Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Crystal Statue Award from the Business Hall of Fame Honoring Farida Sharan's PUREHEALTH School of Natural Medicine Adult Education School for the 8th Consecutive Year in Colorado USA

Create Your LifeWork With Giving and Receiving Love

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Business Hall of Fame Honors PUREHEALTH School of Natural Medicine achievemenets for the Boulder, Colorado Adult Education School Award for 2020, for the 8th Consecutive Year with a crystal statue.

After forty + years of continuously evolving the School of Natural Medicine in the UK, USA and worldwide with Classes, Summer Schools, Seminars, Online Courses and Immersion Retreats for personal and professional seekers of health, wellness we are expanding with One – One personal and One on One professional business coaching.

The new website design in process for www.purehealth.com will feature:

  1. Online One on One Seeking Solving Coaching Practice open to non registered professional students of their own life, body, heart, mind and spirit! Any problem. Any Challenge, Any Time. Any Where.

  2. Ambassador Earn Your Tuition and Receives Bonuses for Enrolling students, Creating a Study Group and building the school website presence on social media.

Launch Special: Lightness of Being Lifestyle and Awaken Independently Healthy in Your Life and LifeWork: $£300 for 3 hourly One on One sessions, First- Exploration of root causes consultation. Second: Evolutionary education iris analysis session. Third health program creation third guidance session. Prove the teachings and receive life wisdom skills from experience. Get in Touch

The opportunity to support, guide, inspire and educate those in need and those with dreams of a practice, teaching and health business creation has been a work of joyful creative effort and grace, of giving and receiving the teacher / student exchanges with compassion, caring, patiently working through challenges and honoring the efforts of students and graduates as they empower themselves to become independently healthy and confident practitioners and entrepreneurs with confident positive communication connection skills and expertise.

Make your lifework a generous abundant field for giving and receiving love. The more love you give, the more you serve, the more compassionate kindness communication you offer, the more you are nourished, as giving love is living love and living love is receiving love, and karma becomes the cause and effect of giving and receiving love.

Thank you, thank you destiny for making my life possible on this earth, in this realm of karma and destiny, by gifting me with the destiny of giving as an evolutionary educator sharing embodied wisdom practical life, healing and professional skills that work and make a difference.

Prove the teachings. Heal as you Study! Become a living example, an authentic practitioner, teacher, guide to inspire all seekers of health, wellness and healing and receive the grace.