Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is a personal journey of every student. Samantha beautifully shares her process to trust and confidence with clients.

“The night before my first official client with Reflexology and Essential Oils, I felt nervous, anxious and overwhelmed so I meditated before finally falling asleep.

While sleeping, I had an amazing dream where I was at a Reflexology convention but recoiled into the shadows letting everyone else participate and overcoming fearreceive praise. I felt sick in my stomach with fearful feelings of inadequacy but knew I had to take my place to represent my work.

And then, there you were, Farida, glowing in a golden gown with light emanating around you. When your eyes met mine you bowed your head in acknowledgement and I took a seat next to you. You saw my discomfort and when you selected a gentleman to approach me with his inquiries, my heart leapt into my stomach while I listened to him. I glanced at you as I formulated my response and after you gave me a kind smile and a gentle nod of encouragement. I was instantly filled with confidence and gave a full response to the man. When I touched his feet he began to glow. I then talked with others, spreading the knowledge and lovingly holding their feet, until they too glowed as they walked away. Eventually the whole room began to emanate the same glow.

When I awoke the anxious fears had vanished and I enjoyed a great experience with my client! He had an abundance of questions and I answered confidently as knowledge and experience flowed from me. He mentioned the session was unlike anything he had experienced before and that he received deep connections where nerve damage had previously prevented sensation.

I left the session smiling and feeling very close to you, as if the dream had taken place within the treatment. I realised everything I shared with him is what you shared with me, and it felt like we were both with you today.

I thank you from the deepest well of gratitude for your patience, kindness, wisdom and the love that enlightens me. Most of all, thank you for holding the space I have needed to learn to love myself beyond fear so that I can receive the abundant support of universal energies. I am immensely looking forward to the Spain Naturopathy Immersion and the company of other sacred souls.

I honour you as you have honoured me, SO much love and blessings,” Sam

Overcoming fear requires one important understanding, which is, that almost all fear is imaginary. However mental fears become worry, anxiety and stress that activates the flight fight freeze survival responses. These physical sensations seem to make fear more real than it truly is. Gaining strength to release the body sensations that inhibit normal communications and ease is a practice involving breath, mental clarity and a strong embodied presence of being in the moment instead of in imagination. Personal evolutionary Self Healing helps move us beyond fear into confidence. While there are many paths to overcoming fear, there are also skills and remedies that assist us on our journey.

Bach Flower Remedy, Mimulus is for everyday fears and Aspen is for unknown fears.

My Soul Feels Nourished

My Soul Feels NourishedMy soul feels nourished and grounded after the Reflexology Immersion and I am excited to be on the right path to share what I learned on my future journeys! 

Continuing on with my spiritual development, I will be eating more raw greens for their numerous benefits and learning more about Essential Oils. 

I am looking forward to attending a 9 week internship in Riobamba, Ecuador, shadowing acupuncturists at the Hospital Andino, helping them with what they need and experiencing what that environment is like.

Because Riobamba is made up of about 70% indigenous people that refuse to be treated by modern medicine, the hospital specialises in treating the people with their traditional ways of healing. I am very excited!

My Soul Feels NourishedI plan to further my skills in Reflexology and continue my studies with the Online Study with One on One mentoring with Farida Sharan at the Purehealth School of Natural Medicine with the Self Healing Module, Healing Diets, Iridology and other courses you offer as I still have much to learn!” Edwin Luckoff Amador, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado.

It is such a privilege to welcome sincere and noble students to the school Online Study Mentoring and Immersion trainings. Purehealth School of Natural Medicine focuses on quality One on One mentoring relationships with Farida Sharan.

Integrated Immersions are offered twice yearly in various international wellness locations offering an opportunity to explore and embody the full system of Natural Medicine in students’ life and work so that they become authentic guides and living inspiration for those seeking health, wellness, personal growth and healing.

This photo of Edwin was taken in Ecuador.

Passionate Herbal Medicine

Passionate Herbal MedicinePassionate Herbal Medicine arrives with special Inquirers, causing a stir of excitement and welcome, as though a treasure just arrived at your door that gives you the opportunity to share a lifetime of experience and pass on the wisdom and knowledge to someone worthy and ready to receive.

Morgan Curtis is one such special Inquirer, now a student of Herbal Medicine.

Over the many years since 1977 when I began my teachings after healing breast cancer by natural means, I recognise the special Inquirers as the way they write and talk is already in resonance with all that the school represents. I know they belong with these teachings and this way of learning, growing, evolving and healing.

Morgan shares:

“Herbal medicine has always been interesting to me, but this past year I found myself digging deeper into this wonderful field.

I want to study Herbal Medicine because I desire to help others, along with myself, with the very tools Mother Nature intended for us.

During my search for the right school, when I came across Pure Health School of Natural Medicine, I knew I could not find a better fit for me.

I practice with Essential Oils daily and do my best to learn as much as I can about them.

I desire to take this course in order to learn not only about oils, but everything listed in the curriculum.

Upon completing this course my goal is to create a small business in creating products that will help others naturally. I have always longed to create my own business!

I want to thank you for giving me and so many others the opportunity to learn the art of Herbal Medicine.” Morgan Curtis, Herbal Medicine student, Gallatin, Tennessee

Herbal Medicine studies at SNM begin with the Online Course either with the Self Healing Module at the same time, or as soon as possible, so that the studies are embodied in personal experience at the same time. As the student evolves with the studies they become eligible to attend an Integrated Immersion. This is Passionate Herbal Medicine in action, one choice at a time!

Farida Sharan’s book, Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy, outlines the foundation of Herbal Medicine supported by Naturopathy, Iridology, Reflexology, Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Self Healing, and is available on amazon.com.

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