Healing Diets

healing-diets-edna-rasconHealing Diets class inspired me to make conscious choices about health, nutrition and how we can heal ourselves from the inside out in complicity with the magic of Plant Pure Nation plant based foods.

Healing Diets also inspired me to be creative in my kitchen and involve my children in the creation process, so tomorrow morning my children will be milking the almonds for almond milk and I will blend the smoothie!

I will be a living example and I will help and teach others as well. I want to make people aware of truth the power of love.

“Always speak the truth with no threat to any one!” Edna Rascon, Healing Diets Diploma student, Aurora, Colorado.


healing-diets-sarah-mclaughlanHealing Diets class with Farida Sharan teaches me to taste and balance flavors as I learn more difficult realities of corporate and processed foods and factory production that harms animals, humans and our plant.

Even as I watch the disturbing realities of speciesism in the Earthlings DVD, I discover the effects of different flavors connected to chakras, elements and emotions. The layered delicious flavors make me feel better. I have discovered the power of flavor to change the way I feel as they alter my mind and perception. Oh, if only others could eat like this and change their perceptions

I would like to see a world where people grow their own self-sustaining food and treat animals with love and respect as if they were our adopted children. I want to live in a society like this.

I will spread the word of the organic whole plant food lifestyle.

I am blessed to have this knowledge and study with amazing like minded women. Together we will change the future for the better.” Sarah McLaughlan, Healing Diets student, Longmont, Colorado


healing-diets-jessica-gremleyJessica Gremley, Healing Diets Diploma Graduate, aesthetician, attended as a Teaching Assistant. She shared her practice with her Natural Skin Care Clinic & Natural Acne Clinic as well as her Acne Online distance work with clients. She also teaches Healing Diets to her clients & develops herbal products from her herbal studies with School of Natural Medicine to assist her clients toward health, healing & wellness near in Wheatridge near Golden Colorado.

Healing Diets

healing-diets-samantha-marshallHealing Diets gave me a much greater understanding of how vitally important our individual choices are. I now know how irreversibly damaging unconscious food decisions have been only own body, mind & soul, not to mention the effect such decisions have on our planet & all living species.

Healing Diets class provided me with a mother lode of new information and knowledge of plant based diets, buzzing with excitement for a future with amazing food.

I always had a hard time incorporating fresh, organic greens & vegetables into my diet, especially when vegan & raw! Every dish we made had something in it I would not normally like, but I had no resistance.

Balancing the flavors of sweet, salty, spicy, sour & bitter made even my most disliked foods (tomatoes) delicious! In just two days my tongue & tasting palette changed.

Now I can confidently move forward in my own Healing Diet having learned incredible food substitutions for the various food addictions. Our class with Brigitte Mars on cultured, dehydrated & wild foods also inspired me to incorporate new approaches to creating healthy food.

healing-diets-saladI thoroughly enjoyed getting to connect with the food we prepared on a physical level, but also emotionally & energetically. It was fascinating to learn & experience how flavors, textures, colors are all connected to how we perceive the food we eat and how they affect our bodies, heart and mind.

I am inspired to create change in my own life so that I can fully heal myself. I am inspired to be a leader amongst my peer and to educate anyone ready to make new choices in connection with own life and body. This connection to each other, the earth, plants, animals is so entangled it is vital to move forward in truth & compassion for everything in this existence. I will move into the future with consciousness in my choices to walk lightly on this precious planet.” Samantha Marshall, Nature Tour Guide, Naturopathy student, Leadville, Colorado

Healing Diets

healing-diets-summer-ligganHealing Diets fragrance, flavor and appearance greet me as I enter the kitchen to an aroma of the sweetest smells whirling through my nose.

I pause with delight and see a beautifully balanced salad – so many colors – and a comforting, gently simmered potato and onion medley that we blend together on our plate – a warm salad – incredible.

My first bite was so balanced the food melted on my palette with layered tastes and I had to close my eyes with each bite to focus on the bursting flavors of earthy shitake mushrooms & bitter greens balanced & enlivened by spicy ginger & garlic, the sweetness potato with herbs, spices and finely diced foods, all becoming one amazing and wonderful experience of deliciousness.

I learned that balancing the tastes of sweet, salty, spicy, sour and bitter in every meal is important to help us become free of cravings and addictions and resistances to particular tastes.

Healing Diets Five Flavors or Tastes are also connected to emotions: We truly ARE & become what we EAT!

Sweet taste to calm fear & anxiety as it transforms into positive instinctive courage;

Salty to soothe desire so that procreation is protected within respectful social family honoring;

Spicy to balance anger, aggression & resentment with cosmic humor, joy & laughter;

Sour to slow speed & greed so that the heart can expand into unconditional love.

Bitter softens and sweetens the ego expression of giving & receiving connection through voice, listening and all social exchanges & transforms longing for temporal worldly possessions & human attachments into a spiritual longing to merge in soul connection.

When approaching taste resistances I now dice, cut, and chop foods finely to blend and balance flavors so we can transition taste buds and heal the tongue’s ability to taste and enjoy healthy, natural foods instead of extreme, unbalanced flavors that eventually create disease.

Watching Plant Pure Nation DVD was inspirational because even though their bill was defeated by lobbyists not voting in truth or caring for poverty areas and food deserts, the result was that they took government into their own hands and are now sharing plant based food consciousness all over North America, directly to the people.” Summer Liggan, Healing Diets Level III student, Granby, Colorado. This was Summer’s Level III class as she makes progress toward graduating in a Colorado Board of Higher Education Private Occupational Diploma program.

Profound Naturopathy

profound-naturopathyProfound Naturopathy Elements of Life class was like a journey through the universe, the world and other cultures as I discovered the world of the chakras, elements & emotions within me.

I learned to root myself to the ground like the tribes of the old. I swam through the ocean of emotion and learned how to ride with the waves and let the current take me where it would. I released and fought a grotesque beast I never knew existed with the Fire. I traveled through space with the Ether Element after playing slowly exquisitely with the currents of Air. We learned so much about each of the Elements.

Most of all I began to find my voice with the Ether sounding after countless years of holding back those sounds, vibrations and motions. I now feel free from this prison and one more step closer to truly becoming ME, as I am, a voice to be heard. I LOVED this class!!

Earth Element: In the center of the room, I imagined a fire, and sparks and flames flickered from the wood onto the skin. The beat of the drums coerced, enticed my body into remembrance.

profound-naturopathyThe roots deeply embedded pulled my feet down into the ground while visions of tribes doing this for days raced into my being here and now. Energy pouring up then down, down, down.

The roots took hold, grabbed the earth, then my limbs began to grow, circling, spiraling down to the ground. After the dance, at rest, I lay, spine pulled tightly to the earth, magnetized, taking root.

Water Element: Waves crash my body, throwing voices and feelings into the current. I would like to be back in the womb, into soft gentle fluids keeping me warm and safe and calm. I did not want to leave this place, and in my own life, I tried to perish on my way into the world. Then the sounds of rain bring me to the meditative calmness, reflection into the past, pulling me into the future and then the NOW. I am water. I respect and love you water!”

Lauren Rybarz, Advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

Naturopathy Chakras Elements Emotions

naturopathy-chakras-elements-emotionsNaturopathy Chakras Elements Emotions Immersions was a profound class of connection & depth that affected me on many levels.

Naturopathy Chakras Elements Emotions gave the opportunity to experience the living energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether , each offering a connection & depth that is beautiful. Realizing each Element has a positive & negative & balance is enlightenment.

Earth Element: These movements to the pounding drum rhythms created many sensations, first the feeling of being tired. Then as I let myself go with the music I experienced pulsing, light and some dizziness from the energy my body was receiving. My left hip awakened in pain which I had a hard time releasing. Stiffness and numbness collecting in my hands released as our hands extended upwards and out. Opening the body to different movements brought me awareness of blockages that need release.

naturopathy-chakras-elements-emotionsWater Element: I felt the need to get to a place of no control, a need to change movements so as not to become a rigid pattern. Then I felt I was getting in touch with stiffness of years or a lifetime of trapped energy. This feeling settled in my throat and head.

Then I heard the words –“ I really hate it when you drink coffee!

At the end of the Water Element, when resting, I felt comfort in the fetal position.

I found that the Elemental movement experiences lead to understanding from within & outside ourselves, bringing balance & compassion, not only for ourselves but to the world.” Christie Sharon, Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado

Profound Self Healing releases patterns of holding by evolving through with creative natural movements combined with conscious participation. Especially in the Earth Element we move beyond resistance, fatigue and blockages to renew, release and rejuvenate. Christie is deeply involved in her Self Healing and this class helped her attain new levels of understanding and physical awakening. By the end of the weekend, and the experience of the Fire, Air & Ether Elements, balance, calm completion was achieved. Experiencing the energies, learning the skills to master them, becoming aware of them in your life is a big step to becoming independently healthy.


iridology-graduate--vicki-pitman-aveburyIridology & Natural Medicine Graduate of the School of Natural Medicine in the UK in the 1980’s, Vicki Pitman, also apprenticed with Farida Sharan in the SNM school Herbs of Grace Herbal Pharmacy in Cambridge, England. Originally purchased and run by Peter Enkel, another SNM graduate, Herbs of Grace continued to operate as an Herbal and Health online business for some years with his son James Enkel, and is now in other good hands.

Vicki continued evolved in the healing arts, with a degree in Holistic studies at Exeter University. With a strong interest in Herbal Medicine, Vicki practiced Iridology & Herbal Medicine as well as integrating further studies of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda & Reflexology.

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitmanWhen I saw Vicki this summer she invited me for a visit, so in October, I took the train to Bradford-on-Avon near Bath in Wiltshire to enjoy a reunion.

Vicki studied Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad,whom she first met at the School of Natural Medicine Summer School near Cambridge in 1988. Her study travels also took her to America and India, where she studied advanced Ayurveda. In later years she was honored at an Ayurveda Conference.

During these years she wrote books (thumbnail covers included) on Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Ayurveda.

Vicki is active with protecting Herbal & Natural Medicine  in the U.K. She belongs to the following organizations & helps create alternate issues of the The Herbalist magazine.

The Association of Reflexologists   The International Federation of Aromatherapists

The Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitman-reflexology-bookToday she shares her wisdom & experience at the Dorothy House Hospice in Bradford-on-Avon in Wilshire, near Bath, near where she lives.

Over a visit of three days we adventured to the ancient standing stones in Avebury (Vicki is tuning in to a giant stone in the photo) explored the pleasure gardens and grotto at Stourhead, and walked around the ancient and charming city of Bath. We enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal at the The Green Rocket Cafe, near the Avon River, and as they also make vegan desserts, we took cake home for tea!!

iridology-graduate-vicki-pitman-aromatherapy-bookOn my day of departure I spent the morning at the Thermae Bath Spa before the train to London, enjoying the rooftop hot pool in the morning mists overlooking the majestic buildings and hills surrounding Bath. .

Vicki is busy with family life as  a grandparent with her husband, Tony, with three daughters and their children. Her website, Integrative Therapies, illustrates the advance of her accomplishments.



Naturopathy Life Elements

naturopathy-life-elementsNaturopathy Life Elements movement processes are freeing, comfortable, raw, powerful, sacred, ancient & profound as I feel myself continually growing & opening to all that is possible.

I enjoyed letting my inner child out to play with yin & yang, dark & light, positive & negative, feminine & masculine.

Earth: Moving to deeply understand true self, letting the sensations soak in, take hold & ground me back into my body. We created a sacred space as I felt the community, the beat, hips, knees, feet working hard to reconnect with Mother Earth. As a dancer, it was a good discipline to put everything I know aside so I can be receptive to the experience.

I deeply appreciate our ‘Mother’ for giving us bodies to explore this world & its energetic mysteries. My love for Mother Earth is powerful experiencing after the Elemental Dances at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan. We truly bonded as we created a sacred space together.

I felt transparent after dancing the Earth Dance: grounded, fuzzy, energy, blood, bliss, deep Yoga Shavasana. I had a hard time getting up as my body felt so connected with Mother Earth. I felt almost paralyzed from the peace. I wanted to root forever like a tree.

naturopathy-life-elementsWater: In the beginning I fought my inner adult & then I felt as though I were a babe in my mother’s womb. The air around me felt like liquid, gently moving me & caressing me. Then the movement progressed into something without thought until stronger movements created a sensation of nausea. Differing movements helped me move past my blockages as water movement stir things up. Resting afterward, I felt high, like after an amazing hike or meditation. My energy feels powerful & clear.

Fire: Comfortable, freeing, raw, powerful. I felt like energy cleared, tamed until I felt courage & joy, every emotion & movement fully felt through the darkness into joy, laughter & the wrestling was so much fun – my favorite so far.” Juulia Ilves, Body Worker, Dancer, Herbal Medicine student, Boulder, Colorado

Naturopathy Elemental Dances

Naturopathy Life Elements Dances of the experience of the interconnectedness of the Chakras, Elements & Emotions are a foundation experience for all Diploma Level trainings at the School of Natural Medicine. All systems of Natural Medicine since the beginning of time have always included a variation system of respect for the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether, the Elements that weave our inner & outer ecology.

They are always a personal experience, a creation of giving & receiving, a journey of what each person expresses & experiences at that particular time. Over 25 years I have danced the Elements with hundreds of students & in many countries around the world, & each time is unique as I learn & experience fresh newness that informs & enlightens me. I am grateful for the gift of the dances that emerged into my work in 1987 & even more grateful to share them with students seeking self realization & personal Self Healing evolution. Through the progression of the Elements, the experience deepens, & we rarely take the time to write about Air & Ether as the process is so deep.” Farida Sharan



Naturopathy Energy Movements

naturopathy-energy-movements naturopathy-energy-movementsNaturopathy Energy Movements with the Chakras, Elements & Emotions class connected me with the image & sensations of being a Lodge Pole Pine tree, giving & receiving, I feel strong & able.

All through the Elemental dances, the image of the Lodge Pole Pine kept coming to me, filling me with its teachings & balancing the Elements of Life to allow each Element to flow naturally.

The Lodge Pole pine needs Fire to release new seeds with a burst of sound. The seeds need the Earth Element to stabilize root structures of nourishment, water to expand strength in balance, Fire warmth to grow upward to expand into Air breath equilibrium circulation. When the forest is ready lightning ignites Fire. Air wind spreads the flames as the Lodge Pole Pines sacrifice for new beginnings.

Ether surrounds the pines with the sounds of life until the bursting seeds release new life to be nurtured by the remnants of the old forest.

I know now I will feel strong & healthy if I do not over indulge. I will allow Fire to resurrect & renew me. I trust I understand the balance of the Elements to refresh my life.

After giving & receiving with the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether, I now know I am protected by the Elements as energetic teachers informing me, rather than feeling I need shelter from their extremes. I am standing tall & strong.

Naturopathy Earth Element: “I had difficulty finding my footing with the movements, the drums and the rhythms, as I planted & pounded my feet deep into Mother Earth. I struggled with my left side lack of balance till I began visualizing my foot as a root seeking nourishment. The longer I danced, the more my whole body longed for the nourishment & the more balanced & connected I felt.

After the dancing, lying down, I felt deeply connected to the ground, I bent my knees and felt my sacrum taking root, gathering nourishment & distributing all that the Earth Element has to offer.

It was difficult to rise as I did not want to lose the feeling of acceptance, nurturing, & rootedness. I had to trust my heart telling me that even when walking I would feel the sanctity of being rooted in my truth journey. As I walked outside, the deeply rooted trees were dancing in the wind, just as I had experienced during our movement process, validating the strong force within me.”

Naturopathy Water Element: Water movements alternated between the calm protection of the mother womb & thrashing waves, bringing nausea that lead me to crave the safety of floating in the womb once more. The wonderful feeling in the beginning of the Water Element movements changed to nausea when I went too far with excessive movement. The power of the Water Element reminds me to take care, respect & appreciate balance.” Kerry Derrick, Psychologist, Family & Marriage Counselor, Arvada, Colorado

The foundation of all systems of Naturopathy & Natural Medicine throughout history has been connected to the Elements of Life. Although they may vary slightly by names and organization Chinese, Greek, Ayurveda, Arabic & North American cultures, to name a few, all based their approach on respecting & balancing the Elements of Life that weave our inner and outer ecology, and affect our health, & emotions within just as they affect weather in our world, with excesses and imbalances. Naturopathy Level I class offers direct experience and shifts in relationship of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether Elements, Chakras & Emotions that contributes a wealth of connection with the mystery of our body, mind and spirit. Each student shares generously of their experience. Next Naturopathy I class – Spring Session 2016.