Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Far left, Helen is standing in the Witch Hazel Path and Bethany and Bellaa in the middle photo are enjoying watercolor play on the Dartington Lawn and to the right Anne sitting in peace in the Totnes Castle flowering garden bench.

Devon Exploration Adventures With Students and Friends

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Anne Matthews, Self Healing student from 30 years ago in Cambridge. We met on the Totnes High Street one day and migrated naturally to catch the sun in the sheltered Totnes Castle flowering garden. Anne was inspired by the Gerson teachings I shared with students in the early 80's as I had met with Margaret Strauss, granddaughter of Dr. Max Gerson, who approved vegetarian substitutes for the Gerson protocols and my herbal substitute that worked efficiently for sensitive people who were too stimulated by a coffee enema. Anne went on to become a passionate supporter and advocate for the Gerson Institute and a friend of Beata Bishop, who recently wrote a wonderful pocket companion to a conscious life that Anne presented me with, Small Guide, Big Journey, available on amazon and other suppliers.

Bethany got in touch as she lives in the country near the nearby Devon seaside with her lovely daughter, Bella. Beth and I met socially some years ago o explore the Charleston, Bloomsbury gardens in sweet pea summertime where we enjoy a laughter filled tea party near Lewes Sussex. As she had an interest in vibrational medicine she traveled to Colorado for a Flower Essence depth training some years ago and is now a dear friend. On a glory sunny Friday we explored and immersed deeply in the Leechwell holy spring, lanes and gardens followed by a turmeric latte at the Hairy Barista on the High Street.

Helen, a Self Healing student from perhaps 10 years ago, is the sister of Claire who was a part of the first ever training in Cambridge in 1977, and who went on to become ann Oseopath and Birth Trauma world seminar leader and practitioner, both dear friends of decades. Helen appeared on a Sunday with flowers and grapes and after catching up conversations, we drove to the Dartington Trust Gardens for the afternoon and enjoyed nearby river walks.

Divine flow was flowing on the Sunday as Bethany appeared when Helen and I were enjoying lunch outdoors at the Green Table. Bethany was sharing a day in the gardens with her daughter and friends and we joined them on the way to the wildflower wall, the walled Witch Hazel path and the great trees on the hill that look over the ancient games field. The magnolia tree stairs were fully leafed but the memory of walking down the steps with magnolia flowers in full abundance in February was in my heart.

A confluence of affectionate adventures, discovery and communing with Devon heaven summer nature is a flow of endless affection and appreciation for visits filled with the bounty of friendship blessings.