Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Explore Becoming Independently Healthy

Zero Waste Shop in Totnes, Devon counter with my red and white tea towels ready to wrap bottles of freshly dispensed almond and coconut nut milks with the bountiful smile of the young woman with the Scottish accent an always friendly and helpful staff member.

The Zero Waste Organic Food Shop in Totnes, Devon

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My favorite food store during world virus lockdown and high summer tourist season and beyond into all food shopping for necessities. Why?

Supreme organic delicious tasting and fragrances of all products.

Lower prices.

Fresh organic almond, coconut and oat milks on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays with my own low cost purchase of milk bottles with caps!

Delightful fragrant spices and herbs far beyond in freshness and quality of anything found in health food stores or in jars. I fill up my own little herb and spice jars.

Barrels of epsom salts and bicarbonate of soda are 1/2 the price of health food stores.

Quality kitchen brushes and other sustainable products at lower prices.

I can find all I need and put in paper bags and bottles.Yes I return to the wonderful health food and organic fruit and veg shops for other essentials. I enjoy shopping in every natural food shop in Totnes, Devon.

Thank you all and everyone. Zero Waste is my favorite, just a one minute walk from where I live and to make it even more fun, I carry a wicker basket with tea towels to separate the nut milk bottles. I enjoy the experience and appreciate the effort the creators, owners and staff contribute to holding the space for quality foods all through this challenging time.

Everything you need and the best most friendly staff ever. Check them out http://thezerowasteshop.co.uk/

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