Iridology iris-mandala-mirandaIridology II opened me to face some of my fears, overcome anxiety, release expectations & find beauty in creation, allowing me to find balance.

I was free to create and accept my creation fully.

When Farida Sharan gave me a large, black, very white piece of poster board and invited us to create and Iris Mandala, my body seized up with anxiety. As she is always guiding me to overcome my resistances and discover the freedom on the other side, I accepted the challenge!

Once I let go and released expectations, the process flowed and I found beauty in the transformation of a blank piece of paper as it became a reflection of myself.

The process deepened as we explored Iridology psychology models and felt our emotions surface with the new perceptions and connections. Emotions are powerful in my life and I resonated with this new knowledge and wisdom.

Our Iris patterns translate into experiences, past, present and future. By learning more about my own Iris, I learned more about other human beings.

Rayid and Time Risk:

Rayid & Time Risk Models woven into our strong foundation of Faridian Iridology brought everything full circle for me. I want to bring everything we learned into an integrative blossoming and grow in knowledge.” Miranda Palmer, advanced Naturopathy student, Longmont, Colorado


iridology iris-mandala-amandaIridology II revealed deeper levels as my truth surfaced revealing areas of my life needing balance.

Creating my Iris Mandala slipped me deeply into my emotional field where the waters of emotion rose intensely.

During the painting and gluing of my creative process, I remained steadfast and grounded to meet every wave of feeling as they crashed, breaking me open to release the grief and pain I have been holding within for so long.

iridology iris-mandala-amanda-mcnabbI feel relief and a sense of being mentally and emotionally ready to move forward with changes in my life.

Iridology reveals information about the internal workings of each person, allowing us to understand that everyone unique.

Iridology gives us a blueprint to begin a re-education process so that we may begin to address the underlying weaknesses in our body, emotions, mind and spirit.”

Amanda McNabb, advanced Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado.

Iridology Classes, Online Course, Books, DVD‘s & a full Diploma program are offered by the School of Natural Medicine twice yearly.


Iridology mandala-kerry-derrickIridology II introduced a deeper connection of integrating psychology with emotional and physical realities.

Time Risk brought me to physically experiencing chills at the connection of the markings and placement exposed on my Iris to events in my life.

Iris Mandala creation enhanced this understanding of connection, taking me to a place of timelessness. I worked for hours, completely focused, yet it felt like minutes.  Recreating markings from my Iris to my Mandala felt like honouring traumatic events & the Iris markings to appreciate their place in my life.

The creation of the Iris Mandala took me to another level of healing I did not anticipate was possible through transforming the personal exposure to the trauma life marking into a sense of beauty and acceptance.

Kerry Derrick, advanced Naturopathy student, Psychotherapist, Arvada, Colorado

Self Healing Progress

self healing progress samantha marshallSelf Healing Progress!  A higher consciousness has lifted my spirit. I feel really good as transformation moves forward everyday. I am blessed to be in this moment!

I am finally into my program in full swing! I am on my third day with the program and I am definitely eliminating! It feels amazing to have this deeper understanding of this body and knowing about my constitutional weaknesses and strengths combined with the wisdom of the Elements of Life has offered new perspectives on my life experience.

I have done a full round with the Castor Oil Packs. I had previously been constipated after a cold and that helped enormously. I also noticed an immediate positive change in my emotions once elimination started.

I am taking the diet step at a time with the Alkaline and Mono Diets, veggie soups and lots of greens. I have completely eliminated meat, processed foods and most dairy. I sometimes struggle balancing the program with my work schedule as it is all a lot to take in and organize.  I plan to to refocus and dive deeper after the holidays.

Next is a long and much needed therapeutic bath and some other of your recommendations. I also want to do the Ginger Poultice and start back on the Castor Oil pack.

I thoroughly appreciate the story of your life that you shared in your book Herbs of Grace. I found many insights on how to deal with specific and similar situations .

I want to thank you for this opportunity and I cant even express how much I appreciate your guidance and wisdom in this phase of my life.” Samantha Marshall, Naturopathy student, Leadville, Colorado

Samantha attended Healing Diets, Flower Essences and Essential Oils classes in the autumn and is progressing with the Naturopathy Online Course and the Self Healing Module.



Iridology celebrates the unique you!

Understanding pattern & color meanings in your Iris inspires you to dive deep & learn about yourself on a whole new level.

During the creation of the Iris Mandala over two 10 hour immersion days I felt my mood shift from excitement to exhaustion followed by deep contentment.

As an artist, I am excited by color, texture & glue, & often over OCD, not allowing myself to create freely. In this class I did not feel this way. I was content with my creation as it evolved, knowing that it is me and the whole me! Changing the creation or allowing my OCD to take over would have  not allowed the healing I received from creating my unique Iris Mandala – my truth! All felt natural & beautiful.

I feel inspired to look into eyes as they are the gateways to the soul.  

The study of the Iris opens us to the possibilities of existence & allows us to connect deeply with ourselves as well as all life.”

Julia Ilves, Therapist, advanced Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine student, Boulder, Colorado.

Iridology trainingIridology Diploma & Online Courses at School of Natural Medicine International. 

Training includes energetic connection integration with natural therapeutics, emotional healing through education & physical program creation for maintaining wellness, healing & quality of life.

Learn what the Iris reveals about each unique person & apply in all situations where deep understanding, compassion & tolerance improve family, social, business & political realities.


Iridology Iridology lauren-rybarz-creation II – “As I work on my Iris Mandala, I go back in time, visualizing the trauma of birth, my struggle as a helpless baby and onward through my life. To build a relationship with my Iris is a true gift into connection with the past, the present and perhaps the future.

Time Risk, the Iridology Model created by Danielle Lo Rito from Venice, Italy that Farida shared as one of the Iridology psychological models, comes alive in understanding and nourishes me with imprints of connection that help me map deep life experiences that so affect my brain and my soul.

I am grateful for this connection of language, this outward expression of the internal unknown abyss. I will utilize the Iris to help me navigate through life & create a peaceful internal environment that I hope will spread outwardly to others in this world.

Iridology mandala lauren rybzrzIridology Iris Mandala I created represented my ability to somehow get lost & then to find my way back to connect with lost visions, confront them & come to peace.

I realize the purification & regeneration my body needs as I realize the rainbow of colors are ever evolving and transforming into a new phase of life.” Lauren Rybarz, advanced Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado.


Revised 2014 Edition

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