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Elements of Life Healing Processes in Tao Thai Immersion 02-2020

Written by: Farida Sharan, Michelle Horrocks | Posted on: | Category:

Passage through the Elements of Life through movement, sounding and inner attention with the energies of the Chakras, Elements and Emotions healing processes created by Farida Sharan in 1987 in the UK and developed over 30 plus years in Boulder, Colorado and around the world with teachings shared with School of Natural Medicine International retreats and Integrated Immersions in the USA, Canada, Iceland, India, South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Portugal, United Kingdom and Australia. The movements assist participants to enter the realm of feeling presence through slowing down infinitely slow after releasing Earth Element, clearing deep Water Element emotions and Fire Element excess in the Air Element and return all to balance in the giving and receiving of sound in the Ether Element.

The simplicity of energetics of elemental movement harmonizes the inner ecology, allowing the rise of cleared energies to free the restricted materialistic competitive heart into compassionate service and allow seeking toward spiritual practice and authentic life purpose to flourish in the soul garden. Michelle Horrocks, Healing Diets student shares her 5 elements dance journey in the Growing Younger Immersion near Chiang Mai, Thailand in February 2020:

"Earth 🌳 The earth element movement brought me back down to the ground and firmly rooted into my physical body, it allowed me to find my feet again and it gave me strength and structure.

Water 🌊 Dancing the water element, was like entering the world of flow and fluidity, waves upon waves of surrender and heart felt connection.

Fire πŸ”₯ The fire element, the element of transformation, where our biggest reactions come from, our firepower, the most vital of the elements for our wellbeing when we learn to use it in a positive and responsible way. I felt much clarity and more confidence after dancing the dance of fire.

Air 🌬 The air element movement, so cooling, all of my senses felt so alive, my heart beat strong yet calm, I could feel the subtle energies all around me, could see my body yet my eyes where closed, could feel the air on my skin, feel my breathe and my mind was gently flowing with ideas and inspiration.

Ether 🌌 Ether element, the vibration of life, the essence of emptiness. This element had me vibrating and rippling out into nothingness, into the quantum field of possibilities. I felt connected to everything around me. The chanting, humming and singing got the good vibes flowing as I was overflowing with love, compassion, joy and gratitude.

What an experience and for me one that I will continue to explore, as it allows me to connect with my body and tune into what it wants to tell me as each element wakes up an energy within me. You can do anything from a strong base.” β€” Michelle Horrocks with Farida Sharan in Doi Saket.