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Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

An unexpected photo taken by a passerby as I am enjoying the rose Valerian on an abundantly green stone wall wearing white embroidery on India white silk dress and Thai indigo blue jacket with pockets.

A Lovely Evening Walk to the Leechwells in Totnes, Devon, England

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DEVON HOME, HEALING SPRINGS, FLOWERING GRACE Two and one half weeks of dedicated moving into my new home in the middle of isolation and social distancing brought at last the perfect sunshine day for my first walk to the nearby 12th century Leech Well ancient holy healing pilgrimage springs. The atmosphere transports me to a mystic feeling of beauty grace beyond this modern day, such is the beauty of the lanes, the mossed and flowering stone walls, and the granite Holy Springs.

As I was enjoying the rose Valerian growing abundantly from the stone wall on the return to the town, I met a lady who lived in a nearby house and she said, 'Let me take a photo of you because you look like you belong here.' As I neared town I saw a bearded gentleman inhaling wild rose fragrant abundance blossoming down a stonewall. He caught my delight with a smile as he picked one white wild rose. I walked toward the shops and a few minutes later as he passed he smiled and gifted the wild rose to me and went on his way. Just then clouds burst a brief heavy rain as I neared a shelter to enjoy the fresh cooling before continuing to shops and home.

For those who enjoy the Divine By Nature Textiles, Devon is a place where what I enjoy wearing my textiles: In this photo I a wearing her my favorite hand embroidered black thread on white silk 'Kanta' embroidery (worn during many India trips) from the hills above Calcutta, combined with a Chiang Mai 'Lanta' densely embroidered white on navy cotton jacket with handy pockets. Had never matched them up before and the combo is happy making as the jacket is perfect for spring coolness and fresh breezes from the moors or the sea.