Vogel, SNM Master Iridologist Graduate, Colon Therapist, London, England *******

“I think of you and the school often and am so grateful for all of the ways my education there has helped me in my life! I continue to grow and nurture myself, and find ways to help others. I have felt better than ever and am working out and feel strong and healthy. I continue to be great friends with students, and I am thankful the school brought us together!” Kristen Samz, Denver Colorado.

Review: Flower Child in the Summer of Love – by Farida Sharan “I felt the global healing between men and women, expressed so beautifully in Flower Child, as we rise to shed power trips and dependence to awaken the masculine/feminine completeness within our androgynous selves. You of all the personages in your book are on the Path of the Great Nostalgia, weaving through the lives of those living the Small Nostalgia and those playing with their hoops, parading on the broad street of Life/Death. Thank you for being so honest and putting it out there. I tripped with you and your gorgeous pure children through every page. It was a healing experience of completion in that phase of my life.” Love Jane Humphries, Joshua Tree, California *******

Graduate Success Self Healing Journey from Student to Graduate and from Anorexia to TriAthlete to Mother of 7 children!

Anorexia is a condition that few understand as Self Healing needs to be connected to the uniquely personal conversation each anorexic sufferer has with themselves about nourishment. However the natural treatments of mind body spirit we use at the School of Natural Medicine support healing wherever it is welcomed and practiced. The results speak for themselves. Healing is personal evolution and profound growth. Jaala entered the school weighing under 80 pounds and blossomed into a triathlete and mother who raises her abundant family vegan. The truth Jaala learned, practiced, lived and shared is the wisdom blessing received from respect for integration of body mind spirit into harmonious consciousness. Jaala received the teachings and made them real in her life, her family and her work.

Jaala shares her Self Healing from Anorexia: “I have a huge smile on my face to know others might be inspired by my healing journey from anorexia. When I was featured by Women’s Adventure Magazine, I was pregnant with my 7th biological child and she too is wonderful, healthy and a miracle. Farida, my wonderful soul-mother, saw me in the worst of the throws of the disease. During the School of Natural Medicine Summer School, I experienced the Naturopathy Elements of Life movement processes and finally found my personal beauty and strength to fight to pull away from anorexia. I followed your advice and found the strength and ability to go to the Ann Wigmore Institute of Living Foods In Puerto Rico. I then truly healed through Wheatgrass nutrition and wonderful whole living and sprouted foods. The foods helped to clear my mind to know what I needed to do to survive. My now healthy body produced the miracle of seven babies. Thank you Farida, thank you for the insight of all that was good in blessing the temple of my body with amazing whole foods, and thank you to the universe for all it provides.” Jaala Gilman Knowlton, Louisville, Colorado, ND MH Mir School of Natural Medicine Graduate.

Flower Essences Evolution

Are you on an evolutionary road of the soul?

flower-essences-evolution-eva-sabet“Flower Essences Evolution at the School of Natural Medicine is the place I need to be if I am blocked on my life path.

I recommend studying here if you are a person on an evolutionary road of the soul.

FES Flower Essences Level I class class was a profound and in-depth path to my inner self. I love how I feel safe in class because my highest purpose is being sought as well as looked after. This is wonderful when I am not seeing my path or knowing how to shift to get there.

When the profound life essential questions are asked and considered and discussed in class, I am always left with another piece added to my true self.

On the first day, we began with a Young Living Essential Oils Self Healing process, beginning with Clarity blend & then later with Believe blend that broke through the hardened crust I had developed from 3 years of overwork and not listening to myself. Being able to listen to my inner voice again, to be with me again, is the best thing I can do for myself, and exceeds any spa or retreat.

Being listened to unconditionally allowed me to sink into myself and understand that even if do things wrong in my life, there is nothing wrong with me.

flower-essences-evolution-eva-sabetStudying at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan presents the most important life skills in a deep and self-exploring way at the same time as it teaches us to become excellent guides and healers and teachers for others along the way.

At the end of the second day we made our personal Flower Essence. For me, it was a combination of FES essences with 2 Bach Flower Remedies.

I was able to release things without being judged. I was supported and understood unconditionally through my healing processes.

The best moment was a breakthrough where I saw my life as if it was a crystal clear movie.

To be able to see my own movie allows me to direct it in a better way if I remain true to myself.” Eva Sabet, Naturopathy student Ramsey, Minnesota

The next Flower Essence Immersion class is the Bach Flower Remedy class on March 6 & 7. Check out the School Calendar.