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Herbal Medicine Immersion May 25th through June 4th 2020

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School of Natural Medicine International Master Herbalist Diploma & Certificate of Attendance May 25 through June 5 2020. Aurora & Boulder, Colorado

DANI ESPINOSA BA Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Graduate & Summer Tori, Graduate, organic gardener, Herbal Medicine apprentice. Dynamic Intro. Herbal Naturopathy treatments experiential best ever healing day! Culinary Herbs and Spices transform nutrition, taste balance and health. Integration with Reflexology and Iridology. Create meals. Physical body systems teaching integrated with chakras, elements, emotions and herbal treatments. Field Trip: Denver Botanic Gardens. Plant Communion. Flower Essence Gestures. Plant Signatures. Vibrational Medicine. Graduates share pharmacy products, practice development, work with clients, media, internet, finances,

BRIGITTE MARS AHG June 1: Monday: herbal walks; visit to Rebecca's Pharmacy and other local source shops: foraging wild foods; preparing wild foods; enzymes; cultured foods. Preparing a meal and drinks; sustainable natural lifestyle skills; herb signatures, plant energetics and more. (10 hour day)

June 2: Tuesday: herbal walks; plant identification; foraging wild foods; preparing wild raw and gently cooked foods; color healing chakras, hormones and sexuality, women's medicine flower essences and more. (10 hour day)

MARCO CHUNG-SHU LAM LAC June 4: Thursday: June 4th: Garden as healer. The ecology of the home garden. Plant medicine. Garden to clinic. Integrating professional ethics with affordable and accessible health care. Pharmacy tour. (8 hours)

June 5th: Friday: Forest as healer. Flower essence testing. Wild crafting ethics. Herbal walk. Chinese Medicine elemental system emotional correlations. Chi Gong energetics. (8 hours)

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