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Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Beautiful photo of Lavender wearing a pale blue blouse, her hand to her heart, from a side view showing her long hair tied in the back

A New Student Welcomed From Hanoi, Vietnam

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A warm welcome to Lavender Tran (Quynh Ngoc Tran) from Hanoi, Vietnam, who begins her studies in the Online Healing Diets Nutritionist Course with the Self Healing Module this May 2020. Mother of a 5 year old daughter, Lavender left a career in construction, interior design and real estate to begin her professional studies of natural medicine.

"Natural Medicine triggers deeper layers of my senses and my confidence towards the pathway ahead. Six months ago, at my doorstep of taking actions for a life-work transition, I registered in an Oriental Medicine three year part time certification course n Hanoi. My gut guided me to seek for understanding truth in the laws of the universe, while my passion directed me to start with ancient traditional natural medicine and seek understanding of the philosophy of Eastern Oriental Medicine in relation to Western Naturopaths and question the optimum practices of traditional medicine under the light of scientific methods.

Naturopath practices have already improved my health, diet and given positive initial results. As I gain proper understanding from professional practices.,I promise myself and pray to God that as long as I am healed, I will start helping others and prevent my daughter from suffering the hereditary women's health conditions that my grandmother, mother, aunties and my sister have endured.

I learned family conditions have repeated through generations and I now believe the solution should come from within the family, in a mother-daughter journey of self-help and self-taught care. I should be the one to make the start. I prayed and now I hope that you can imagine how happy I was to find you, your daughter, Bonny, to explore your schools and your inspiring journey together, and to begin my studies.

My aim is to study to my fullest potential and to develop a career path in Natural Health." Lavender Tran

Students and graduates, kindly welcome her to the School of Natural Medicine.