Saudi Arabia Healing Diets Report

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets ReportSaudi Arabia Healing Diets Report from advanced Naturopathy student,Lamia Mudarres, a 19 year old student from 2010 who continues creative professional and personal abundance in 2016 with profound Self Healing achievement.

“Farida, I miss the school very much. I started my own business called PUREArabella and have a committed regular Yoga practice.’

saudi-arabia-healing-dietsSaudi Arabians love to shop so by going with them to the supermarket I help them choose healthy foods, then I show them how to store and prepare delicious meals in their own home.

I find it difficult to convince people to change without giving them the proper tools. They start off excited but once they get back home, their old habits creep in. At your school everything was shown to us and we practiced with physical demonstrations not just verbal ones, so that is what I do now.

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets ReportSaudi Arabia is developing and becoming much more accepting. However anything ‘healthy’ is prepared for them. We now have businesses that sell homemade Saudi healthy organic snacks or vegetarian meal plans that people simply ‘buy.’ It is a great start because in Saudi most people want to buy their health and not have to work for it, so as soon as an organic product hits the shelves, everyone buys it out and wants a nice pat on the back for making healthier life choices.

Farida, you taught us as individuals how and what to change about our previous lifestyle choices. I plan to teach people how to be ‘Independently Healthy’ like the School of Natural Medicine’s infamous slogan!

My ‘Coun-SELLING’ program teaches them how to shop for their health, one buck at a time. Much much love from the purest Arabella to the purest most loving teacher! Love you.Lamia, Purest-Arabella”



The profound aspect of Lamia’s transit over 3 years through the school Immersions was her transformation with the Self Healing Module embodiment of the teachings which amounts to 1/3 of the Naturopathy study. Lamia achieved a dedicated effort with nutrients, nutrition, self naturopathy treatments and more that manifested in the loss of nearly 85 pounds as she emerged with a practice in a professional clinic with ADD children and now her own Healing Diets practice and business. Congratulations. We love you Lamia

Photos, before and after, in the school kitchen, and holding her Iridology Iris Mandala which  took the wonderful humorous shape of an owl! Lamia loves to create and has published children’s books.

Saudi Arabia Healing Diets Report

Life Transformation

life-transformation Life Transformation of a new student to a healthy, creative, abundant professional is the path of Naturopathy embodied with the deep work of dynamic interactive Self Healing mentoring in classes.

Ana entered the school at 19 years, seeking health, strength and purpose. After over a year and a half attending classes and devoting herself to Self Healing practices, she emerged creatively into her own life. Check out ElevatedHarmony

life-transformationBefore and after photos reveal the transformation into confidence and enjoyment of the goodness of life with her twin sister, friends, festivals, making a living through creative enterprises and radiating the beauty that was always her highest potential.

life-transformationShe chose the full Naturopathy program against the wishes of family who wanted the traditional college experience, and yet her health was not up to that challenge. Instead, the gentle, personal small groups supported her emergence though physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. Toward the end of her studies, her father called me to thank me and praised Ana’s progress.

life-transformationAs she evolved, dance became an expression of freedom and joy, together with jewelled adornment, as well natural medicine essential oils reflexology, raindrop spinal therapy, Iridology and more. She continues to evolve as a bodyworker.

Fascinating that her first Mind Map was a glorious drawing of a Madonna that arrived as a gift of a painting some years later, as though the seed of potential lies within, and needs only to be nourished by loving care and personal effort.

Ana celebrates the truth of the teachings and the integrity of the school with her celebration of LIFE!




Naturopath Natural Physician

Naturopath Natural PhysicianNaturopath Natural Physician student, Andrea (Ady) from Lindsay, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ady presently integrates chiropractic with herbs, Reiki, nutrition and more, and offers retreats in Italy, snf seeks new levels of wisdom and skill with commitment to the ND NP program.

Ady and I embark on our mentoring journey when she visits London early October and we already enjoy talking on Skype.

Self Healing embodiment of advanced teachings support her emergence as a wisdom teacher and living example of this profound work.

Naturopath / Natural PhysicianAdy says: “I have been in Holistic healthcare in England and Canada for 20 years,  originally trained as a McTimoney Chiropractor (Oxford, England), Body Control Pilates Teacher/Trainer, (London, England) Holistic Nutritionist, Advanced Bowen Therapist, Homeopath(CCHM) and have worked on herbs, cleansing and Iridology.

I have also done work with EllenTart-Jensen (on line), Peter Jackson-Main (a former SNM student of Farida’s in Cambridge), Intro to Behavioural and Psychological Iridology in Ireland and detox studies with Robert Morse ND, a specialist in Florida.

Farida, I am loving everything I am reading and seeing in your Program. Ady.”

I welcome successful practitioners and teachers to evolve personal and professional levels with a depth living connection with Online Naturopathy Study integrated with the Self Healing Module, and attendance at Integrated Immersions.

SNM students and graduates who do the work, walk the talk become radiant living examples and living examples to inspire seekers of health, wellness and healing. Welcome all ready to take this step by step path into your golden future. Farida

Family Healing Foods

Family Healing Foods

Gabriel & Gabby Foot Bathing Together

Family Healing Foods begins with creating and enjoying delicious healthy foods with Gabriel’s 2 year old daughter, Gabby, in a Healing Diets class in Boulder, Colorado.

As it was an Integrated Immersion Gabriel and his daughter also experience foot bathing with Young Living Essential Oils, walks in nature and other related natural medicine processes and experiences. Gabriel works as a Physician’s Assistant PA in Dallas, Texas.

Gabriel shares, “My inner child feels loving, centered and in touch with nature.

A peaceful clarity shows me I am on the right path of my life purpose to be the light to heal, inspire and motivate by living a healthy, vegan lifestyle.  

Family Healing Foods Gabriel Okafor

Gabriel & Gabby take a walk on Wonderland Lake in Boulder, Colorado

The fantastic delicious Healing Diets foods as well as learning about Gabriel Cousens’ Spiritual Nutrition approach to plant based foods inspired me to improve my diet with more raw, living organic foods.

Healing Diets Immersion was a refreshing, enlightening and motivational weekend. After an intense work week this class makes it all worthwhile.

Being in Boulder with my daughter, Gabby,  teaching assistant, Samantha, and the awesome teacher, Hayley, made the whole experience unforgettable.”  Gabriel

Family Healing FoodsAnd the Healing Diets teacher, Hayley adds….!! “Gabriel’s little two year old daughter, Gabby, had been constipated for 3 days when she arrived! She eats lots of fast food and processed foods back home, especially with her mom. Here, she ate avocados, banana ice cream, chia seed pudding, and SO MUCH SAUERKRAUT!  She called the kraut ‘pickles’. She pooped 4 or 5 times in the two days that she was here! So amazing. And when she asked for milk, I made her sesame milk with maple syrup!”

Natural Physician Worldwide

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyNatural Physician Worldwide Online Study students seek quality training at the School of Natural Medicine Cambridge England based on the Self Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Students experience personal evolution, increased levels of health and wellness and attain clarity as to achieving goals as they create their path in the healing arts. Meet some of our new Online Naturopathy / Natural Physician Students from around the world. Meet some of our new online study students.


Caroline Pontual in Ubud, Bali; a lawyer from Brazil when ill studied Naturopathy with Dr. Efrain Mendes Melara, became vegan, studied yoga and Yoga Detox Kriyas , meditation, Ayurvedic Detox Pancha Karma, Chi Nei  Tsang graduating as a massage therapist and yoga teacher in Thailand, then studied nutrition and detox; presently working in a Spa guiding clients with detox programs. Self Healing Module.

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyKatarina Jalali in Mumbai, India; originally from Denmark Katarina teaches yoga and wishes to guide her students toward health, wellness, and healing.

Katie O’Neil, Lynfield MA, USA; moving forward with her Naturopathy studies.

Tasha Kunasekaran in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Medical Doctor working in a medicine clinic wanting to practice holistic medicine to help her patients.

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyEmily Tohana from Whitby, Ontario, Canada; Therapeutic Recreation Assistant, vegetarian for 4 years and fully plant-based whole foods diet, seeks to upgrade her profession to guide clients toward health and healing; recently a new job in a Naturopathy office.

IRIDOLOGY STUDENT: Anne-Sophie Bernard in Brazil; wildlife biologist, big cats conservationist, alchemist / curandeira, nutrition, fascinated by Iridology; about to become a mother.

 Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyNATUROPATHY STUDENT: Audree Barve, Malmo, Sweden; 18 years, vegan, dance student exploring Japanese styles; excited to student, explore and experience the Chakras, Elements & Emotions of the Naturopathy Elements of Life movements and sounds as well as learn the principles of purification, regeneration and transformation, the foundation of Naturopathy.

Natural Physician Worldwide Online StudyOlu Toluhi from Abuja Nigeria, wishing to create herbal medicine products and assist her peoples with health and wellness; and Ady Strickland, a chiropractor from Canada, both currently exploring the Naturopathy Natural Physician enrolment process.