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Appreciations June 2015


Appreciations sent to School of Natural Medicine from students and graduates document their class experiences and online studies, Self Healing progress, practice and success after graduation.

“I am honored and blessed to have been a student and now graduate of this exceptional and exquisite school. I will ALWAYS cherish my ‘charn’ (honored teacher in Tibetan)  as Farida Sharan is brave, kind, compassionate, highly skilled and powerful in a loving and very important way.” Tara Michelle ND MH MIr Maui, Hawaii. Check out Tara’s website.

“I feel that you and the school are a great blessing from the universe and a great launching pad and support as I go through this transformation in myself and with creating my herbal tea company, Holistic Veda LLC. I am truly humbled and in awe” Love, Nicole Richards, Naturopathy student, Georgia USA

“Dear Farida, I delved right in to the Naturopathy Online Course on receiving, and read your Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy book, watched all the videos and enjoyed the dances of the chakras, elements and emotions. Already I have found so many of the answers I was looking for. Everyday I leave work excited to come home and pick up the study materials and learn more. Its unbelievable how much I have gained in my spirit and mind. I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed and I have the opportunity to gain from your knowledge. I have already grown and cleansed myself so much. You brighten my day.” Samantha Marshall, Naturopathy student, Leadville, Colorado

“Working together creating your books, DVD’s websites and more over nearly 20 years, has been an amazing journey of laughter, learning and love with you. I appreciate every bit of it! Your gratitude brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. Let the adventure continue on!” Carolyn Oakley

“I truly appreciate all you done for me and the beautiful person you are. Farida, you are such a wonderful light that shines in the world and I’m grateful to you. Thank you. You are wonderful blessings.” Tonya Antl, Medical Massage & Chronic Pain Therapist, Naturopathy student, near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“I am proud to let you know that not only me but my entire family has gone vegan. My husband surprisingly day before yesterday told me that he wants to try coconut milk in his morning coffee. Without a blink I went to the store and got him coconut milk and made almond milk at home. He drinks coffee with coconut milk now and all of us are eating yogurt made of nuts and seeds. Both my girls did not notice much difference when they were put on almond milk. I am so proud of everything happening.” Sahana Rao, Healing Diets student, Denver, Colorado

“Healing Diets II was amazing. So much color, light and love. Thank you so much for allowing me to attend as the teaching assistant. The new students are amazing. I very much felt inspired being around them.” Radha Shivagiri, Denver, Colorado, advanced Naturopathy student.

“Healing Diets Online Course Lesson 1 was profound for me. I need time to ” digest” it. Energy, vibrational medicine and flower essences took me on a side path for many days and now the paths of fasting and energy have converged into one. I feel real changes are happening since I started this course. I have put other projects to the side and feel my life is becoming more manageable. I read over the Self Healing Module info and will be contacting you. In the meantime I am weaning off meat and dairy, and starting juicing and adding more raw foods. I have a new love for Yarrow tea as it is helping my digestion and mucus congestion. I am several pages into Lesson 2 and will experiment with rejuvalac. Moving onward, much love and peace.” Nicole

Hi Farida, Thank you so much. After I emailed you yesterday something surfaced so powerfully. I meditated on the nervous ‘system as it explains many things I could never understand. I feel like my nervous system fought my battles for me, kept my spirit safe for so long, but got damaged. This is probably why despite all the work I have done, I still cannot get over the past and remain trapped in old patterns and fears. My nervous system needs to heal its wounds, so I really look forward to the Self-Healing program. The Iridology analysis helped me understand myself on a deeper level. I had a dream a couple of nights ago that whatever was stuck in my solar plexus released. I’m deep in the flower essence, studies and it’s so fascinating. I gave my first informal consultation for the girl I shared the house with. She had shared her personal episodes a few days before I left, and I helped her with the flower essences. Thank you very much for everything. The time that I spent in Boulder in April with the Herbal Medicine Intensive and the Flower Essence FES class was important for me. I want to come back in the Fall.” Elisa Badii, London & Tuscany, Italy

“Gene and I are so lucky to have had you in our lives since 1979 in Cambridge, England. With what we learned from your mentoring I am sure our future was made better. Funny how it does not necessarily pass on to the children even though they were raised in that environment. I guess everyone has their own lessons to learn. Much love to you, and a big hug,” Cathy Grinstead, ND MH MIR Graduate, my first apprentice in Cambridge, England in 1980, and a very beloved friend who had the courage to work with me to heal a 3rd degree burn on her 9 year old daughter with the protocols taught by my teacher, Dr. Raymond Christopher. We proved 100% that the Burn & Wound Formula works. Cathy’s husband, Gene, a USA Airforce pilot stationed in the UK at the time confirmed the healing proceeded without pain, inflammation or scarring, as most burns do not.

“Thank you for always being prompt with your responses with my Healing Diets Online Course questions. I have the deepest respect for you and am enjoying this Online course. Thank you as always for your support and advice as I progress through the course. I plan on being connected to this school for a long time. I contacted Amy, one of the graduates near to be, who created a tea company and was your assistant. She is wonderful and we live only 5 hours from each other! We plan to continue to communicate. Love and Peace,” Nicole Richards

“Dear Farida and Bonny, You both have been such a great inspiration for me. With the Healing Diets course, I learnt a lot and am now ready to share with the world. This coming weekend I am demonstrating at Vitamin cottage – Natural Grocers. They found out about me through my blog. They asked me to choose and I told them I could do a superfood smoothie. I’ll be presenting two recipes and will be giving a short talk on alkaline forming foods. Thank you once again for all the knowledge and support.” Sahana Rao, Healing Diets Student, mother of two Denver Colorado.




Appreciations: “I am captivated by your beautiful book . Your words spring to life in living color and fragrance! Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.”

appreciations-old-man-and-his-soul“Dear Farida ~ I now have your beautiful books in my hands. I am overjoyed. I am captivated. Your words spring to life in living color and fragrance. I read this dear and deep book, The Old Man & His Soul, on a train ride – half on the way there – half on the way back. I haven’t felt touched and enchanted and absorbed by such writing in a long while, you know that sort of writing that carries you – you don’t even feel that you are reading – that’s how it felt. I’m going to read it again soon. Thank you…deep bow…joyful hugs and smiles to you Farida. I continue to feel touched by the story you have written.   Thank you so much!” Danielle Winter, artist, New York, Germany, India

“I love the posts of your beautiful students and their amazing transformations.  It is so beautiful to watch. My teas are finally ready ­– ChakraTeas – Raising your vibration one sip at a time. I will send you each of the teas next week so look for them in the mail. The website is shaping up and the store should be up and running soon. I am learning much about self-discipline and reasonable goals. Love you bunches, Herbal Blessings.” Amy Spadafora-Thompson, Graduate, past School Apprentice, ND MIR MH


Check out her growing creative projects on – Amy is a graduate of the School of Natural Medicine who is thriving, creating, living the teachings with superb wisdom, confidence and joy!

“I miss you dearly and the infinite experience shared in the classes!” Daniel Bucca, Graduate in Healing Diets, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Naturopathy student already thriving in Sydney, Australia with herbal products, a Kombucha drink line, private practice and more! Visited from Australia 3 times, twice for 3 months and once for 6 months to study and learn at the School of Natural Medicine.

“I have been searching for something all my life and finding your school was one of the many steps in this journey. I was so grateful I found you. Starting the healing diets course was a wonderful first step and I am loving every bit of it. I am getting inspired and finding out that I have it in me to inspire others. My doctor asked me if I could come in to her clinic to help out with diet for her pregnant patients. So I feel this maybe a start and I can start working for her as soon as I get my Healing Diets diploma.

After talking to you the other day when I had come in for the iris analysis, you gave me an idea to start classes. With that as my inspiration, I came up with the idea of having a breathing and guided relaxation workshop. I have guided a few relaxation workshops before but only to family and some friends. This time I want to do it for everyone and also want to take it further by helping out with their diet, nutrition and whatever else I can. I really loved the Bach flower remedy. I feel wonderful. I feel a lot stronger and less fearful.” Sahana Rao, Denver, mother of two, Naturopathy student.

Flower Child in the Summer of Love - Farida Sharan“I finished Flower Child in the Summer of Love, your 60’s book in two days! You are a beautiful inspiration and thank you for sharing your journey. I had to email you and tell you, so eye opening!” Juulia Ilves, Herbal Medicine student, Boulder, Colorado

“I really enjoyed the Herbal Medicine Immersion class. I miss the school. I am moving to Truckee CA in July and will have to do most online and make trips here to complete the classes. I love the school and am grateful I found it.” Janel Ferrin, Truckee, California

“Beautiful and effortless transitions dearest grandmother and teacher. I thank you deeply for EVERYTHING and for including me in this message. I appreciate and honor you. I have applied what I learned with you to my new social media clients. Thank you for your humility and all of the ways that I learn from you. Happy snowfalls and happy hearts!!! I love you! Sending loving vibrations.” Hayley Porter, Reflexologist, Essential Oils Therapist, Healing Diets Educator, Flower Essence Practitioner, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Iridology teacher, Massage Therapist.

“Thank you so much! I believe the Flower Essences have done a great job as there has definitely been transformation, Farida…less fear, less attachment, of course still a lot of inner work to do, but to take the edge off is such a relief and freedom:-)” Eva Voros Sabet, Graduate in Healing Diets, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Naturopathy student, Ramsey, Minnesota – Creator of a vibrant Swedish Bakery (many vegan options) & Café.

Raindrop Therapy with Young Living Essential Oils is something I absolutely love to give. It is rewarding giving a session with all the skills you have taught me. I am thankful for the knowledge and have been having fun sharing Raindrop sessions.” Miranda Palmer, Naturopathy student, Jamestown, Colorado

“Thank you for such a sweet and inspiring email you sent me a couple weeks back. It brought many smiles and feelings of excitement. I appreciate all your support and your warm and inviting welcome into your school. I am excited to be on the journey and see where it takes me on my path. Looking forward to learning that which I am passionate about!”- Karina Baxter, New Naturopathy Online Student, Basalt, Colorado

“Really love all your work, Farida, lots of great stuff.  Have been going through your Element DVD’s and looked over your amazing Iridology work. Thank you for your encouragement. Living the work is the best way to learn as experience is invaluable. Warmest regards,” Gloria A Lockyer, Naturopathy Student, Australia. (Wellness Advocate, Aromatherapy and Herbal Practitioner)

 Flower Essence Class Level I, The Bach Flower Remedies, was healing and rejuvenating for me. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.” Miranda Palmer, Jamestown, Colorado

“You are a timeless beauty and an inspiration to us all for the benefits of PURE living!” Bonnie (Kais) Caruso, ND MH, SNM Graduate, MS, LMT





Appreciation notes, cards and emails inspire teachers and staff to continue to give their best to offer students Self-Healing evolutionary education!

Iridology Diploma student reports: “I have learned so much about myself and Natural Medicine since I started studying at the school. When I look back, I realize I was in the perfect place to learn. I have been applying everything I have learned to my own life and analyzed hundreds of irises and noticed the most amazing patterns. Always, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual manifestations of a constitutional type match the life and being of the person. I am beyond fascinated. I deeply believe in the Faridian Constitutions and I cannot wait to learn more. Please also let me know if there is anything I can do to serve the school. I am focused on completing the Iridology Diploma requirements. Lot of love and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!” Dani Espinosa, Denver, Colorado *******

Online student reports: These studies are not just informative, but life altering & transforming. I would love to attend a class. In the meantime the online course lights my fire and motivates me to pursue this further.  Hope all finds you and Bonny well. Thank you,” Brittany Lupori, Denver, Colorado *******

Saudi Arabia graduate reports: “Your e-mail gave me positive reinforcement and confidence, as I tend to keep my growth and thoughts to my self most of the time. I miss that the most from being at the School of Natural Medicine. After I received your e-mail I began to think of how I can share Healing Diets with others. I thought something fun and not so intimidating could be teaching a cooking class. I have been hiking recently because the weather is so nice, and the group I go with is planning to have an outdoor desert cook-off & I thought it would be hilariously fun to have a healthy vegetarian BBQ. I might just impress the judges.

I know I always have you as my other mother 🙂 A *Fairy God-Mother* with lots of silver fairy dust that sprinkles with love.

I love you so much and realize when I am away from you and the school how much it has shaped me to be the person I am today, I am so fortunate that I started at a young age where I was able to mold and reform myself into this sculpture of example. God has made all these opportunities for me possible and chose you to be in my path and my one wish is to lead by example… being a good person and a good naturopath.  With Love Lamia XoXoXoXo Saudi Arabia *******

Inquirer reports after personal interviews, “Farida, You definitely care about your students and their journey’s path to fulfilling their purpose. but the Universe always lets me know so I take notice. My plans are to attend much more than 1 class. I cannot wait to feel the energy of the class and meet up with like-minded people on a similar journey. Your passion and teaching methods make my soul smile and gives me the feeling that I am at the right place.” Carmen, Las Vegas, Nevada, moving to Boulder *******

New Healing Diets Online Student reports: “THANK YOU!!! School of Natural Medicine is my school now, yay! I do feel so blessed. I love reading your School News Blog posts online on the website, really inspiring!” Xo Christina De Luna, Canada en route to live in New Zealand *******

“Feeling inspired!   I’ve been using Clematis flower essence on my body. I have been reading about the Bach Flower Body Maps & am so excited to try out flower essences in this way to support my getting out of my personal fantasy land and facing some negative thought patterns. Also doing Self Care on this final stretch of the year to end it with a bang… a whole other side to my Self Healing. I keep pulling the sun in my tarots readings. The light surrounds me! Safe travels and many and many smiles. Much Love,” Radha Shivagiri, Naturopathy student, Denver, Colorado *******

Review: The Old Man & His Soul – by Farida Sharan – “As soon as I got home I dove into The Old Man and His Soul. You write superbly and your deep wisdom shines through all the pages. I was on the phone this morning with my best friend raving about the book. I sent a review to Amazon too. The Old Man and His Soul is fascinating in that it shows us spiritual India from an Indian’s point of view. Your book shows how much we all need to release in preparation for death and beyond. I love this quote, “The babies looked at him with concentration, with a knowing light that connected the old man to a greater soul love. He contemplated the unknown place of soul crossings, where the newborn enter into this world as the dying depart….” Later, as he walks through a forest with wild beasts, he prays to God to lift his fears. “If I am to journey in life, I must accept that death may come at any moment.” The book is absolutely stunning. We need more writing like this.” Jane Humphries, Joshua Tree, California *******

Naturopathy student reports, “Dear Teacher…I am safely home, many reflections to share later….wow, thank you again for a lovely and transforming weekend, I so appreciate your being. I will sign up soon other classes. Love, love, love and have a good night!” Eva Sabet Ramsey, Minnesota *******

Colleague shares: “Know that your work is profound and you are training beautiful young people to help the world heal many unique ways! Sending you healing energy, love and light – as always, your devoted friend,” Madeline Angelis, School of Natural Medicine Colon Care teacher, Boulder, Colorado *******

Graduate shares: “Dear Farida, You are an ongoing inspiration to everyone you meet! Best wishes.” Marjike Vogel, SNM Master Iridologist Graduate, Colon Therapist, London, England *******

“I think of you and the school often and am so grateful for all of the ways my education there has helped me in my life! I continue to grow and nurture myself, and find ways to help others. I have felt better than ever and am working out and feel strong and healthy. I continue to be great friends with students, and I am thankful the school brought us together!” Kristen Samz, Denver Colorado.

Review: Flower Child in the Summer of Love – by Farida Sharan “I felt the global healing between men and women, expressed so beautifully in Flower Child, as we rise to shed power trips and dependence to awaken the masculine/feminine completeness within our androgynous selves. You of all the personages in your book are on the Path of the Great Nostalgia, weaving through the lives of those living the Small Nostalgia and those playing with their hoops, parading on the broad street of Life/Death. Thank you for being so honest and putting it out there. I tripped with you and your gorgeous pure children through every page. It was a healing experience of completion in that phase of my life.” Love Jane Humphries, Joshua Tree, California *******

Graduate Success Self Healing Journey from Student to Graduate and from Anorexia to TriAthlete to Mother of 7 children!

Anorexia is a condition that few understand as Self Healing needs to be connected to the uniquely personal conversation each anorexic sufferer has with themselves about nourishment. However the natural treatments of mind body spirit we use at the School of Natural Medicine support healing wherever it is welcomed and practiced. The results speak for themselves. Healing is personal evolution and profound growth. Jaala entered the school weighing under 80 pounds and blossomed into a triathlete and mother who raises her abundant family vegan. The truth Jaala learned, practiced, lived and shared is the wisdom blessing received from respect for integration of body mind spirit into harmonious consciousness. Jaala received the teachings and made them real in her life, her family and her work.

Jaala shares her Self Healing from Anorexia: “I have a huge smile on my face to know others might be inspired by my healing journey from anorexia. When I was featured by Women’s Adventure Magazine, I was pregnant with my 7th biological child and she too is wonderful, healthy and a miracle. Farida, my wonderful soul-mother, saw me in the worst of the throws of the disease. During the School of Natural Medicine Summer School, I experienced the Naturopathy Elements of Life movement processes and finally found my personal beauty and strength to fight to pull away from anorexia. I followed your advice and found the strength and ability to go to the Ann Wigmore Institute of Living Foods In Puerto Rico. I then truly healed through Wheatgrass nutrition and wonderful whole living and sprouted foods. The foods helped to clear my mind to know what I needed to do to survive. My now healthy body produced the miracle of seven babies. Thank you Farida, thank you for the insight of all that was good in blessing the temple of my body with amazing whole foods, and thank you to the universe for all it provides.” Jaala Gilman Knowlton, Louisville, Colorado, ND MH Mir School of Natural Medicine Graduate.

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