Caroloy Declue & Aconitum CAMBRIDGE UK NATUROPATHY IMMERSION “Cambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician student, Carolyn DeClue, began her studies with Online Naturopathy training mentored with Bonny Casel Melendy and is now attending the  Natural Physician Summer Intensive I June 2014 in Cambridge, England. Carolyn discovered the School of Natural Medicine, UK while living in Colorado. She was thrilled to enroll before moving with her family to Cambridge and glad she would be close to the Summer Immersion trainings in Cambridge.

The Intensive includes a plant care communion experience to awaken qualities of resonance, and Carolyn was felt an immediate connection with her plant from the first moment. In her first experience with plant communication, Carolyn learned that her plant carried both poisonous and medicinal qualities for the healing of stress, shock and trauma.

CAROLYN SHARES HER EXPERIENCE WITH PLANT COMMUNION – “I was truly amazed during the exercise in which we connected with our plants. At first, I had a very hard time trusting my feelings that I was communicating with my plant. Many of the feelings and thoughts I received mirrored those of my own whether they were present or past and that made it hard to sort through them. As more of a connection was established between us the feelings became stronger and I became more sure of the connection. I feel that we have really bonded and that “Cicero” will continue to guide me in his care. To experience a whole group connecting with speaking with their plants was awe inspiring. I have absolutely no doubt of the limitless power of plants now and I will continue to respect and treat them as equals. They are fascinating beings! I believe my plant chose me. After our initial conversation. I realized that we have a lot in common. Medicinally, my plant helps to release shock, trauma and stress. Considering that I have experienced much of this in the past and my plant was experiencing this when we met, I feel that we are a good fit. Cicero seems much happier now and I am sure that he will continue to grow healthier and blossom beautifully. It is truly a blessing to be the one to nurture such an intelligent being.”

NATUROPATHY & NATURAL PHYSICIAN GRADUATION – The Cambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician Course focuses on Self-Healing small class sizes and personal connection. The school offers a combination of mentored Online Study and uniquely integrated Natural Physician Summer Immersions in Cambridge, over a two to three year study program. To complete the Cambridge UK Naturopathy Natural Physician Course, Students also attend an Herbal Immersion Program in Boulder, Colorado in the Herbs of Grace Pharmacy/Dispensary with master teacher, Heidi Jarvis ND MH MIr. GRADUATIOStudents complete their studies with Clinical Training and a Retreat with our founder, Farida Sharan ND.  The School of Natural Medicine, UK offers the opportunity to embody and practice an authentic integrated system of Natural Medicine that incorporates Naturopathy, Healing DietsHerbal Medicine, Iridology, Flower Essences, Essential Oils and healing processes  to create inspired, highly effective, cleansing and rejuvenation programs for clients and students seeking health and wellness.  

The School of Natural Medicine was founded in 1977 by Farida Sharan ND in Cambridge, England. Now under the direction of Farida’s daughter, Bonny Casel Melendy, the School of Natural Medicine UK continues it’s tradition of training authentic, highly skilled practitioners of natural medicine. Receive details from Bonny Casel Melendy at the School of Natural Medicine UK