Graduate News

graduate-news-sahana-raoGraduate news is a delight to receive. Congratulations Sahana Rao, mother of two, and a Healing Diets Counselor Graduate this June 2015. Sahana began her professional career with an invitation to present at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers in Denver.

graduate-news-sahana-rao“My Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers teaching session went very well. I was able to keep the audience of about 40 people occupied for an hour. While I was talking, they were making notes of everything I was saying. I was feeling like a rock star ;).

I would smile at myself whenever I gave them a suggestion which had come from you during the class. I would tell them exactly the way you taught me. They loved me and gave me a ton of positive reviews. Some of them even spoke to the manager to ask me to come in for more sessions.

They asked me where I went to school and I said, with Farida Sharan at the School of Natural Medicine!


I am planning to take the Online Herbal Medicine course, and doing Herbal Medicine, Reflexology, Essential Oils and Iridology classes very soon. I would love to take Herbal Medicine this summer however we are going to India to visit family.

I have just begun my new post on something called ‘Spiritual Nutrition’. I will be including the school name there. I am also in the process of finishing a blog post on the School of Natural Medicine. I’ll let you know soon. Now that my Healing Diets Diploma course is done, I will have some time to work on my blog.

The spiritual nutrition will consist of an 81 week journey with the ‘Tao Te Ching’ of Lao Tzu and translated by Wayne Dyer. My plan is to include nutrition in this spiritual journey and how proper nourishment, detoxing and cleansing are necessary for a healthy body and mind.” Sahana Rao, Healing Diets Counselor, Naturopathy student, Denver, Colorado


Appreciations June 2015


Appreciations sent to School of Natural Medicine from students and graduates document their class experiences and online studies, Self Healing progress, practice and success after graduation.

“I am honored and blessed to have been a student and now graduate of this exceptional and exquisite school. I will ALWAYS cherish my ‘charn’ (honored teacher in Tibetan)  as Farida Sharan is brave, kind, compassionate, highly skilled and powerful in a loving and very important way.” Tara Michelle ND MH MIr Maui, Hawaii. Check out Tara’s website.

“I feel that you and the school are a great blessing from the universe and a great launching pad and support as I go through this transformation in myself and with creating my herbal tea company, Holistic Veda LLC. I am truly humbled and in awe” Love, Nicole Richards, Naturopathy student, Georgia USA

“Dear Farida, I delved right in to the Naturopathy Online Course on receiving, and read your Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy book, watched all the videos and enjoyed the dances of the chakras, elements and emotions. Already I have found so many of the answers I was looking for. Everyday I leave work excited to come home and pick up the study materials and learn more. Its unbelievable how much I have gained in my spirit and mind. I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed and I have the opportunity to gain from your knowledge. I have already grown and cleansed myself so much. You brighten my day.” Samantha Marshall, Naturopathy student, Leadville, Colorado

“Working together creating your books, DVD’s websites and more over nearly 20 years, has been an amazing journey of laughter, learning and love with you. I appreciate every bit of it! Your gratitude brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. Let the adventure continue on!” Carolyn Oakley

“I truly appreciate all you done for me and the beautiful person you are. Farida, you are such a wonderful light that shines in the world and I’m grateful to you. Thank you. You are wonderful blessings.” Tonya Antl, Medical Massage & Chronic Pain Therapist, Naturopathy student, near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“I am proud to let you know that not only me but my entire family has gone vegan. My husband surprisingly day before yesterday told me that he wants to try coconut milk in his morning coffee. Without a blink I went to the store and got him coconut milk and made almond milk at home. He drinks coffee with coconut milk now and all of us are eating yogurt made of nuts and seeds. Both my girls did not notice much difference when they were put on almond milk. I am so proud of everything happening.” Sahana Rao, Healing Diets student, Denver, Colorado

“Healing Diets II was amazing. So much color, light and love. Thank you so much for allowing me to attend as the teaching assistant. The new students are amazing. I very much felt inspired being around them.” Radha Shivagiri, Denver, Colorado, advanced Naturopathy student.

“Healing Diets Online Course Lesson 1 was profound for me. I need time to ” digest” it. Energy, vibrational medicine and flower essences took me on a side path for many days and now the paths of fasting and energy have converged into one. I feel real changes are happening since I started this course. I have put other projects to the side and feel my life is becoming more manageable. I read over the Self Healing Module info and will be contacting you. In the meantime I am weaning off meat and dairy, and starting juicing and adding more raw foods. I have a new love for Yarrow tea as it is helping my digestion and mucus congestion. I am several pages into Lesson 2 and will experiment with rejuvalac. Moving onward, much love and peace.” Nicole

Hi Farida, Thank you so much. After I emailed you yesterday something surfaced so powerfully. I meditated on the nervous ‘system as it explains many things I could never understand. I feel like my nervous system fought my battles for me, kept my spirit safe for so long, but got damaged. This is probably why despite all the work I have done, I still cannot get over the past and remain trapped in old patterns and fears. My nervous system needs to heal its wounds, so I really look forward to the Self-Healing program. The Iridology analysis helped me understand myself on a deeper level. I had a dream a couple of nights ago that whatever was stuck in my solar plexus released. I’m deep in the flower essence, studies and it’s so fascinating. I gave my first informal consultation for the girl I shared the house with. She had shared her personal episodes a few days before I left, and I helped her with the flower essences. Thank you very much for everything. The time that I spent in Boulder in April with the Herbal Medicine Intensive and the Flower Essence FES class was important for me. I want to come back in the Fall.” Elisa Badii, London & Tuscany, Italy

“Gene and I are so lucky to have had you in our lives since 1979 in Cambridge, England. With what we learned from your mentoring I am sure our future was made better. Funny how it does not necessarily pass on to the children even though they were raised in that environment. I guess everyone has their own lessons to learn. Much love to you, and a big hug,” Cathy Grinstead, ND MH MIR Graduate, my first apprentice in Cambridge, England in 1980, and a very beloved friend who had the courage to work with me to heal a 3rd degree burn on her 9 year old daughter with the protocols taught by my teacher, Dr. Raymond Christopher. We proved 100% that the Burn & Wound Formula works. Cathy’s husband, Gene, a USA Airforce pilot stationed in the UK at the time confirmed the healing proceeded without pain, inflammation or scarring, as most burns do not.

“Thank you for always being prompt with your responses with my Healing Diets Online Course questions. I have the deepest respect for you and am enjoying this Online course. Thank you as always for your support and advice as I progress through the course. I plan on being connected to this school for a long time. I contacted Amy, one of the graduates near to be, who created a tea company and was your assistant. She is wonderful and we live only 5 hours from each other! We plan to continue to communicate. Love and Peace,” Nicole Richards

“Dear Farida and Bonny, You both have been such a great inspiration for me. With the Healing Diets course, I learnt a lot and am now ready to share with the world. This coming weekend I am demonstrating at Vitamin cottage – Natural Grocers. They found out about me through my blog. They asked me to choose and I told them I could do a superfood smoothie. I’ll be presenting two recipes and will be giving a short talk on alkaline forming foods. Thank you once again for all the knowledge and support.” Sahana Rao, Healing Diets Student, mother of two Denver Colorado.


Iridology Classes

iridology-classes-school-of-natural-medicine“Iridology Classes with Farida Sharan explained why I have always possessed a natural kinesthetic knowing, giving me a greater understanding of myself.

I have always felt the eyes have stories to tell. Now, after Iridology Level I class, I received the clarity that they do! It feels so good to have a deeper understanding of myself.

I learned so much more about myself, and the way I process life. I have always had this inner understanding of things, people and situations. I never knew what to call it, but now that I know my Faridian Iridology Constitutional type is Anxiety Gastric (you can read about it in Farida Sharan’s book, ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide‘ available on amazon, or her Self Healing workbook ‘Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy‘ also on amazon, as they explain how I naturally have to a deeply evolved kinesthetic knowing!! And for the other students, they received the same deeper understanding of their constitutional type.

iridology-classes-iris-photography-school-of-natural-medicineI now know I need to focus on releasing, and be ok with not always knowing. As I am used to having that knowing, when I do not, I often try to force life or push against it, instead of waiting in transition. The pushing brings me to anxiety, conflict or unrest instead of just letting go and waiting for the divine timing of life to play out.” Amanda Ellinsburg, mother of a young son, Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado


iridology-classes-iris-photography“Iridology classes with Farida Sharan are a beautiful transcendent experience like traveling through a portal into the Self Healing of our unique souls.

I am amazed at the simplicity of something so complex as Farida’s teaching and the case studies she shares make me understand Iridology on a deeper, more universal level.

I love how the Irises of the eye connect us all at the same time as showing how unique each one of us truly is.

Iridology allows me to break down barriers and walls as the eyes show all and reveal stories an secrets with trust, non-judgment and space so that we can open up and share and feel more deeply about our lives.

iridology-classes-iris-magnifier-viewingAs well as learning the things I need to work with physical Self Healing, Iridology reveals a reflection of my inner emotions, qualities, ways of processing life, and destiny karmas.

Iridology is a gift in my continuous journey toward self-regulation and balance because as I progress in my studies, I realize I cannot hide from myself. My Irises give me a channel into myself and a way to help others. For this I am grateful. Thank you.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Longmont, Colorado

Iridology Hope

iridology-hope-kerry-derrick-amanda-ellinsburg“Iridology hope awakened during eye-opening realizations that activated my personal need for Self Healing –a polarity of fear and hope.

When we were looking at a slideshow of different Iris photos appearing every 5 seconds, we were asked to feel the sensations, and a polarity of fear and hope, like sensations of energy poured through me.

As the class progressed, I realized these feelings were connected to my own Self Healing process. My soul was reacting through the energy of hope to heal deficits that have haunted me for years. The boundless energy of hope finally overcame the fear of change and the fear of ‘not doing the right thing.’

iridology-hope-iris-photoIridology hope in my Iridology Constitutional Type helped me to recognize the ‘fight’ I create within my own being to heal. I was also able to visualize my future if I do not choose healing or if I allow my fight for indecision to dominate.

When I first found Farida Sharan’s School of Natural Medicine, I went through the classes and when I saw Iridology, it was a new term for me, so of course I googled it. After reading briefly about it, I, of course, resisted, telling myself I do not think I need that. I had such a good feeling about SNM, I enrolled anyway, thinking if I have to take that class, I will just suffer through it.

Now, after having my Irises analysis with Farida before the class and participating in Iridology Level I, I cannot wait to take Level II. I purchased the Iris Magnifier, so I could begin looking in people’s eyes. I am already studying Farida Sharan’s book ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide’ available on

This class is yet another lesson in how resistance closes opportunity and stifles growth and healing.” Kerry Derrick, Psychotherapist, Arvada, Colorado. Naturopathy student.


iridology-hope-bill-fanning-iris-photography“Iridology hope is a gift, revealing many patterns, layers, shapes and colors to unfold a brilliant story about every individual.

We observed Iris after Iris appearing in a display and then we processed our feelings and reactions. We looked in each other’s others and then we learned to draw Irises. We studied Iris Photography (we used an Iridology Camera from Jon Miles) as we had our Iris photographs taken then Farida presented a powerpoint to help us learn the symbolic language and understand the colors, textures, markings and patterns in the Iris.

iridology-hope-iris-photographThere are six rings in the Iris, all connecting to different body systems, much like the universal patterns. The only difference is that the human vessel allows an outside view of what is happening within.

Day Two we completed our study of the symbolic language by drawing all the information and then Farida went over it with us so we would understand and remember.

We completed a depth study of the Faridian constitutional types that are based on a correlation to the body systems and then we explored each student’s Irises as a group when they were projected on the computer from the photographs taken the day before.

I cannot wait to discover the stories that will unfold before me as I look at iris and help and guide others and myself toward the path of wellness.” Lauren Rybarz, Naturopathy student, mother, Boulder, Colorado.

Iridology Connection

iridology-connection-juulia-ilves-daniela-reul“Iridology Connection teaches me that Irises are all unique, yet all creatures share them as a whole, a one, a universal knowledge.

I discovered that looking in people’s eyes at the Irises has such a deep & beautiful power, as if I am looking into someone’s soul and life story.

Iridology Connection is a completely new language and knowledge for me. I had practiced or experienced the modality of some of our other classes, such as essential oils, herbal medicine, healing diets and flower essences, in one way or another, but never Iridology.

iridology-connection-iris-photographOur Iridology Photography guest teacher, a School of Natural Medicine Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist & Master Iridologist, Bill Fanning ND, of Body of Balance in Boulder, was fabulous. He created a nice change of speed in the class when he demonstrated and took all of our Iris photos.

On the second day when we learned about the Faridian Constitutional Types that Farida Sharan evolved over many years, I had to pay the most attention with all the information. Learning Iridology is so much fun and so much work at the same time. And then we looked at the photographs of our own and the other students’s irises we could begin to understand the language and the meanings. We are all excited to practice and look in irises and study and learn this amazing skill.

Iridology is a deep and powerful practice that connects all creatures to themselves.” Juulia Ilves, Massage therapist, Aesthetician, Boulder, Colorado – Naturopathy student.


iridology-connection-daniela-reul “Iridology philosophy as taught in the Iridology Level I class is fascinating and mind-expanding. This philosophy of Naturopathy purification, regeneration and transformation is behind the exploration of a person’s eyes and the Iris analysis.

Since it is a new element to study for me, Iridology connection and correlation to the universal patterns of nature, colors, wheels, shapes, numbers, time and so on, are amazing.

I am reminded one more time to be patient, receptive and open for the living connection. I learn and trust my intuition and have faith.

The Pupil struck me deeply. The iris is beautiful and has extensive information, but to me, everything came out of and in of the Pupil. The Pupils are the space where nothing exists and yet everything emerges from it. I appears like a black hole, a portal, an infinite space and the core of life, the house of the spirit.” Daniela Ruel, New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics student, herbalist, studying in Albuquerque, New Mexico and from Mexico City.


Healing Diets

healing-diets-amanda-ellinsburg“Healing Diets Level II class renewed, refreshed and supported me on my Vegan Path as I shed habits of old for new approaches to eating, living and existing.

I absolutely love this class because once I jumped in and got physically involved, it was like a whole new world of possibilities emerged.

Healing Diets class was profound as a reminder and a reality check to keep me on course because lately I have been getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

With every new dish, salad or drink we created, I gladly took on a new ideas and ways of being.”

Amanda McNabb Ellinsburg, Naturopathy student, mother of a three year old son she is raising vegan, Aurora, Colorado



Vegan Healing

healing-foods-healing-diets-christie-sharon-BVegan healing foods awakened my being. Creating nourishing vegan foods with fresh herbs, spices, vegetables, greens, nuts and seeds and fruits was satisfying at many levels. I especially enjoyed the harmonious fun filled effort everyone put forth while creating each dish.

After my first class at the School of Natural Medicine, Flower Essences Level II with the FES remedies, and now Healing Diets Level II, I feel a deep change of strength, insight and courage to move forward with my goals as a healer.

Every student brings knowledge that is shared to strengthen each of us as we progress in our studies and evolve as human beings.

vegan-spaghetti-zucchini-pestoMy experience with Brigitte Mars was unique and up lifting to my senses. We walked and learned about the wild edible plants. I absolutely enjoyed eating off a big Burdock leaf for lunch. After eating wild plants from the earth for the first time, I had no reaction in my body (I am sensitive and working on healing my digestion) and did not get tired.

I did eat a vegan cookie and tiny piece of chocolate during out walk in town and had an instinct reaction. At home I bought Dandelion and prepared it the same way but still felt a bit of disturbance in my body.

Farida Sharan has exceptional insight and skills and I am honored to be among the many students at the school of Natural Medicine in Boulder.” Christie Sharon, moved recently with her husband to Colorado to study Natural Medicine, after a year and 1/2 working with the Self Healing Module and the Healing Diets Online Course

Vegan Flavors

vegan-flavors-healing-diets-summer-ligganVegan flavors in Healing Diets Level II class was an experience my heart and soul has been longing toward for quite some time. I learned Healing Diets food speaks to my body if I take the time to listen.

As I drank the delicious Liver Cleanse Drink of organic grapefruit, lemon and blood orange blended with organic olive oil, garlic, ginger and turmeric, followed by Dr. Randolph Stone‘s Liver Cleanse Herb Tea. I felt many levels of listening and awareness as the drink moved emotionally and physically through my body.

We made a culinary blend of Farida’s creation composed of fresh organic oregano, marjoram, thyme, tarragon and rosemary that we blended with cut and pounded dulse seaweed. This mix assured me of delicious presence whenever it was added to foods as I ate for the first time at a slower pace.

I learned that asking many questions, as Farida modeled in the class during our personal healing processes, gently brings up real feeling and emotion as an essential lesson of the Healing Diets practice to clear emotional attachments to foods.

I enjoyed the fresh creative guidelines of food preparations that created the vegan flavors during our day with Farida.

During our second day into Healing Diets with Brigitte Mars, I got a real sense of how to gather and prepare wildcrafted foods, like nettles, comfrey, burdock and more.

vegan-flavors-wild-foods-healing-dietsI also was inspired with ideas and goals for future practice during a walking tour of what the Boulder community has created for availability of herbs, spices and foods.

PHOTO of wild green salad dressed with lemon, oil, herbs.

A very grounding experience for me was the importance of using what’s around us that is nutritious and also very hardy, unlike some of the plant based foods that we tend to go after. We are killing some of the strongest plants with herbicides that are here to help us strengthen our immune systems.

I believe only using what a grocery store provides is a limitation that can be overcome by all who are willing to help themselves.

We made cultured nut cheese, flaxseed crackers, Ann Wigmore rejuvelac, and sauerkraut. I also experienced making and tasting dehydrated seed veggie crackers and the yummy raw vegan cashew cheese. I will be experimenting this week at home.

Thank you. I am grateful for this experience in learning to be independent and aware.” Summer Liggan, new Healing Diets student, Granby, Colorado

Iridology Book 1986

Iridology Book 1986 Original Edition

IRIDOLOGY – A Complete Guide to Iridology Including Related Forms of  Treatment – 1986 Edition

by Farida Sharan ND

now available on


Iridology – A Compete Guide offers a complete system of natural medicine based on valuable information gained from Iridology Analysis. The book presents the full language of Iridology—colors, textures, iris markings, sclera signs, pupil variations and constitutions and includes an in depth honoring of Iridologists from around the world who established the foundation of the science of Iridology. It weaves natural therapeutics based on the inner ecology of organs, systems and glands, including naturopathy treatments, herbal nutrition, healing diets, flower essences, essential oils and body work recommendations.

This is a textbook for Iridologists and a treatment manual for practitioners interested in understanding Naturopathy purification, regeneration and transformation. These unique teachings are based on the Self Healing principles of the School of Natural Medicine.

“Your IRIDOLOGY textbook is fabulous—such breadth covering the healing wisdom of many cultures and times. Congratulations! So much clarity!” — Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, USA

“You are a true pioneer in the natural health care and Iridology worlds and your contributions are many. I honor and respect your work.” — David Pesak, USA

“Farida shares her knowledge and experience – shining light into dark places through her writing. Dr. Bernard Jensen would be so proud!” — Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., C.C.I.I., Escondido, California

“I never knew such tissue changes were possible.”— Shirley Bond, MD, London, England, Patron SNM UK, utilizing Iridology in her practice.

“I congratulate Farida and commend it to all those interested in the history of Iridology.” — Toni Miller ND DHM Integrated Iridologist, Sydney, Australia

Farida Sharan has been a visionary and integrative force in the natural healing world for over 38 years. After healing breast cancer, for which doctors recommended radical surgery in the early 70’s, she made natural medicine her life work. A Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Master Iridologist, she founded the School of Natural Medicine in Cambridge England. Returning to America in 1988, she established the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado where she sows seeds of wisdom, self-healing and evolutionary transformation. Her students of natural medicine embody the teachings as living examples and authentic guides to inspire others seeking health and healing.