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Explore Becoming Independently Healthy


Porchester Spa A Winter Sanctuary in London

Written by: Farida Sharan | Posted on: | Category:

Seeking a warmth rejuvenation refuge on a cold brrr winter's day in LONDON UK? Try the Porchester Spa Victorian gorgeous old building newly refurbished Turkish Baths is definitely my favorite place to hydrate, saturate, steam, rest, rejuvenate and just be, water water, everywhere. Fly in from overseas and go to the baths! Feel under the weather or fatigued and go to the baths! Have a special event and want to look fabulous after a day of shopping or gallery hopping and go to the baths! Want to enjoy an amazing time with female friends and family and go to the baths!

Take the tube to Queensway or Bayswater and walk to the top of Queensway and there it is! Porchester has been part of my journeys to London since the early 1980's when my clinic or teaching days in London were always followed by steams and plunges. Self care so important.

Steams of varying temperatures, resting rooms of various temperatures, and an icy cold plunge after – I DARE YOU!! – that invigorates and sends you back to the stream room as expansion and contraction of temperatures purifies and energizes your blood! A swimming pool, a room with mirrors and hair dryers, and enjoy tea and a lunch of baked potatoes or toasted sandwiches and salad. I cannot recommend this experience of women together, talking and bathing and resting and steaming and then emerging refreshed and renewed. They gave me a senior membership today which reduced my entry fee from 30 pounds to 9 pounds. Wonders never cease.