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Love Creates the Life You Long to Live

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Palm Springs 1976: Farida Sharan ND, Founder and Director of the School of Natural Mediciine Int'l was manager of the Women's Spa at the luxury Canyon Golf and Racquet Resort in the Canyons. The photo displays most of the team, the superb Japanese spa owners / managers / Shiatsu therapist and two massage therapists, Steve Jade Rinaldi who continued his therapist career in Desert Hot Springs and then in Arizona, and Myrna Castelline who had added in cranial, mask making, sound healing and other therapeutic arts to her offerings when I met her years later in Boulder, student trainee assistant Dana Bass Solomon who took the first ever massage training I gave in Desert Hot Springs, and shifted from treatments to management with a position at Hollyhock Leadership leadership Center in BC. This was the beginning of my lifework in the spring of the summer before my trip to London to meet my spiritual teacher for the first time and change my world from the USA to the UK and create and evolve the School of Natural Medicine as my lifework.

This photo is a remarkable record of early beginnings that prove that when you do what you love even though you have no idea where it will take you and how it will gift you with a life you love to live, it happens because of positive choices. How very dear each person was and still is to me. My heart fills with gratitude for all I learned from the owner's Shiatsu lessons gifted to me, and their trust in me to manage, create new treatments and allow me to bring in the therapists I knew and had trained.

I expanded and doubled treatments by bringing in the facial beauty product creations of my mentor, Edmond Bordeaux Szekeley, author of the book 'Essene Gospel of Peace' and the Golden Door Spas, as from then on, most of the wealthy clients, men and women, wanted the facial first and a long bodywork with additional Reflexology before completing the facial and turning over for completion of the massage, or the back first and then facial and massage at the same time with even longer Reflexology. I trained the male therapists to give facials as well. I remember this time with so much love that my heart springs like a river for the opportunities gifted me during the beginnings and even now so much joy to share my experience and wisdom truth teachings under the rainbow umbrella of the School of Natural Medicine International in the continuum of now.