Herbal Medicine Joy


Herbal Medicine Joy arises from communion with the potent energies of plants in foot baths, poultices, packs and using the senses to connect deeply with their signature, fragrance, purpose, taste and feel. It is as though the more we share with plants the happier we feel.

When respect for nature, the body you are blessed with, and the choices you make with what you eat and drink become conscious and aware, life energy blesses you in more ways than you can image. We do live in a technical world and use technology for creative, information and communication purposes, but this does not mean we need to dissassociate from nature or our humanity.

“The first day of Herbal Medicine Level I, I felt I stepped on a journey of joy, love and discovery.

I am learning to receive. I am learning that knowledge, theory and ‘the head’ cannot heal without ‘the heart!’

herbal-medicine-joy-juulia-ilvesEmotions are the soul of our lives and they carry true healing powers.

As I learn and experience herbs, I am learning an acceptance of emotions and the importance of letting them flow as I connect with them to help and learn how to heal others.”

Elisa Badi, Tuscany, Italy & London, England where she works in the Gavin Grimaldi Photography Gallery, Naturopathy & Natural Physician student with the School of Natural Medicine UK. Elisa is also attending the Natural Physician Summer Immersion in the UK in July.


herbal-medicine-diploma-juulia-ilvesHerbal Medicine Diploma approved Colorado State Board of Higher Education training is offered twice yearly in Level I, II, II Immersion Program, or space permitting in our dynamic small classes of 8 or less students, attendance is available for part of the training.

Herbal Medicine Diploma student shares, “I prepared for the Herbal Medicine Immersion these past two weeks with my Online Course study materials and together with the Herbal Medicine I classes, this has been an incredible transformation.”

Juulia enrolled in the Herbal Medicine Online Study requirement for the Diploma and preparation with study was a wise choice. She has already attended Healing Diets, Essential Oils and Flower Essences classes, and attends Spring Session classes in Flower Essence II and Iridology I classes.



I feel more in tune with my body and its ups and downs.

I feel the energies of everything around me now, as my body, mind and spirit are connecting the more I go into my studies.

There have been many changes in this time and learning Herbal Medicine is keeping me able to handle all the world chaos as well as my personal chaos.

As I am learning this amazing approach to Herbal and Natural Medicine, I am truly connecting with my true self and purpose.” Juulia Ilves, Boulder, Colorado, Naturopathy student, Massage Therapist, Aesthetician.

Photograph of Juulia and Amanda enjoying a relaxing Lobelia foot bath. Amanda also has an herbal poultice on her knee. Herbal studies are experiential and personally connected to each student’s dynamic life experience toward their highest potential.


July Herbal Medicine Immersion — July 17th through 25th

Tuition $800 for each module = $2400 + Materials Lab Fee $200

Deposit $600 for the full Immersion by May 1st – save $200.00

Date Day Info Herbal Medicine Immersion Description Lab Fee


LEVEL I 3 days Level I Practical herbal treatments, communion with plants, and creating an herbal pharmacy/dispensary. $503 days
July 17 Friday 2 pm – 8 pm Herbal & Naturopathy Treatments
July 18 Saturday 1 pm – 7 pm Plant Energy, Harvesting, Drying Herbs
July 19 Sunday 1 pm – 7 pm Herbal Pharmacy, Dispensary & Business Skills


LEVEL 3A 2 days Level IIIA Exploring nutritional realities of the body systems, and learning the dangers & gifts of the supplement world. $252 days
July 21 Tuesday 1 pm – 8 pm Learn requirements of Body Systems, Organs & Glands together with appropriate Nutrition sources.
July 22 Wednesday 1 pm – 8 pm Supplements & Additives (Vitamin Cottage Field Trip)


LEVEL II 3 days Level II Explore signatures and sacred geometry of plants; make medicines, flower essences & herbal baths. $503 days
July 24 Friday 2 pm – 8 pm Plant Geometry & Organic Gardening
July 25 Saturday 1 pm – 7 pm Living Plants, Teas, Tinctures, Salves — Pharmacy
July 26 Sunday 10 am – 5 pm Botanic Gardens Trip, Flower Essences, Herbal Baths
LEVEL 3BJuly 28 2 daysField TripTuesday Level IIIB-1Plains8am- 1pm A field trip into the plains to explore plant medicine, connect with plants and learn secrets of wild crafting. $752 days


July 29 Field TripWednesday Level IIIB-28am- 1pm A field trip to the mountains to explore plant medicine, connect with plants and learn secrets of wild crafting. $0

Lobelia Foot Baths

herbal-medicine-amandaLobelia Foot Baths calm the body, mind and spirit, creating deep relaxation & trust so that Herbal Medicine education is received on deep and personal levels.

Herbal Medicine Immersion Level I class changed my mentality and attitude as to how I will accomplish my commitment to attending PureHealth School of Natural Medicine at the same time as raising my young son with my husband. I often worry, “How am I going to do all this with a family?” Being young and limited on resources at times makes me stressed.

Seeing and hearing how our teacher, Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIr, graduate of the School of Natural Medicine, navigated and accomplished all she has, while raising her daughter, gives me great hope that I can and will find the balance to do my passion while still being present and able to care for those I love most.

herbal-medicine-april-2015-groupOn the third day of class, I dealt with letting go and trusting, as I had to send my son to a new sitter. Naturally I was nervous and anxious about trusting someone else to care for him, but Heidi, and Carrie, the new sitter, helped me put my mind at ease.

Lobelia Foot Baths relaxed me into this deep place of trust and knowing where I learned it is okay for me to feel the nervousness and at the same time to release it and trust my son will be fine. I cannot be afraid to let him learn through experience and I cannot shelter him from everything. I know now what he experiences will give him the strength he needs in life.

I am learning to go with the ebbs and flows that life presents, because change is continuous. The less I resist change and the more I embrace and experience it, the easier it will be to navigate as I go. I know now I am fully capable of finding the balance and that things will be okay.” Amanda McNabb, “ Denver, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

Ginger Poultices

castor-oil-pack-kerry-derrickGinger Poultices, Castor Oil packs and other Naturopathy Herbal Medicine treatments awaken consciousness unique to each student to support holy shifts!

Ginger Poultices are placed over the kidneys and adrenals to stimulate and restore their energy and function, and warm the kidneys. See the technique in the photos. Peel, then grate the ginger into two small moist piles (the size of the soft spot on either side of the spine on the lower back) on a cotton strip large enough to wrap around your lower waist, bend over and carefully put it in place and then wrap it well. Do not lean on something or lie on it as it will get too warm. Leave on for a hour or two. Make sure the Ginger is grated well so there are no rough fibers.

“In Herbal Medicine Level I, I learned a deeper understanding of resisting and connecting with my being through the herbal treatments and our processing. I know now not to judge resistance but allow myself to feel. I learned that my resistance is my inner knowledge of an approaching shift or change to bring about transformation. I no longer need to remain stuck.

I need to be kind to resistance, and show love and trust to change, so as not take away from the experience but allow change to make me stronger.

ginger-poultice-put-on-kerry-derrickMy ability to compartmentalize myself is keen. I have been able to keep energy from my counseling work in one place and then move into another as if there is no effect from ignoring stress. I know know by doing this, I also ignore value.

I have been able to keep calm in family crises on the outside while my body takes in all the energy that I then trap within until my body so it has no choice other than to become ill with disease and despair.

Three days in the grand scheme of things seems minuscule, yet the life lessons learned and the growth toward my enlightenment during Herbal Medicine Level I is immensely valuable.

Ginger Poultices? Lobelia Foot Baths? Castor Oil Packs? Neti Pot? Communing with herbal plants? I cannot pinpoint a particular naturopathy herbal treatment, processes, discussion or demonstration in the pharmacy when the shift took place, rather it was the whole experience that helped each part of my system contact more deeply into my consciousness.” Kerry Derrick, Arvada, Colorado, Naturopathy student, Family Therapist & Counsellor.

Gerson Therapy

gerson-therapy-renate-mcconathyGerson Therapy is one of the Self Healing vegan therapeutic modalities we study in Healing Diets Level I Cleanse, Detox & Purification Rejuvenation Class. In April 2015,  we welcomed a student with extensive personal and therapeutic experience in the Dr. Max Gerson MD system of Chronic Disease Therapy. Although Medicine does not believe Chronic Disease can be cured but Max Gerson MD and other Natural Medicine practitioners have proved it can be cured. The Ann Wigmore and Gabriel Cousens Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine are also studied along with Farida Sharan’s Purification, Rejuvenation & Transformation system that also includes extensive emotional, social, mental and spiritual levels of exploration.

“As we sat around bowls filled with fresh herbs at the beginning of Healing Diets Level I Class, and began to separate stems from leaves, feeling the oils of the herbs on my hands, fingers and the air filled with scents and aromas of culinary yet medicinal herbs, marjoram, oregano, thyme, tarragon and rosemary, slowly I began to breathe consciously, feeling myself slow down, become grounded, calmed, present in the moment, as through the earth was passing through me and surrounding me.

gerson-therapy-mind-map-renate-mcconathyThe delicious Liver Cleanse Drink blended in the Vitamix of grapefruit, lemon, orange, ginger, garlic, olive oil and a dash of turmeric opened my senses and made me aware of my body. As it slowly passed down the digestive tract, I felt my liver receiving the gentle cleanse of the powerful delicious ingredients.

With senses heightened, feeling grounded, cleansed and present, I helped make a most delicious almond nut cheese. It was so delicious, my tongue felt liberated to explore all the layers of tastes of herbs, spices and bursts of tiny cut fennel, green onions, red pepper, garlic, lemon and ginger.

Marinating kale salad, massaging avocado into it, touching, feeling, tasting, and experiencing the different textures and elemental flavors made me feel connected with the food. It was as if the plants were joyfully giving of themselves to my wellbeing and I was in tune to receive their nutrients and blessing.

gerson-therapy-vegan-cheese-renate-mcconathyThrough the class I feel more connected, aware, and recognize the importance for me to continue this experience and purpose of preparing and received nutrient nourishment.

Also I am now more aware of how I get stuck in patterns and my nutrient content becomes one sided, because of habit. I feel an urgency of being more conscious and aware of eating a more balanced diet that includes all tastes, as I remain vegetarian and mostly vegan, thought the nut cheese was so satisfying, I may no longer want sometimes to enjoy dairy cheese.” Renata McConathy, Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant, Healing Diets Diploma student, Berthoud, Colorado. Renate astounds her flight community with the care she takes to bring healthy fresh foods on her flights.

Renata has trained in and supported family members for several years with the Gerson Cancer Therapy with organic juicing and vegan foods, and now studies toward being a practitioner and educator of Healing Diets and Natural Medicine.

Renate’s Mind Map radiates the power of years of history with vibrant organic foods, and the raw almond nut cheese photo shows the red pepper, herbs, green onions that will be massaged into the cultured cheese.


Vegan Foods

vegan-food-sahana-rao“Vegan foods gave me amazing courage, power and energy to drive home over an hour though the night and be fearless after always being scared of the dark.

This surprised me as I have always been nervous just to think of driving anywhere in the dark.

vegan-food-salad-divineAfter the first day of the Healing Diets class, which was my Level III, the raw vegan foods helped me think clearly and I felt ‘grounded’ in my body after not feeling grounded for a very long time. This was because of the food we ate, and the talking and sharing with each other, and the undivided attention I received when Farida answered my questions. The most amazing salad I have ever eaten in my life triggered all these realizations, emotions and feelings within me.

My mind started calming down after starting my Self Healing Module some time ago. My body felt better because of changes in diet, increases in healthy nutrients from herbs and Naturopathy cleansing treatments.

vegan-food-liver-cleanse-drinkThe Liver Cleanse Drinks and the programs I followed with the Healing Diets Online Course made me feel nourished. Within three months all my sweet cravings were reduced.

Now after a year and a half in the School of Natural Medicine with the Healing Diets Online Course, the Self Healing Module and the Healing Diets classes, when people walk into my house they say they can smell something fragrant and ask me if I have sprayed air fresheners. I feel happy when I tell them it is the fresh, living, growing herbs and micro-greens I have on my counter tops. My husband comes home from work and asks if we can have this food everyday.

My whole house has changed and now I feel more responsible about every drop of water, every skin I feel from vegetables and fruits, and more importantly, everything I eat, drink and breathe. This really is heaven on earth!”

Sahana Rao, mother of two daughters, Healing Diets Diploma student, Denver, Colorado; Sahana has already invited to join two medical practices as a Healing Diets practitioner as soon as she graduates.

Photo of Liver Cleanse Drink: grapefruit, orange, lemon juice + olive oil, turmeric, ginger, garlic blended to exquisite energetic elemental taste! Photo of Salad Divine: mixed multi greens, endive, red pepper, brocco sprouts, ginger, grated orange beet, green onions, avocado with avocado, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, dated, sauerkraut dressing; served with almond herb cheese and marinated walnuts.


Vegan Awakening

vegan-awakening-juulia-ilves“Vegan awakening in class community is most wonderful and full of love. The raw, organic, living, vegan foods are fabulous and full of flavor.

I feel lighter and brighter. My body feels relaxed and nourished. My head is full of thoughtful insights. Learning about nature, plants, food and health are my reasons for being in the School of Natural Medicine classes.

The Healing Diets classes are beautiful and full of laughter and the foods bring me true joy. I love myself when I eat like this.

vegan-awakening-juulia-ilves-saladMy whole world around me seems to be tumbling down while the world within is growing!

I look forward to learning new information and meeting new students in each class. Sahana and Renata are ideal Healing Diets classmates, and it is wonderful to meet advanced students like Lindsay, Lauren and Radha and experience Brigitte Mars teaching as well our main teacher, Farida Sharan. Thank goodness for the community, passion and support.

vegan-awakening-walnut-marinadeThis class has been great because my emotions were a bit scattered. The food, the teachings and the sharing brought me back to earth, back to a calm mind, and back to my purpose, just what I needed right now.” Juulia Ilves, Massage Therapist, Aesthetician, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado.

Juulia has attended Flower Essence and Essential Oils classes, and is attending the full Herbal Medicine Immersion starting 24th April with all three levels. She has also enrolled in Iridology I in June.

Vegan raw walnut marinade: soak, drain until bitterness is gone, then let the walnuts dry before flavoring in a blend of lemon juice, organic sesame oil, herb mix of marjoram, oregano, tarragon, rosemary and thyme, nama shoyu soy sauce, salt, ginger, are a high protein superbly delicious addition to salads or as a snack on their own. They taste better every day and never last long enough! Good to make once a week.

Earthlings Food

earthlings-food-juulia-ilvesEarthlings Food is the food of choice for human beings who respect the rights of all species, animal rights and understand the price paid for mass production of meat, dairy and processed foods on water supplies, health and planetary survival. The choice to move beyond speciesism (Speciesism: The Movie) toward respect for animals, nature and all beings evolves life on this planet!

“Healing Diets Level II Day One – Happy! The food is delicious! The passion that goes into preparation! The knowledge I learned! The foods brought out my passion as I love experimenting and dislike recipes. I am gaining respect and understanding for food.

Earthlings Food means facing the reality of food production with the DVD Earthlings, my body could not handle the reactions. I started shaking, I thought about running away. Even though I have always been vegetarian, I wondered if I could even live in this world anymore. How much do I have to do to fit in! I am too sensitive. I feel selfish, so I bully myself even further. I hope I grow. I hope I survive. This is my deep truth.

Understanding and acceptance are my only way forward. I pray I grow to help and serve the Earth and its earthlings – all earthlings, not just humans. I am on my way.

earthlings-food-lindsay-petersHealing Diets II Day Two: Learning how to make raw vegan organic plant based dehydrated foods and cultured foods was fantastic, and I loved eating the wild food dishes we created from gathering wild flowers and plants on our walks, even some plants that are usually considered weeds, like Nettles!

(A new documentary, PlantPure Nation will educate humans seeking health and well being from the authors of the China Study.)

Even though it has been an extra hard time for me lately, coming to Healing Diets class these two days is helping me and healing me. I love this. I love what I have been learning about food and herbs.”

“I don’t cure people. I teach them to cure themselves.” I love this quote. This is really the only way to transformation, knowledge and growth.” Juulia Ilves, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

Teaching assistant, Lindsay, demonstrates raw organic basil avocado lemon garlic pesto for the marinated raw organic vegan zucchini spaghetti.

Vegan Compassion

vegan-compassion-renate-mcconathyVegan Compassion is the path of a human being respecting the life of all species. A plant based diet is no longer a personal choice but a planetary choice.

Facing the reality of the horror of meat production and other corporate realities and their role in the increasing levels of illness in all ages of humankind is not easy for anyone, but it is necessary for those who wish to attain professional standing and the skills to guide others toward health and healing.

Healing Diets students are courageous in their willingness to evolve from sympathy emotional reactions to compassionate understanding that enables a professional healing arts educator and practitioner to guide others through to understanding.

“Healing Diets II Day One: A celebration of foods tossed in herbs and spices that awakened my mind, body, spirit and senses.”

Vegan Compassion discussions stimulate strong emotions. “Through the compassion/sympathy discussion and teachings with Farida, I connected deeply with new perceptions, realizing the new growth comes out of death of oneself and ashes can be transformed into beauty. Death, release, letting go, is the link to compassion. As you rise out of your ashes, transformation takes place and you shift from emotion to compassion and purpose as you change into growth evolution.”

healing-diets-brigitte-marsHealing Diets II Day Two: “We were whisked into the world of magical healing, herbal medicine and life raw foods. From picking dandelions that we made into dandelion salad and fried dandelion blossoms, nettle mousse and fresh nettle juice, to a Boulder town walking tour of herbal and spice shops and apothecaries to an herbal walking and gathering tour.

We learned about dehydrating and cultured foods, and watched Brigitte transform sprouted buckwheat and soaked Hazelnuts into a raw quiche dough topped with nettle and butternut squash. We also made flaxseed crackers, and learned to make Kombucha and fermented sauerkraut.

The whole day was teaching us about the connection to and from every living thing and being and how we can live, thrive and be sustained by nature.” Renate McConathy, Berthoud, Colorado, Flight Attendant, Healing Diets student.

Healing Diets

healing-diets-sahana-raohealing-diets-farida-sharan“Healing Diets Level II Day One began with Farida welcoming all of us with a beautiful and cheerful smile, happy as ever with the highest of spirits. Every cell in me was excited to experience what was in store for me today.

We drank an amazing pumpkin seed milk smoothie enhanced with raspberries, banana, vanilla, dates, probiotics and coconut water, while we each shared about our relationship with food. The smoothie elevated my spirits and made me curious to explore more with other seeds and nut milks.

HD-Raw Zucchini SpaghettiCreating a spiralized marinated raw zucchini spaghetti and pesto was great fun and an awesome lunch. Raw Cashew firm cheese, so tasty and satisfying, took me one step closer to becoming vegan.

When I was thinking this day could not get any better, we began discussions on food production factory farm corporate realities, harm to animals, and the difference between sympathy and compassion. When it was time to watch Earthlings, the DVD movie about speciesism, my body began to shake to my very core.

Unknown fears and feelings started rising to the surface – sympathy for animals and hatred toward society. I wanted to go, and covered my head, but Farida came to the rescue. She explained how important it is for me to watch and face reality in order to help others come out of the vicious cycle of supporting harm. I have been vegetarian all my life and it is hard to see the horror of meat production.

I learned I need to become knowledgeable and compassionate to be able to help others. I know I need to get to a more compassionate place, without such strong emotional reactions, so I can communicate effectively.

healing-diets-fruits-vegetablesHealing Diets Level II Day Two – I had no idea flowers and wild whole plants could be eaten, like Dandelion and Nettles. Using wild plants is truly living in synch with nature. When my knee started hurting, Lindsay, a fellow student hit my knee with nettle leaves and in an hour the pain had gone.

The walks through town and collecting wild plants with Brigitte Mars made me want to come and live in Boulder, Colorado forever. Such a lovely day and so informative. We ended the day with a soothing Turmeric chai.” Sahana Rao, Healing Diets Diploma student, Denver, Colorado, mother of two young children. Sahana has already been asked to join a medical practice, teaching Healing Diets, and also to give a class at her local Vitamin Cottage, in addition to her own classes.