Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

A golden brown butterfly alights of a bush of thorns.

A Butterfly on The Thorns of The World

Written by: Farida Sharan | Posted on: | Category:

The thorns of this world provide the pain to birth a longing seeking hunger to find strength within to not only endure but to open a path toward the light. We are tested from birth by destiny with family, culture, society, government, media, lies, and by our own emotions, reactions and desires in ignorance of cause and effect of choices. While life has its temporary joys, times of happiness, appreciations, creative delights, entertainments, and more, they are gone all too soon.

As we awake to reality instead of living in dreams, imagination, fears and reactions. we have the opportunity to evolve even when we are tested in families, work environments, neighborhoods and countries, often at the mercy of forces beyond our control.

To be the butterfly with the delicacy to land on the thorns in the midst of all that is not love, peace, harmony and truth, is to experience being grateful for the spiritual practice of focus that detaches and assists us with acceptance and surrender to what is and must be lived, felt and moved through with the compassion of participating in a path to freedom that leads to lightness of being, a completion that prepares us to loosen our worldly connections and gently find our release from the thorns of this world.. Photo by Thomas Jarrand