Healing Diets Self Healing

healing-diets-self-healing- sara-mclaughlan“Healing Diets Self Healing processes opened the door I have been searching for so long. I am ecstatic that I have begun this journey to Pure Health.

I am excited to share the good news of Healing Diets & the brighter side of life with my friends and family.

Healing Diets Self Healing awakened my mind to considering becoming vegetarian or vegan. I understand now that I really am what I eat!

I am very blessed to have had Lindsey as my teacher as she was very detailed & made learning nutrition fun & stimulating.

I feel fortunate to learn about the Gerson Therapy from Renate, and even though much of it is for chronic illness patients, I now plan to follow much of the Gerson Diet.

healing-diets-self-healing-herb-mixAlthough I learned that organic, raw, vegan, living foods  contribute to healing illness, I now know how important it is not to let health get to almost the point of no return.

Healing Diets was so wonderful and I have so many new ideas for cooking and juicing.

(The photo on the left shows most of the students picking leaves from thyme, oregano, marjoram, tarragon to mix the cut rosemary to flavor salads and soup – and the tastes are multi layered & absolutely delicious, as well as rich in superior nutrients.)

I can’t wait to have you as my teacher as well! I would love to sign up for the Reflexology I Immersion on September 11-12 with you. See you for Level II Healing Diets in October as well.

I hope to teach others that the energy we take in from food is absorbed into us & what you put in yourself is what you also put out!” Sarah McLaughlin, Healing Diets student, Boulder, Colorado

Sarah recently moved from Florida to Boulder, Colorado.


Gerson Therapy

gerson-therapy-healing-diets-renate-gerson-therapyRenate McConathy, an advanced Healing Diets student, worked with the Gerson Therapy over four years, as she took care of a close member of her family. She shares a disciplined dedication to following the protocols & has experienced the results. Students were thrilled at her presentation of the Gerson protocols.

“Gerson Therapy class with Renate was amazing. I learned so many new tools to take with me into the world and help others.” Miranda

“I was especially grateful to learn from Renata, our Gerson Therapy teacher.” Veronica

“One highlight of the class was Renata’s teaching of the Gerson Therapy. I found it motivating & inspiring to hear her positive journey with practicing this therapy for four years, & the important tools & concepts she shared will help others in the future.” Brian


gerson-therapy-healing-diets-renate-mcconathyGerson Therapy is a safe, natural treatment developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920s.

Gerson Therapy activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas & natural supplements.

Gerson Therapy treats the underlying causes of disease: toxicity and nutritional deficiency.

Gerson Therapy is a non-specific treatment that effectively treats many different conditions by healing the body as a whole, rather than selectively targeting a specific condition or symptom.

Over the past 60 years, thousands of people have used the Gerson Therapy to recover from chronic degenerative diseases such as:

Cancer, (including melanoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lymphoma, pancreatic cancer & others) Diabetes, Heart disease, Arthritis, Auto-immune disorders….and many others.

Farida’s comments: “I met the granddaughter of Max Gerson in England in the 1980’s & was given permission to substitute Liver & Thyroid tissue extracts with vegetarian herbal formulas I created, and substitute Red Clover, Red Raspberry, Yellow Dock & Burdock for the coffee enema if a student was sensitive to the coffee enema.

I educated clients recommended by the Bristol Cancer Clinic in England who wished to remain vegetarian and the substitutions worked well as a part of the Gerson Therapy. I respect and honor the work of Dr. Max Gerson and thank Renate for sharing her knowledge & wisdom.


Healing Diets Teachers

healing-diets-teachers-lindsay-petersHealing Diets teachers, Lindsay Peters & her assistant, Callie Longnecker, provided the healing space & teachings for the summer Healing Diets I class Immersion. This was the first class that Lindsay taught on her own (I was away in Iceland & England) & as all students reported enthusiastically how much they enjoyed the class, clearly she did a brilliant job. Lindsay, on the right, holds a mega delicious platter of marinated walnuts.

Advanced students are given the opportunity in some class subjects, such as Healing Diets, Reflexology, & Essential Oils to become teaching assistants after they have attended their Level III class, as a way to refine teaching skills, receive the benefits of attending further classes without cost, & of course the happiness of creating & enjoying delicious healing diets foods in Healing Diets classes.

healing-diets-teachers-callie-longneckerHealing Diets teachers & teaching assistants learn how to organize menus, make shopping lists, clean, prepare and set out foods and equipment, demonstrate liver cleanse drinks, seed and nut milks and more. Most of all they receive the benefit of attending classes with new mixes of old, new & advanced students, participate in Self Healing process & gain confidence to eventually hold their own classes. Callie on the left helps prepare the Liver Cleanse Tea which is taken after the Liver Cleanse Drink of grapefruit, lemon, ginger, garlic & olive oil.

Callie attended the full Level I, II, III Healing Diets Immersion a year ago, and then moved to Boulder, to be near the School. She works at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers and sometimes assists Farida with the School of Natural Medicine garden.

Lindsay Peters enrolled in March 2014, began with a Healing Diets class in April 2014, and continued taking classes, working passionately on the Self Healing Module & Online Courses, eventually becoming both a teaching assistant & Farida’s personal assistant. Lindsay completes all her classes this autumn, &plans to graduate in 2016 by attending the Clinical Training Retreat.

We also featured another new teacher in this class, Renate McConathy, who has extensive experience & study of the Gerson Therapy. She is featured in the next post.


Self Healing Resistance

self-healing-resistance-healing-diets-kerry-derrickSelf Healing Resistance in “Healing Diets Level I class stimulated and made me ponder one question – “Why is there so much resistance with Self Healing?”

The DVD ’May I be Frank’ demonstrated Frank Ferrante‘s struggle with Self Healing.

Students of the School of Natural Medicine also demonstrate Self Healing Resistance as they share their stories of what brought them to this class. Many, including my own, began with caretaking a loved one or with their own health challenge.

We are all here to learn the Art of Healing and gain the skills to help ourselves, our families, and seekers of health and wellness. However, many students are still looking for ‘permission’ and ‘support’ to heal them selves. Students shared feelings of ‘selfishness’ and ‘being undeserving’ of Self Health! I too have struggled with these feelings. The class gives time to process the mental and emotional resistances & helps us move through.

heealing-diets-salad-crackerBThrough the process of Healing Diets I class (and I resisted & avoided taking it for far too long) I recognize that the only permission I need to Self Heal is within myself.

The universe has led me, and the other students, to the School of Natural Medicine to give us the support we need to Self Heal, the support to feel & release the pent up pain & emotion that is released from Healing Thyself, the support to face the fear of the journey.

I now know, when, not if, I fall, the Universe will lead me to the guides & support I need at this school during my life long journey.” Kerry Derrick, Psychologist & Family Counselor, Arvada, Colorado, advanced Naturopathy student.

The next Healing Diets class is Level II on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th October. As our last class was completely full, it is time to enroll if you wish to attend as it is filling fast.

Telephone, email or use the Contact Us on the website to get in touch. We welcome sincere seekers of health, wellness and healing.

Healing Diets

healing-diets-mind-map-summerB “I truly love myself for making the School of Natural Medicine a reality in my life.”

Purification, Rejuvenation & Transformation philosophy was taught as our foundation principles & confirms Self Healing is as much mental & emotional as physical.

I know now that I can never truly heal myself if I am not willing to become aware of the emotions surfacing when I go to my cravings, addictions & substance abuse.

I am more aware of the resistance I have held within myself. I am now learning to let go of all superficial noise. I see the walls I must tear down to get a sense of Self Love.” Summer Liggan, Healing Diets Diploma student, Granby, Colorado


healing-diets-veronica-munozB“Healing Diets Level I class was an emotionally supportive and loving experience, our class time filling with so many wonderful interactions and conversations that has led to new friends and memories.

It felt amazing to be around like-minded individuals with all the different gifts each person brings. Everyone and Everything seemed to flow naturally in conversation and during food preparation.

Healing Diets I was my first class at the School of Natural Medicine. I was especially grateful to learn from Renata McConathy, our Gerson Therapy teacher. I cherish these days and the many that will follow on my journey of health and healing.” Veronica Munoz, Healing Diets Diploma student.” Willits, California


healing-diets-edna-rascon“Healing Diets Level I class was amazing, a wild detox ride as I was going through a lot of emotions such as anger, sadness, happiness, calmness while experiencing the cleanse. I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Lindsay is a great teacher, as is Renate, and the information, the pace of the class and the food was totally amazing.

All the students and teachers were very supportive. I was fascinated with the group as everyone was sharing feelings and life stories, and the experience was very healing. Great energy!

I would like to thank you for your support. I am SO looking forward to be in class with you, Farida, one day soon!!!

Gracias Farida, and may God bless you!!!!!” Edna Rascon, Boulder, Colorado.

Healing Diets


Healing Diets III advanced students co-create a sacred, safe space allowing Beauty, Hope, Joy, new perspectives, depth processing & profound transformation.

Three advanced Naturopathy students chose Healing Diet Level I for their Level III class. Miranda, Brian & Amanda report their experience.

“Healing Diets Level III at the School of Natural Medicine makes me feel optimistic for the future because of all the positive change each student makes with what we learn in class, our studies &the Self Healing Module.

I appreciate our teacher, Lindsay Peter’s, wealth of knowledge and outlook on life. I loved being her student as her openness allowed us to process through past patterns & addictions with food, while opening up about life’s emotional journey. The 3 hour class with Renate on the Gerson Therapy was amazing. I learned so many new tools to take with me into the world to help others

I am grateful for the abundance of living raw food we prepared with love & enjoyed together – so many flavors! After 1 1/2 years with this Healing Diets approach (it was my first class in 2014) of providing my body with these powerful, healing foods, I am limitless.” Miranda Palmer, Longmont, Colorado – advanced Naturopathy student.

healing-diets-amanda-ellinsburg“Beauty, Hope, Joy are words that describe feelings I encountered in my advanced Level III class – whether from the gorgeous, savory, nutritious foods, the fragrant aromas or the laughter that filled the air.

Every moment during this class brought me to a heightened awareness of not only my self, & the others around me, but the oneness of all living things.

Control, Support, Empowerment are words describe my experience of preparing dishes together and sharing our life stories. Although we are all unique, we are also very much the same!

Individually we have the power to bring Happiness, Hope & Change to this world. Together, with what we learn in Healing Diets classes and in other classes in the School of Natural Medicine, we will move mountains, and one day see a brighter more balanced future.” Amanda Ellinsburg, Aurora, Colorado, advanced Naturopathy student.

healing-diets-brian-sholette“Healing Diets III as an advanced student in Level I class found me examining things from a different lens, giving me different & new perspectives on many aspects of Naturopathy, as well as nutrition. I was able to revisit ideas, concepts, principles and philosophies that helped boost my growth & development on this path.

One highlight was Renata McConathy’s teaching of the Gerson Therapy as it was motivating & inspiring to hear her positive journey with practicing this therapy four years. The important tools & concepts I learned will help me help others in the future.

I enjoyed the large & diverse group of students & instructors (ages, backgrounds, experience, understanding, culture, location) as each & every one helped me learn & grow.

The cauliflower and avocado pate, so quickly made & flavorful with garlic, ginger, herbs & lemon spread on dehydrated crackers, gave me a plethora of ideas to create & enjoy healthy snacks.

Healing Diets Level III helped me to gain a better understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ of Self Healing programs, Healing Diets & the overall Naturopathy process of healing & wellness.” Brian Sholette, Educator, Aurora, Colorado, advanced Naturopathy student.