Vagus Nerve

vagus-nerve-essential-oils-auricular-therapy-a-b“Vagus Nerve & Auricular Therapy sessions with medicinal Young Living Essential Oils gifted me with experiences of profound levels of relief, safety & love.”

Vagus Nerve gentle touch on the back of my neck, although very simple and light, had profound and deep implications, as I had never felt so much comfort and support. This safety allowed me to open up and process some of the traumas I experienced as a child.

I was also able to share in the class that I had never felt that loved and secure before, and that the safety provided the space I needed to feel and release my past traumas. This too was a breakthrough!

It is time to face the raw material in my life and release and balance past experiences so I do not hold onto what hinders my expression and well being.

vagus-nerve-essential-oils-amanda-ellinsburgMy mind expanded on the first day because the teaching changed all I knew about the Vagus Nerve from my nursing studies where we were taught never to massage or stimulate the nerve.

What a relief to learn we can safely and gently influence the Vagus Nerve to support its crucial human function with the Heart Mind Connection to balance the heart that processes all we receive from the world before the information is sent to the brain. The nerve also controls functions of the lungs, inner ears, facial expressions, voice, throat, stomach and digestive system.

The second day, devoted to bodywork and healing touch with Young Living Essential Oils, applied what we are learning. I enjoyed the exploration of the human body in all the physical and energetic aspects – all so fascinating!

During our discussion, healing processes and questioning exercises with Farida, I received a clear message that life is raw material. Learning is to navigate life experiences by understanding events are what they are is a valuable key. I know now when I get attached to experiences, people or memories, I create imbalances.

Understanding the power of the Vagus Nerve helps us return to balance in various areas of our lives when we apply the healing processes with gentle and Healing Touch to ourselves or others with medicinal grade Young Living Essential Oils.

I absolutely loved Essential Oils Level II Class!” Amanda Ellinsburg, Aurora, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

Essential Oils Explorations

essential-oils-auricular-therapy-b-a“Essential Oils Explorations of the Vagus Nerve helped me get in touch with and become familiar with a little known realm in my inner climate and emotional body.

I want to explore Essential Oils Self Healing processes further, as I now see the need to become more understanding and skillful on how to listen, question and communicate in order to dig deeper and uncover or let issues surface from the deeper impulses and roots of my emotional life. Exploring past experiences was an important step forward for my personal Self Healing process and for learning how to help others.

Essential Oils Explorations is an important part of my life journey as I am now aware of how illness and disease manifest from emotional issues and traumatic events. I am thirsty for more understanding and experience with the philosophies and techniques we explore in the School of Natural Medicine classes with Farida Sharan.

This class also gave me a deeper appreciation, respect, admiration and understanding that the Vague Nerve is more than a transmitter of electrical signals, but that it also facilitates healthy rejuvenating physiological processes, relaxation, social relationships, oxytocin levels and self regulating balance.

essential-oils-explorations-brian-sholetteWhen giving sessions, whether Vagus Nerve Connection or Auricular Meridian Therapy (with touch instead of acupuncture needles or laser) with Young Living Medicinal Essential Oils, I gained confidence in my ability to feel energy, prana or chi flow. When searching gently at the base of the occipital brain hemispheres for the Vagal Connection spot, I definitely felt the energy pulse when I found it.

When receiving sessions, I was amazed at the shift in consciousness, especially from being in my head to my body, or at times in some other dimension of deep relaxation.

Even though I experienced similar sensations with Reflexology, Healing Touch, or Reiki sessions, I found it amazing that the Vagus Nerve Connection can so quickly and deeply relax me into a warm, comforting, calm zone. It also reminded me of sinking into the Water Element during the water movements in Naturopathy I class. The sessions put me into such a pleasant state of being, I did not want to come out, even though once up and moving around, I retained the super calm and relaxed feeling of a very happy state of euphoria.”

Brian Sholette, Educator, Aurora, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

Highly recommend watching Stephen Porges on his brilliant POLYVAGAL TRIUNE BRAIN THEORY on youtube.

Next Essential Oils classes in our Autumn Class Session in Boulder, Colorado

Flower Essences Colorado

flower essences-kerry-derrickFlower Essences Colorado transform deep roots of fear, reactions, defenses, habits, emotions in School of Natural Medicine FES Flower Essence Level II class in Boulder, Colorado.

“Flower Essences Colorado gave me profound insight in flexibility of the mind to see what is possible rather than allowing thought processes formed from childhood as the chatter of broken souls to control my sense of self and my true purpose.

During my process of toward creating my personal Flower Essence remedy with Farida Sharan and six other students was a lesson in the deep consciousness of exploring and then discovering the deepest roots of my interior struggles.

Factually I had been able to identify what happened in my relationship with my older sister, yet until this class I could never grasp the emotional imprint that tripped me up all these years.

I have a tremendous sense of relief in the discovery that my exhaustion of holding this emotional garbage all of my life has now transformed into strength and energy.” Kerry Derrick, Naturopathy student, Family & Marriage Psychologist, Arvada, Colorado

Next Flower Essence Classes:

Level I with Bach system – September 4 & 5

Level II with FES system – October 30 & 31

FES Remedy – Tansy

Bach Remedy – Pine

Online Student Australia

online-student-australia-gloria-lockyerOnline Student Australia News – Gloria Lockyer, Naturopathy & Natural Physician Online student passionately bridging aborigine & western medicine.

I know what I want to do as a 47 year old woman. I have attached a brochure to show my goals to reach from my studies.  I want to help blend Aboriginal traditional healing with Naturopathy. It feels I am here to help reinvigorate our women’s ceremonies and traditions in our society today by awakening others by going and doing Law Camps with the elders before it too late.

At the moment because I am in the mentored trainee and up-skilling to qualified phase of the practice, I do not yet produce income from Naturopathy, therefore I am seeking funding  to reach the goal of publishing a book and resource kit for the Aboriginal Womens Groups.

Am leaving Wednesday on a Law and Culture Camp with some ladies who live traditional ways. I’ve heard they make medicines and are practicing their craft. So excited to meet them can’t wait to see what they are doing. This is open to everyone.

online-student-australia-gloria-lockyer-brochure.I got bitten by something last year near Christmas. It felt like a sharp needle stabbing deep into my leg. I seen the two bite marks but didn’t stop to think and ended up in bed for 2 days thinking it was vertigo.  Anyways came out in rashes all over my body except face for months. So in March I went to the doctor and she said it looked like a Redback snakebite and prescribed me antibiotics and steroid creams.  The antibiotics made me vomit and gave me runs and I feel sick.  So ended up using Echinacea tincture and made up a rub of nettle, celandine, lavender and honey.  Got scared but believed in the herbs and it is clearing up.  My arms have cleared right up. I used lavender oil to stop itching so I could go to sleep. And I have made a Passion Flower tincture with a few drops of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil to make sure the mind gets rest.  So all I am learning is being put into use daily.

Here are my goals:

  • Currently mentored training programs in Naturopathic Healing with School of Natural Medicine & Australasian College of Natural Therapy for my Naturopathic Practice
  • Engaged with local Kimberley and Pilbara women in a working group to develop a book and resource kit for use in the community.
  • Participating in bush harvesting with local Aboriginal women here in Kimberley and attending Culture and Law Camp with Kapululangu Culture and Law Centre in Balgo
  • Naturopathic practice Biwa Healer (up-skilling with Iridology, Herbal and Nutritional medicines to higher standard of practice with Aromatherapy, Reiki, Massage & client natural health plans)

online-student-australia-athameI want to share what I found out about my English heritage.  My family come from Clutton in Somerset and had been living there since 1200 apparently near St Michael Tower and Chalice Wells. I have a profound love for that place and not sure why, but I had drawn a pic of a white iris with rhizome to be carved onto my wood athame. The circle is the full moon and the flower is the one that resides in the Chalice Well garden. It is on my brochure as I immediately fell in love with this flower. When I found a pic on internet and put it up to the one I drew, I found they matched! I am now on a global search for some seeds or rhizome.

Thank you Farida. I feel very privileged to have you as my mentor. I know what you mean about overcoming a lot in life. I take your words and keep them and use them when am feeling like I think I want to give up. The way you write with the analogies is quite poetic at times. The more I read the more I see how much work and knowledge is there. I so admire your professional achievements. I know that I have lots to learn.

Talk soon peace, light and love Gloria Lockyer, Australia, Naturopathy & Natural Physician Online Student


Flower Essence Seeking

Flower Essence Seeking

flower-essence-seeking-school-of-natural-medicine“Flower Essence Seeking true self!

Who am I? What do I need? What makes me truly happy?

I am finally asking myself these questions even though they make me feel uncomfortable.

I realize and acknowledge everyone is burdened and carrying baggage. Everyone of us has sadness, grief, anger in our lives.

We are fortunate to be here in School of Natural Medicine Flower Essence Level II FES Flower Essence class as we are wanting to recognize and heal our detachment from and reconnect to Mother Earth, and our true purpose. Coming into this knowledge opens my attunement to my true self.

Opening up is scary, even more so to six other students. The support and understanding in our classes with Farida makes the difference. Hearing everyone share, listen and support each other is a great lesson.

We cannot give up even when we feel the world is tumbling down around us.

I am now asking the right questions and look in the right direction. I am feeling more like my true self.” Juulia Ilves, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado, Massage therapist, Aesthetician.


flower-essence-seeking-lindsay-petersFlower Essence FES class helped me realize that I am my own source of pain. When I attach excesses to situations, I find I go outside of myself and become lost. I must follow my true self of inner knowing and trust that within the right time all things will become what they need to be.

I have a deep gratitude for the essence, the knowing and the higher intelligence that the flower and plant kingdoms and queendoms offer me to help me find who I am.

Having communion with the essence of life – be it a flower, a tree, an herb or even an animal – from their offering of being connected to the source of their being, they show me that I can too be like them, to be who I am fully and completely without struggle, without blame, without unnecessary pain.

The essence of life is a true symbol that everything I need to be, or anywhere I feel I need to be, is already within me, built inside my pulsing life because life is guided by a higher intelligence.” Lindsay Peters, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

Flower Essence Awakening

Flower Essence Awakening

flower-essence-awakening-miranda-palmer“Flower Essence Awakening was a heart opening healing resonance with plants on a deep level of power and a new knowing of the inner world of emotions.

Things I have kept so deep inside for so long have finally been dug up and cleared. After hiding and shoving my emotions down, I finally accept my true problems cannot be hidden anymore.

My pain was so deep and hidden, I could not, would not accept what was happening inside me.

I feel heart broken open in a good way.

I feel lighter after sharing my inner struggles and thoughts with everyone during the Self Healing process of exploring and questioning with Farida.

Knowing how to sit with how I really feel and ask myself why I feel this way is a skill I have needed and a transition for me. I am grateful and humbled by how much insight the processes have given me. It is pure magic. I want to be clear with my emotions and translate them into clear, strong, communication. I know these skills will get me though any tough roads ahead.

The wisdom behind the FES Flower Essences and the School of Natural Medicine Self-Healing processes allowed me to drop in and dig out these roots that were entangled in my soul. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Longmont, Colorado.

Flower Essence Level I & II – see Autumn Class Schedule on the School Calendar.

September 4/5 – FLOWER ESSENCE LEVEL I – Dr. Edward Bach Flower Remedy system. Explore the roots of fear to release creativity with personal Self-Healing processes to determine personal remedy. Mind Maps. Gestures & history of Flower Essences. Vibrational Medicine. No lab fee. Remedy included.

October 30/31 – FLOWER ESSENCE LEVEL II – FES System: Integrating & manifesting spirit into body & life, balancing masculine / feminine energies. Emphasis on expression of inner experience & emotional life. Self-Healing processes determine student’s personal remedy. Level I before II OK, Essential consulting skills for practitioners of the healing arts. Lab Fee $25 for FES book.




Flower Essences

flower-essences-elisa-badii“Flower Essences Immersion Level II class helped me find a way out of my own constraints and pains as I experienced sharing and feeling those of others.

Stepping out of my little self and being willing to open and listen to others helped me realize I am not the only one washed up on tormented waters.

I come from a community of family, friends and co-workers) where there is none, or very little, communication about feelings and emotional difficulties, and everything is experienced on the surface.

For the first time I faced the reality this is not actually true. I am not alone.

How powerful is the work we have done, unbelievable… I have never felt my fears and what pulls me back so deeply, and crying for me is a big thing. I never or very rarely get to the point of letting it out… Thank you.” Elisa Badii, Tuscany, Italy and London, England, Natural Physician student with School of Natural Medicine UK

flower-essence-mind-map-elisa-badii“Flower Essences study of the FES flower essence system at PureHealth School of Natural Medicine was profound at many levels as it helped me realize how limited my thoughts had become.

Listening to the words and sharing the emotions of my classmates as they engaged in conversations and processes, including Mind Maps, with Farida was the true essence to a deeper level of understanding of human connection that brought us closer to each other.

We arrived at an understanding of our uniqueness through exploring the many different FES flower essences to discover the one or ones that are true for me, or the others, at this time.

Thank you again for offering such a wonderful environment and your awesome insight.

I am renewing my Self Healing program and enrolling in all levels of Healing Diets classes, and the Flower Essence Level I class of the flower remedies of Dr. Edward Bach in September. Thank you.” Christie Sharon, new student recently moved from Minnesota to be near the school during her studies.



Denver Botanic Gardens

botanic-gardens-herbal-medicine-immersionDenver Botanic Gardens – School of Natural Medicine field trip is a highlight of Herbal Medicine Immersion trainings each year in April and July. Our honored teacher, Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIr is a graduate of the School of Natural Medicine in 2000. The training is mainly hosted in her organic gardens and greenhouse and in the school Herbs of Grace Pharmacy & Dispensary. Students are introduced to a wide range of subjects, experiences, herbal naturopathy treatments, herbal medicine preparations, field trips and personal Self Healing processing.

denver-botanic-gardens-herbal-medicine-amanda-ellinsburg“My husband used the Salve we made for muscles every night since I brought it home. He loves it! I also used it on my own shoulder for two days and it took my pain away. The salve, we students named as “TU ComeFree Salve’, was made of a mix of herbs we also chose that contained Comfrey, Turmeric, Meadowsweet and Lavender Essential Oil.

I experienced a break through during our visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens. Somehow amongst the flowers and herbs, I found a muse and produced sketches I am proud of. Previously my drawings look like a child made them.

I feel walls are coming down and whatever has been blocking my inner artist is being healed and released!!!

denver-botanic-gardens-heidi-jarvisOn day three in the fields harvesting herbs to make Salves and Tinctures was a favorite day, and as my thoughts wandered to my childhood, I realized my internal blockages are from that time, probably in relation to my father.

The Immersions moved me toward an area of vulnerability and also got me in sync with the studying aspect of the school.

So much happening is tiring at times, but I am ready for more wildcrafting field trips with teachers, Brigitte Mars and Marco Lam, and the Essential Oils II Vagus Nerve class coming up at the school in a couple of weeks.” Amanda Ellinsburg, Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado.

“Wonderful days – talking with plants was a beautiful experience, so relaxing, so meditative, so peaceful. Being able to tune into plants and learn from them is amazing. After communing with and gathering the herbal plants, we made a Salve and two Tinctures.

I am excited to let all this information and experience sink in!” Juulia Ilves, Boulder, Colorado, Naturopathy student

Plant Consciousness

plant-consciousness-herbal-medicine-kerry-derrickPlant Consciousness awakens trust in inner knowing as we quiet, listen, feel, sense & eventually know the nature of what we seek to understand in nature.

“When we are instructed to ‘talk to the plants and listen to their wisdom’ my thoughts were ‘Oh, I am not going to know.’ And ‘How could I have the power or energy to possibly understand plant energy let alone translate plant knowledge and messages.’

I gave it a try, picked a plant I was drawn to, sat peacefully with it. The plant was still and quiet for a long time, waiting for me to calm enough to listen to her.

As I calmed, I noticed the one I chose was more powerful than the other plants and it seemed like she was telling me she was the ‘mother’ plant. Even though she had seedlings all around, the communication I received was that she was a mother protector.

plant-consciousness-herbal-medicine-elisa-badiiAwe came when I learned it was a Motherwort plant. Wow! (In the photo Kerry sits in front of another plant, Mullein)

Attending the full Herbal Medicine Immersion has been a lesson in trusting my inner knowing. I discovered I stop my inner knowledge through negative thoughts and ‘nay saying’. This battle within me creates nervousness and as I learn to calm this nervous chaos, I trust my inner knowing.” Kerry Derrick, Denver Colorado, Naturopathy student, Psychotherapist & Family & Marriage Counselor.

“Connecting and communing and tuning in to plants so closely was enriching as I learned directly from them as to their healing properties and how they should be used.

I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with preparing Tinctures, Salves and Essential Oils as well as learning about Hydrosols.” Elisa Badii, Naturopathy student, Tuscany, Italy & London England, student of the School of Natural Medicine UK.