Sheba Graduates Reflexology

Sheba Graduates Reflexology

Sheba graduates Reflexology with compassionate effective case studies and shares:

“I want to share my love for you and the School of Natural Medicine teachings that changed my life!

My life and the people I touch will forever be changed because of you, Farida, and the School of Natural Medicine trainings. I feel so much life energy when I help others and see their faces light up because they learned something new.

Thank you, Farida, for an opportunity of a lifetime to help me discover who I really am. Your teachings will forever be remembered and cherished!”

As an advanced Reflexology & Natural Medicine student, Sheba began her practice by sharing Reflexology and Essential Oils sessions at a Senior Health Expo given in Rockford, Illinois, by LifeScape. She gave free 5 to 10 minute Reflexology sessions that began waves of excitement for many who never even knew Reflexology existed!

Sheba Graduates ReflexologySheba says, “I was busy from 9 am to 3pm with lines of of 4 or 5 waiting 20 to 30 minutes. I did not take a break or care to because I saw how eager the people were to learn about it. Chuck Jefferson, a previous Illinois State House Representative stopped by my table twice. I asked him when would he like a session and he complimented, “You’re always too busy.”

One of my teachers Sue Michaelsen, who taught Tai Chi, Chi Hung Jin Shin Do and massage for 30 years, after receiving a private session from me, asked me to share her appreciation, “Farida is an amazing teacher!”

Sheba Graduates ReflexologyI used to live in fear because people thought what I was studying was crazy because no one knows what Reflexology where I live near Chicago. Now I understand it is part of my calling to educate those who want to know, and help change the world by starting with my community. Each year I see a difference. The only challenge I had in the past was allowing others opinions or negative thoughts to enter my spirit, but not any more.

My daughter says that I am the best doctor in the world. She watches everything & wants to help all the time. She loves the teas I make for her and notices the healthy changes for our family. She loves being the only vegetarian at her school!”

Love always,” Sheba Gardner graduates Reflexology with compassionate effective case histories from her clients.

Sheba attended classes in Reflexology, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Iridology and Healing Diets, and now has a significant career position for her healing talents, and plans to continue to further graduations now that her daughter is older.

Reflexology is a divine practice of holy feet, sole to soul, that enhances life, energy, positivity and healing. It is a joy to teach and share Reflexology.

Study this profound approach to touch with Reflexology, and Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy, Vagus Nerve & Auricular in Immersions. Check out the posts on the right margin of the School News blog for more information on our touch trainings.

Skin Infection Healed Naturally

Skin Infection Healed NaturallySkin Infection Healed Naturally with and Eggplant Poultice by Douglas Thompson in South America after 2 years of failed attempts using all means possible.

“The extract curaderm from Eggplant is featured in a proven skin remedy, so logic led to me to give the plant a try. It took patience but the results are clear and indisputable after years of trying everything and knowing the answer was there to be discovered.

Photo: Chop and blend Eggplant with water to make paste. Applying once or twice daily slowly healed a resistant and aggravating skin condition related to tropical parasites that showed up in 2014.

Skin Infection Healed NaturallyPhoto: July, 2015  Forearm with Coconut Oil. Inflammation, burning sensation when anything was applied, scabbing then scabs fall off with area beneath with a burning sensation, cycle repeats.

Skin Infection Healed NaturallyPhoto: October 2016 after two weeks with Eggplant paste shows inflammation reduced and the area below scabs showing reduced inflammation and size.

Note: I never did a full serious cleanse with CLO2 which has proven to help with parasites and serious skin issues; Swimming in the ocean consistently reduced symptoms; Garden of Life Vitamin Code / MyKind Organics were primary vitamins.

Skin Infection Healed NaturallyPhoto: November 12, 2016 after 2 months using Eggplant topically daily.

General Suggestions from Doug: Keep intestines cleaned and moving is a priority for overall health plus quality of nutrition reaching cells, hydration, nerve supply, combined with exercise to keep lymph moving, the primary lessons of early influences in 1979 in natural healing from Dr. Terry Willard and Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Topical Remedies & Internal Remedies Taken Except Kerosene: Propolis, Raw Honey, Oil of Oregano, Tea Tree oil, DMSO, Garlic oil, coconut oil, olive oil, Flax oil, alcohol, Aloe Vera commercial, Aloe Vera home grown, Turpentine, gum spirits, Kerosene, lemon, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, Ginger, Cinnamon, Chlorella, Moringa, Grapefruit concentrate, ASEA including gel, alkagenesis, silica based super alkalising liquid, Carbo Vegetalis (a black powder internally and externally similar to Diatom Earth), Diatomaceous Earth, many herbs and tinctures including Horsetail, Yarrow, Thyme, parasite combos with Wormwood &, Garlic, Comfrey, Licorice, Turmeric, Cayenne, Coconut oil, Black Pepper, CLO2 50% water of 2% solution, CLO2 2% direct. 

True health comes from our mindsets as well, never to be underestimated in the power to heal anything!

Good luck and live a grateful day,” Thank you Douglas Thompson, a long time Iridology colleague and profound Self Healer.