Graduate Nichola Roche with Farida Sharan

Graduate, Nichola Roche, an honored PUREHEALTH School of Natural Medicine Naturopath, is the new Spa Manager at the Akasha Spa at the Hotel Royal Cafe on Regent Street, Piccadilly, London.

Graduate, Nichola Roche, is like, NIKE, an Athena goddess creating healing temples wherever she goes!

Nike has had an ascending career in the spa world since attending an Iridology & Natural Medicine seminar with me in Bangkok, Thailand followed by Online Course studies, the Self Healing Module. At the 3 week Summer School in Boulder, Colorado she met Yui, owner of Rasayana Spa in Bangkok, Thailand, and was hired as Spa Manager. Soon she was head hunted to help create a Medi Spa by 5 star Chiva Som Spa Resort past Holistic Director, and from then on headhunted her way up the international spa world in Hong Kong, Middle East, recently 2 years at the 5 star ESPA Corintha Hotel Spa in London, and now the Akasha.

She continues to ascend with the next project in Paris though she is beautifully settled in the village of her dreams in the village of her dreams. I love following graduates as they live the lives that slumbered within them as hidden potential before beginning Natural Medicine & Self Healing studies.


I enjoyed a Day Spa experience at the Akasha Spa a couple of days ago and was divinely enchanted by the supreme level of elegance and refinement. The white marble steam room was all softness, curves and glowing light with a perfection of steam never before encountered, and the sauna was curved wood strips that felt like a temple. It was a quiet morning so I enjoyed both of these entirely on my own!

The swimming pool is an illumination of blue in ancient Roman style that encourages blissful floating as well as laps, with inserts with reclining beds to rest upon. I tried the Hammam scrub massage with incredible ingredients that made you feel as if your skin was tingling with aliveness and it has taken two days for the effect to fully move through as I also felt a mild detox that was beneficial.

Anorexia Bulemia Healing

Anorexia Bulemia Healing begins with Commitment.


Anorexia Bulemia Healing was the goal of J’s Naturopathy studies.

Beginning with a Healing Diets class in one year she achieved profound Self Healing

from years of suffering from anorexia & bulemia

with full commitment to the Self Healing Module and all the Naturopathy classes.

“School of Natural Medicine is the closest glimpse I’ve had of coming home to myself.”

Right away I felt the support I longed for emanate from this open loving environment.

My teacher, Farida Sharan, welcomed me to compassion, truth and love.

I felt safe and knew I could learn how to fly!
I was finally in a school that provides hands-on education and life skills.
The personal attention helped me develop my life goals, let go of addictions,
and nurture myself through healing, cleansing and living foods.
Experiential understanding is the focus instead of being bombarded with information.
What a blessing to have the support to reach the parts of myself I ignored and ran away from.
I felt an incredible emotional/physical release from the first day.
By integrating Self Healing on the emotional plane, I support myself by listening to my unique needs.
I integrate my life experience with the tools I learned
and go forth to walk my Highest Potential in a professional manner.
I now relate from my own body/mind awareness and explore myself
in a soft conscious, caring manner instead of a negative & limited way.
I have been shown how truly important it is to trust my own instincts.
I realize I am the only one who can change and heal myself.
My addictions and problems stemmed from my self.
I am committed to my own Self Healing journey.
I embrace my vulnerability and allow myself be supported!”
Anorexia Bulemia Healing –Jaala

Anorexia Bulemia Healing

Another SNM Graduate, Jaala, achieved full Self Healing from anorexia & bulemia, birthed 5 children, manages a family of 9 with pure vegan diet, is a personal trainer, a Naturopath, Herbalist and an inspiration to all who meet her.

Self Healing Naturopathy

Naturopathy Self Healing Amanda McNabbSelf Healing Naturopathy studies gifted me not only with the skills to help others but also the gifts to help myself.

I received deep healing during the Self Healing Module & in every class as our small groups allowed time & space to integrate new skills & information into our personal evolutionary process.

My biggest shift is the loss of fear as I had lived most of my life in fear, fear of change, fear of the outside world, fear of rejection, fear of transition and of all the terrible things that could happen. When I find fear rising now I am able to bring myself out of the fear space much quicker.

My communication skills have improved, both written and verbal which was a surprise. I now feel grounded in any situation with renewed confidence and clarity. Other improvements I have received are increased vitality, easier transitions during changes and my fiery nature has smoother edges.

My soul called out for an alternative route to teach me about healing the body. I always had the desire to help others and when life gave me challenges and started me on my Self Healing journey, I knew I wanted to embody these truths with commitment to professional study.” Amanda McNabb Ellinsburg, mother of a young son, advanced Naturopathy student, Aurora, Colorado

VITALITY:  energy, vivacity, sparkle, go (informal), life, strength, pep, stamina, animation, vigour, exuberance, welly (slang), brio, robustness, liveliness, vim (slang), lustiness, vivaciousness – wonderful to gain the energy and purpose to live in Vitality!!

Naturopathy II class comes near completion toward graduation as a Naturopath. The testamonials from our recent ND II training reveal the gifts of their training. Naturopathy trailing includes all the classes and subject that the school offers, and the Clinical Training retreat brings it all together as do the Online Study assignments and case studies. students embark on their self regulated 2 – 5 years of integrated study within their life, work, family and community responsibilities so that learning enhances their lives instead of stressing them with controlled study deadlines.