Nurturing Reflexology

Nurturing Reflexology Edwin Luckoff-AmadorNurturing Reflexology is how best to describe the session I received from Leslie. It was grounding and relaxing and felt like a coming home as usually I am up in my head analysing situations and decisions. After the session I feel incredibly grounded and strong. I cannot wait to share this gift with others.

When receiving today, I quickly fell into a deep, relaxed state in which I felt perfectly centered and balanced. Questions of my self-worth came up and while I haven’t answered them all, I will continue to wrestle with them.

Nurturing Reflexology Edwin Luckoff-AmadorWhen giving, I found that I was much too focused on how much time was left and was therefore not able to completely submit to the flow I have experienced before. I think grounding myself before giving with help with this.

I am finally living. Growing up I always felt I was just a reflection of what I saw around me but now I am able to hold my own space and it is the most beautiful and humbling experience.

Nurturing Reflexology Edwin Luckoff-Amador Foot BathThe Reflexology Immersions was one of the most nurturing weeks of my life.  The beautiful mountains of Colorado have made me feel so small, yet so grounded and collected. I feel much more in-tune with my body and my spirit and the people in my life. The past months, people have been placed along my path to encourage, love, guide me.

While I now have to leave Colorado for some time, I am excited to see what is to come and the people that I will be able to share this gift with.  AI can hear the mountains of Colorado say ‘come home soon’.” 

Last week was such an incredible experience for me. Hayley is such a lovely soul and a great teacher. My soul feels nourished and grounded after the Reflexology Immersion and I am excited to take the things I learned on my future journeys!

I follow up Reflexology with a 9 week internship at Hospital Andino in Riobamba, Ecuador! I will be shadowing and helping the acupuncturists and experiencing the healing environment. Because Riobamba is made up of about 70% indigenous people that refuse to be treated by modern medicine, the hospital specialises in treating the people with their traditional ways of healing. I am very excited!
After my time in Ecuador I plan to move out to Boulder as the mountains are calling my name :). I plan on continuing to develop my Reflexology skills and am interested in taking Healing Diets, Iridology and other courses you offer.
Other than that I will be working to eat more raw greens as Hayley has shown me their numerous benefits, learning more about essential oils, and continuing my spiritual development. I still have much to learn but I am excited to be on the right path!” Edwin Luckoff-Amador

Bliss Reflexology

Bliss Reflexology Leslie Spires Bliss Reflexology! Excitement feels anxious initially as I am called into the presence of receiving Reflexology.  

Then with a gentle opening to the possibilities of being, I respond to the gentle so slow touch as a new experience and joy and aliveness awakens and bliss follows. 

I am now aware that at first I resist with fear as I feel anxious. Tears flow during the Reflexology session as I became aware how fear keeps me from recognising and receiving love. It is deeply healing to release this fear.

As I enjoy giving and receiving Reflexology with the potent power of Young Living Essential Oils, I experience mixtures of emotions and sensations during the sessions. Thoughts and memories of what shaped anxious fears and beliefs and misconception arise and fall away leading to an awareness and presence with a fear of “being tolerated” in situations where I most desire to be. I imagine my life without this fear and being welcomed to new experiences that I long to have.

Bliss Reflexology Glowing HandsNow when I give a session I feel joyful and centred and the feeling continues as I give the foot bathing, anointing. As I work on my partner’s feet I am encouraged by my partner’s deep relaxation. I recognise how important it is for me to hold space for clients to feel deeply secure and safe.

I am so excited to be apart of this experience, very grateful for Hayley’s graciousness as our teacher, and to know you, Farida, as the founder of this amazing and wonderful school.
As I am now in an awakening, purification and healing process as I begin a journey of discovering and learning, I build upon the ashes of all that no longer serves me. I am excited to be able to provide for my family in a way that also allows me to be more present with them and grateful to find my path.
Inspires Healing Arts & Transformational Services is the name of my business. I enjoy the play on my last name as the perfect name for a healing practice. I am ready to birth my practice and very excited to offer my fellow human beings these gifts.” Leslie Spires, Colorado