Science of Life Living Proof

Science of Life Living Proof

In a natural landscape of earth and trees, Agata holds her baby daughter close to her heart as she smiles with joy.

Agata begins Online Naturopathy Studies in Portugal

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"With all my heart and soul, I am super happy to finally start my journey with you, Farida, and School of Natural Medicine International, as I feel I have so much to learn from you. It is a real blessing to have a school of Naturopathy where I can acquire knowledge, experience, and inspiration to support my evolution.

The Online Herbal Iridology Healing Diets and Naturopathy Courses will give me the enlightenment I need for a new start. I would like to truly learn about herbs, healing diets, Iridology, and Healing as an art as I want to heal myself and then be able to heal others.

Recently I moved from Edinburgh to stay in Monchique, Algarve, Portugal to enjoy peace and quiet. Something changed after the birth of my daughter, Nami Kaia, as I feel strength and determination I never had before.

I went through a lot of pain for not following my instincts because of insecurity. Having you as a mentor and teacher will be a blessing as you are a great example and inspirational being. I believe the pain and healing I have been through makes me a wounded healer. I am truly grateful to finally start this journey and learn from your inspiring school." Agata Cunha da Conceicao, Monchique, Portugal. Agata was in touch about three years ago when she was living in Edinburgh, and now is her time to begin.