Healing Diets Connection

Healing-Diet Connection - Renate-McConathy Gerson Therapy

Healing Diets Connection – Renate McConathy – Carla Oracu

Healing Diets Connection opened my eyes to true connection & encouraged me to keep learning & seeking my deeper true self as a part of this world, universe & circle of life.

Healing Diets Connection helped me to focus my skills to continually develop and learn more for gifting others. I have already started to guide and teach people in my immediate surroundings.

Healing Diets Level III recipes and foods are nourishing and delicious: Energy Soup, nut and seed milks, fresh Yellow Dock juice, and hand picked Dandelion salad. We stirred our senses with vegan sushi wraps, and artful raw cheese cake, learning how important it is to prepare foods that taste good and are appealing to the eye.

Hayley, our teacher, was a wonderful, resourceful, young teacher that inspired and empowered me!! Her experience, wealth of knowledge, lifestyle and wisdom were enriching to all the students.


Healing Diets – Renate McConathy Juicing

Healing Diets  universal  healing, soothing, life giving wild food nourishment entered my body, I felt connected & grounded with nature, realising all is created in union, connected, linked together, to heal & give life. As an intricate part of that life our bodies are amazingly delicate, able to function under the worst conditions, yet built to heal, given the proper nutrition.

Iridology included  within this advanced class, reinforced this realisation with the understanding that the organs, body systems and stresses are mapped in our Irises, and also with Reflexology. As I grew up with a western approach to medicine, much of this truth was neglected, even written off, disregarding our homeostatic natural balance.

I now know how important to me as a healer to look at the WHOLE picture….integrating Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual realities as I complete my Healing Diets Counsellor Certificate.” Renate McConathy, Gerson Therapy practitioner, Colorado.

Self Healing Module

Self Healing - Samantha MarshallSelf Healing Module is complete and I feel great! I am like a whole new person.
I now see how many goals I reached and how many obstacles I overcame!
I did it! I can’t believe the 3 months for Self Healing have come and gone!
My lifestyle habits changed so much. I am now excited to expand my knowledge of myself to be the healthiest and best version of me possible.
I plan to continue with the guidelines given to me in this Self Healing program. I have no interest in going back to my old eating/sleeping habits.
I would like to continue using herbs to help further cleanse and support my body. It feels great to have my body systems and organs functioning better and getting back to a normal state of health.
I am so amazed at the incredible amount of information I have been able to incorporate into taking care of my good self. I cant believe how ignorant I have been in the past about what was going on in my own body.
I began the Self Healing Module feeling like it was a huge and final task and now I realize it was just my first step on a long and wonderful journey of using this information and wisdom for the rest of my life.
I’m so very excited about the upcoming classes of Herbal Medicine & Reflexology in this Spring Immersion Session in Boulder, Colorado!”

Self Healing Inspires Samantha’s Progress

Samantha began with Naturopathy online course and then attended Essential Oils, Flower Essence and Healing Diets classes. This spring session she is attending the full Immersion of Herbal Medicine & Reflexology. Completing the Self Healing Module is a depth personal integration experience of all the modalities in her own life, resulting in deep understanding of life habits, food habits, emotional healing and evolution of self care and self love.

Spring Immersions in Herbal Medicine & Reflexology

Some space available in the Herbal Medicine & Reflexology Immersions in April and May. Do contact the school and browse School Calendar on www.purehealth.com and email and Inquiry for exploring enrollment.
Many blessings to you, Farida. Samantha Marshall, Nature Tour Guide, Colorado.