Naturopathic Studies

Naturopathy-Studies-Juulia-IlvesNaturopathy studies helped me feel the most comfort, compassion and  love I have ever felt. Slowly & surely I find the missing pieces to my life puzzle.

Naturopathy healing connected me with all species. I feel my divine purpose with a clear sense that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing .

I am today a different person that the one that enrolled in the School of Natural Medicine nearly a year ago.

I look back at that time and truly believe these studies are the only reason I smile more as I move forward in my work, practice & understanding, even though I know I still have my unique memories and imprints.

I feel more in control as I now more deeply know and appreciate myself, including my fears, insecurities, hopes and dreams.” Juulia Ilves, Therapist, Boulder, Colorado; advanced Naturopathy student.

Naturopathy II is an advanced class for students who are approaching graduation to fine tune skills, honor their efforts and accomplishments, and move through resistance and fear to success and abundance in building a practice or business.

Naturopathy Studies-Kerry-DerrickNaturopathy studies include all the classes the school offers as well as all the online courses, enhanced by the Self Healing Module, Clinical Training and a Retreat. See the School Calendar for details.

Kerry shares:

“Naturopathy Level II advanced class birthed me to a place where I have confidence to leave the womb of school & teaching with the assurance I have the support to learn to crawl, walk and run when I am ready to explore my journey alongside true life long friends.

Naturopathy – 9 months conception to birth – 9 months in School of Natural Medicine from the conception idea of wanting to learn more about healing naturally to seeking a womb that would nurture my growing foetus of seeking, my growing mind guided me to a school that was warm & safe, a place where teachers & students protect & strengthen each other like amniotic fluid.

I was fed and nurtured to grow strength to exit the womb. Still fragile and needing support, I learn to walk on my own.” Kerry Derrick, Family Counsellor, Psychologist, Colorado; advanced Naturopathy student.