Online Students

Online Students -Anne Sophie Bertrand

Anne Sophie Bertrand

Online Students enroll from all over the world with inquiry exploration and conversation. Just as students seek a worthy school I seek worthy students.

Online Students seeking quality education mentored by master teachers for studies based on their personal Self Healing evolution. Students gain professional, life and personal skills by embodying the teachings in their own being and life. Enjoy meeting some of our current Online Students.

Current & New Online Students May 2016

Online Students - Kathryn Kiki O'Neill

Kathryn Kiki O’Neill

Anne Sophia Bertrand – Iridology – Director of Rede Verde, Brazil Aveiro University, Brazil. – Research wildlife biologist, big cats conservationist and curandera. “For the past decade I explored  physiology, nutrition and health. I also dedicated energy to help people get their health back using mother earth`s tools.

I discovered Iridology when I was searching for a non-biased way to obtain information on the organic state of the person asking me for help. I sense iridology would allow me to complete the analysis of a person’s situation. I feel this is the next tool I need to master.”

Kathryn Kiki O’Neill – Naturopathy – Lynfield, Massacheusetts –“I am so enjoying my studies and would like to focus and continue absorbing as much as I can. am happy to say, I believe I found what I want to do with the rest of my life in Naturopathy. I am completely in love with the courses and how holistic the information and subjects are that you offer.”

Online Students - Elizabeth Yellen

Elizabeth Yellen

Elisabeth Yellen – Iridology –Escondido, California – “I’m a 18 year old student at the Royal Academy of Hebrew Education in San Diego, CA. I have a great interest to study different modalities of holistic medicine, such as Iridology and want to become a Naturopath. I have a love for people and want to help them with natural remedies as I have witnessed what natural medicine can do. I’ve some training in the medical field and I volunteer for non-profits to help the needy with food, clothing or a roof over their head.”

Online Students - Tony Sheehy

Tony Sheehy

Tony Sheehy – Healing Diets – Dingle, Ireland – “I‘m looking to open up a health food store/juice bar in my hometown so want educate myself myself as much as I can about health. I’ve got a huge passion for health and nutrition but never had the courage to pursue it as a career until now. Your course really stands out the most out of all the ones I’m looking at, so I can’t wait to start and get into it.”

Online Students - Eloretta Wedderburn

Eloretta Wedderburn

Eloretta Wedderburn – Healing DietsIndependence City, Portmore St. Catherine, Jamaica – “I give presentations at Health Fairs and try my utmost to avoid the use of synthetic medications as I believe prevention is better than cure. I am a graduate of the University of Technology with a Diploma in Institutional and Catering Management. I am a trained Guidance Counsellor with a focus on HIV / AIDS as I love to teach and train youth and adults. After running a catering business with my husband for over 25 years, I desire to spend the rest of my years making a difference in the lives of the ones I love and care for as well as in my personal life and my community.”

Online Students - Carol Anne Campbell

Carol Anne Campbell

Carol Anne Campbell – Healing Diets  – Springfield, Pennsylvania -“I am interested in studying natural medicine because I had health issues that debilitated my life. I honestly believe if I did not follow my instinct to research and find an alternative, I would not be here today. My goal is to educate myself and pass on all I know to my daughter and hopefully one day her children. The way your program is set up with the Self Healing module is an excellent way to learn Natural Medicine. I am really looking forward to my studies.”

Recent Graduate: Maggie Billing – Reflexology Diploma

Immersion Students continuing with Self Healing, Online Studies and Case Studies: Juulia Ilves, Miranda Palmer, Lauren Rybarz, Summer Liggan, Samantha Marshall, Jennifer Kesic, Lamia Mudarres, Mary Jo Nichols, Nicole Richards, Radha Shivagiri, Renate McConathy, Sharyn Holder, Stacey Kaufman, Kerry Derrick.

Brian Sholette – Herbal Medicine – Aurora, Colorado – Educator – advanced Naturopathy student having attended all Immersions now ready to dedicate to completing Diploma level studies with Online studies. 

Carla Oracu –Herbal Medicine  – Escazu, Costa Rica – Naturopathy studies continue after attending Healing Diets & Herbal Medicine Immersions this spring 2016.


Mentoring Connection

Mentoring connection is a major focus of teacher/student participation in Online Courses and Immersions in the School of Natural Medicine and a unique relationship students co-create with their teachers during Self-Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Mentoring connection mirrors the priority of quality of relationships between inquirers, teachers, students and graduates in the School of Natural Medicine International.with conversations that require honesty, deep listening and sharing with dynamic discussions, questioning and processing within a container of mutual safety and respect. 

Mentoring Connection - Amy Spadafora ThompsonGRADUATE VISITS: Whenever travels take me places where students and graduates live, it is my joy to visit, converse, support and enjoy deep friendship connections that evolve during studies.
SOUTH CAROLINA: Amy Spadafora Graduate Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, mother of a 4 year old, teacher at her local Montessori school creating gardens with the students, enjoying her own tea company creation Harmonic Infusions and her growing practice. Creating smoothies, making liver cleanse drinks and talking about the realities of life and healing is rich in many dimensions of connection. Such a happiness to share her personal evolution as a true and wonderful, loving human being, wife, mother, friend, teacher and so much more.
Mentoring Connection - Jennifer KesicVANCOUVER, CANADA: Jennifer studied first in Vancouver six years ago then made 3 trips to Colorado to attend all her classes before slowing down studies to embrace life as wife and mother of the beautiful Seraphina. Now working on completion of assignments and case studies, Jennifer prepares for the final Clinical Training Retreat to graduate as Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Master Iridologist and with the UK Diploma of Natural Physician. We enjoyed hours of deep conversation over a vegan lunch at Dharma Cafe near where I lived when I was going to high school in Vancouver.

A mentoring relationship develops over time as it evolves into a supportive professional friendship that endures past graduation and completion of studies.

Whether in a class, on email, Skype of phone, with all one-on-one conversations, mentoring develops communication capabilities essential for success in practice or teaching.

Mentoring relationships create connection in a culture of disconnection. Students are instructed and encouraged to develop language skills, extend vocabulary and learn to describe a world of interior process to inspire others toward their highest potential. 

Mentoring also supports students toward being part of a network of evolved conscious graduates skilled to lovingly communicate with each other and seekers of health, wellness and healing to make a difference in this world. They know their work contributes to the great unfolding of positive service at a time of great need.

Students and graduates visit, email and telephone years after graduation to discuss, ask questions and share good news of their personal evolution, self healing and professional accomplishments as mentoring creates depth relationships that endure over time.

Reflexology Healing

Reflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing with Hayley Porter  provided a beautiful space for the gift of Self Healing & a safety net to be vulnerable to receive from others.

While giving Reflexology, I was present and quiet in my own-ness, yet ‘listened’ with touch awareness to my partner with support.

The feeling of letting go of emotional and mental chaos is indescribable. Linear time vanished.

Letting go and releasing was exactly what my body and soul were craving.

Reflexology Healing - KerryWhile receiving, I was immediately trusting of my partner’s touch, of her ability to create safety where I am vulnerable and offer security for growth.

Although I will miss Samantha’s genuine-ness of giving and Hayley’s ability to create a calm safety net, I am excited to practice self-care and nurturing through the lessons learned in Reflexology.” Kerry Derrick, Psychotherapist, Family Counsellor, Colorado

Reflexology Healing Therapy created by the Director of the School of Natural Medicine, Farida Sharan, takes Reflexology to the level of profound Self Healing. Explore this method with Reflexology DVD’s available on

Reflexology Healing with Self Reflexology:

Farida learned basic Reflexology from her aunt when she was a teenager in British Columbia, Canada. In the early 1970’s, during her years in California, she used Self-Reflexology over two years when she was Self Healing breast cancer naturally. As she worked on her feet she applied deep touch to dissolve a painful crystal in the spleen area of her foot that reflected a family weakness from her grandmother and great-grandmother who had both died of leukemia. Not only was Reflexology a major contribution to healing her breast cancer, but to healing hereditary pernicious anemia as well

Combining essential oils with cranial sacral skills and spiral and energetic sacred touch, those receiving drop into deep relaxation, allowing natural adjustments within to restore harmonious energetics to the inner being. Treatments work effectively on physical levels, increasing circulation and affecting meridian flow and elemental zones and also positively influence emotional and mental well being.

Reflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing - KerryReflexology Healing Class:

Each student is guided respectfully from their relaxed natural touch to master advanced touch skills that allow a range of subtle to deep connection that invites profound relaxation as well as receptivity to release & transformation. Learn how to blend personal Young Living Medicinal Essential Oil mixes.

Students also learn Self Reflexology, finding specific areas on their own feet to enhance subtle & depth touches as they explore the Iris chart. Give & receive two depth Master Touch Reflexology sessions. Discover why your future clients will return again & again & refer others. Quality!

Foot Bathing, Therapeutic Anointing, fine tuning & refinement of professional skills with subtle & depth touches. Advanced participation focuses on creative connection touch & fine tuning.

Students comment that they feel they receive as much by giving as they do when receiving as the nurturing energy during the session creates a profound healing field.

Experience therapeutic anointing with Young Living therapeutic grade medicinal ‘oils of gladness.”

Reflexology Anointing

Reflexology Anointing SamanthaReflexology Anointing of giving and receiving lifted the veils within me to allow my true essence to shine.

I went deeper into my being than ever before. Though nervous at first, I found myself releasing anxiety, worry and fear and transforming it into inner peace, trust and renewed belief.

Reflexology created enormous changes in my physical and spiritual body. Young Living Essential Oils  (Valor, White Angelica, Release, Believe and more) offered phenomenal assistance as we worked with universal and physical energies that brought a new level of strength and courage into my being.

Reflexology Anointing - SamanthaSlowly I began to feel and understand the evolutionary energy of the Flower of Life and how even the infinitely small has an intricate an important role in making the infinitely large function.

Just as the reflexes in the feet can aid and maintain health in the body, I realized, we too, as individual beings have our part to play in the great energetic unfolding of the universe. As I refined my listening skills to the energies in our healing space, I discovered how deeply my own healing impacts everyone I am connected to, both past and present.

Reflexology Anointing healing impacts everyone I am connected to, both past and present.

The greatest shift occurred when giving a sacred treatment as I was able to receive the gifts of the universe with love and tranquility while graciously giving to my partner.

Reflexology Anointing - SamanthaThrough giving and receiving Reflexology Anointing and Sacred Foot Bathing, I am more knowledgeable about the body systems and their functions in relation to the Reflexology points. I appreciate the integration of connections on the feet, hands, ears and chakra points.

I feel excited to be able to share these gifts with the world and confident I can do so without overburdening myself as I have done in the past.” Sam Marshall, Leadville, Colorado; Naturopathy student, Nature Tour Guide.

Herbal Medicine Immersion

Herbal Medicine Immersion - Carla Oracu Herbal Medicine Immersion was an exciting journey into the spiritual, sacred world of plant medicine exploring on profound levels I never imagined possible.  

School of Natural Medicine is the only school you don’t want to graduate from. It is so wonderful you never want it to be over. Every person I met in the school has been an angel. It is almost overwhelming to attend a school that gives such positive reinforcement to the universe and gifted me with experiencing the world in a fresh, new way.

As the days passed, I connected with the universe and felt the healing powers of cosmic energy acting in and and through myself and all living beings.

Herbal Medicine Immersion - CarlaI recommend everyone to take the Herbal Medicine Immersion as School of Natural Medicine captures the true essence of the healing arts with true healers as teachers, providing a safe place for personal growth for future light workers.

With Herbal medicine we are capable of finding the root of health problems and improve our health and learn positive healing habits, but we also have the ability to heal from within. I learned I need to heal myself and become my own teacher to acquire further knowledge and experience to help others in their healing process. 

I discovered how traditional medicines reflect natural balance and the relationship between body, mind and soul as well as respect for nature’s laws.

Herbal Medicine Immersion - Neti PotI received positive feedback as well as depth information and theory combined with experiencing healing herbal therapies like Castor Oil Packs, Ginger Poultices, Neti Pots for cleansing the nostrils, and foot baths. Working hands-on in the Herbal Pharmacy/Dispensary gave us the opportunity to learn practical Herbal skills. We absorbed ancient knowledge as we created formulas, salves, tinctures and Flower Essences.

We connected with plants to understand their messages as we learned about the sacred geometry in the plants and also within ourselves. I bonded with different herbs and practiced my intuition in a beautiful spiritual approach to plant communion consciousness.

Farida Sharan, I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this school. I learned so much more in nine days than I did in two years in college.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to experience this healing, learning space with a teacher like Heidi Jarvis, a graduate of the School of Natural Medicine. She is humble about her knowledge and open to teach everything and share her years of experience.

 I feel blessed to have this opportunity and so grateful for my teachers, Hayley Porter and Heidi Jarvis and the universe for sharing their light and knowledge.

I had such a wonderful time. I loved the Herbal Medicine Immersion. I can’t wait to go back to Costa Rica and work with all I learned. Thank you very much for everything.” Carla Oracu, Raw Food Chef, Escazu, Costa Rica; Naturopathy student.



Herbal Medicine Wisdom

Herbal Medicine Wisdom - Summer LigganHerbal Medicine Wisdom Immersion brought me through a spiritual mind grounding battle that deeply taught me how important it is to give attention to my Self Healing.

I could not have broken through my mind battle with as much progress of determination and learned to love myself without attending the full Immersion that gave me the space and time and attention I needed for my personal healing.

Herbal Medicine Wisdom Immersion was informative with enlightening history and positive, effective herbal naturopathy treatments that brought feelings to the surface.

Herbal Medicine Wisdom - Summer LigganAs I faced my fears, Heidi, our teacher, assisted with professional, loving, compassionate understanding that allowed me to release misunderstandings of myself, of love and the effect of my lack of self love on others.

I am blessed to be in contact with the soul sisters in the class. I felt compassion from Samantha, whom I have been in classes with before, when we shared a common experience with family. I noticed when sharing I also need to listen more to others in a balanced conversation. Carla inspired me with her goals and creative business abilities at her young age.

Herbal Medicine Wisdom - Summer LigganMy favourite experience was the practice of opening up our senses to Tulsi/Rose tea and Frankincense. Then when Heidi passed different unmarked herbs around so we could tune into their healing properties and discover what each plant’s healing properties were, we were all able to discover something correct about each herb, revealing how much sensation, knowing, intuition we have naturally within us. This skill explains how indigenous peoples understood plants long before science. Motherwort spoke to me in less than 3 minutes, communicating she was helpful for menstrual cycles and circulation.

Our study of Herbal History shows how far we have come from natural effective healing of body, mind and soul and respect for nature.

In Herbal Pharmacy/Dispensary class we worked with grinding and storing raw plant materials as well as blending formulas, capsuling, creating herbal products, shipping, record keeping, organisation and how to work with clients.

We observed and drew the sacred geometry within medicinal plants. Heidi encouraged us to spiral out from the inner plant energetically naturally as the plant does as becomes one with life as the sacred spiral of life. Although reluctant, I soon released resistance and control in my life and was able to see how I have altered the flow of spiral of life in my own life and prevented learning experiences needed for me to grow – such a profound lesson. Thank you Heidi for being the guide to these experiences.

Depth learning about the Body Systems & Natural Supplement Products that assist Herbs will be valuable support for the physical aspects of my personal healing journey.

I am blessed to have this experience and my teacher, Heidi, and for Farida, who give time in life to show us truth in this special way. I feel more trust in the world. Thank you Farida for all the trust and love you put into each of the students and our teachers.” Summer Liggan, Longmont, Colorado; Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets and Reflexology student.

Prepare for future Herbal Medicine Immersions in 2017 with the Herbal Medicine & Healing Diets Online Courses. Contact us with an Inquiry from our Contact page on the Purehealth website!

Herbal Medicine Immersions

Herbal Medicine Immersions Samantha MarshallHerbal Medicine Immersions gifted me with love & support from teacher, classmates & the universe as I reached deeper levels of connection & understanding.

Herbal Medicine Immersions felt bittersweet as I enjoyed it so much I couldn’t wait for the next class but at the same time I wanted everything to slow down so it wouldn’t end. Each exercise brought me to a higher consciousness of personal evolution as I experienced how we are all connected as a part of something much bigger than our daily lives. 

Herbal Medicine Immersions - SamanthaAs I experienced a broader perspective of the world and the peoples in it, I realized I must begin from within myself before I can radiate healing toward the world. Each day I shed layers as I reached deeper levels of connection and understanding.

The more I understand nature the more I understand we are never on our own. I find myself aligned with the universe and able to receive the gifts that nature provides. It fills me with joy to have made such a deep connection with nature, the healing powers of plants, my teacher and my fellow students.

I am ready for the great work of helping people move their energy into a healthy, abundant, balanced force to help life and the world we share.

Herbal Medicine Immersions - SamanthaWith new knowledge I have greater confidence. I look forward to the research, devotion, compassion to share this knowledge and wisdom.  I feel more confident in my abilities to share what I learned about plants, their connection to each other and to  humans.

I greatly enjoyed the plethora of knowledge & having everything explained so fully. I am grateful I can now go into a health food store and shop for the best of what I need, work with herbs, make formulas and herbal products and guide others with herbal treatments and so much more.

Herbal Medicine Immersions was a blessing facilitating my progress toward a brighter future and a better version of myself.” Samantha Marshall, Leadville, Colorado; Naturopathy student.

Herbal Medicine Creativity

Herbal Medicine Creativity Miranda Palmer

Herbal Medicine Creativity Miranda Palmer

Herbal Medicine Creativity with Miranda Palmer, advanced Naturopathy student’s Mountain Roots Medicine combines Herbal Medicine with Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essences & Reflexology in Durango, Colorado.

Check out her website on the Mountain Roots Medicine link above and be inspired! Students can never imagine the destiny that unfolds when they begin their studies. Here she shares in her own words:

“When I entered the School of Natural Medicine I was naive but from the beginning I was taken care of and sheltered even though I felt lost and confused as to what direction to take. However, I felt a strong pull to seek self knowledge, a natural life style and discover the power of natural healing and committed to the course of study with my parents’ blessing.

Herbal Medicine CreativityFrom the beginning I worked through forgiveness to myself for my addictions to food and binge eating during my mother’s chronic illness. I learned to separate my emotional attachments, speak my truth and communicate to my mother and father.

Bach Remedies & FES Flower Essences were beneficial during my Self Healing processes as they helped guide me and make the transformational shifts easier.

I also stopped people pleasing with my southern manners and began to speak from my heart with no expectations or guilt. I truly learned the gift of clear communication. 

Herbal Medicine Creativity Training Durango ColoradoMost important I embodied the gift of moving gracefully through tough times. I learned to trust the universe as I processed becoming independent for the first time and embraced becoming financially stable. During this process I appreciated how coming to the classes at the School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan’ support smoothed this transition.

As an advanced student it is now time for me to shift and focus my fire and attention to completes my assignments and case studies to prepare for the Clinical Training Retreat before graduation. Naturopathy studies clarified my vision as to what I want to accomplish in my life and what makes me happy. This is my path.

I now know all is within me. I learned what I needed from Farida Sharan and the School of Natural Medicine to move forward in practice and knowledge.” Miranda Palmer, advanced Naturopathy student, Durango, Colorado.

Healing Diets Graduates

Healing Diets GraduatesHealing Diets Graduates, Hayley Porter, recently taught the Healing Diets Immersion in Boulder, Colorado as a part of her growing creative offerings in the healing arts.

Hayley began her studies in SNM in Boulder Colorado in 2010 and has over time created a world of offerings featured on her website  I am most pleased Hayley has evolved as a compassionate, creative and capable teacher we are honored to feature in School of Natural Medicine Immersions.

Hayley teaches the SNM Reflexology Immersion Certification beginning Friday 13th May.

Be inspired. Connect with a student/graduate who is creatively manifesting progress toward her highest potential as a practitioner and teacher.

Our student, Carla, shares her experience with Hayley in the advanced Healing Diets Level II & III classes.

Healing Diets Graduates Hayley Porter“With Hayley I learned about the wonderful effects of superfoods in our body. When I drank wheat grass for the first time, I liked the flavor and 30 minutes later I felt my body responding to the nourishment.

Hayley taught me that my past food decisions still have an effect in my body, therefore I should eat correctly in order to heal my ancestral light. Past feelings came up to clarify and allow me to live correctly in order to build the most positive atmosphere for my life.

I feel inspired to return to Escazu, Costa Rica and build better nutrition for my family. It is sad to see the reality of the American meat industries as well as the medical and pharmaceutical community. I want to have my own country be the best it can be.

Healing Diets Graduates Hayley Porter

Healing Diets Graduates Hayley Porter

Hayley and the School of Natural Medicine helped me realize how powerful nutrition is and inspired me to share my new knowledge to touch peoples lives in the way this touched me and to allow people’s lives to be filled with the joy of natural nourishment in the same way it affected me.

When I was not able to sleep properly because of images of animals, I realized I am a consequence of past decisions. I want to look at life with new bright light and combine Healing Diets with meditation and the joy of life and never carry the guilt of dead animals in my being.

I wish to inspire and lead others with the joy of veganism and spiritual nutrition. Love and gratitude ~ Carla Calderon Oracu, Escazu, Costa Rica

Healing Diets Love

Healing Diets LoveHealing Diets Love is Costa Rica bound enriched with plant based foods by Carla Calderon Oracu!

Healing Diets leaves me with a better idea of how a plant-based diet offers amazing health benefits and how human disease can be reversed with proper nutrition because we are mineral deficient and that the path to a proper nutrition is about spiritual perseverance.

Before I came to School of Natural Medicine I had a very general knowledge about alkaline diets and juicing.  I worked as a raw cook and now I feel wasn’t being honest to my clients.

I experienced my first wheatgrass with our wonderful teacher, Hayley Porter. We also foraged for wild foods for our salads and vegetable dishes.

Earthling DVD affected me on every possible deeper level.  I feel frustrated about the meat industries and sad knowing that people I love are part of it.  As well as feeling sadness and frustration, I feel hopelessness and anger about the abuse of pets and living creatures on this earth.

Healing Diets Love Carla OracuIt hurts me that I made decisions in the past to contribute to this inhuman behavior and I most certainly want to educate those who are willing to listen.

Before I came to the Healing Diets I had a very general knowledge about alkaline diets and juicing.  I worked as a raw cook and now I as if wasn’t being honest to my clients.

Healing Diets Creativity – Costa Rica here I come with a brighter path and more creative ideas to my home in San Rafael.”  Carla Calderon Oracu,Escazu, Costa Rica. Carla is attending all three Immersions this spring, Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine & Reflexology! Check out Carla’s amazing website!

Healing Diets Love – Raw food cake Icing

Carla creates beautiful raw cakes and shares her ideas: For the pink we finely chopped beets and blended in the blender on high for a while with melted coconut oil. 

Healing Diets Love Creativity Carla OracuThen we strained it and added some of the white cashew cheesecake to it. That creates more thickness to the icing and also brightened the color.

For the yellow we simply mixed turmeric powder with coconut oil and then added the cashew filling.  Spirulina could also be used for a beautiful green!

The cashew filling was soaked cashews, coconut oil, tons of ginger and lemon juice, cinnamon and touch of maple syrup.

We put the icing ziplock bags, cut a tiny whole in the corner and drew circles onto the raw cake. I take a knife to the colors on top of the cake and  pull the color out towards the edge and then towards the center in  alternating directions with each line!