Naturopathy Diploma


Naturopathy Diploma Board of Higher Education approved training in Colorado integrates therapeutic modalities of Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Healing Diets, Reflexology, Essential Oils & Flower Essences enhanced by Self Healing embodiment of the teachings.

This Naturopathy Diploma Flower of Life model reveals the integration of all the major modalities that form the dynamic teachings where students and graduates become living examples of the teachings, authentic guides & educators and inspiring mentors for those seeking health, wellness & healing.

New students may begin their studies in the Autumn Session. There are still spaces in the following classes, though most are half full already this July 24, 2015. Use the Contact Page on this website to request information.

August 28/29 – ESSENTIAL OILS LEVEL I – Death, dying, release, & transformational emotional healing processes. Exploration of heart, brain, energy integration. Oils skills. Give & receive 2 therapeutic anointing Raindrop Therapy sessions. Lab Fee $80. Take either Level I OR Level II first.

September 4/5 – FLOWER ESSENCE LEVEL I – Dr. Edward Bach Flower Remedy system. Explore the roots of fear to release creativity with personal Self-Healing processes to determine personal remedy. Mind Maps. Gestures & history of Flower Essences. Vibrational Medicine. No lab fee. Remedy included. Take either Level I OR Level II first.

September 11/12 – REFLEXOLOGY LEVEL I – Therapeutic anointing: Learn 20 communion touches. Give & receive creative, intuitive one-of-a-kind sessions; Essential Oils skills. Lab Fee $50. Level I must be taken before Level II.

September 18/19 – NATUROPATHY LEVEL I – Explore the elements, chakras and emotions with movement, sound and music as we experience harmonizing & realizing the gifts of each element, gaining understanding of our emotional life, tastes, organs and elemental balance, thus stabilizing your emotional life and giving life skills wisdom. Lab Fee $75 for 5 music CD’s for future practice and teaching. Level I must be taken before Level II.

October 16/17 – ESSENTIAL OILS LEVEL II – Self Healing processes of Trauma, Co-dependence & Emotional Healing prepares students to give & receive Neuro-Vagal & Auricular sessions. Students enter into their interior emotional climate as they discover feelings & understandings that evolve into clear expression so that self-definition, clarity, boundaries & asking for what you need & want thrives as a natural skill. Take either Level I or Level II first.

October 23/24 – HEALING DIETS LEVEL II – Explore food production realities and effect on health, politics, animal cruelty & planet nature survival. Create delicious transitional lightly cooked, & vegan cultured cheeses, kefir, yoghurt, & dehydrated foods , & delicious healthy smoothies & green drinks. Level I before II OK. Lab Fee $150.00. Take either Level I or Level II first.

October 30/31 – FLOWER ESSENCE LEVEL II – FES System: Integrating & manifesting spirit into body & life, balancing masculine / feminine energies. Emphasis on expression of inner experience & emotional life. Self-Healing processes determine student’s personal remedy. Take either Level I or Level II first. Essential consulting skills for practitioners of the healing arts. Lab Fee $25 for FES book. Take either Level I or Level II first.