Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Farida, dressed in black and white Kantha embroidered dress from India and jacket from Chiang Mai, Thailand, by spring rose valerian along the Leechwell Holy Springs Path.


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Corona Discount Offering For a Limited Time to 11 Students from Farida Sharan ND, Founder and Director of Purehealth and School of Natural Medicine

I AM A WISDOM ELDER OF 43 YEARS since 1977 in Cambridge, UK to worldwide in 2020 . Founder of the School of Natural Medicine, Evolutionary Educator, Naturopath Practitioner, Iridology and Natural Medicine Researcher, Author, World Seminar Leader.

DISCOUNTED PROFESSIONAL STUDY MATERIALS Four Professional Naturopathy Online Course Materials £333 Naturopathy. Herbal Medicine. Iridology. Healing Diets. SAVE £2000.00

LIGHTNESS OF BEING SELF HEALING Lightness of Being Self Healing £555 + shipping and handling. SAVE £1500

COURSE MENTORING When you are ready or wish to submit assignments and receive Mentoring, Feedback and Diploma / Certificate Mailing Tuition and mailing of Certificate per course £333 SAVE £333 per Course.

RECEIVE 5 PRINTED BOOKS AND 14 DVD'S £222 + Shipping Handling S AVE £111

PROVE THE TEACHINGS WITH SELF HEALING LIGHTNESS OF BEING EMBODIED IN STRENGTH Become a Living Example of Truth Teachings Self Healing Lightness of Being Embodiment Teachings Payment in Full £555 Inner Ecology Nutrient Orders £222 per month (£7 per day) SAVE £1300

EXTRA MENTORING SESSIONS One One Illumination Coaching, Mentoring, Advanced Education Hourly £55 or £88

DIPLOMA ADVANCED MENTORING BY SUBMISSION & APPROVAL Prerequisites: Online Studies Completion, Lightness of Being Completion Clinical Training and Advanced Studies by Immersion or Personal or Group Sessions Online

REQUEST INFORMATION, DISCOVERY CALL, ENROLL Receive personal response from Farida Sharan Share where you live, phone number, good time to call. A limited time offer to 11 students. Write why you wish to become a living example who inspires, educates and guides students and clients to wellness, health, healing and professional goals with the evolutionary embodiment education offered by a mentor of 43 years experience, Farida Sharan . A gift from School of Natural Medicine to the ones destined to receive. Who is willing and ready for the YES to embody truth teachings as an authentic practitioner, educator and living example to guide family, community, students and clients from experience? Complete the contact form and inspire me to accept you into this program. https://purehealth.com/contact/