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School Patrons: David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond …..Past Patrons: Countess Sally Baldwin, Dr. John Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen

Farida Sharan's Books & DVDs

Farida Sharan's Books & DVDs

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Herbs of Grace book by author Farida Sharan

A guide to a complete system of natural medicine. Explore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities of health and healing, practical instruction on herbal medicine, nutrition, iridology, the elements of life and naturopathy treatments with the philosophy of purification, regeneration and transformation. The author shares her natural self-healing journey from breast cancer to her life work as a natural physician, author, educator and mystic.

“The grace of spirit fills the pages of this book and touches the heart and soul like no other. The depth of Farida’s knowledge is an enlightened path to health and wholeness.” – Crystal Munk, Colorado

"Herbs of Grace is filled with practical wisdom and much new information on the use of herbs in prevention and cure of disease.” – Juliette de Bairacli Levy, Common Herbs for Natural Health

“I want to commend you on Herbs of Grace You compiled a lot of information in a usable form. It is excellent.” Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist
Dancer With Cancer written by author Farida Sharan

Share breast cancer healing adventures travels in 70's California with natural medicine and mystic grace: Mammoth Hot Springs healing with a Tai Chi Master; Mount Shasta teachings with Pearl Dorris of the I AM Illuminated Masters; 40 day fast with the Hippocrates Rainbow Raw Food Tribe near Escondido; studying Iridology & Natural Medicine in Healing Waters, Arizona with Dr. Raymond Christopher; conversations with Szekley, author of the Essene Gospel of Peace; managing a health and beauty spa in Palm Springs; meeting her spiritual teacher; a move to Cambridge England; founding School of Natural Medicine and lifework of teaching and practice based on purification, regeneration and transformational truth teachings. Catch your jet stream and evolve! Request gift book:
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“I began reading Sunday afternoon and read the entire book.  What a wonderful testimony of following your Inner Guidance to amazing places and synchronicities of Life and the Mystery and Grace of all of it!” Louise Harvey.
The Old Man and his Soul by author Farida Sharan

An inspirational saga that reframes death and dying as a spiritual adventure and offers a universal story of profound value to seekers of truth who explore the mystery of life on their personal path toward union with their soul. Join the journey of elderly man who leaves his ancestral home after the death of his wife and walks through the deserts and forests of Northern India during seasons of seeking as a sadhu. With his spiritual teacher, he progresses internally as he experiences forgiveness, understanding and release in his spiritual practice during his seasons of service.

“The Old Man and His Soul is beautiful, heart-full of Divine wisdom, spiritually honest and inspiring...a precious jewel, a treasure to read (and re-read)…like Siddhartha. Marchelle Deranleau, California

“Farida, it is truly so deep, wise and profound. It deserves to be a classic. I celebrate you and thank you.” Brigitte Mars, Author, Master Herbalist.

“An uplifting book about death and dying that replaces fear and ignorance with a genuine sense of adventure and spiritual possibility.” ~ Anthea Guinness,PhD; translator and editor of on Indian mysticism.

Farida Sharan and Ghatfan Safi co-created the Iridology Coloring Book.
Draw and color amazing and wonderful iris marking, rays, rings, openings as you discover constitutional patterning and a deep understanding of how the iris reveals valuable information of the inner ecology of each person with wisdom of their life processes, aging and tendencies to chronic health problems.
Farida Sharan and Ghatfan Safi co-created the Dictionary of Iridology book
Gain a visual understanding of all of the essential iris markings and patterns as a vocabulary of iris markings, patterns and constitutions.
Farida Sharan
The original Iridology textbook, that also contains Chapters 6 to 12, features the body systems and a natural therapeutic treatment system and the holistic anatomy and physiology understanding that reveals the influence and interconnectedness of our Inner Ecology.
Iridology – A Complete Guide book was revised and updated by Farida Sharan in 2015
Volume One of the updated and revised Iridology – A Complete Guide textbook of the visual vocabulary of the irises. Volume One does not contain the original Chapters 6 - 12 of the body systems, natural therapeutic treatments, nutrition and holistic anatomy and physiology sections.

Farida Sharan teaching DVD 1 called Infinity Touch
Basic level of touch is natural with foundation approaches that encourage abilities from subtle to deep levels with appropriate balanced movements and posture.
Reflexology teaching DVD 2: Infinity Touch with Farida Sharan
We approach the use of medicinal quality essential oils with respect for the sacred biblical history of anointing touch that awakens profound and deep relaxation and the ability to receive natural healing equilibrium.
Reflexology DVD 3: Anointing Touch with Farida Sharan
Use of the body weight, bones and postures to deepen levels of touch without straining fingers, hands or arms.
Reflexology DVD 4: Therapeutic Touch with Farida Sharan
Create specific sessions for individual conditions utilizing all of the modalities covered in previous levels, using skills that safely and kindly inspire relaxation and stimulation.
Reflexology-DVD 5: Anointing Touch with Farida Sharan
Practice of all the therapeutic skills encourages confidence to gift self reflexology teaching and work with family, friends and clients. Share reflexology and therapeutic anointing as gifts for mothers to be, assist friends and family with emotional challenges, to help children fall asleep, to comfort the elderly, sick and dying and to celebrate a newborn or a wedding.

Farida Sharan shares Earth Element movement processes in a DVD.

Enjoy the Earth Element teachings and movements.

Farida Sharan shares Water Element movement processes in a DVD.

Enjoy the Water Element teachings and movements.

Farida Sharan shares Fire Element movement processes in a DVD.

Enjoy the Fire Element teachings and movements.

Farida Sharan shares Air Element movement processes in a DVD.

Enjoy the Air Element teachings and movements.

Farida Sharan shares Ether Element movement processes in a DVD.

Enjoy the Ether Element teachings and movements.

Farida Sharan Iridology teachings in Introduction DVD lecture.

An introduction to the visual vocabulary of Iridology.

Farida Sharan shares Iridology constitutional teachings in a DVD

A presentation of the constitutional system created by Farida Sharan that includes life processes.

Farida Sharan shares mystic yoga DVD Week One on the evolutionary spiral.

Join mystic yoga sessions in Puerto Rico.

Farida Sharan continues evolutionary spiral mystic yoga in DVD Week 2.

Continue with yoga sessions in Puerto Rico.

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