Graduate Tara Michelle

graduate-tara-michelle-school-of-natural-medicineGraduate Tara Michelle ND MH MIr, is a lover of our beautiful planet, plants, animals and people. After years of study at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, Tara Michelle ND, is honored as a Natural Physician and Wellness Empowerment Educator. Her personal practice, Nanihoku Naturals, is based on the exquisite island of Maui, Hawai’i.

It is a delight to follow the progress of Graduates of the School of Natural Medicine. Tara studied over 5 years as she integrated the study of Natural Medicine with becoming a yoga teacher, building a yoga studio, creating an online aromatherapy company, Ananda Apothecary, now under new ownership, and studying Buddhism with her teacher, Sakyong, mentioned further below. Her graduation took place on Private Island, near El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, during a two week Naturopathy Retreat with Farida Sharan, 3 students from Iceland and another from Colorado. The retreat was her final qualification, and she loved to swim around the island every day! Tara is a heart centered disciple of peace, love and service, and it is perfection that she has established her practice and teaching on Maui. Top photo is 2015 and photo on lower left is on Private Island in the Philippines during her graduation as is the swimming photo.

With a plethora of tools in her kit including Lomi Lomi, Evolutionary Iridology, Living Foods, and Plant Remedies, Tara uses a Mandalic approach to working with her clients which allows her to honor the diverse needs of each being as a unique expression of the divine.

graduate-tara-michelle-swim Inspired by her connection to the natural world, Tara is dedicated to bringing more peace to the planet through research, education, and empowerment.

graduate-tara-michelle-philippinesGraduate Tara Michelle is a living example of the School of Natural Medicine teachings in Boulder, Colorado. Tara is eternally grateful to her charn (honored teacher) and mentor: world renowned Naturopath and Iridologist, Farida Sharan ND.

Tara has been a Yoga student since 1998 and a 500 hour-certified teacher since 2001. Blessed to apprentice, assist, and teach with world renowned Hatha yoga teachers: Amy IppolitiShannon Paige Jeanie Manchester, Desiree Rambaugh and Dr. Cindy Lusk, Tara deeply grateful to her fabulous teachers, students, and friends on this profound and precious path.

A personal student of meditation master, author, and marathoner, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Tara is grateful for his wisdom and generous friendship. Together they have run 9 marathons amongst other events raising funds to re-build the Shedra (community and dharma center) in Surmang, Tibet.

Most recently Tara has begun delving into the exquisite movement form known as ‘hoop dancing’ and is grateful to her mentor Shakti Sunfire for her inspiration and playful leadership in this art form.

A student of life, her interests include yoga, alpine mountaineering, trail running, ocean sports, horse riding, hoop dancing, reading, writing, meditation, and world peace.

The Old Man and His Soul

The Old Man and His Soul – Appreciation by Danielle Winter, an amazing artist who also loves India:

“I read this dear and deep book on a train ride recently – half on the way there – half on the way back. I haven’t felt touched and enchanted and absorbed by such writing in a long know that sort of writing that carries you – you don’t even feel that you are reading – that’s how it felt. I’m going to read it again soon. thank you…deep bow…joyful hugs and smiles to you Farida Sharan – i continue to feel touched by the story you have written.”

Check out Danielle Winter & her exquisite images on facebook

the-old- man-and-his-soul-farida-sharan

The Old Man & His Soul

The Old Man and His Soul

by Farida Sharan
…are you looking for an exquisitely written spiritual tale –
…one that pertains to every single one of us – look no more! heart emoticon
…and give yourself the gift of reading this.” Danielle Winter

A Book for spiritual seekers,The Old Man and his Soul is an inspirational saga that re-frames death and dying as a spiritual adventure. It offers a universal story of profound value to seekers of truth who explore the mystery of life on their personal journey toward union with their soul. The book follows the journey of an elderly man who leaves his ancestral home after the death of his wife and walks through the deserts and forests of Northern India during his seasons of seeking as a sadhu. When he finds his spiritual teacher in a Holy City, he progresses in his internal journey and experiences forgiveness, understanding and release with his spiritual practice during his seasons of service.

Available on

Flower Essences Healing

flower-essences-healing-white-chestnutFlower Essences Healing in the Flower Essence class at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, we observed, listened and looked closely at the flowers as we drew them, and I began to understand the powerful emotions, lessons and healing that comes from each of the Bach Flower Remedies.

I know I need to find my inner stability and hold strong to my inner compass, amidst the change and redirection in my life. I feel a need to protect myself, to keep what I know is sacred close to my heart, yet find my own path and healing.

I resonated with the flower remedy Walnut and its ability to protect from outside influence, as well as White Chestnut as I need to quiet the mind and break through patterns that are no longer serving me.

These past two days have been insightful, emotional, inspiring and fascinating.

flower-essences-healing-star-of-bethlehemThe power and gift of nature to heal us on such a deep emotional level is an amazing gift to become aware of and to share with others in the future.” Emma Johnson, Denver, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

*** “Like the flowers that come out of the strength of the tree or plant and bud into a protective sphere and then open into a distinctive, fuller expression of itself, flower essences helped me see how I experience stages of these expressions.

I realize how the nature of my being interacts with nurture or lack thereof in my environment. I am able to visualize how the essence of these Bach flower remedies can help when expressions become stuck. Buds that fail to open turn brown, curl within and die. Parts of me through the years have experience this fate through me not nurturing myself and ignoring my importance in my environment.

The recognition to heal myself in order to heal others was my epiphany. A bud that shrivels up and dies cannot share its stamina to sustain new life. It cannot show its beauty for others to relish and heal, and it cannot ever show its full potential for growth and change. Sitting in resentment for others and waiting for their bud to die is killing mine faster. Centaury is one of my remedies.” Kerry Derrick, Family & Marriage Counselor, Denver, Colorado.

flower-essences-healing-miranda-palmer *** “Flower Essence class brought up so many emotions for me. I am so grateful to revisit the Bach system in this Level III class. The remedies touch something deep within me. This class helped me open up and realize what it is I am actually feeling. I so often wear a mask and shove down my emotions, but with flower essences, I feel safe to truly feel. I can drop in and go to the root of my emotions. By realizing which remedy I need, I am able to release and let go of certain feelings with more easy. By acknowledging my feelings and emotions, they are now free to run their course and leave me feeling light and free.

This class taught me so much about myself, and others as well. I feel more connected with a universal understanding. I am overwhelmed by the beauty and magic these plants and flowers bring and share with us. These essences are so powerful and help on such a deep level! Knowing they are there to help me through transitions is such a comfort. I am so grateful for being able to open up and truly feel what is going on inside myself. These essences prove I am not alone.

Pain is meant to be felt. I will never gain wisdom without facing hardships. These past two days helped me shed my skin and accept the challenges that lie ahead. I am ready for them!

Thank you Dr. Bach, Farida and my beautiful strong classmates who hold the space for healing and comfort.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Jamestown, Colorado


Bach Flower Remedies

bach-flower-remedies-studentsBach Flower Remedies in the Flower Essence Level I class gave me a better understanding of how and why Dr. Edward Bach chose the remedies. I now see plants in a different way as I see their process, their gesture, and what we can learn from them. The essences opened my eyes to the improvements I can make in my life, and remedies my family can benefit from. I now feel more connected with the world around me.” Stephanie Peterson, Denver, Colorado

*** “Traveling in the world of vibrational plant medicine created a space in my belly to open. I realized slowing down the booming madness of creativity that wants to bud in my mind before another frost hits resulted in crushing and devastating the flower that bears the fruit within me. Returning to the slow rhythmic sleep, feeling at peace again, waiting.

Yesterday I worked through these pressured, unwanted thoughts and mental arguments in a process around ‘White Chestnut’ remedy, and the skin problem that was taking over my life disappeared overnight.

Today…a loss of connection, sadness, dreaming about the past was mirrored with ‘Honeysuckle’ remedy. Just visualizing its constituents and vibration gives me a deep feeling of awareness.

The Bach Flower Remedies are a rainbow for all the colors of emotion.” Lauren Rybarz, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

bach-flower-remedies-wild-rose*** “As I explore the Bach Flower Remedies and the positive and negative tendencies associated with them, I find connection with them all. I have been to all these places within myself…perhaps we all have.

Sometimes I see the path before me but feel trapped and unable to take the first step, other times the path seems to be hidden altogether.

I see the Bach remedies as a means of transportation that is sometimes a jet liner, other times perhaps a wheelchair to help me move when I feel crippled. In any form they help me to move and grow in my life and help me teach others how to use this beautiful tool. I am thankful for the understanding I have gained.” Karla Lakey, Golden, Colorado.

*** “Drawing the flowers all day as I listened to Farida and Julian Bernard on the Bach Centre DVD’s, I began to understand the messages our world is telling us, and that is always come back to the world, learn from our ancestors, the plants, give into the love of the world.

When we are so disconnected that we cause our own emotional battles, and slip further way from what we know is good or right for us, we need to bring our heads out of the clouds and into the bushes, …understanding our world and ourselves. Letting go of a comfort is hard, that is why there are so few like us. Not many people want to know about these truths because they are not ready to accept responsibility. Only when we can accept ourselves can we begin to accept others. Thank you for Life Lessons through Bach Remedies.” Juulia Ilves, Boulder, Colorado



Appreciations: “I am captivated by your beautiful book . Your words spring to life in living color and fragrance! Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.”

appreciations-old-man-and-his-soul“Dear Farida ~ I now have your beautiful books in my hands. I am overjoyed. I am captivated. Your words spring to life in living color and fragrance. I read this dear and deep book, The Old Man & His Soul, on a train ride – half on the way there – half on the way back. I haven’t felt touched and enchanted and absorbed by such writing in a long while, you know that sort of writing that carries you – you don’t even feel that you are reading – that’s how it felt. I’m going to read it again soon. Thank you…deep bow…joyful hugs and smiles to you Farida. I continue to feel touched by the story you have written.   Thank you so much!” Danielle Winter, artist, New York, Germany, India

“I love the posts of your beautiful students and their amazing transformations.  It is so beautiful to watch. My teas are finally ready ­– ChakraTeas – Raising your vibration one sip at a time. I will send you each of the teas next week so look for them in the mail. The website is shaping up and the store should be up and running soon. I am learning much about self-discipline and reasonable goals. Love you bunches, Herbal Blessings.” Amy Spadafora-Thompson, Graduate, past School Apprentice, ND MIR MH


Check out her growing creative projects on – Amy is a graduate of the School of Natural Medicine who is thriving, creating, living the teachings with superb wisdom, confidence and joy!

“I miss you dearly and the infinite experience shared in the classes!” Daniel Bucca, Graduate in Healing Diets, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Naturopathy student already thriving in Sydney, Australia with herbal products, a Kombucha drink line, private practice and more! Visited from Australia 3 times, twice for 3 months and once for 6 months to study and learn at the School of Natural Medicine.

“I have been searching for something all my life and finding your school was one of the many steps in this journey. I was so grateful I found you. Starting the healing diets course was a wonderful first step and I am loving every bit of it. I am getting inspired and finding out that I have it in me to inspire others. My doctor asked me if I could come in to her clinic to help out with diet for her pregnant patients. So I feel this maybe a start and I can start working for her as soon as I get my Healing Diets diploma.

After talking to you the other day when I had come in for the iris analysis, you gave me an idea to start classes. With that as my inspiration, I came up with the idea of having a breathing and guided relaxation workshop. I have guided a few relaxation workshops before but only to family and some friends. This time I want to do it for everyone and also want to take it further by helping out with their diet, nutrition and whatever else I can. I really loved the Bach flower remedy. I feel wonderful. I feel a lot stronger and less fearful.” Sahana Rao, Denver, mother of two, Naturopathy student.

Flower Child in the Summer of Love - Farida Sharan“I finished Flower Child in the Summer of Love, your 60’s book in two days! You are a beautiful inspiration and thank you for sharing your journey. I had to email you and tell you, so eye opening!” Juulia Ilves, Herbal Medicine student, Boulder, Colorado

“I really enjoyed the Herbal Medicine Immersion class. I miss the school. I am moving to Truckee CA in July and will have to do most online and make trips here to complete the classes. I love the school and am grateful I found it.” Janel Ferrin, Truckee, California

“Beautiful and effortless transitions dearest grandmother and teacher. I thank you deeply for EVERYTHING and for including me in this message. I appreciate and honor you. I have applied what I learned with you to my new social media clients. Thank you for your humility and all of the ways that I learn from you. Happy snowfalls and happy hearts!!! I love you! Sending loving vibrations.” Hayley Porter, Reflexologist, Essential Oils Therapist, Healing Diets Educator, Flower Essence Practitioner, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Iridology teacher, Massage Therapist.

“Thank you so much! I believe the Flower Essences have done a great job as there has definitely been transformation, Farida…less fear, less attachment, of course still a lot of inner work to do, but to take the edge off is such a relief and freedom:-)” Eva Voros Sabet, Graduate in Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Naturopathy student, Ramsey, Minnesota – Creator of a vibrant Swedish Bakery (many vegan options) & Café.

Raindrop Therapy with Young Living Essential Oils is something I absolutely love to give. It is rewarding giving a session with all the skills you have taught me. I am thankful for the knowledge and have been having fun sharing Raindrop sessions.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Jamestown, Colorado

“Thank you for such a sweet and inspiring email you sent me a couple weeks back. It brought many smiles and feelings of excitement. I appreciate all your support and your warm and inviting welcome into your school. I am excited to be on the journey and see where it takes me on my path. Looking forward to learning that which I am passionate about!”- Karina Baxter, New Naturopathy Online Student, Basalt, Colorado

“Really love all your work, Farida, lots of great stuff.  Have been going through your Element DVD’s and looked over your amazing Iridology work. Thank you for your encouragement. Living the work is the best way to learn as experience is invaluable. Warmest regards,” Gloria A Lockyer, Naturopathy Student, Australia. (Wellness Advocate, Aromatherapy and Herbal Practitioner)

 Flower Essence Class Level I, The Bach Flower Remedies, was healing and rejuvenating for me. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.” Miranda Palmer, Jamestown, Colorado

“You are a timeless beauty and an inspiration to us all for the benefits of PURE living!” Bonnie (Kais) Caruso, ND MH, SNM Graduate, MS, LMT




Emotional Healing

emotional-healing-essential-oils-emotional-detox-healing-lindsay-petersEmotional Healing dynamic healing processes enhanced by Vagus & Auricular Therapy with medical quality essential oils, opens a portal to personal evolution.

Emotional Healing in School of Natural Medicine Essential Oils Level II Trauma, Vagus Nerve & Auricular Therapy class, encourages students to attain a new level of self realization.

“I lost myself, but did I ever really find me in the first place? I was living my entire life for everyone else: my mother, my sister, my husband, my children, my friends, my co-workers, strangers. When anyone showed a need, my heart would go out to them, feel for them, take on whatever pain, suffering or needy request they had, and I would try to fix, solve, help or cure whatever the calling of the problem. I carried this disease since I was about 3 or 4 years old.

I call it a disease because after attending Essential Oils II where we used Young Living Essential Oils (after nearly a year of almost completing all the classes, self healing and studies) I am now able to see, feel and express openly for the first time how much this desire to help everyone around me was killing me like a very slow, deliberate greedy cancer. It was robbing my freedom, my happiness, my sense of peace, belong, my strength and my deep spiritual roots so desperately trying to grow, grow, grow, deep within the fertile soil of knowing…who am I?

Being a part of a group of students, teacher, ladies, friends surrounding me within an environment of safety, acceptance, love, compassion and no demand of anything being asked of me, I was able for the first time ever, to truly express the depths of my pain, my suffering, my agony, my struggles, and my fears; and then like a lotus blooming from the dark murky depths of sludge, I became free. I re-discovered my purpose, my path, so that my life can now be enjoyed, a pleasure and a mystical journey of exploration.

Now that I have found this way, I can proceed forward, helping the world but with more knowledge, confidence and excitement that the world can no longer rob me of who I am, and as I give of myself, the world will now give back to me.” Lindsay Peters, advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado



Essential Oils Colorado

essential-oils-colorado-vagus-nerve-karla-lakeyEssential Oils Colorado offers students opportunity to explore physical, emotional & mental personal evolution in a safe, nurturing, healing environment.

Essential Oils Colorado trainings with the School of Natural Medicine and Farida Sharan inspires students to expand communication skills to share their profound self realization experiences.

During Essential Oils Level II dynamic class interactive healing processes, students explore their family emotional history, cultural influences, and trauma through depth understanding of the parasympathetic nervous system and giving and receiving Vagus Nerve & Auricular Meridian Therapy with Young Living Essential Oils.

“When I prepared to offer a Vagus Therapy, my intention was to give of myself, of my soul. I prepared my mind, calmed myself, warmed my hands and dipped them into a blend of fragrant essential oils, made specially for the person who was to receive the session.

I began to touch and move my hands in exploration, trying to find a way to soothe and calm and at the same time, share my energy. That is when I first felt that the energy I was giving was coming back to me in giant waves ten fold.

I felt strength, I felt wisdom, I felt love. The waves overwhelmed me but I let them flow through me. It was then that I realized that there is no difference between giving and receiving. There is only love.” Karla Lakey, Naturopathy Student, Golden, Colorado


Essential Oils Release Trauma

essential-oils-release-trauma-trauma-vagus-nerve-healing-kerry-derrickEssential Oils release trauma, whether micro trauma, mini trauma or mega trauma, through dynamic self healing processes during Vagus Nerve Therapy training.

Essential Oils release healing process is shared by Kerry Derrick, Naturopathy student, Psychotherapist and Family Counselor, Arvada, Colorado.

“My journey to the Essential Oils Level II Vagus Nerve Therapy & Trauma class at the School of Natural Medicine began with choosing to hold on to past trauma of driving on wintery roads. I allowed my trauma to tell me stories of sliding off the road, of other drivers following too close and creating chaos in my nervous system. I emailed Farida with my concerns and she gave me the power to choose to come to class or not. Ugh! I contemplated wither it was worth it. I tried to hone into my intuition to get the answer. I spent much time in an anxious frenzy. Ultimately I chose to go because I really love these Immersion weekends. Well, lo and behold, I discovered that if I chose to stay home, I would be holding on to my trauma through escaping the journey on Highway 93 (guess what? weather was fine!)

I have a choice is the message that stands out most for me in this Immersion. I have a choice to transcend into or hold on to my trauma. I can choose to have a relationship with my trauma that creates fear, anxiety, loss of control, and ultimately shuts my system down from change OR I can choose to have a relationship with trauma and leads to awakening enlightenment and growth that leads to calmness.

Through the teachings of Farida Sharan and the sharing of other students, I discovered my modality of keeping my trauma alive through escape and avoidance. Moreover, I learned an aware relationship with trauma serves evolution. The Vagus Nerve Therapy Young Living essential oils sessions gave the opportunity to observe and release trauma in a nurturing, safe environment, which ultimately gives me an emotional definition of how trauma assists my personal evolution. Great thanks to the School of Natural Medicine. I am forever grateful for this gift.”

Evolutionary Learning

evolutionary-learning-essential-oils-vagus-emma-johnstonEvolutionary learning at Purehealth School of Natural Medicine emerges naturally in class as each student experiences the potent field of transformation.

Evolutionary learning of profound holy shifts of consciousness and healing is shared from three new students in their first class.

“Essential Oils Level II class made me aware that I need to slow down, do my inner work and expand my mind and consciousness to evolve. I know I am right where I am supposed to be…amidst the chaos, pain, transition and trauma…as I feel a sense of comfort, hope and peace. I know know that being a part of SNM is part of the greater plan written in the stars, and is a gift. Getting here took major changes, faith and letting go.

After a powerful first day of sharing life stories and revisiting my own, reminded me of why I am here, what I want to learn and the work to be done in order for me to personally evolve. I love experiencing the Young Living Essential Oils in healing processes, taking them in and letting go.

evolutionary-learning-essential-oils-juulia-ilvesThe second day was amazing…putting into practice what we learned about the Autonomic Nervous System, and the Parasympathetic Nervous System Vagus Nerve, giving and receiving Vagus Nerve Therapy, sharing our energies and experiences, slowing down, feeling the energies, letting go, was powerful for me. I am excited and grateful for the journey that lies ahead, and the friendships that will develop along the way.” Emma Johnston, mother of a two year old daughter, recently moved to Denver from California to be near the school, Naturopathy student.

“I cannot express the amount of love and healing I received from my first class at the Purehealth School of Natural Medicine. Even though I am already a massage therapist and healer of many skills, I know my life and my clients need more…more love!…more earth! Purehealth makes me think of the greater outcome beyond my education or healing. I can’t wait to learn more from our teacher, Farida Sharan. Thank you for all the love and work you offer to your students.” Juulia Ilves, Boulder, Colorado, Herbal Medicine Diploma student.

evolutionary-learning-essential-oils-vagus-stephanie-peterson“The experience of Essential Oils Level II class is much more than oil properties. It is about getting to know yourself and beginning to trust whatever it is inside you that drives you to make the decisions you do. I discovered why I am the way I am and learned to let go of all that is holding me back from becoming my best self.

I asked myself questions and realized how dishonest I have been with my feelings. As I was taking this journey through myself (in healing processes with essential oils and in dynamic class conversations, I began to see how I can help others by being in a more peaceful and present mind space.

When I was giving a Vagus Nerve Therapy session, I learned that when I opened my eyes, my visions caused me to second guess what I was feeling. I feel more from touch with my eyes closed. With that new knowledge I can now trust myself more and not have to be so analytical with everything in my life. There is no right or wrong way to do things here in the School of Natural Medicine, no judgment, no expectations, only an understanding that everyone has their own path and their own destiny.” Stephanie Peterson, Lakewood, Colorado

Romania Iridology Student

romania-iridology-student-cristian-badinici-clinicRomania Iridology Student, Cristi Badicini, reports on health improvements & veterinarian clinic & life progress during his Self-Healing & Online Studies.

Romania Iridology Student, Cristi Badicini shares his life, work and study in Romania:

“I am well and healthy as we begin the Orthodox Lent for Easter. I got a little fat in the last 2 months because I drink a healthy shake in the morning and eat 3 meals per day that I didn’t eat before. I go to fitness 2-3 times per week and gained a little muscle too, and I feel better.

romania-iridology-student-cristian-badiniciIn my Veterinarian Clinic I have a lot of work recently and stay long hours because I am changing and preparing new staff. And now my employees are on holiday and I do all work.

For Valentines day we went to Barcelona, and recently I had a weekend course in Ultrasound for pets all weekend.

In March in Romania there is a traditional celebration of women called ‘MARTISOR’. All men must buy gifts and flowers for all the women in their family and their friends. Then on 8th March we celebrate Mother’s Day!

I am doing many things at once, and must have patience to finish them all. I have to settle things in the clinic, with unexpected problems. I don’t give up. I need to learn patience. I plan to finish the Iridology Online Course by summer.“ Thank you, Cristi