Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Sacred Touch with Connection, Synchronicity and Compassion

Therapeutic Essential Oils Anointing with Reflexology & Raindrop, Auricular & Vagus Nerve Therapies allowed me to be fully present with a deeper understanding in the power of sacred touch with connection, synchronicity and compassion.

Humble Heart and an Empty Mind

When approaching a person with a humble heart and an empty mind, I am able to feel and experience healing energy with the magic of unity and communion.

I was hesitant to touch because of overthinking and fearing hurting someone. Without hesitation I can now relax and enjoy the natural touch so necessary to connection.

Therapeutic Essential OilsWith this shift, I am now able to see within myself and comprehend the nature of every moment of Therapeutic Essential Oils Anointing touch as I slow down and praise the moment with full attention.

Being fully present allows me to fear no more as I know I love and honour someone simply by the warmth of my hands on their feet.

By recognising the light within healing touch, my energy is more clear with increased peace of mind and heart. I feel more connected, whole and positive.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Anointing grounds and restores our internal healing powers whether in Raindrop, Auricular or Vagus Therapy Essential Oils bodywork or in Master Touch Reflexology.”

Carla Calderon Orocu, from Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica is an advanced Naturopathy student, having already attended Herbal Medicine & Healing Diets Certificate Immersions combined with Herbal Medicine Online Study. Carla has a vegan bakery and creates plant medicine from botanicals at her own farm.

Embolism Self Healing

Embolism Self HealingEmbolism Self Healing was achieved after I suffered a brain injury with a gas embolism when deep diving near Cancun, Mexico. With intense effort I first recovered memory loss and normal functions from changes of habit and diet. Two years later during a Reflexology session in class, I felt a sore spot in one toe activate a sharp sensation in the exact area of the brain where the embolism occurred, and after my partner worked on it respectfully and gently, the spot dissolved and as an energetic burst surged through my brain, I melted into complete release of all the emotional trauma I had been holding on to since the accident, trauma I was not even aware was still there.

Much of this Integrated Immersion guided by Farida Sharan focused on letting go of fear. Letting go of imagining and overthinking allows me to experience the present moment where I can transform fear to joy and love every moment no matter what is happening.

I leave this class with greater clarity. I clearly see what my shadows are and how to work on healing them. I also see what I need to do and how to do it without being afraid.

Reflexology & Essential Oils Immersion helped me realise the incredible power within myself and within us all. My confidence has risen to a greater level for my future as a professional as well as on a very personal, intimate level.

Raindrop Therapy with Young Living Essential Oils dropped me deeply into a field of allowing receptivity that opened me to receive all the Immersion offered on so many levels.

Embolism Self HealingAuricular Therapy, based on acupuncture meridian points in the ear, taught me that in order to process emotions we must hold space and allow the emotions to arise and then move through.

Vagus Nerve Therapy gifted me with tangible reality of how the parasympathetic nervous system creates depth relaxation that opens space for healing.

Therapeutic Anointing therapies & Reflexology increased my ability to connect on deeper levels. As I move away from thoughts into being fully present, I become more present. Encompassing others into my field of awareness comes naturally until I am connected to the energies around me, especially of my partners with whom I exchange touch. I realise my capacity to connect in different ways is infinite.

I found great joy sharing my knowledge and experience with a new student, my dear partner, Carla, as this Immersion provided the focus to assist me becoming a teacher.” Samantha Marshall, Nature Tour Guide & Advanced Naturopathy student, Colorado.

Embolism Self HealingA visit to Kew Gardens on a perfect fresh autumn day with highlights at The Hive art installation in honour of protecting bees and nature, followed by a glorious walk through the ancient trees and a return along the path of immense holly trees of every variation imaginable with happy flowers at their feet, enhanced and integrated the meditative quality of this experiential training.

Next Integrated Immersions offered in 2017. Meanwhile students worldwide enrol in online courses and self healing and some prepare for attendance at evolutionary self healing professional trainings.

Medical Student Seeks Self Healing

Medical Student Seeks Self HealingMedical Student Seeks Self Healing as a path to embody Natural Medicine teachings to enhance her life work in medicine to serve others as a spiritual being.

Ashley Kaatz majored in Biochemistry at the University of Michigan with a passion for human physiology and health that led her to Michigan State’s College of Osteopathic Medicine in Detroit, where she is currently a 3rd year medical student. Interested in Osteopathic Manipulation as well as Nutritional Therapy she plans to pursue a residency in Family Medicine.

Medical Student Seeks Self HealingAshley says: “I am interested in studying Alternative Medicine to experience what it may do for or to my health. I consider myself to be a spiritual being, and I strongly believe that as a human race we are all connected not to each other but to the nature and animals around us.

We all have the capability to heal through Love, and to work together to build a better community, society, state, country and world. Now is the time to unite together and help one another. Now is the time to end competition and greed, and bring this world towards balance, peace, health and contentment.

I know that my purpose on this earth is to be a healer, and I know these studies will take my hand and guide me towards true self healing. Thank you, Farida, for working with me :).