Herbal Press Creation

Herbal Press Creation - Lauren RybarzHerbal Press Creation is an important assignment during advanced Herbal Medicine studies with the Herbal Medicine Online Course.

Lauren Rybarz, a devoted mother and wife living in Boulder, Colorado, is an advanced Naturopathy student who has attended nearly all the classes and Immersions and completed the Self Healing Module, and is well on her way to completion of assignments and case histories. She already graduated with Reflexology and Essential Oils Certifications.

Herbal Press Creation

Lauren shares: “Below is an image of the press I used for the smaller plants I collected for the Herbarium, I also constructed a larger one out of Cherry Wood and used a bike tube to secure the blocks once all the plants and paper were in proper positioning. This was such a fun project!

Herbal Press Creation - YarrowMost of the plants were gathered locally here in my own yard at an elevation of 5,430.  I explores Chatauqua Park and gathered Herbs at an elevation of 5,710 feet. My son Damian and I enjoyed hikes with the intention of foraging locally with much success. Currently, our favorite place to gather is Walden Ponds. We bring the proper tools, gear and books to give us proper guidance, and  enjoy what nature offers.

Yesterday, we had a meal on the young shoots of cattail, penny cress, mint, wood sorrel, and thistle.  Delicious!”

Here is a photo of a sample card of alpine Yarrow that Lauren created along with Red Raspberry, Dandelion and other local plants.

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Boulder Museum of Natural History Botany & University Herbarium (Colorado)

In the Museum of Natural History in Denver, Colorado, there is an herbarium students and lovers of Herbal Medicine can visit to observe and learn botanical skills of recording and preserving herbal plants.

Herbarium Colorado is the Botany Section of the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History on the Boulder campus.

The Herbarium is available to anyone with an interest in botany. Users include faculty and students, visiting scholars, private consultants, local naturalists, and botanists from a variety of public and private agencies.

An active center of Colorado botany, the Herbarium and the other sections of the University of Colorado Museum serve as one of the primary resources for the documentation and study of the rich natural history and biodiversity of Colorado.