Natural Medicine

natural-medicine-school-of-natural-medicineNatural Medicine studies offered for 40 years by School of Natural Medicine USA & UK combines PureHealth integrated teachings based on each student’s Self Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Life skills flourish in every class, healing process and exercise, as students embrace their unique gifts, gain confidence and develop professional expertise in a variety of therapies enhanced by communication expertise.

Evolutionary education inspires students toward their highest potential as they attend classes, explore online studies and practice all aspects of the teachings as they strive toward graduation.

Graduates of Reflexology, Flower Essences & Essential Oils Certifications embody wisdom skills to support their life journey as well as support clients through challenges and transitions.

Graduates of Healing Diets, Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy include all Certifications within their studies as they gain a holistic integrated approach to consultations and the creation of health, wellness and healing programs. As Diploma students complete certifications during their course of study, they begin to practice or work in the field as a part of their learning. At graduation students are already thriving in practice and creative enterprise.

Students progress through studies at their own speed, recovering joy, curiosity & enthusiasm in self directed learning, making choices in harmony with their life, work, age, experience and previous studies. School of Natural Medicine is a school that allows depth learning in a uniquely personal journey.


reflexology-colorado-jaden-lehaneReflexology gifted me with a profound lesson as I discovered slow movements & pausing in right places encouraged a deeper impact on my body energy shifts during the kidney Polarity Therapy foot hold, even though the person giving the session was still preparing and settling into herself.

On the other side, as a giver, I discovered how natural and fluid slow movements are to me. This is in stark contrast to my experience in cosmetology school where I was criticized for ‘taking my time’ during pedicures. This reveals the difference between healing the from the inside of the body with slow connection, and the outside of the body detached speed.

Although most people are familiar with dancing with their feet, in the past two days in Reflexology Level One, I learned to dance with the feet – the pushing forward and the pulling back, the movement and the stillness, spirally in and out and around the microcosm in a divine dance of giving and receiving, and then as well, receiving through giving.

reflexology-colorado-jaden-lehane-heel-holdLove, bliss, joy, peace, slowness, quiet, giving and receiving, receiving through giving, shift, release, nurturing, comfort, safety, forgiveness, self care, healing, divine knowing, intuitive, flow, gratitude, transformation.

We learned the slower you move, the more our sense of time changes, and the more you accomplish. I particularly found this to be true when giving my second session. I explored every area on each foot slowly and consciously, thinking only half an hour had passed, when in reality it had been an hour and twenty minutes.” Jaden Lehane, Naturopathy student, Fort Collins, Colorado

Reflexology enhanced by depth self healing processes with Young Living Essential Oils is an integral part of Naturopathy training, as well as a profound therapy, and an analysis tool for creating and guiding health, healing and wellness programs. What is discovered in Iridology analysis is usually confirmed by Reflexology!

When a client learns Self Reflexology and works on their feet at home, depth healing takes place as they learn valuable skills for becoming independently healthy!

Reflexology Colorado

reflexology-colorado-diane-unruhReflexology Colorado trainings with School of Natural Medicine & Farida Sharan builds each student’s unique natural touch toward graceful connected ease.With confidence that their ability to sense and feel connection, knowing sensation wins over distant disconnecting thoughts, and both giver and receiver relax into a communion of nurturing, rejuvenating relaxation.

Dianne is a new student. She drove all the way from Kansas to take the class. Her progress toward deepening into feeling, slowness and connected touch was a revelation to all who shared the journey.

Dianne shares: “Slowness – Although I have never moved slow with my body or my mind, hands or arms, the slowness I experienced in Reflexology Level I, my first ever Reflexology class, makes me aware inwardly of feelings that have never surfaced before.

I learned that with slowness comes patience, warmth, strength and love and this is what I felt I was giving to my partner.

As a received I felt comfort and I also thought about the person who was giving as to how they were feeling? I became aware that my mind moves quickly, from thought to thought, so I had trouble receiving, as it was hard to release or relax my mind.

Farida, Thank you for an awesome two days! You are an incredible person who’s studied, learned and shared your knowledge of the natural healing world! You have a beautiful gift and love of life! I am blessed to have spent two days absorbing a minute part of your world.
In my world sharing feelings either in verbal or written, is very difficult! In my life with family and friends, I am the rock, the glue, strength, love, counsellor and friend who holds everything and everyone together! I know I need to work on this! The Young Living Essential Oils brought me deep and enhanced our healing journey.
I look forward to going through the information in my folder and new book. I can’t wait to practice on family members in giving reflexology sessions and sharing better health in my journey! I am looking forward to Reflexology II in the future!” Dianne Unruh, Kansas


reflexology-teaching-assistant-radha-shivagiriReflexology teaching assistants are gifted with free classes to learn refined skills and inspire new students with their grace and profoundly deep sessions. Advanced students attend a day of the Reflexology Immersion class with bright, energetic presence and receive gifts of advanced understanding.

Radha shares: “When giving a session to Jaden, I felt the subtle body more than I ever had and was able to work with it and learn from the energies.

When Jaden worked on me, I felt subtle long currents of zone therapy energy running through my body. I even got chills (in a good way)!

After the session I felt invigorated. Giving is receiving!” Radha Shivagiri, advanced Naturopathy student, Denver, Colorado

reflexology-transformation-melina-fritzlerMelina shares: “I have transformed trust in my capability to follow intuition along the foot map unfolding in front of me. This recognition was infused with ease of mind and body to flow with secure rhythm. Knowing the path, I allowed the present moment to guide me without agenda, feeling solid rooting in my center.

The deep personal work I have been through over the course of classes at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan, has transformed my work on others. Deep inner relaxation flows from a wellspring within. The change is graceful with all my spirit.” Melina Fritzler, advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado.

Next Reflexology Immersion Class: June 26-27 – SNM– Boulder, Colorado – Reflexology Level One class. Level II is offered to advanced students November 6-7 2015. Meanwhile students practice and fulfill case history and study requirements.

Reflexology Healing

reflxology-healing-amanda-mcnabb-star-feet“Reflexology healing transformed a deep seated dislike of feet and fear panic about giving my first session into a journey of exploration & enjoyment! Feet are now a holy gateway!”

Reflexology healing emerges spontaneously in a session when deep relaxation carries a recipient into the parasympathetic rejuvenation field, or when facing giving or receiving a session brings up fears around feet being touched or touching the feet. Fear feet transform into holy feet and the journey opens from soles to soul bliss! The use of Young Living Essential Oils enhances the depth of emotional and physical healing that takes place in our deeply slow, connected and energetic approach to Reflexology.

Amanda shares: “The panic was so intense I left the room and would have run away if I had my shoes on, but pushing through the fear with Farida’s support, and she put her hands on mine when I first touched my partner’s feet, was liberating! Not only did I fall into the flow of giving, but it became a journey of enjoyment and exploration.

reflexology-healing-amanda-mcnabb-solesI no longer view feet as scary foreign appendages, but as a holy gateway to the body, offering messages to tell me so many things about my own being and also others when I am working on them. I had been injured on my feet several times and at first I thought that was the reason I was scared of them.

Then I discovered a correlation based on something Farida kept iterating during the class, “The body is in the feet!” I realized that as my body image has always been an issue for me, it just clicked that my disdain for my feet connected to my body image issues.

I know this is a catalyst to releasing issues I hold surrounding my body so I can fully love myself, and dive deep into what Farida and everyone is always talking about in class, ” Self-Love – Self-Care – Self-Healing!

This was realization and release at its finest. Thank you Universe!!” Amanda McNabb, mother of a 3 year old son, Denver, Colorado, Naturopathy student.